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Learning Activity 3 Module 2

(note: I am sorry Mam, I can’t find food label in the learning activity and learning task, so
I search from the environment and do the tasks)

Worksheet 1: Food Labels


1 Name of Product Tanggo Wafer Vanila Mama Suka Bread Nutricake Brownies
Milk Crumbs

2 Description Experience a delicious Mama Suka Bread Nutricake Brownies is

blend of goodness Crumbs is made of easy-to-make brownies.
milk, unique crispy good quality of wheat It can be cooked by
wafer textures, and flour. It’s fragrant, steaming or baking and
delicious touch of crispy and delicious. do not need mixer to
vanilla flavor in every make it.

3 Content /Amount Net weight: 125 g Net Weight: 100 g Net Weight: 230 g

Serving size: 20 g

Serving per container:


4 Use snack With soft grains, Nutricake Brownies is

Mama Suka Bread used for making
Crumbs is good for chocolate brownies with
making crispy fried real dark choco chips.
prawns, beef, chicken,
fish, vegetables, etc.

5 Direction to Use Cut the top of its 1. Mix the meats 1. Mix Nutricake
or Serve package, open the (prawns, beef, chicken, Brownies with an egg,
resealable zip lock, fish, etc) with salt and melted butter 100 g/100
take out the contents pepper, then slightly ml vegetable oil and 25
and finally enjoy the coat the meats with ml of water (± 5
delicious wafer flour tablespoons), and stir

2. Whisk some eggs in 2. Pour dough mix

a bowl (you can add evenly into the pan
milk for more tasty already greased with
result), then dip the margarine (pan
coated meats in the recommendation:
egg 20x10x4cm)

3. After dipping, coat 3. Bake at 1750C for 35

the meats with minutes or Steam for 30
MamaSuka Bread minutes
Crumbs, while
kneading the meat 4. Nutricake Brownies is
pieces. Leave for ± 3-4 ready to be served
minutes (for better

4. Fry in hot oil ±

1800C until golden
brown. Serve hot

6 Direction to store Keep in cool and dry Close tightly the Not stated
place remaining bread
crumbs and put in the

7 Expiration date 12th July 2019 11th May 2019 31st March 2019

B. As you observe the drink labels above, fill out the worksheet below.
Worksheet 2: DrinkLabels
(Note: There are two drink labels that are given in the learning activity)


1 Name of Product Yakult Moo

2 Description Yakult is delicious probiotic It’s an original chocolate milk

drink. Yakult contains around 8
billion of our exclusive probiotic
strain Lactobacillus casei Shirota
per bottle
3 Content /Amount Serving size: 1 bottle (80 ml) Serving size 1 cup (249g)

Servings per Package: 5 Serving per container: 8

4 Use Drinking one or two bottle daily Not stated

helps balance your digestive
system and maintain overall

5 Direction to Use or Do not use product if seal or Not stated

Serve bottle is broken. Completely
remove foil top before drinking

6 Direction to store Keep refrigerated Not stated

7 Expiration date Can’t be seen. It’s usually placed Not stated

on the bottle

C. As you observe the medicine labels above, fill out the worksheet below.
Worksheet 1: Medicine Labels
(Note: There are no medicine labels in the learning activity and learning task, so I try to
find some medicine labels from internet and do the task)


1 Name of Product Bekunis Aspirin Novox

2 Description Bekunis, with natural Aspirin 325 mg NSAID Novox (carprofen)

senna, is regarded the (nonsteroidal anti- is Non- steroidal
world over as the inflamatory drug) has anti-inflamatory
ultimate natural purpose for pain reliever drug for oral use in
laxative. Backed by dogs only
years of research and
highest quality
standards, Bekunis is
one f the worl’s
leading products for
natural, gentle, and
dependable relief.

Bekunis works in
harmony with your
body to relieve simple
constipation when
needed by stimulating
the large bowel during
the night to gently
induce smooth,
comfortable regularity
in the morning

3 Content /Amount 40 tablets 1000 tablets 180 caplets (75 Mg)

4 Use - for relief of Temporarily relieves: Novox (carprofen)

occasional constipation is indicated for the
-menstrual pain relief pain and
- this product generally inflammation
produces bowel - minor pain of arthritis associated with
movement in 6 to 12 osteoarthritis and
hours - headache for the control of
postoperative pain
-toothache associated with soft
tissue and
-pain and fever of colds orthopedic surgeries
in dogs.
- muscle pain

5 Direction to Use or - Adults and children Drink a full glass of water The recommended
Serve over 12 years of age with each dose dosage for oral
and over administration to
- adults and children 12 dogs is 2 mg/lb (4.4
- oral dosage is 1 tablet years and over: 1-2 tablets mg/kg) of body
once a day every four hours while weight daily. The
symptoms last, not more total daily dose may
than 12 tablets in 24 be administered as
hours 2mg/lb of body
weight once daily
-children under 12 years: or divided and
ask a doctor administered as
1mg/lb (2.2 mg/kg)
twice daily. For the
control of
postoperative pain,
approximately 2
hours before
procedure. Caplets
are scored and
dosage should be
calculated in half-
caplet increments.

6 Direction to store Keep out of reach of Store at 200 – 250 C (680 – Store at controlled
children 770F) room temperature
150 – 300 C (590-
860 F)

7 Expiration Date Not very clear because Not very clear because of Not very clear
of the small letters the small letters because of the
small letters

D. Now, determine the contextual similarities and differences of the three labels with regard to the
social functions. Explain each finding by providing the evidence from the labels.

Worksheet for Labels Observation


 The social function of  The social function of

food label is to tell the drink label is to tell the
consumers about the consumers about the
nutritional content of nutritional content of
food. The consumers can drink item. The
compare two different consumers can
items or products by compare two different
using the Nutrition Facts items or products by
to choose the healthier using the Nutrition
option Facts to choose the
 The lexico-grammatical healthier option
feature:  The lexico-
Using imperative, grammatical feature:
suggestion, singular
plural, numbers, Using imperative,
quantifier, etc suggestion, singular
plural, numbers,
quantifier, etc

The social function of

medicine label is to tell
about the medicine’s
proper dosing
information to the
Differences consumers.

The Generic Structure

of Medicine:

- The product’s
active ingredients,
including the
amount in each
dosage unit.
- The purpose of the
- The uses or
indications for the
- Specific warnings,
including when the
product should not
be used under any
circumstances, and
when it is
appropriate to
consult with a
doctor or
- Dosage instructions
tell when, how, and
how often to take
the product
- The product’s
inactive ingredients,
information to help
consumers avoid
ingredients that may
cause an allergic
- Call center