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a DOCUMENT RESUME BD 401 731 FL 026 219 | AUTHOR wnjaimer, Rashid TITLE Tashelheet: A Conpetency-Based Curriculum, Beginning & Intermediate Students. INSTITUTION Peace Corps, Rabat (Morocco). PUB DATE (96) NOTE 126p. PUB TYPE Guides - Classroom Use ~ Instructional Materials (For Learner) (051) LANGUAGE, English; Tashelheet EDRS PRICE MFO1/PCO6 Plus Postage. DESCRIPTORS African Languages; *Berber Languages; Competency Based Education; Conversational Language Courses; Stultural Auarenece? Cultural Pdueation! Faraien’ Countries; *Grammar; Interpersonal Communication; Introductory Courses; Language Patterns: Nouns Second Language Instruction; “Second Languages; Sociocultural Patterns; Tenses (Grammar); *Uncommonly Taught Languages; Verbs; Vocabulary Development; Volunteer Training IDENTIFIERS Morocco} *Peace Corps; “Tashelheet ABSTRACT The Peace Corps volunteer language training materials for the Moroccan language Tashelheet are designed for group, individual, or self-instruction. An introductory section gives the learner an’ overview of language characteristics, the materials, and their design. The main section of the materials is divided into two parts. The first contains 16 lessons, each containing @ topic description and unit objective, lists of structures, and grammar notes. Lesson topics include greetings, giving and getting personal information, numerals, personal activities, family, making plans, giving and getting directions, shopping, food and drink, renting a house, describing 2 joh. invitatiane, encial narme, and weather and farming. This section ends with a list of useful expressions for expressing confusion and gaining clarification, and lists of verbs and nouns, with pronunciation notes. The second part contains 14 texts, each followed by questions testing the learner's comprehension of the passage and providing oral and written practice. The content of the texts provides vocabulary and familiarity with Moroccan/Serber culture. (HSE) Reproductions supplicd dy EDRS are the best that can be made = * from the original document ® PEACE CORPS / MOROCCO peal idayafl alll is TASHELHEET A COMPETENCY BASED CU! BEGINNING & INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS. BEST COPY AVAILABLE PEACE CORPS / MOROCCO cet) eSspafl full aia TASHELHEET \ COMPETENCY BASED CURRICULUM BEGINNING & INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS cuslitll lis