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_____ 1. “The Classic of Odes” A.

_____ 2. “The Classic of Rites” B. China
_____ 3. “Land of the Dragon” C. Ch’un Ching
_____ 4. “The Classic of Changes D. Haiku
_____ 5. “Land of the Rising Sun” E. I Ching
_____ 6. “Land of the Morning Calm” F. Japan
_____ 7. “Spring and Autumn Annals” G. Korea
_____ 8. The master of Haiku poetry H. Li Ching
_____ 9. A type of poetry originated in Japan I. Matsuo Basho
_____ 10. Compilation of teachings of Confucius J. Ryunosuke Akutagawa
K. Shih Ching
L. Shu Ching
A. A Hanging B. Borobudur Temple C. Brothers, Your Cries D.Bryan Thao Worra
E. Elegy F. F. M. S. R. G. Oriental Philosophy H. Pujangga Lama
I. Ramayana J. Sajak K. Sya’ir L. Xanana Gusmao
_____ 1. He is the very first Laotian American writer to receive an award in literature.
_____ 2. It is the most common form of literature in a poetry style in Bruneian literature.
_____ 3. It is known to be the largest Buddhist temple in the world located at Indonesia.
_____ 4. It is a type of lyric poetry which expresses feelings of grief and melancholy and whose theme in death.
_____ 5. He is the most famous East Timorese author who also became the Prime Minister of independent east Timor.
_____ 6. It is a system that harmonizes the natural and social world that includes humanity in the center uniting with nature and society.
_____ 7. It is a pastiche of T. S. Elliot by Francis P. Ng, published in London in 1935 that is said to be the first notable Singaporean work of poetry
in English.
_____ 8. It is an essay that talks about capital punishment written by George Orwell, because of his inspiration in a prisoner's execution in a
Prisoner of War camp in Burma during the Second World War.
_____ 9. It is a type of dramatic poetry that is usually used in musical plays and opera and usually arose an immediate and intense emotion that
is usually sad but always have a happy ending for the principal character.
_____10. It is a Bruneian literary piece that speaks of how people of one nation feel and put themselves in each other’s cries for the reason that
they are as one country and they have to be united to make the country stand and continue to rise.

A. Chinua Achebe B. Egyptian Book of the Dead C. Epic D. Hieroglyphics

E. Leopold Senghor F. Letters to Martha G. Okot P’ Bitek H. Plays
I. Prose J. Things Fall Apart K. Train Journey L. Wole Soyinka
_____ 1. It is the first system of writing in Egypt.
_____ 2. It is considered to be the earliest records of literature.
_____ 3. It is a form of literature that recounts the heroic exploits of ancestors.
_____ 4. He was the first black African to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986.
_____ 5. It is a genre of literature that is considered to be the purest expression of human thoughts.
_____ 6. It is a genre of literature that uses dialogues and monologues to reinforce emotions and themes.
_____ 7. He was an African Author who became the spokesperson of the literary movement called Negritude.
_____ 8. It is a novel by Chinua Achebe that depicts a vivid picture of Africa before the colonization by the British people.
_____ 9. It is a collection of poems by Dennis Brutus that talks about the humiliation, despondency, and indignity of the prison life.
_____10. He was an African author who received numerous honors from around the world and is also the recipient of Nigeria’s highest award
for intellectual achievement, the Nigerian National Merit.

1. It is the stand of the newspaper.

2. This is the beginning of a news story.
3. This is a cutline written above the photo.
4. It is a headline made up of two or more lines.
5. These are news materials enclosed by line rules.
6. This is an imaginary line that folds the newspaper into two.
7. It is a line giving the source of the story, illustration or photo.
8. These are the little boxes located on each side of the nameplate.
9. It is a subordinate headline located immediately below the major headline
10. It is a teaser above the headline that is bigger than the major headline.
________________ 1. It is a type of editorial that interprets the meaning of news by merely presenting both sides of an issue, event, or situation
and leaves the judgment to the reader.
_______________ 2. It is a type of editorial that endorses a thought or course of action and sometimes called as campaign editorial.
_______________ 3. It is a type of editorial that gives praise to a worthy deed done by a person or an institution.
_______________ 4. It is a type of editorial that takes a stand in a controversial issue and tries to convince the reader to adopt this stand.
_______________ 5. It is a type of editorial that it discusses issues lightly, but often has a serious point gently and subtly suggested and
sometimes satirically.
_______________ 6. It is a type of feature that gives information on subject of current interest.
______________ 7. It is a type of feature that deals with any minor situation that appeals to human interest.
_______________ 8. It is a type of feature that gives the steps and processes of doing something.
_______________ 9. It is a type of feature that tells about an account of one’ s travel experience and a vivid description of places visited.
_______________ 10. It is a type of feature that tells some unusual true – to life experiences written in the first person account.

_____ 21. Four months before the beautification and cleanup drive, zone 15 in Tondo, Manila was the dirtiest district. Three months after, it won
first place in the CLEAN contest sponsored by the Department of Community and Local Government.
A. Background B. Contrast C. Epigram D. Descriptive
_____ 22. Like father, like son. Ramon Garcia Jr. graduated Valedictorian this year Ten years ago, his father, Mr. Ramon Garcia Sr. also topped his
class and delivered his valedictory address on the same Rustum where the young Garcia delivered his.
A. Background B. Parody C. Epigram D. Descriptive
_____ 23. The new principal although only on his early thirties, is already silver-haired. He seldom talks, but when he does, he talks with sense.
A. Background B. Parody C. Punch D. Contrast
_____ 24. To have been ordered into battle to attack a group of windmills with horse and lance would have seemed to Joe Robinson no more
strange an assignment than the one given to him Thursday by Miss Vera Newton . . . (The literary allusion is to Don Quixote.)
A. Epigram B. Allusion C. Quick Burst D. Contrast
_____ 25. President John F. Kennedy once said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." I think today's
Americans have forgotten Kennedy's message. We expect our country to take care of us, but we are not taking care of our country.
A. Background B. Contrast C. Epigram D. Punch
DIRECTIONS: Identify what element of news writing is being observed in the following statements.
_____ 21.The Dragon football team will play in the Westwood tomorrow, continuing the 30 year battle of the bell tradition.
Timeliness C. Prominence
Proximity D. Consequence
_____ 22.Scarlett Johansson may postpone her wedding to Ryan Reynolds until after the U.S. elections, says Showbiz Spy. She made the decision
because her twin brother is busy with Obama's campaign. Or maybe she hopes her presidential crush will walk her down the aisle.
Significance C. Prominence
Proximity D. Oddity
_____ 23. Metro Calapan drivers will go on strike tomorrow, protesting the proposed contract that would give them a minimal raise and raise
the cost of health insurance.
Timeliness C. Prominence
Proximity D. Oddity
_____ 24.The star quarterback flunks a math exam and is ineligible for the big game.
Conflict C. Prominence
Proximity D. Oddity
_____ 25.A man bit his dog.
Conflict C. Prominence
Timeliness D. Oddity
_____ 26. Chinese man has lived on water alone for the last 12 years.
Conflict C. Significance
Timeliness D. Oddity
_____ 27. Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince George take luxe island vacation in Mustique.
Prominence C. Significance
Conflict D. Oddity
_____ 28. Former husbands and wives fighting over who will win custody of their children.
Timeliness C. Significance
Oddity D. Conflict
_____ 29.Magic Johnson and actor Rock Hudson had AIDS.
Timeliness C. Prominence
Proximity D. Consequence
_____30. World number one tennis player Rafael Nadal has won his ninth title at Roland Garros with 3-6, 7-5, 6-2, 6-4 over Novak Dyokovic.
Timeliness C. Conflict
Proximity D. Prominence