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Scrum Master™ Training


Scrum Masters form an essential part of an agile team and in order for them to be

successful they need to demonstrate a solid understanding of Scrum practices

and activities. The Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) is a validation of a

professional’s understanding and interpretation of these practices and values.

KnowledgeHut is a Professional
Training Network member of Our 2-day course will help you re-visit advanced Scrum fundamentals including

use of Scrum at an enterprise level, designing retrospectives, tools and

techniques and the mechanics behind a Scrum implementation. You will get
Instructor-led classroom course in-depth practice for a first time pass of the Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM)

assessments that serve to create a deep understanding of core practices and

Duration values of Scrum, and demonstrate that certified holders have the ability to
2 days
effectively respond to complex situations that challenge them.

There are no specific prerequisites for attending Course Structure
this training or attempting the exam.

The PSM course is spread across two-days and covers the following:

Certification • Scrum theory and principles

On successful completion of the Professional
• The Scrum Framework
Scrum MasterTM course, candidates will
receive a password to attempt the • The Definition of Done
Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)
assessment, and can subsequently go on to • Running a Scrum project
undertake level II and III. The assessments are
• Working with people and teams
conducted by and the certification
is maintained by them. • Scrum in your organization
The PSM I, II and III level certifications are
achieved on obtaining a minimum passing • The role of the Scrum Master
score in a rigorous assessment, which is held
Scrum Master™ Training

Course Benefits

You will learn:

• Motivate and lead a team of Scrum specialists who bring the advantages of

Scrum to projects

• Get a deep knowledge of the fundamental aspects, roles and attributes of

KnowledgeHut is a Professional Scrum

Training Network member of
• Understand the empirical foundation of Scrum

• Act as Scrum Master by understanding servant-leadership

PSM I holders understand the basics • Learn to resolve conflicts and tackle challenges
thoroughly, and are able to use globally
• Get hands-on experience by applying Scrum methodology to real projects
accepted terminology and approaches to
Scrum.PSM II holders have a deep • Ensure personal and organizational growth with professional training
understanding of the principles and processes
• Learn to address the changes Scrum requires in the organizational setup
that underpin Scrum methodology and can
effectively apply Scrum in the organizational • Increase Scrum efficacy
context. PSM III certification holders
demonstrate a distinguished level of mastery
You will also get:
over Scrum.
• Intensive and interactive workshop training
To learn more about each level, visit this link: • 14 PDUs and SEUs
• Downloadable, comprehensive courseware
sments • Instruction from industry experts

To know more about the next available workshop in your country,

Who Can Attend
please visit this link:
The course is relevant for advanced
understanding of Scrum use and its practices.
It is ideal for all experienced Scrum users to
gain deeper understanding of the principles of
Scrum or enhance their standards to being
excellent Scrum Masters. This course is
particularly beneficial for all those responsible
for getting the most out of Scrum, such as
Scrum Masters, managers, and Scrum Team