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Miss. Teena Chawla Himanshi
(department of ASM) B.Com(ASM)


Affiliated To: M.D.U. Rohtak


I, HIMANSHI the student of B.COM 2nd year (ASM) declare that I have
completed this report during my training under the title “MARKETING
All the information in this project is wholly my own presentation
which is original and not copied from anywhere else.



On successfully completing my reports “MARKETING STRATEGIES OF

TITAN’’, first of all I am thankful to almighty god for all the way
throughout to every walk of my life.

I am grateful to persons whose responses were of utmost importance for

making this report a reality.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to MISS TEENA (lecturer) for her
valuable suggestions and desirable guidance.
For making this report possible I am thankful to all my friends for giving
me their timely suggestions and all possible help. Last but not least I am
thankful to all those who were directly or indirectly related to this report



 To study the attitude and satisfaction among the consumers for Titan.
 To study and analyze various factors influencing the consumers to purchase the Titan watches.
 To study consumer awareness and perception about the brand repositioning strategies of Titan
 To recommend subtitle measure to be taken by the titan company to further improves its brand
perception and loyalty among its customers.
 To find out the effectiveness of advertisements for Titan watches.
 To analyze the factors influencing perception and buying decisions of consumers.



1. Introduction 6-9
2. Company Profile 10-12
3. Research Methodology 13-14
4. Brand Positioning Strategies 15-16
5. Titan Watches: Brand Repositioning 17-22
6. Marketing Mix 23-26
7. SWOT Analysis 27-30
8. STP 31-35
(Segmentation, Targeting&
9. Data Collection & Survey Analysis 36-50
10. Conclusion 51

11. Limitations 52
12. Suggestions & Recommendations 53
13. Questionnaire 54-56

14. Bibliography 57


“A business has two – and only two –basic functions: marketing and innovation.”


The rapid pace of change and intense competitive pressure in today’s marketplace demand that brands
continuously innovate and reinvent themselves to maintain their relevance and market position. In this
context, brand repositioning and other revitalization strategies have become a business imperative for battling
brand erosion. The appeal of brand repositioning is further heightened by the rising costs and high risk
associated with launching a new brand.

Brand repositioning has received little attention in the marketing literature and has mostly treated as a
variation of brand positioning. Biel, for example has defined brand positioning as “building (or rebuilding) an
image for a brand”. The goal of positioning and repositioning strategies’ relates to the management of
consumers’ perceptions. However, positioning focuses on the creation of brand associations – consumers’
perceptions of the attributes that differentiate the brand from competitive offers – while repositioning also
implies managing existing brand associations. The unique challenge of a repositioning strategy, thus, lies in
rejuvenating the brand image to make it an evolving environment, while honoring the brand equity heritage.

Repositioning can be required as the market changes and new opportunities occur. Through responsibility the
company can reach customers they not intended to reach in the first place. If a brand has been established at
the market for some time and wish to change their image they can Marketing Mixconsider repositioning,
although one of the hardest actions in marketing is to reposition a familiar brand.Swot An

According to Solomon, position strategy is an essential part in the marketing efforts because companies have
to use the elements in the marketing mix to influence the customers understanding of the position.

During the movement from something less attractive and relevant towards a more attractive and relevant
position several of strategic choices has to be made. The ones responsible for the repositioning have to
evaluate why a reposition is necessary and if the offer is the one who will change or just the brand name.
There are several risk factors that have to be taken into consideration when preparation for a repositioning of
the offering or the brand. During repositioning, the risk of losing the credibility and reliability is high and the
need for a thorough strategy is therefore necessary to avoid this occurrence.

Numerous failed attempts at brand repositioning testify to difficult of developing and implementing such a
tactic. For example, while the soft drink brand , Mountain Dew has remained relevant to the youth market
through continuous repositioning in its thirty years of existence, Levis’ Jeans has been losing market share to
newcomers such as The Gap, despite numerous campaigns designed to reposition the brand as trendy.

The strategic importance of brand repositioning in preserving and enhancing brand equity, coupled with the
mixed results of repositioning attempts, underscores the need to develop a better understanding of the
dynamics of brand repositioning. Specifically, questions of whatever, when and how brands should be
repositioned need to be addressed.

Research into brand repositioning is relevant not only to the development of brand management theory, but
also extends to corporate strategy through an examination of corporate brands.


Today, a wristwatch is considered as much of a status symbol as a device to tell time. In an age when cell
phones and digital pagers display tiny quartz clocks, the mechanical wristwatch has slowly become less of an
object of function and more a piece of modern culture. The Indian watch industry has began in the year 1961
with the commissioning of the watch division of HMT. The first watch model manufactured by HMT was the
Janata model in the year 1962. HMT was the leader in the watch market till the Tata’s formed TITAN watches
in association with Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation in the year 1987. TITAN was the first
company to launch quartz watches in India. The Indian watch market is today of 40 million units, out of which
60% is in the unorganized sector in which the maximum number of watches are sold are below Rs. 300. Quartz
watches form two third of the organized sector , three fourth of the sales by volume comes from watches that
are priced below Rs.1000.

Watch is one of the consumer durables whose replacement rate is very high. The replacement rate of which is
33.8%. This is also due to the fact that the estimated scrap rate of wrist watches is 7.8% which is applicable
after 6 years(Source: India market demographics report, 1998). So, due to high scrap rate, outdated models,
and the shift from the mechanical watches to the quartz watches it is causing a very high replacement demand
for watches. This along with the low penetration level represents the untapped market potential for watches
in India.

After liberalization of Indian economy in1992 many international players have entered the Indian watch
market posing as competitive threat to the Indian companies.

Lately Titan ha stride to reposition its brand to capture more segments of the watch market retaining the
already served market segment. The strategy has been studied in deep during the project. Many brands and
companies are constantly reinvigorating their businesses and positioning them for growth. There is a constant
need to innovate, reinvigorate, update, recalibrate, or just simply fend off the competition in an effort to
better explain “why buy me.”

Brand positioning creates a specific place in the market for the brand and product offerings. It reaches a
certain type of consumers and delivers benefits that meet the needs of several key target groups and user.

The actual approach of a company or brand’s positioning in the market place depends on how it
communicates the benefits and product attributes to consumers and users. As a result, the brand positioning
of accompany and/or product seeks to further distance itself from competitors based on a host of items, but
most notably on five key issues: Price, Quality, Product attributes, distribution and Usage Occasions.

In recent times, a major brand repositioning exercise has been planned by Titan Industries Limited in order to
provide more to its customers. The company has first gone for change in logo and tagline. Then the
communication strategy has been revamped to convey its new position. The present study consists of
reviewing the positioning strategies of Titan watches. An analysis of repositioning strategies of Titan also
forms part of the study. The main objectives of the study is to find out whether the loyal consumers of Titan
watches are aware of the new positioning strategies of the company and how they perceive them.

Primary and secondary sources of data have been made use of in the study. The first part of the project i.e.
analysis of brand repositioning strategies of Titan Company has been completed on the basis of secondary
data. For this purpose, internet, journals, books, magazines and so on have been made use of. The second part
of the project comprises of conducting a survey with the help of questionnaire. The survey is proposed to be
conducted on a sample of 50 consumers who are loyal to Titan company, selected through convenience
sampling technique. The questionnaires consists of appropriate mix of open ended and closed ended
questions. The data is presented using pie charts and bar diagrams. The conclusion part of the report would
provide an insight of consumer awareness regarding brand repositioning strategies and their effectiveness in
revamping the brand, Titan.



Titan Industries was established in 1984 as a joint venture between the TATA Group and the Tamil Nadu
Industrial Development Corporation. The company brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market,
offering quartz technology with international styling, manufactured in a state-of-art factory at a Houser, Tamil
Nadu. Leveraging its understanding of different segments in the watch market, the company launched a
second independent watch brand –Sonata, as a value brand to those seeking to buy functionally styled
watches at affordable prices. In addition it focused on the youth with its third brand- FASTRACK. It has also
premium fashion watches by acquiring a license for global brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss,
while it has also in its portfolio its first Swiss made watch brand – Xylys.

In 1995, the company diversified into jewellery under the brand- Tanishq to capitalize on a fragmented market
operating with no brands in urban cities. In 2005, the company launched its second jewellery brand , Gold
Plus, for capitalizing on the opportunity in small towns and rural India.

Today TITAN Industries is India’s leading manufacturer of watches and jewellery employing 3,800 people.
Titan and Tanishq are among the most admired brands in their categories.

10 | P a g e

The company manufactures over 8 million watches per annum and has a customer base of over 80 million. It
has manufacturing and assembly operations at Hosure,Dehradun, Roorkee and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh and
ECB plant in Goa. Its main products are:

1. WATCHES: Currently manufactures four main watch brands viz.

 Titan for the premium segment
 Fast track focused on the youth and trendy fashion space
 Sonata for the mass market and
 Xylys for the premium market.

The Titan brand architecture comprises several sub- brands, each of which is a leader in its
segment. Notable among them are:

 Titan Edge- The world’s slimmest watch which stands for the philosophy of “less is
 Titan Raga- The feminine and sensuous accessory for today’s woman
 Nebula – crafted in solid gold and precious stones and other several other
collections like Wall Street , Heritage, Regalia, Octane, Orion, Diva, Zoop, WWF and
the Aviator series, all of which form a part of the Titan wardrobe. Sonata is today
India’s largest watch selling brand and is priced between Rs. 295/- and Rs. 1200/-.
 The company’s first Swiss made watch – Xylys is for the hi-end connoisseur and
new age achiever. It also markets Tommy Hilfiger watches under a licensing
arrangement and is introducing Hugo Boss. Today, the Titan portfolio has about
65% of the domestic market share in the organized watch market.

The company has 225 exclusive showrooms christened ‘World of Titan’, making it amongst the largest chains
in its category. Titan watches are sold through over 12,000 outlets in over 2,500 cities and internationally in
over 30 countries, primarily in the Middle-East and Asia Pacific.

2. JEWELLERY: Tanishq is India’s largest and fastest growing jewellery brand with a premium range of
gold jewellery studded with diamonds or clouted gems and a wide range in 22kt pure gold. Platinum
jewellery is also a part of the product range Tanishq is one of India’s largest specialty retailers and is
transforming the jewellery market in India 102 boutiques in 72 cities across the country. ‘Gold Plus’ is

11 | P a g e
the recent retail offering for the mass market with plain gold jewellery selling through 19 stores in 19
towns. The jewellery division has its own design studio.

3. EYE WEAR: Titan Eye+ is currently on a pilot mode with 5 stores in 2 cities and has sunglasses under
Fastrack brand and prescription eyewear consisting of frames, Lenses, Sunglasses, Accessories and
Contact Lenses of in – house brands and other premium brands.

12 | P a g e


The research design adopted in the study was descriptive in nature as the study aims at describing the
situation as it exists at present. It shows the consumers satisfaction for Titan watches.


The sample size of the study is 50.


The population of the study is indefinite.


The study involves area sampling method. Area sampling method involves selecting a probability sample of
geographic areas and selecting units or individuals within the selected areas for the sample.


The study used both primary and secondary data.

Primary Method: The primary data was collected from the respondents using questionnaire.

Secondary Method: The secondary data was collected from the company’s official website.

13 | P a g e

Data was collected from the customers with the help of a questionnaire.


The data was collected from the main study and was analyzed using various methods. Based on the results
conclusion were drawn and suggestions were made.

14 | P a g e

Since its introduction, Titan has been positioned as a premium brand, providing high quality
products. With its numerous sub-brands catering to different segments, the challenge that Titan faces is to
create a strong brand image. It follows different positioning strategies: these strategies can also be analyzed as
given below:


When the company launched its products, it was the first to bring quartz watches to the Indian market. The
company successfully leveraged this to penetrate the market and gain 13.a market share. Raga, Classique and
Regalia come under this strategy. Classique has been positioned as elegant corporate wear that leaves a quiet,
but definite impression and fusion of function and sophistication. Power dressing now has a new weapon. As
magic in gold and bicolour look, the ‘Regalia’ range represents the essence of dress-wear. Raga has been
differentiated and positioned as exclusive watches for women. The Raga and Silver Raga collection is elegant,
delicate and feminine with each piece being truly unique.


Titan caters to several user groups-children (The Dash), sportspersons and adventures (PSI4000 and Fast track
range). The Fastrack range is seen as being contemporary, study and reliable. The advertising, packaging and
merchandising of this range is young, vibrant and ‘cool’(the ad line says “Cool watches by Titan”)


15 | P a g e
The fast track digital range offers the customer a functional watch that is also attractive. The digital watch has
a “techno-geek” image, but Titan seeks to differentiate its offering on the basis of superior style and


With the entry of several foreign watchmakers into the market, Titan had to counter the threat. Most of the
entrants are catering to the upper end of the market- Omega, Tissot, and Cartier etc. titan already had the
Tanishq brand in this segment. However, it has tried to reposition this brand by increasing the price range to
encourage more customers.


In the overseas market, especially in Europe where it is competing with Swiss and Japanese watches, it is
positioning itself as “value-for –money”: reasonably priced (less than Swiss watches and higher than
Japanese), attractively styled and of good quality. In Indian market, Sonata is a perfect example of price
positioning; Titan came up with this segment when it was facing heavy competition from lower end segment.

16 | P a g e


Titan industries decided to revamp its flagship watch brand, with the intention of making it more youthful and
relevant to the changing times. The brand, launched more than 24 years ago , has undergone a major
repositioning exercise only once before- few years ago, when Hindi film actor Amir Khan was appointed brand
ambassador. What followed later was the “What’s Your Style?” campaign , which tried to increase watch
consumption per person, by suggesting the use of different watches for different watches for different


Now Titan wants to be move from style statements to personality statements. According to Harish Bhatt, chief
operating officer, watches, Titan Industries, a watch ought to denote the wearer’s mood and personality.
“with the explosion of options in a person’s life, our core consumer is changing and to keep up with them,
Titan has evolved too, ”he says. On the adoption of “Be more”, Bhatt says that the statement is supposed to
denote the aspirations of consumers to make more of their lives and be whatever they want to be. “the watch
allows for such imaginative travels, “he says.

17 | P a g e
Titan’s agency, Ogilvy India, has devised a campaign featuring Amir Khan that encourages people to find a new
strand of their personality every day’. It all started with a change in logo a few months ago(the same font in a
red and white combination), followed by a campaign rolled out now.

The ad film opens on a shot of Amir Khan sitting alone on a roller coaster, stating, ‘Be born everyday’. Next, he
is seen chasing the shadow of an aircraft on a beach, then, sitting beside a truck driver, in the middle of
nowhere, with a trail of chassis trucks behind him. Here, he asks the viewers to try the adventure of getting off
at an unknown station, of exploring unknown lands.

As he crashes his vehicle while go-carting, Khan waves to the others around him, while his voiceover explains
the importance of making one’s own mistakes. Further on, he talks of not making your passport photos last
longer than three months- you need to constantly reinvent yourself and adopt a new look everyday (cut to
shots of Khan’s varied hairstyles and looks in his movies, shown in an ambient way through posters and T-

“Shock your reflection!” says Khan, as we see with him funny accessories framing his face. The next vignette
has him practicing meditation while slyly checking out a girl walking past (‘Explore’). Cut to a shot of children,
with Khan explaining how we aspired to be different people as kids- “let’s revive that aspiration today”.
Wearing amour (sword and all), Khan Reiterates, ‘Be born, Everyday. Titan. Be more ‘.

Malvika mehra, group creative director, Ogilvy & Mather Bangalore, says, “Be more’ pushes people to live
many lives in one. We want to trigger people into questioning, ‘Why should we be single minded and boring?
Time to be multi-faceted, just like Titan!”


The ad was directed by Prasoon Pandey of Corcoise Films: this was Pandey’s third Titan film, the earlier two
involved Khan and his assistant, played by the late Vihang nayak. The first film had Khan confused about which
watch to match with each outfit he’s packing before a trip, while the second film showed him delighting a girl
in a mall with a watch. “This third film has a much stronger script than those two,” shrugs Pandey. “It’s about
bringing a mindset onto the screen with a better celeb-brand marriage.”

“Kids are freer in their thinking than adults and we hope this has been portrayed,” Pandey says. Even the last
frame of the ad, which has Khan dressed as a mock warrior (with an impromptu utensil serving as his helmet),
was made to look like the man had made use of things lying nearby in a spontaneous way.

18 | P a g e

September 20th, 2011:

Aiming to widen its appeal amongst Indian women, Titan India’s most preferred watch brand, today
announced their association with Bollywood’s most beautiful and charming Diva, KATRINA KAIF. Ms. Kaif has
been signed as the brand ambassador for their exclusive women’s watch brand, Titan Raga.

Incepted in the year 1992, Titan Raga has won the hearts of millions. Designed exclusively for women, these
exquisite and elegant timepieces perfectly capture the essence of beauty, femininity and sensuality. The brand
has grown over a period of time in sync with the evolving tastes of the contemporary Indian woman.

Mr. Ajay Chawla commenting on the brand said, “Driven by continuous launch of new designs and collections,
Raga has witnessed a 27% CAGR in the last % years at that time and will be Rs. 400 Crore brands in that year!
However, the potential in the women’s segment is still huge as watch penetration even amongst SEC A/B
women is still very low. A brand ambassador will help to make the watch a desirable accessory amongst

As a brand ambassador of Titan Raga, the renowned actress will play a key role in shaping brand
communication on television, print, outdoor, and other media.

19 | P a g e

1. Sonata’s Sub-brand:

Sonata has launched the Yuva 2008 collection, a series of colorful watches. They are available in both casual
and formal styles to complement the young, new look for college or office wear.

The collection has watches for both men and women at prices starting at RTs. 645. They are available in both
gold and steel looks, with both metal and leather straps. Sonata, the urban watch brand from the Tata’s,
launched the super Fiber, targeted at the sub-Rs. 500 market in urban, semi-urban and rural India.

The company announced 360 degree marketing campaign for the new offerings. It also unveiled its TV
commercial featuring Indian ODI captain MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI, in a brand new avatar.

2. Titan Raga- Hazel Collection

Titan Raga has launched the Hazel collection, inspired by the hues of nature. Priced betweenRs. 2195
and Rs. 4000, this range comprises five styles with versions in gold, steel and bi-metal finish. They are available
as bracelets and kadas with textured or patterned look and mother-of –pearl dials.

3. Octane
Titan has launched the Octane collection of chronograph, multifunction and retrograde watches for the
urban man. The range is described as blending style and technology. The collection has over 35 styles
and is priced between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 7,500.

4. Nebula Celeste

It is limited edition collection of jewellery timepieces. They are crafted in 18k white and yellow gold. Prices
range from Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 12 lakhs.

5. Raga Crystals
Titan Industries ltd. had unveiled its new Raga Crystals collections of watches in Kerala. The two new
watches, called Venus and Fairy Dust are available in yellow metal and bi-metal versions. Venus is
priced at Rs. 4,450 and Fairy Dust at Rs. 4,750.

20 | P a g e
6. Titan’s Stambha

A new ladies heritage wrist watch ‘Stambha’ signifying fame, prosperity and good luck was unveiled as part of
Heritage collection. Mr. Vijesh Rajan, Regional Sales Manager, launched the watch collection, said that plans
are on the anvil to launch one new collection every month, reflecting the 3000-year old art and cultural history
of the country.

7. Nebula Zeus
It is a mechanical automatic watch in solid gold for men. Priced at Rs. 1,10,000, the limited edition
watch(500 pieces) harks back to an older era of luxury and romance.
The Nebula Zeus watch has been crafted using Swiss made mechanical automatic movement with gold
finish and a sapphire crystal back cover. Other features include an instant start, a second hand stop
device for accurate time setting: 42 hours reserve powers and auto wind convenience. The watch
collection was launched by singer and actor, VASUNDHRA DAS.

8. Raga Shimmer

It comprises of a collection of exquisitely designed studded watches that complement both Indian-
wear as well as Western-wear. Priced between Rs. 2,995 and Rs. 4,495 the new collection comprises
watches in gold, steel and bi-metal finishes.

9. Raga Diva

An exquisite range of watches for women in the Kerala market. Inspired by traditional Kundan work,
this collection has been rendered in a delightfully contemporary form. It is priced between Rs. 4,000
and Rs. 10,000.

10. Titan Nebula- Duet Collection

Titan Nebula, the premium 18k gold watch brand from Titan, today launched the Duet collection- three
pairs of specially crafted gold watches for the wedding season. The most premium collection for this
wedding season was unveiled by popular actor GUL PANAG.

21 | P a g e

Competitor in domestic market Market share

HMT 19%
Maxima 13%
Rado 7%
Casio 5%

The strongest selling point of Titan is that it is available at affordable prices for every class. Titan provides
watches for all segments, like from low –cost Sonata for first time user, Fastrack for the trendy young. Dash for
the kids, and the higher priced Regalia and Nebula to the premium segment customer.

The Indian watch market is estimated at 25 million watches a year, where the domestic sale is 6 million
watches per annum. The rural segment is the diverse market in the present scenario. The key success story of
Titan is capturing the rural market on a large scale.

Though, the company faced enormous challenges from its big list of competitor, the company still in the
number one position in domestic market because of the weakness of the competitor. The company becomes
more reliable and more acceptances to the customer because ogf its marketing mix. The company has
adopted the new marketing innovation to improve the feature of the product by time to time.

Companies certain initiatives and policy such as new innovative design, guarantee, the research and
development, wide dealer network, committed service team, discount and offers make the company best in
many aspects.

22 | P a g e

As achieve pour marketing objectives, we can do some change in the pricing.

The main consideration will be in changing price are as following:


In case of the watches Titan price them according to the features. The Exacta is a simple steel watch priced at
Rs. 600-1,100. As the company also deals with Spectra, raga through pricing policy.


As we know that 70% of sales in watches some from the lower segment, therefore by pricing Sonata at 350
onwards with guarantee. Titan prices its world watches which compared equal to an international players like
CALVIN KLIEN where a customer pays 4 times as value of the world watch, therefore market with low prices
to international players to gain market share.


In Indian watch industry there is no offering pure gold watches, watches in pair jewellery watches. Here Titan
offers there product with the Indian touch in its designs, the product, the love.

23 | P a g e

Quality and leadership are the two main terms for the Titan. As to achieve the marketing objectives this
aspects should also be considered.


To increase the sales, the differences in the prices of the watches are justified by the features.


Portfolio of Titan’s product is of 3 distinct price-range that can be defined in general, as popular, Mid and
Premium. At the popular segment, the emphasis is on in volumes but not in margins. At the premium
segment, the emphasis is on profits and image but not in volumes. Obviously, company giving more emphasis
at the top of the pyramid as profits at the top of the pyramid is very high. This pyramid guided the strategy of
as profits at the top[ of the pyramid as profits at the top of the pyramid is very high. This pyramid guided the
strategy of Titan.


Titan was first focused only on the premium segment of the watch market. As per the product strategy they
took, Titan moved in to mass market for watches. To widen base, Titan created new segments and increasingly
focusing on segments individually. Un the past few years Titan has took a lot of initiatives to focused on
specific segments.


Quality and leadership are synonymous to Titan. It seeks to achieve both through their value for products
compared to their prices.

24 | P a g e

As by opening new shops such as the world of Titan- buy directly from the dealer and hence the element of
middlemen is not there.

Here the retailer in this category buys watches for 17-18% lesser than MRP and hence they are able to get the
17%profit margin on sales.

It is managing to successfully convince to the customer of the perceived value of ‘WORLD WATCH” using
hoarding all around the city, increasing buyer image, trust worthiness, innovation, differentiation, value for
the product.

Price discount and allowances. Every year Titan comes with a price discount sale on the MRP of the watches.
The allowance varies from one segment to another.

a) Creative advertising: Titan introduces a contest on cartoon network in which

invites children to use creativity and design watch.

The prize winning design was launched as a new watch in summer 2002 collection.

Type of advertising: Titan believes in making its ads clean, well made, touch on emotional chord. As the
company is using celebrities or superstars that is Amir Khan for the Titan watches.

b) Promotion on occasion: Toitan is one of the companies which formally believes in the
policy of promotion the product based on the occasions.

25 | P a g e

Keeping in mind about the young trendy and fashionable customers, Titan distribute its product and set up
‘world of titan’ in different region. The consumer’s lifestyle in India, especially in urban area (because the
turnover in urban area is 210 million, while the turnover in rural area is 90 million) plays a significant role in
the success of Titan.


Titan Industries brings together the country’s leading brands under one rrof, providing the customer with
variety in brands, looks and price ranges and also efficient after-sales service. These 1142 Time Zones located
across 89 towns which offer its customer the complete watch shopping experience.


These outlets sell surplus stocks of Titan watches at reduced prices. By doing these it offering fabulous value
for money with the same warranty as a regular full-priced watch enjoy. However these shops would not be
placed in the main locations and not working as a normal shops. This is to make the customer go to the shop
rather than calling the customer and hence the locations are not very suitable for shopping.


A Sonata store is also an Authorized Service Centre for Sonata & Toitan brands. Sonata store meet the large
scale demand for the watch and also to attract customers in more. These shops had full stocks of the watch in
demand whereas the others could afford to maintain only limited stock.

26 | P a g e


Titan first introduced the ‘style’ concept in India and projected the watch as a fashion accessory. Now a day’s
style is a very much evident factor among the youth. And there is a craze for stylish wristwatch. So, Titan
makes the people life more glorious by making stylish wristwatch.


As Titan offers the best and the biggest range to customer to choose the watch of their choice with an
affordable price.


Today Titan holds the pride for say that its products both within the country and internationally running in
battle position. Its EDGE the slimmest watch in the world position.

Other than these there have few more strength like-

Contribution of brands and retail. The profit is accounted by being in the retail space which is booming.

Watches are available with popular functions like dates, multifunction and chronographic.

27 | P a g e


The average price of Titan in mid-price segment is very high than the other competitor. Average price for Titan
is Rs. 1100 while the price for HMT is Rs. 550. In the mid- price segment the company is not performing up to
the mark due to the lack of choice of consumers.


As the average price of Titan wristwatch is far more than the other competitor, Titan has less market share.
The market is more demonstrate by middle class people and for them Titan is quite costly. Among 75% market
share in mid-segment. Titan market share is between 18-20% which is far lower than HMT and Maxima.

As the company is Indian based which leads it to the strength, where as it is the weakness also because
the company not sufficiently globalized.

28 | P a g e
C. Opportunities

1. Seasonality:
At the time of festival, like Diwali Titan promotes Nebula, Bandhan because there is demand for the

 Gold watches and pairs are the like as a wedding occasion.

 The Fast track brand is promoted in month of June-August when schools and colleges re-open.

2. Gifting concept:
Titan started as a brand which was associated with gifting and relation. The fight concept sells well
for people have come to associate Titan with love care and makes emotion run high.

3. Exchanging offer:
The Titan stores offer exchange offer of any old watch, of any make, in any condition functional or
otherwise and receive a flat discount of 25% on their purchase of a brand new, stylish and
technologically advanced watch from Titan.

29 | P a g e
D. Threats

1. Competitor:
As we know that lots of foreign brands are entering in our country with their branded watches. As
the removal of quantitative restrictions on import watches leads to threat to Titan.

2. Premium segment:
As in premium segment Titan is getting threats from reputed international brand such as Espirit,
Swatch and Citizen.

3. Mobile:
Now a day’s people can get the time and the other feature in mobile phone. So, the need of
wristwatch is in decreasing trend. People can talk and see the time in a cell phone and some people
think that there is no need of wristwatch.

4. Marketing Objectives:
Titan industries in watch hold 70% in domestic level and 60% in Share in organized sector market.
Companies the marketing objectives are to increase in market share by 55. Before implementing
the of marketing strategies we must have to focus on certain things, which include the BCG Matrix

A Titan industry has registered an Income of Rs. 1,104.85 crore as compared to previous year which
was Rs 7,25.11. In all the income the Titan industry had contributed Rs. 3,03.45 crore.

30 | P a g e

Dividing the market by grouping the customer with similar tastes and preferences into one segment is called

Segmentation help marketers understand the needs of different customers better and serve them with better
value propositions.

A market comprises of different consumers possessing innumerable tastes and preferences. Depending on
their marketing approach and the nature of the products marketers can adopt different levels of
segmentation. The levels of market segmentation are:

 Segment Marketing
 Individual Marketing
 Niche Marketing
 Local Marketing


Marketers target more than one segment when it is not economically feasible to design products and services
for individual segments. The focus of segmenting the market wil be on providing enhanced service to the
customer by offering customized products that will satisfy the needs and wants of customer in that particular
segment to a large extent. Segmentation is also sometimes identifying, capturing and retaining potential new


Titan has segmented its business into three main categories:

 Mass
 Mid- premium
 Luxury

31 | P a g e

Individual marketing is the extreme level of segmentation in which marketers focus on individual customers.


Titan has not applied this for its marketing.


A niche is more narrowly defined group, typically a small market whose needs are not well served. Marketers
usually identify niches by dividing a segment into sub segments or defining a group seeking a distinctive mix of


In a study conducted to study the customers of watch market, it is revealed that 42% of them are youth. So,
Titan tried to target this by:

 Introducing FAST TRACK

 Price offering from Rs. 500(affordable)
 Watches with style statements.


Marketing programs being tailored to the needs and wants of local customer groups. The prominence of local
marketing has also become very dominant.


All the products of TITAN are addressed to all the customers as a whole. Localized products are not available.
But some products which are available in UK have some pictures of eminent personalities on their Dial like
M.K. Gandhi, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, etc. so that the customers can identify the product with those dignitaries.

32 | P a g e

It is the second stage of Segment “Target” Position (STP) process. After the most attractive segments are
selected, a company should not directly start targeting all these segments. The attractiveness of the segments
is also depending on other important factors. In the main activity of defining a target market, four sub
activities are given which are the bases for deciding on which segments will actually be targeted.

The four sub activities within targeting are:

1. Defining the abilities of the company and resources needed to enter a market
2. Analyzing competitors on their resources and skills
3. Considering the company’s abilities compared to the competitors’
4. Deciding on the actual target markets.

After the market has been separated into its segments, the marketer will select a segment or series of
segment or series of segment and target it/them. Resources and efforts will be targeted at the:

A) The first is the single segment with a single product. In other words, the market targets a single
product offering at a single segment in a market with many segments. For example, Titan’s sub brand,
Raga is targeting the upwardly mobile ladies in the upper premium segment.
B) Secondly, the, marketer could ignore the differences in the segments, and choose to aim a single
product at all segments i.e. the whole market. For example, Sonata and Fast track brands of Titan are
targeting mass and mid premium segment.
C) Finally, there is a multi segment approach. Here a marketer will target a variety of different segments
with a series of differentiated products. For example, Titan itself provides with the number of
differentiated products/brands which are targeting different segments in the market. Following is the
table which rep[resents the various sub brands and their targeted segments of TITAN.

33 | P a g e

The importance of an image has become an emotional part of everyone. A brand name represents the image,
character and personality of a brand. A brand name should be clear, lucid, easy to remember, distinct from the
competition and should not be generic to the category. It should not become customer’s Top of the mind
brand (TOMB). Most successful brand names would satisfy these criterions to quite an extent. Brand loyalty is
one thing which has made the branding more popular. As someone rightly said “Brand loyalty is not dead, it’s
just more like loyalty to a girl/boyfriend rather than loyalty of wife/husband”.

Vast flows of names today makes a brand harder to differentiate them unless they come out with their own
uniqueness. This way, they could come to their special position in everyday life. The image following a
particular name is also determined by the role of communication it undergoes: of which the followings are
included: its manner, personality, behavior, ethics, values, etc. the importance of brands depends o the true
ambitions of the company.

The increasing spread and domination of international brands has seemed inevitable for at least the last 30
years. All around the world we have witnessed the disappearance of local brands and local variants.

But despite this trend, local and regional brands still remain strong. In India, for example, protected for many
years by government policy from the invasion of foreign brands, homegrown brands dominate many sectors-
Tata automobiles and Titan watches, to name but a few. In the end people want both global and local brands-
brands that make them feel part of wider international community and brands that root them in their home

34 | P a g e

Strong brands help a company to maintain market share in the face of a changing competitive environment
and it has been shown that a strong market share is associated with above-average profits. Brands have
become assets in their own right. In addition, they represent low-risk opportunities for the manufacturer or
services provider and they also represent reduced risk for the consumer.


Positioning is statement that shows how you are different, better or more special than your competition.
Position is that one descriptive sentence or slogan the company is known for that one specific idea that first
comes to mind about the product. It is that one characteristics that sets the service apart from competitors.


Volvo that one thing is “Safety”.

McDonalds is “A fun place for kids.”

In Jakarta, Indonesia, Bluebird is “The safest way to travel by Taxi.”


We need to clear about why it is important to position a brand and exactly what a brand is. As consumers, we
are all influenced by the effects of a powerful brand positioning-“brainwashed”, so to speak- to have
preference for one versus another. But today there are so many choices for consumers that this term has a
secondary derivation-“whitewashing”.

That is, the brand choices are so varied and the differentiation so minimal in terms of product functionally that
we’re faced with a sea of indiscernible offerings.

This is why it is critical for a brand to be well positioned and uniquely differentiated.

35 | P a g e

1. Which sub-brand of Titan watches do you possess?



Figure 1: Titan sub-brands possessed by respondents

Table No.1: Titan sub-brands possessed by respondents

S.NO. Sub-Brands Percentage

1 Fastrack 72
2 Sonata 14
3 Raga 6
4 Nebula 4
5 WWF 2
6 Edge 2

Survey Analysis: Titan sub-brand owned

This was a multiple choice question where respondents were asked to choose sub-brands of Titan which they
possess. It was found that around 72% of the consumers in the age group of 20-30 years possess Fastrack
brand, 14% Sonata, 6% Raga, % Nebula, and only 2% own WWF and Edge.

36 | P a g e
2. Since how many months /years have you been using Titan watch?


0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70

Figure 2: Period of titan watch’s use

Table No. 2 Period of titan watch’s use

S.No. Period of usage Percentage

Years %

1 2001-2004 64

2 2004-2007 24

3 2007-2010 12

Survey analysis: period of use

The respondents were asked to mention since how long they have been brand loyal to Titan. This was an open
ended question and hence various responses were received. The maximum period of use was set as one year,
as mentioned earlier, while the maximum period of use was determined. For convenience, the different
respondents are categorized into there: 20010 year – 2004 year -2007 year – 2010 years. 64% of the
respondents fall into first category, i.e., they are using Titan watch in the range of one to four years. 24%
respondents are in second category and the rest 12% are using it more than seven years.

37 | P a g e
3. Why do you prefer Titan brand?

No. of Respondents

20 No. of Respondents
Attractive Reasonable Brand Image Good Quality
Designs Prices

Table 3: Reasons for brand preference

S.No. Reasons No. of

(out of total
1 Attractive Designs 39
2 Reasonable Prices 7
3 Brand Image 22

4 Good Quality 25

Survey Analysis: Reasons for brand loyalty

The respondents were asked to select the reasons from the options given for their preference for Titan
watches. For this question, multi-responses were received.
38 | P a g e
4. Do you remember the original tagline of titan watches? If yes, please mention.


Figure 4: Recall of Titan’s original tagline

Table No.4: Recall of Titan’s original Tagline Recall Of Titan’s Tagline Percentage%

1 Yes 22

2 No 78

Survey Analysis: Recall of titan’s tagline

Titan’s tagline before brand responsibilities exercise has been undertaken was “what’s your style”. This tagline
was adopted during first rebranding exercise in 2004.

The respondents were asked to indicate whether they remember the tagline in dichotomous way i.e. as “yes”
or “no”. it was found that only 22% of the respondents were able to recall the tagline and the remaining 78%
answered in negative.

39 | P a g e
5. Have you seen the advertisement of Titan watches? In which media have you seen the

No. of Respondents

25 No. of Respondents
Tv Magazines Newspaper Hoardings Radio

Figure5: major Advertisement media

Table No. 5: Major Advertisement media

S.No. Major Advertisement Media No. of respondents

(out of 50)
1 TV 46
2 Magazines 25
3 Newspapers 36
4 Hoardings 15
5 Radio 4

Survey Analysis: Titan’s advertisements

Titan advertises its watches in almost all media vehicles. The advertisements can be seen in TV, magazines,
hoardings, billboards, radio and so on.

All the 50 respondents have seen the advertisement of Titan watches in various media. This was a multi-
response question and the options given to select were restricted to TV, magazines, hoardings and radio.

40 | P a g e
6. Awareness of brand ambassador:

No. of respondents

Correct Responses

Don't Know

0 10 20 30 40 50

Figure 6: Awareness of brand ambassador

Table No.6: Awareness of brand ambassador

S.No. Awareness of brand ambassador No. of


1 Don’t know 4

2 Correct respondents 46

Survey Analysis: Brand Ambassador of Titan

Amir Khan is the brand ambassador of Titan since 2004. When the respondents were asked to recollect the
same, it was found that 46 of 50 sample size were able to correctly mention the brand ambassador while the
remaining 4 did not give any response implying that they are not aware of it.

41 | P a g e
7. Are you aware of the new tagline of Titan?


Figure 7: Awareness of new Tagline

Table No.7: Awareness of new tagline

S .no. Awareness of the new tagline Percentage


1 Aware 36

2 Not Aware 64

Survey Analysis: Awareness of new Tagline –“Be More”

The survey has revealed that less than half of the total no. of respondents are aware of new
tagline. 36% of the respondents could correctly mention the tagline while rests are not even aware that titan
has adopted major rebranding strategies last year.

42 | P a g e
8. How do you rate the new design of Titan?

No. of Respondents

No. of Respondents
Poor Average Above Good Excellent

Figure 8: Consumer perception of new designs

Table No.8: Consumer perception of new designs

S.No. Consumer Perception No. of

(out of 50)
1 Poor -
2 Average 4
3 Above Average -
4 Good 39
5 Excellent 7

Survey Analysis: New Designs of Titan

Titan has launched several new designs in 2008 in its existing collections and as per its plans introduced new
collection also. The respondents were asked to rate the new designs as “poor”, “average”, “above average”,
“good”, and “excellent”. 7 respondents feel that their designs are “excellent”, 39 have rated them as “good”
and 4 have rated as “average”.

43 | P a g e
9. Have you seen the campaign of Titan ?

Percentage %

Figure 9 : Awareness of new campaign

Table no. Awareness of New Campaign Awareness of new campaign Percentage %

1 Aware 50

2 Not Aware 50

Survey Analysis : New Campaign of Titan

The survey has revealed that the percentage of respondents who have seen the new campaign focusing on
“Be more” Aamir khan is 50%.

44 | P a g e
10. Do you think the new advertisement is effective in inspiring consumers to have a new look
everyday and more in lives?

Figure 10: Consumer perception of new campaign





Not at all effective Effective Highly Effective

Table 10: Consumer perception of new campaign

S.No. Consumer Perception of New No. of Respondents

Campaign (out of 25)
1 Not at all effective 0
2 Effective 16
3 Highly Effective 9

Survey Analysis: Rating of New Campaign

The 50% of the respondents who have seen the new campaign were asked to rate it with respected to how
effective the campaign is in inspiring consumers to have a new look everyday and be more in lives.

The respondents were asked to rate it as “not at all effective” and “highly effective”. 16 out of 25 respondents
consider the new campaign to be “highly effective” while the remaining 9 rated as “effective”.

45 | P a g e
11. How do you rate Titan’s exclusive showrooms?

No. of Respondents(out of 50)

No. of Respondents(out of 50)
Poor Average Above Good Excellent

Figure11: Consumer perception of store ambience

Table No.11: Consumer perception of store ambience

S.No. Store Ambience No. of Respondents

(Out of 50)
1 Poor -
2 Average -
3 Above Average 7
4 Good 36
5 Excellent 7

Survey Analysis: Titan’s exclusive showrooms

The respondents were asked to rate Titan’s exclusive showrooms on 5 point rating scale- Poor, Average, Good
and excellent. The factors related to showrooms that were provided to the respondents for rating are- store
ambience, sales personnel, after sales service and display of watches.

36 of 50 respondents have rated store ambience as “good” and 7 each rayed as “Above Average” and
“excellent”. This proves that store ambience plays an important role in consumer perception of service quality.

46 | P a g e
12. How do you rate Titan’s showrooms sales personnel?

No. of Respondents(out of 50)




No. of Respondents(out of 50)


Poor Average Above Good Excellent

Figure 12: Consumer perception of sales personnel

Table 12: Consumer perception of sales personnel

S.No. Sales Personnel No. of Respondents

(out of 50)
1 Poor 4
2 Average 4
3 Above Average 7
4 Good 35
5 Excellent -

Survey Analysis: Sales Personnel

With respect to sales personnel, 35 respondents rated them as “Good”, while 4 each rated as “Poor” and
“Average”, 7 respondents gave rating of “Above Average”.

47 | P a g e
13. What is your overall perception about Titan showrooms?

No. of Respondents




15 No. of Respondents


Poor Average Above Good Excellent

Figure 13. Overall perception about Titan showrooms

Table No. 13: Overall perception about Titan showrooms

S.No. Titan Showrooms No. of Respondents

(out of 50)
1 Poor 0
2 Average 0
3 Above Average 0
4 Good 30
5 Excellent 20

48 | P a g e
Survey Analysis: Overall perception about Titan showrooms

The respondents were also asked to give overall rating to Titan’s exclusive showrooms. It was found that out
of total 50 respondents, 30 rated as “good” while the remaining considered the showrooms to be “excellent”.

Around 50%, of the respondents rated all the variables related to Titan’s exclusive showrooms as “good”. This
shows that the store ambience, sales personnel, after sales service and display of watches in the showrooms
play a major role in determining the customer perception about brand.

49 | P a g e

The findings of the consumer awareness survey are listed below:

 72% of the respondents in the age group of 20-30 years possess fast track watch. This shows that the
positioning strategy of these watches has been good.
 Most of the consumer prefers Titan watches for their attractive designs and good quality. However,
there is a misconnection about pricing of Titan products among the consumers. They perceive them to
be high priced.
 Logo and taglines are rarely noticed by the watch consumers. Hence, any change in them also goes
 Advertisement in mass media such as television, newspapers and magazines are best means to spread
awareness about brand.
 Celebrity endorsement of watches not only increases the visibility of the product but also gives an
assurance to the consumers that it is of high quality.
 Titan watches designs are rated as “good” by 78% of the respondents. This indicates that they are
looking forward for more innovative deisgns to be introduced by the company.
 Only 50% of the respondents have seen the new campaign launched by Titan watches in July 2008. This
implies that the reach of campaign in six months has been to more or less half of the consumers.
However, those who have seen the new campaign consider it to be effective in conveying the message
it intended to deliver, i.e. to “be more” in lives.
 The after sales service and behavior of sales personnel have been given low ratings compared to other
variables mentioned in the questionnaire with respect to Titan’s exclusive showrooms.

50 | P a g e

 To increase its visibility, Titan Company can sponsor events similar to fashion shows in which all latest
designs launched are displayed. This would have multiplier effect as the latest designs launched by the
company can get noticed by different segments of the customers in varied ways.
 Tie up with FM radio channels for reminder advertisements and informing customers about various
sales promotion offers from time-to-time.
 Invest more in R&D as customer expectations are changing rapidly. Though Titan has got more product
collections, it should focus on introducing more varieties in already existing product collections. In
other words, having a limited but more depth in product collections would be more advantageous.
 Introduce exclusive collection for working women which is more contemporary and complements both
traditional and western wear.
 Majority of the population in India live in rural areas. So, showrooms should be set up at places nearer
to them. Introduce cheaper and rough use watches for this segment.
 After sales service has to be improved. That is, the process of servicing and repairing of watches should
be made faster. This can be done by ensuring the spare parts availability and training all sales
personnel in Titan showrooms to undertake these tasks.
 Tie up with international watch brands and make them available locally.
 Make use of internet to spread awareness among consumers about the brand.

51 | P a g e

 The study is confined to Bhiwani area only.

 There is possibility of sampling errors in the study.
 The responses of the consumers may not be genuine.
 The questions include in the questionnaire may not be comprehensive.
 As I have involved limited people in the survey, so 50 respondents cannot represent the population, as
a whole. So the finding may be biased.
 Chances of biased responses from the customers.

52 | P a g e

Suggestions given by the respondents to improve brand image.

Varied responses were received for this question. All the response have summarized as follows:

 Introduce more trendy and innovative designs

 Focus on niche markets such as working men and women
 Spread awareness about availability of watches in lower segments as most consumers feel that Titan
brand is synonymous with premium watches
 Take steps to change consumer perception that Titan watches are high priced
 Improve after sales services.
 TV advertisement can be renewed explaining the product feature and aggressive marketing will help
the company.
 Awareness of the product is less among the people. So, the company may take several steps to create
such awareness regarding its values to the customers.
 The company can adopt new strategies and policies to overcome the competition.

53 | P a g e

1. Which sub-brand of Titan watches do you possess?

A) Fastrack

B) Sonata

C) Raga

D) Nebula

E) Other, please specify…..

2. Since how many months/years have you been using Titan watch?

3. Why do you prefer Titan brand?

A) Attractive Designs

B) Reasonable Price

C) Brand Image

D) Good Quality

4. Do you remember the original tagline of Titan watches? If yes, please mention.

5. Have you seen the advertisement of Titan watches? In which media have you seen the advertisement?


B) Newspaper

C) Magazines

D) Hoardings

54 | P a g e
E) Radio

6. Who is the brand ambassador of Titan watches?

7. Are you aware of the new tagline of Titan?

A) Aware

B) Not Aware

8. How do you rate the new designs of Titan?

A) Poor

B) Average

C) Above Average

D) Good

E) Excellent

9. Have you seen any campaign of Titan?

A) Yes

B) No

10. Do you think the new advertisement is effective in inspiring consumers to have a new look everyday and
be more in lives?

A) Not at all effective

B) Effective

C) Highly Effective

55 | P a g e
11. How do you rate Titan’s exclusive showrooms will respect to the following:

(1-Poor, 2-Average, 3-Above Average, 4-Good, 5-Excellent)

A) Ambience

B )Sales Personnel

C) After Sales Service

D) Display of Watches

E) Overall Showroom

56 | P a g e
 Marketing Management- Philip Kotler
 Special Studies in Marketing- Romeo S. Mascarenhas



57 | P a g e