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The 20 Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts To Use in


February 17, 2019


*Most Important windows keyboard shortcuts:*

Hello friends,
Now a day every person uses the computer and also knows that when we
use computer then definitely we use a mouse . But do you know we can
use computer without mouse?
Any old file is to be searched, even if you want to minimize a window, even
all the task we can done without mouse.So I’ll discuss about that 20 keys
that how will use it and you save much time.
We called it shortcut keys of computer.
Now I’m going telling you shortcut keys .

*Important Keyboard Shortcuts of Windows*

1_ Ctlr-s

Saves a document or web page in many programs, including Office and

web browsers.

2_ Ctrl-z

undos the last action.

3_ Ctrl-left arrow

moves the cursor to the beginning of the previous word, while Ctrl-right
arrow to the beginning of the next word.

4_ Ctrl-Shift-left arrow or right arrow

highlights the full previous or next word.

5_ Ctrl-Backspace

deletes the word on the left of the cursor.

6_ Ctrl-Home

moves the cursor to the top of the document, while Ctrl-End to the end of

7_ Alt + F4:

If you want to close a window then you have to press ALT + F4. This will
close the program.

8_ Windows Key + L:

You can use these two buttons to lock the computer.

9_Windows Key + M:

Windows Key + M can be used to close many windows simultaneously.

10_ Shift + Space:

Any time you work on axles, it becomes very difficult to find anything. You
can press Shift + Space for this. This will select the entire line. On the other
hand, if you want to delete this line then you can press ctrl + DEL.

11_ ALT + S / CTRL + Enter:

Whenever you send mail to anyone after you type mail, press ALT + S /
CTRL + Enter. This will send mail quickly.

12_ CTRL + R:

If you want to reply to someone on the mail, you can reply immediately by
pressing CTRL + R.

13_ CTRL + D:

Pressing these can make you bookmark any tab.

14_ CTRL + Shift + B / O:

You can press CTRL + SHIFT + B or CTRL + SHIFT + O if you want to find a
bookmarked site.

15_ Ctrl+N

Create a new or blank document in some software, or open a new tab in

most Internet browsers.

16_ Shift+End

Highlights from current position to end of line.

17_ Alt+Enter Open the properties for the selected item (file, folder,
shortcut, etc.

18_ Ctrl + F

(find; helpful if you’re searching for a particular word on a website or


19_ Ctrl+I

Change selected text to be in italics.

20_ CTRL +/-:

In this key , if you surfing the website on a browser and you want to zoom
the text and images as well. You can zoom by pressing the plus button with

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