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Grey County Master Gardeners: 2019 Booked Presentations

Date Time Presentation Group Location Presenters

Monday, 1 pm A Shrub for All Seasons Georgian Grey- Sauble Rebecca
March 11 Bay Garden Conservation Baker
Club Administration
Thursday, 7 pm Fresh From the Garden – Grey Markdale Gary Kenny
March 21 Vegetable and Herb Gardening Agricultural Grey Brad Dewys
using Organic Principles Services Agricultural Paulette
Services Kirkey
Saturday, 11 am Best Practices for a Healthy, Seedy Owen Sound Karen Young
March 30 Chemical Free Garden Saturday Library Vicky
Thursday, April 6 pm Small Space/Big Impact Southgate Dundalk Jackie
11 Library Library Campbell
Tuesday, May ( TBA) Growing Vegetables Chesley Chesley Jackie
7 Horticultural TBA Campbell
Monday, May 1 pm Culinary Herbs Georgian Grey- Sauble Roberta
13 Bay Garden Conservation Brignell
Club Administration
Wednesday, 7 pm A Shrub for All Seasons Garden Club Thornbury Rebecca
October 9 599 Library Baker

Grey County Master Gardeners

Advice Clinics, 2019

Date Time Event Location

Saturday March 9 10:00 am- 12:00 pm Community Seed Swap (Seedy Markdale; Walter Harris
Saturday) Memorial Library
Saturday June 8 10-3 pm Durham Herb Fair Durham