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BioFloc Technology

The rapid growth of aquaculture and projections of continued expansion

necessary to meet future protein demands will depend upon increasing
productivity without overburdening land and water resources, applying
sustainable technologies Which minimize environmental effects, and developing
cost effective production systems which support economic and social
sustainability. Biofloc technologies described in this manual can provide a major
contribution towards meeting these goals while producing high quality, safe,
attractive and socially acceptable products. Biofloc technologies facilitate
intensive culture while reducing investment and maintenance costs and
incorporating the potential to recyle feed. The technology is based upon zero or
minimal water exchange to maximize biosecurity while minimizing external
environmental effects. Using artificial aeration to meet oxygen demand and
suspend organic particles, development of a heterotrophic microbial community is
encouraged in the pond. This diverse microbial community functions to mineralize
wastes, improve protein utilization and reduce opportunities for dominance of
pathogenic strains. This reasonably priced practical manual explains fundamentals
and management of the target crop and the microbial communities in this bio-
technological system in a clear style appropriate for farmers as well as students
and researchers in the field.