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77. “Shi-al-Muhammad” is the translation of ……….. Conducted by Science India Forum, UAE in association with
a) Charaka Samhita b) Susruta Samhita c) Ashtanga Hridayam
78. “We should be grateful to Indians who taught us how to count”. These are the words of ………..
d) Upavana Vinodam
J Vijnana Bharathi – India and supported by Embassy of India - UAE
Date: 26 September, 2011 Duration: 1 hour
Marks: 100 1
a) Albert Einstein b) Archimedis c) Bernard Shaw d) Thomas Alva Edison
(Please Mark The Most Appropriate Answer In The Red MCQ Answer Sheet.)
79. The number known as Ramanujan Number
a) 1729 b) 1829 c) 1279 d) 1879 1. Farmers can keep their soil fertile by
a) Re-growing the same crop b) Irrigation c) Regular Tilling d) Crop Rotation
80. An iron ball at 40°C is dropped in a mug containing water at 40°C. The heat will
a) Flow from iron ball to water 2. A modern variation of the ancient gurukula system
b) Not flow from iron ball to water or from water to iron ball.
c) Flow from water to iron ball d) Increase the temperature of both. a) Dhal b) Tol c) Roll d) Kole
3. An ancient Indian University which accommodated 7,500 student, 1,500 teachers and 12,000 assistants and workers
81. The star which does not shift its position is …………
a) Pole star b) Shooting star c) Sun d) Orion a) Takshasila b) Jegadala c) Nalanda d) Amaravati
4. Ayurveda is also known as
82. Out of 32 students in a class, 8 like cricket. Percentage of students who don’t like cricket is …………………….
a) 50 b) 25 c) 75 d) 35 a) Science of Life b) Science of Veda c) Science of Meals d) Science of Astrology
5. Oven-baked bricks were invented in India in around
83. If one of the angles of a triangle is equal to the sum of the other two angles, then the triangle is………………….
a) an isosceles triangle b) an equilateral triangle c) an obtuse angled triangle d) a right triangle a) 4000 BC b) 5000 BC c) 6000 BC d) 2000 BC
6. Study of the sun is known as
84. The angle which is equal to 8 times its complement is …………………
a) 80 b) 72 c) 90 d) 88 a) Hepatology b) Hydroponics c) Heliology d) Ichthyology
7. Avesta is the text of
85. In a rhombus ABCD, AC is the diagonal and ACB = 30°, then D = ………….
a) 60° b) 90° c) 120° d) 150° a) Parsis b) Egyptians c) Zoroastrians d) Mangolians
64 8. Proclaiming the copper technology of ancient India, a smelting furnace dated 800 BC was found in this place at Maharashtra
86. One fourth of 2 is ……………….
a) 2
b) 2
62 63
c) 2 d) 1/2
60 a) Amaravati b) Naikund c) Nashik d) Lonavala
9. The name of an Indian naval Pilot hired by Vasco da Gama to captain his ships for the journey to India
87. Select the correct order of classification
a) class b) phylum c) order d) kingdom a) Kumhar b) Kanha c) Maiji d) Mayya
10. The great Indian Mathematician who is credited as the Founder of Linguistics
order order genus genus a) Chandragupta b) Kautilya c) Varahamihira d) Panini
11. Khonoma Farmers in Nagaland practiced this sort of shifting cultivation for centuries together
family class family order
a) Rabi b) Kharif c) Jhum d) Risal
genus genus species class 12. ‘Nikhilam’ is a word used in
a) Astronomy b) Vedic Mathematics c) Algebra d) Astrology
88. The type of association between crop and weeds is an example of ……….
a) Mutualism b) Competition c) Commonsalism d) Parasitism 13. In Ayurveda ‘Salya Tantra’ deals with
a) Treatment of disease b) Surgery c) Toxicology d) Children’s disease
89. Burning of LPG is an example of ………..
a) Physical Change b) Chemical Change c) Physical & Chemical Change d) None of the above 14. Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany is located at
a) Allahabad b) Lucknow c) Meerut d) Muzafarpur
90. The solution of an unknown substance ‘X’ becomes pink on adding phenolphthalein. The compound could be ………….
a) Acidic b) Basic c) Neutral d) Amphoteric 15. Author of “Gavayurveda”
a) Kautilya b) Gautama c) Parasara d) Panini
91. What is the chemical formula of Sulphurous acid?
a) H2SO4 b) SO2 c) SO3 d) H2SO3 16. “Salihotra Samhita” deals with
a) Elephant b) Dogs and Cats c) Horses d) Medicinal Plants
92. Which non-metal catches fire if exposed to air?
a) Sodium b) Phosphorus c) Calcium d) Uranium 17. Har Gobind Khorana was awarded Nobel Prize in the year
a) 1928 b) 1948 c) 1968 d) 1988
93. Fastest growing plant
a) Ferns b) Bamboo c) Coconut d) Banyan 18. ‘Rasa Ratnakara’ is a book written by
a) Charaka b) Nagarjuna c) Susrutha d) Patanjali
94. Fastest fish
a) Cosmopolitan Sailfish b) Shark c) Swordfish d) Bluefin Tuna 19. The publications on this chemical brought P.C. Ray recognition from all over the world
a) Mercurous sulphite b) Mercurous nitrite c) Zinc oxide d) Zinc nitrite
95. Most common blood group in humans
a) O b) A + c) AB d) B + 20. Founder of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
a) Vikram Sarabhai b) Homi Bhabha c) C.V. Raman d) M.N. Saha
96. Which gas in the atmosphere protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiations?
a) Ozone b) Oxygen c) Nitrogen d) Carbon Dioxide 21. Author of the book ‘Greek Alchemy’
a) Berthelot b) Von Hoffen c) Euler d) Perkin
97. The animal kingdom is formally classified into major groups known as
a) Phyla b) Sub Phyla c) Orders d) Families 22. A student of Acharya P.C. Ray
a) Homi Bhaba b) S.S. Bhatnagar c) C.V. Raman d) S.N. Patel
98. Which rare element would you associate with Marie and Pierre Curie?
a) Radium b) Platinum c) Gold d) Uranium 23. PCRA stands for
a) Pollution Control Research Association b) Petroleum Conservation Research Association
99. Who invented the miner's safety-lamp?
a) Sir Humphrey Davy b) Thomas Alva Edison c) Alexander Graham Bell d) Sir Frank Whittle c) Petroleum Control Research Association d) Petrol, Coal Reserve Association
24. Bird with the largest wing span
100. What is the pulse rate of an average healthy human being?
a) 16 beats per minute b) 72 beats per minute c) 65 beats per minute d) 100 beats per minute a) Ostrich b) Eagle c) Albatross d) Pelican
(Please Mark The Most Appropriate Answer In The Red MCQ Answer Sheet.) (Please Mark The Most Appropriate Answer In The Red MCQ Answer Sheet.)
25. A great Indian Philosopher who explicitly stated the concept of atom 51. If the mass of a star exceeds the Chandrasekhar Limit, it would ………….
a) Kanada b) Salihotra c) Aryabhata d) Bhaskara a) Become a White Dwarf b) Continue to collapse c) Become a Black Hole d) Become a Comet
26. The birth place of playing cards 52. The Physical Research Laboratory at Ahmedabad was established by ……………..
a) Persia b) Egypt c) India d) Africa a) Homi Bhabha b) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam c) Vikram Sarabhai d) M.N. Saha
27. This great Indian Scientist can be aptly called as the Inventor of Wireless Telegraphy 53. Author of ‘Krishisookthi”
a) J.C. Bose b) S.N. Bose c) M.N. Saha d) P.C. Ray a) Kanada b) Parassara c) Palakapya d) Kasyapa
28. Dr. Anil Kakodkar obtained his basic degree in 54. The Scientist who was associated with the fabrication of the highly sensitive “Coherer” which detects radio waves
a) Mechanical Engineering b) Chemical Engineering c) Civil Engineering d) Aeronautical Engineering a) M.N. Saha b) S.N. Bose c) J.C. Bose d) Homi Bhabha
29. The first nuclear reactor of India is located at 55 The Scientist who was famous for the ‘Thermal Ionization Formula’
a) Kalpakam b) Trombay c) Rawabhatta d) Panjim a) J.C. Bose b) M.N. Saha c) S.N. Bose d) Homi Bhabha
30. The Missile Man of India? 56. Architect of Krishnarajasagar dam
a) Homi Bhabha b) Vikram Sarabhai c) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam d) Anil Kakodkar a) M. Sreenivasan b) S.R. Iyengar c) M. Visveswaraya d) None of them
31. The Iron pillar of Delhi is believed to be cast during the ……… period 57. The malarial parasite in mosquito was discovered by ……..
a) Gupta b) Chola c) Pandya d) Chera a) Robert Hook b) Ronal Ross c) W.M. Haffkine d) Dr. Manson
32. Which one of the following is not an example of connective tissue? 58. The first Director General of CSIR
a) Cartilage b) Skull c) Blood d) Brain a) P.C. Ray b) S.S. Bhatnagar c) S.N. Bose d) Homi Bhabha
33. The enzymes of saliva helps in the partial break down of 59. A national Institute established by Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar
a) Protein b) Fat c) Starch d) All of the above a) CFTRI, Mysore b) NDRI, Lucknow c) Bose Institute, Calcutta d) IVRI, Izatnagar
34. Rearing of silk worm is called 60. An Indian Mathematician who had significant contribution to the analytical theory of numbers
a) Pisciculture b) Apiculture c) Sericulture d) Syliviculture a) C.V. Raman b) Srinivasa Ramanujan c) Aryabhata d) Bhaskara
35. Birbal Sahni was a ………… by profession 61. Author of the book ‘Orders of Infinity’
a) Ornithologist b) Astrophysicist c) Paleobotanist d) Mathematician a) Euler b) S. Ramanujan c) G.H. Hardy d) Bernouli
36. Homi Bhabha is famous for this theory 62. There is a maximum mass of a star which can be supported against gravity by pressure made up of electrons and atomic nuclei.
a) Theory of Relativity b) Theory of Coherer c) Cascade theory of electron showers d) Diffusion theory of Coefficient The value of this limit is about 1.44 times a solar mass. This is known as …………….
37. M.N. Saha’s remarkable contribution is in the field of …………. a) Bose-Einstein Limit b) Bernauli’s Limit c) Chandrasekhar Limit d) C.V. Raman Limit
a) Astrology b) Chemistry c) Astrophysics d) Mathematics 63. The toxic substance contained in compact fluorescent lamp is
38. The most ancient work in Mathematics a) Hydrogen b) Carbon c) Mercury d) Bismuth
a) Pancha Siddhanthika b) Vedanga Jyothisha c) Sulba Sutras d) Aryabhateeya 64. An ancient text which considered that the ecology of a particular area is determined by the plant community present
39. Radical motion of sunspots are also known as …….. a) Atharva Veda b) Sama Veda c) Rig Veda d) Manu Smriti
a) Evershed Effect b) Newton’s Effect c) Bernauli’s Effect d) Wilson Effect 65. This famous British Scientist is considered as the “Father of Indian Botany”
40. Sir C.V. Raman won Nobel Prize for his pioneering work on ………… a) Carl Linneaus b) William Roxberg c) Nathaneal Johnson d) George Rumphins
a) Scattering of light b) Theory of relativity c) Theory of diffusion d) Magneto optic effect 66. The first Chairman of Indian Atomic Energy Commission
41. Indian Association of Cultivation of Science is located at ……….. a) Homi Bhabha b) Vikram Sarabhai c) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam d) Anil Kakodkar
a) Mumbai b) Bangalore c) Calcutta d) Goa 67. A car moves with a speed of 40Km/hr for 15 minutes and then with a speed of 60Km/hr for the
next 15 minutes. The total distance covered by the car is
42. One of the subjects in which Sir C.V. Raman did research
a) Thermodynamics b) Acoustics c) Algebra d) Opto-electronics a) 100 Km b) 25 Km c) 15Km d) 10Km

43. Dr. Har Gobind Khorana was awarded Nobel Prize for his work on …….. 68. An Institute established by Megnadh Saha
a) Interpretation of enzyme action b) Interpretation of genetic code a) Institute of Nuclear Physics b) Indian Institute of Science c) Institute of Mathematics d) Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
c) Action of cancer suppressing drugs d) Action of biomolecules on drug delivery 69. The first text book dealing with plants of Kerala written by Heinrich Van Reed Drackenstine
44. A scientist who shared Nobel Prize with H.G. Khoranna a) Species Plantarium b) Horthus Malabaricus c) Flora Zealanicum d) Plantae Coromandelinae
a) Robert. W. Holley b) Robert Clive c) Paul Haniman d) Henry. V. Theodore 70. One of the following is a possible final stage of a star
45. The switches which automatically turn off when current in a circuit exceeds the safe limit are called ……….. a) White dwarf b) Position Star c) Tachyon d) Neutrino
a) Electromagnet b) CROs c) MCBs d) Transistors 71. The oldest of vedas
46. The reflection caused by the irregularities in the reflecting surface is …………. a) Rig Veda b) Atharva Veda c) Sama Veda d) Yajur Veda
a) Regular reflection b) Lateral inversion c) Diffused reflection d) Total internal reflection 72. Indian Institute of Management is located at ………….
47. The author of the well known book “Drigganitham” in which the Parahita System had been revised a) Baroda b) Surat c) Ahmedabad d) Valsad
a) Sangamagrama Madhavan b) Parameswaran c) Aryabhata d) Neelakanta Somayaji 73. In 1957 Russian Space Programme had the successful launching of this satellite
48. National Chemical Laboratory is located at …………….. a) Aryabhata b) Bhaskara c) Sputnik d) Arion
a) Mumbai b) Ahmedabad c) Nasik d) Pune 74. What is known as the universal solvent?
49. This enzyme connects sections of DNA a) Water b) Sulphuric Acid c) Hydrochloric Acid d) Aqua Regia
a) Ligase b) Co-polymerase c) Kinase d) Cryptose 75. The Indian Scientist who was not a Mathematician
50. The United Nations Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy with Dr. Homi Bhabha as the Chairman was held in 1955 at a) Baudhayana b) Aryabhata c) Nagarjuna d) Brahmagupta
a) Geneva b) Munich c) Zurich d) California 76. ‘Venuaroham’ is a book written by ………….
a) Bhaskaracharya b) Sangama Grama Madhavan c) Aryabhata d) None of them