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exams as well as practising dentists. ing the physiological impact of trauma follow layout. The content is supported
As a practising clinician I thoroughly and the current important features by up-to-date accurate references and
enjoyed reading this book and learnt of the advanced trauma life support where appropriate, it highlights areas for
a lot of tips that are useful in daily (ATLS) approach to emergency care. The future research. It contains more than
practice. I was impressed by the breadth following 60% is then devoted to the 250 high-quality clinical photographs,
of topics covered under dental materials management of head and neck injuries; radiographs and tables.
in this book. over half of this material expectedly The introduction discusses the histori-
This may not be intended to serve as describes the management of the com- cal development of the immediate implant
a definitive dental materials or restora- monly encountered bone and soft tissue placement into an extraction socket, the
tive text, but very successfully fulfils its injuries. Included within this is the predictable success of this procedure
aim by bridging the gap between dental specific management of bites, salivary and the importance of evidenced-based
material science and clinical practice. gland trauma and ophthalmic considera- practice. Chapter two provides a detailed
R. Paul tion. The complex specialty of ophthal- description of the pre-operative risk
mology has been tailored appropriately assessment. It helps the reader to com-
ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL to be relevant to oral and maxillofacial prehend all the essential parameters that
TRAUMA, 4TH EDITION trauma whilst managing to retain suf- need to be evaluated prior to immedi-
R. J. Fonseca, R. V. Walker, ficient depth and detail. The final 20% ate implant placement to preclude any
H. D. Baxter, M. P. Powers, of the text covers interesting special pitfalls. In particular, dentists’ experi-
D. E. Frost
considerations including ballistics and ence, patients’ local and systemic factors,
missile injuries, burns and endoscopic biomechanics of the chosen implant
price £230.00; pp 912
approaches to trauma surgery. system and grafting materials. The SAC
ISBN 9781455705542 The scope and depth of this text makes classification for surgical and prosthetic
it ideal for trainee and consultant sur- applications for implant dentistry is used
This fourth edition American text has geons alike. However, it is a useful tome for risk assessment. In chapter three 
evolved from two-volumes to a con- for anyone who is interested in advanc- and four the author discusses the indica-
venient, single volume, transforming it ing their knowledge of oral and maxil- tions and contraindications of immedi-
into a more accessible form. Despite this lofacial traumatology including general ate surgical implant placement, making
reduction, it does not fail to compre- dental practitioners who are often the suggestions on how to assess potential
hensively include all the salient topics first to triage milder trauma cases. An implant site with more accuracy. The fifth
relevant to the management of oral and extensive chapter on dento-alveolar chapter covers the healing of extraction
maxillofacial trauma. Currently this trauma based on the esteemed work of site with reference to animal and human
2013 text is the most up to date refer- Jens Andreason ensures the text has studies. Chapter six focuses on the vari-
ence available on this topic with the relevance to the entire dental team. ous surgical techniques and the appro-
classical British equivalent by Rowe and P. Saini priate use of instruments to minimise
Williams being almost 20 years old and trauma to the extraction socket wall pre-
out of print. For those who prefer their SURGICAL ESSENTIALS OF serving the hard and soft tissues. Chapter
text in megabytes rather than pages, IMMEDIATE IMPLANT DENTISTRY seven is focused on salient aspects of
there is the option to purchase the text J. R. Beagle immediate placement technique and
in a digital format. Wiley-Blackwell finally, the last chapter concentrates on
The 913 page, A4 hardback is crammed price £49.99; pp 120 complications of the surgical procedure
with tried-and-tested traditional con- ISBN 9780813816067 and implant failure.
cepts such as open reduction and fixation Of note, the dental notation sys-
techniques for fractures as well as refer- tem used in this book is the universal
ences to modern techniques including numbering system commonly used in
surgical navigation, intra-operative radi- The intention of this text is to pro- the United States, as it is the origin of
ography and endoscopic repair. Despite vide clinicians with the fundamental this book.
being compiled by over 80 individual evidence-based information necessary In summary, this is a well-written,
authors, the narrative is clear and con- to incorporate this important modality comprehensive, clinically relevant and
sistent throughout. The photographs and into their patient care. This is achieved evidence-based book of surgical implant
diagrams are of a high quality and with admirably by the author. placement into the sockets of imme-
the tables provide a concise overview This modern hardcover book is a clear, diately removed teeth. This book is a
of the topic. Each chapter has extensive concise and comprehensive read. It is suitable read for a wide variety of readers
references that are useful for anyone comprised of eight chapters, the majority including postgraduate students, dental
preparing for exams. of which being subdivided into subhead- professionals with particular interest in
Despite its seemingly specific title, the ings. Each chapter is well written giving implant dentistry, specialists and subspe-
first 20% covers general but relevant the reader appropriate relevant informa- cialty consultants.
aspects of trauma management includ- tion with a well-structured and easy-to- E. Kyriakidou


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