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Quiz Name Business Ethics: Self Business Reliability Test


BUSINESS RELIABILITY. Do not check to get a high score, be honest to
yourself as much as possible. Reliability is a measure of things that
your industry wants to depend on. Employers need employee support in
Description their business process. They need people to show up and be on time.
They need workers who respond to customers’ questions and
complaints on a timely basis. They look for new hires that are willing to
work on teams and go the extra mile. As a member of the 2018
Business Ethics Class, complete the following quiz:


Question 1 I arrive at meetings:

a. At least 30 minutes early/2 hours early

b. At least 5 minutes late

c. At least 5 minutes early

d. Never early/on time/always late

Answer c

Question 2 If I'm given a contract to deliver Sweets to a Children's Organization:

I will pack the sweets, less the actual quantity since

counting/verification will not take place there

b. I will pack more sweets than the actual need and cheat my employer

I will set a much higher price (two times the market), so long as the
Organization does not find out
I will pack exactly as agreed and charge the exact market price/agreed
market price
Answer d

Question 3 I pay my debts:

a. Never

b. On the same day as promised

c. Unless coerced/threatened
d. Several days after the promised day

Answer b
How do you handle a customer problem if the call for service comes as
Question 4
you are leaving for lunch?

a. I tell him/er to wait

b. I pretend that there's nothing I can do about it

c. I immediately solve the problem and proceed to lunch

d. I never handle the problem

Answer c

Question 5 A customer forgets change at the counter:

I inform the customer there and then that s/he has forgotten change &
give it to him/er

b. I wait for the customer to disappear and I keep the change

c. I ask for part of the change after rescuing the customer

If the customer realizes and comes back to the shop & I have kept the
change, I tell them that I did not notice any monies on the counter
Answer a
Your business is collapsing and yet you need to raise money through
Question 6
If it's the only chance to survive, I go ahead and issue shares but
inform the shareholders about the impending collapse

b. I declare bankruptcy, right away and declare losses to share holders

I paint the business image as being very profitable and procrastinate

informing share-owners
I close the business, immediately after receiving share amounts &
disappear from the country
Answer a
At least everyone has ever been caught up in theft/stealing: Ranging
Question 7
from ICE-CREAM to Money!

a. I have never stolen

b. I have stolen, several times and no regrets

c. I stole but did not know that it was a bad thing to do & can't steal again

d. Stealing is my hobby

Answer c
If a shopkeeper gives you more change. Say you gave him UGX.
Question 8 10,000 to buy airtime worth UGX. 2,000 & you are given change of
UGX. 18,000, instead of UGX. 8,000, what would you do?
a. I keep all the change

b. I return the extra-change and ask for a reward in return

c. I keep part of the change and return some

d. I return all the extra-change and simply walk away

Answer d
As a serious business wo/man who is expected to uphold high level
integrity and honesty, what do you think is your average percentage
Question 9
(%) accomplishment progress level towards achieving great reliability
in business?

a. 1-25%

b. 26-50%

c. 51-75%

d. 76-100%

Answer d
Rank your reliability level from 1 - 10. 1 being least reliable & 10 being
Question 10
very (most) reliable.

a. 1-3

b. 4-6

c. 7-8

d. 9-10

Answer d