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? Overcome the World. L. MCPHAIL.


I I. -
Thus speaks our ris en glorious Lord, In earn-est king-ly tones
2. "I know Thyworks," 0 Lamb of God! Huch Thou hast done for me;
3. "1 would that thou wert hot or cd&" 0 warn-ing words divine;

Hear 0 my soul the faith -ful word! A -wake my &y&kig eyes!
1 A- clear - er vis - ion of Thy love O'erwhelms mv fleshlv fears: -
' 11 -
I would -re-tain thit 'earn-esi zeal ' h a t lov a1 love ii-mires- :


1 -
1'11 strive to serve my Lord a lone. Th-ro'-out mv fu-ture veak.
It Is Jesus.
G M. BILLS. RI. L. McPnr~r.

- --
ging corn - fort to the sqff 'ring and the blfnd,
re - vers - es bring ing pov er - -.@: and pain?
hu man hope or joy a wkek ta be?
*e can
There is
There's a

oil of joy a - noin$-4 all_Nerw-som.&ones *lsh~g And a-

It Is Jesus. Concluded.

He will heal the brok - en heZrt - ed, o pen


.-%, Pilot Me.

s, Szt-
- D

4 " T h e Conquering Lion of Judah.

The Li on
The Li on
-- -
of J u dah goes forth in His might, 'fo vanquish the
- -
of J u dah shall conquer the world, The slay er of
3. The Li on - - -
of J u dah shall reign o ver all, And low a t His

- - -
wrong and es tab ~ i s hthe right; To shat ter the chains of the
- -
- -
- -
souls from his throne s h d be hurl'd; The pow ers of dark ness shall
feet ev 'ry creat ure shall fall: His glo ry shall saints and arch-

- -
poor and oppres'd, Arpd mil-lions from Sa-ltan's do min :ion 40 wrest
- -
ut ter ly fail, For wor thy and a ble is Christ to pre vail. -

/I -
Ju - dah shall con quer the world; So free to the b m z - es with
5 Parsc~uaJ. OWENS.W e Have An Anchor.Wm.J. KI~IKPATBICK.

I. Will your an - chor $old in. the storms of life, When the clouds un-
2. I t 1s safe - ly m~or'd,~tw~ll the storm w~thstand,For 'tis well se -
3. I t will firm - ly hold in the straits of fear, When the break-ers
4. -
It will sure 1 hold in the floods of death,When the wa - ters
5.r When our eyes k h o l d thro' the gath'ring night The city of

' fold' their wings of strife? ken &e

cured by the Sav ior's hand; And the
strong tides lift, akd
ca - bles, pass'd from
have told the reef
--is near, Thoy the
cold chill our lat est breath, O n the
gold. our har bor bright. We shall
-- -
temp est rave and
ris ing tide it
an chor fast bv

~~- -
ca 4J@qp*Stfain, WiU your anch or dhft,
- q s c , Can de - fy that blast,
- -
Id winds bl?w,'%€. an an gry wave
n h er fall, Whlle our hopes a blde
heav-'nlv shore. With the storms all ~ a s t

Fasten *d@theRock whiehcannotmove,

6 Song of Triumph.

I. What thing shall sep - a - rate us from the love of Christ the Lord?
2. 1 -
now am quite per-suad-ed that no pow ers, life or death,
3. Ah, who shall lay gross e vil to the charge of God's e lect? -

Nor pres ent things, nor things to come,nor height,nor things beneath,
- -
'TiGod who jus - ti fi eth and who pledg - es to pro-tect.

- - -
Nor an - y - thing shall sep a rate us from His pre cious love;
Who dares condemn a saint of God since J e sus for him died?

I - -
But ev en in af - Sic tion we may raise the tri-umph song:
No things of dark - ness here be-low, nor things of light a bove.
- - -
The claims of jus tice by -that blood are who1 - ly sat is fied.
Song of Triumph. Concluded.

1 In all these things His faithful ones Are con - quer-ors and more.

7 Gathering Sheaves For Jesus.

H. J. Zeueu. M. L MCPHAIL.
, 8 Leaning on The Everlasting Arms!

I. What a fel - low - ship, what a joy di-vine, Leaning on the ev - er -

2. Oh, how sweet to walk in this pilqrim way, Leaning on the ev er - -
3. What have I to dread, what have I to fear, Leaning on the ev er - -

last ing arms! What a bless - ed - ness, what a peace is mine,
last - ing arms! Oh, how bright the path grows from day to day,
arms! I have peace complete with my Lord so near,

1 , r r ,

Lean - ing on thi cv - cr - last ing art&! -

1 Lean
Lutn - ing -on ing,
Je - sus.

- ing on
Je - sus,
Safe and se cure from all a - larms;

- - ing,
Lean ing on Je sus, lean-hrg on Je
- ing,
- suh
Leaning on the ev-er-last-ing arms.

9 Clinging to Jesus Alone.


I. -
Clinging to J e sus a - lone is sweet, Jesus a-lone, Jesus a-lone!
2. Worldly al - Ii - an - ces 1 re - sign, Jesus a-lone, Jesus a-lone!
3. Fol-low-ing J e sus I know is best, Jesus a-lone, Jesus a-lone!
4. Humbly I keep in the path He trod, Jesus a-lone, Jesus a-lone1
I;. Life will be sweeter by far than now, Jesus a-lone, Jesus a-lone1

Wisi-- ' learn a t the aster's feet, cfinging to J e s u s a lone. -

Plea! -
fol ly can - not be mine, Clinging to Je-sus a -lone.
. - - - -
Toil-ing. as sur eth e ter nal rest, Clinging to Je-sus a hne. -
Walking with J e - sus 1 walk with God, Clinging to Je-sus a - lone.
When irn-mor-tal - i - ty crowns my brow,Clinging to Je-sus a lone. -


11 -
Glo ry and hon - or and love un-told, E v - er shall be my own;

I( When I am walking the streets of gold, Clinging to Je-sus a - lone.

I - 3ur Light and Salvation.

3. Nev - er a - lone will He leave those

- er, Safe from the
&Him, "Lo I am
4. When the dsuk val-ley He calls us -
ter, Ter ror and

- -
friend to thre weak -& epti Here we may flee when as -

I -
temp est His own He win'kiae; L * ? i e
- by the love that is
with yoq 3 way" He hath said; Che"er'd7andsusbiaed while we
- -
dark%@ Els, mile driws a way; Naught can a laftn us with
I. -
Trusting in J e sus I find sweetest rest, Just simply trust-ing, 0

how I am blest; Nev er a dan - ger and nev - er
gladness re - plete; Trusting thoyfriends all for sake here be - low,

. h e me I know. Trusting in J e - sus by

Singing the-praise of His wonder - ful love.

loveth and car -eth for me,Why should my heart ever s ~ o d u ~ l e. ?

E4- m
., f

';zz i- - ' Walkiqg with My Savior.

*f@k~ ~

Sav - ior in the d&-row way; BY HIS lo+&+.ur-round-edby His

13 - Keep Close t o the Master.

I. Would you live nobly the years of your life? Would you be vic-tor in
2. Would you be richer than kings on the throne?Would youhow more than the
3. Would you re - ceive of the heav-en-ly dove? Would you in-her-it the

each mortal strife? Would you be safe when the dangers are rife? Keep
wis-est have known? If you must leave all but J e sus a - lone, Keep
.-sXmansions a - bove; Dwell ev er-more in thg home of His love? Keep

close, ver y close to the Master.
-dose;ver - y close to the Master. Keep close, ver y close, ver- y
close, ver - y close to-the Master.

il Ki!

Il} closeto the ~ i n g ; ~ i ~v ei and

m trust ~ i m t okeep ev'rythihg;~ou shall be

ff safe and be joyful and sing,Keep close, ver-y close to the mast&.
14 Walking in the Sunlight. m


I have left the world below, And I'm sing:- ing% I
As the clouds that form a t night Dis - ap-pe* at ear - ly light
3. i am hap - py, safe and free, And I love with Christ to be



- .
I/ . sunlight all the way.
sunlight all the way. 0, the Sunlight of the blessed Savior% lo

I/ Fills my soul
Fills my soul 0,
with a radiancehorn alrove.1 aat shging,gladlg
Walking in-the Sunlight. Concluded.

Praise His Name.

e the erecious word. Pra

1 All my n&$s doth He sup-ply,. Praise His name; Praise His name.
Power of Jehovah's Arm.


z. When the prophets of Baal of their fren - zy tire, And the Al-might-y
3. When the furnace was white with the fier - y glow, And the ser-vants of
4. When the ser-vants of Saulsawtheirlead - er fall, Strick-en down to the
5, Thus the rec - ords di-vine put our fears to shame,As we fol- low our

sin strew'd its heaving breast, There was mirrored the har - v&t if

' 4
slight - edr grhce And the hand of the Lord on a guilt - y race:
- -
trench - es dry, "Serve the God of E li jah" the peo-ple cry:
res - cue came While the He-brews re - joiced in the harmless flame!
priest-hood spurn'd,And a hat - er of Christ to a Christian turn'd:
King of kings Un to vic - to 7 ry rise, as -
on ea gles' wings.

I -
,.They have witnessed the pow'r of J e - ho-vah's arm As it cir cles the
1 . The Power of Jehovah's Arm. Concludtd. I %+.

1 might #- y sea and shbre; And e; - mind

us that God ;a'n
h h I



I 2. Swift to its c l o s e@x out life's lit - tle day: Earth's joys grow
I 3. 1 need Thy pres - tnce ev - 'ry pass - ing hour; What but Thy

I& Toward the Mark '
"1 press toward the mark for fhe prize."-Phil. 3 14.
F. G. Btf11w%WS.

5 Y'warrd the mark I'm dai - ly pressing, Henceforth ihir 3
1 ID
Toward the Mark. Concluded.

the race a bid
the race a - bide; Look-ing ev -u

19 JOHN H. NEWHAN. Lead,

. .
Kindly Light. JOHN B. Dynes.

'er crag and torrent, ti

.. -...- . .
20 "E'en Though It Be a Cross."

I. I -
oft en sing those dords of pray'r, "Nearer my God to Thee,"
2. -
Near-er, near er my God to Thee, This is my heart's de -sire;
3. -
1 know un less the c r o s ~I bear The crown will:e'er be giv'n;

Each day to jour-ney side, To this do I as pire. -

That I must suf fer - - low, If I would reign in heavyn.
21 The Keys of Tomorrow.

I. You're groaning to-day 'neath a bur - den of care; 'Tis moGthan your
2 Your way may be clouded, your future con-cealed, And scarce-ly the
3. Don't take anxious tho'tfor your raiment and food, Your Fa-ther will

lIi trou-ble to bor-row, But leave in Christ's hand the keys of to-morrow.
com-fort in sor-row; T o leave in Christ's hand the keys of to-mor-row.
brow will e'er furpw;f ho leaves in Christ's hand the keys of to-mobrow.


1 11
Then lift up your head, tho' your eye-lids are wet, The clouds may. be
Invitati@ to the Saints.

Come, 0 come, come, has@

ness and earthly woe.
Invitation to the Saints. Concluded.

1 hasten yaiegly,cotae and feast upon the fat things, Oome, and rest within his gates.

"God is Love."

I 2. To save our souls W

is son He gave, God is love,
3. E'en should the path be mngh and long, God is love,
4. The child of God shaB vict'ry win, God is loire,
5. In heav'n we shall renew the sonz. God is love.
God is love,
God is love,
God is love,
God is love.

A-wake my tonee this song to raise, ~ o d - i love,
s God is olve. ..
DestEoyed the terrors of the grave, God is love, God is love. ez
'- 3.
. --Hk makes is-kmquil&tve rmds t q , God C love, God is love.
O'er foes and each be-set-ting sin, God is love, God is love.
24 Carry it All to Jesus.

fill with dis - may, Go car - &

thy bur den to Je sus.
an-guish so deep, Go car - ry thy bur - den to Je - sus.
gloomy and drear? Go --
car ry thy bur- den to Je - sus.
caused theethis pain, Go car ry thy -
bur den to Je - sE.

Car - r$ thy bur-den to Je - sus, Car-ry thy bur-den to - sus,


1 Thy faults and thy failures, thy friends and thy fears He'll car ~y each -
Carry it All to Jesus, Concluded.

-7 Sunshine.
25 -

I I.
At the cross I found my Savior, There my heart was ;at-is - fied:

2. Now no long - er heav - y lad-en, With the sins I can-not bear;

3. Allmydoubtsandfears I bring Him All my sor - row, all my grief;
k 0, what peace whatjoywhatcomfortIn my Sav - ior 1 have found,

is - Beautiful E
'Theteshaltbeno night there;. ..for igh
the Lon3 God giveth them Ilpht,"--Rev. 22. !X?
-3%- &. ~ ~ G E S . E. C. HENNING~S.

. PGws is .tBe darknessthat cov-ers the eatth, "0for the light,

- 3.'@ast -en the day d thy splendor, 0 Lw?, '0for the light,

I/ - r f l
Worn by the wear-i-somi vig ib of zght Lo! in the skies a bright
Wait - ine re - lief from the curse and its blight. Lo! in the skies a brieht
Beautiful Light. Concluded.
_ . CHORUS. tempo I - I I

1) - Light, li.ght! 0 for the light! Beautiful, b~a~tiful~ladsomeand


bright gladsome

27 Follow in the Steps of Jesus.

28 I Gladly All ;Surrender.

, u 3. ' ' n-
- 0 - -

what it is my Father's pleasure to be stow I glad - Jy aki sur

I shall triurnph'fiere and reach the glo-rp - land, I gIHT?ly a11 sur-
- -
know that peace and joy for me are His de sign. I glad ly all sur-

. . .

e is my life, my light,His will is my deligh6 He

1 ren-der to the Lord

C-CC-Ce -r-r--
c c*
v ~ lSurrender.
l Concluded.

[ 1 - - -
bey Him and I lean up on His might: I glad - ly all sur ren- der to the Lord.

Working With Jesus.


$; &-ing the Mas-ter with will-ing heart strength for each serv-ice He will im-part;
3. .&lad-1y fnl -.fill-ing each hum-ble task, Nav - er for-get-ting His help to ask;

Wk-dom nn - fail - ing our feet to gnide,Bnrce in a bun - dance what-e'er betide.
- - - -
Pa tien tly waiting should He lo will, Work-ing or w&it ing, serv ing H i ntiil.

11 - -
No-blestb pnl -sea still ris-ing hiihvr Freed from all drsa by heav en -l1&. ,
peace& in the Time of Storm.

r. On Christ I lean a
- mid a-larms,
Bow sweet to feel my Sav - ior near! I
am peacefui
In the
- 3. Tho' sor - rows oft - en weigh me down, I am peaceful In the
. 4. While Je - sus keeps su-preme con-trol, I am peace-fur S&.th-
5. My foes may threat en to des-troy, I am peace-ful f tdw
6. -
Mv flesh mav dread life's e vil tides. l am mace-ful

h the
31 Claim- the Promise.

2. He has called you in the world to shine for Him, Nev - er need the
3. When the err-ing feet you seek to guide a - right From the paths of
4. When at last your service for Him here shall c e a s ~ A n dHe bids you
32G. n. BILLS. Be True t o Your colors! M. L. MCPHIAIL.

close to his side,- here's safe - ty and vic - tyrywith Je - sus.

per - il and pain, To en - ter life's por - tal with Je
flame to sub due; Be stead-fast, and con-qusr with Je

D.S. cow-?a%, be trb, k e Ziy - ad, and conper with Je - sk.

33 Onward, Christian Soldiers!

1 I. Onward,Christian sol-diers! Children of the light; All i n gos-pel

- -
z. Like a loy a1 ar my Moves the Church of God; Brothers,we are
3. Crowns and throneg may perish,Kingdoms rise and wane,But the Ohnrch of

tread-ing Where the saints have trod; W e are not @ vid

- sus Con-stant will re main; Gates of hell ci%=:aev
- -- ed,

I - -
Leads a-gainst the foe; For-ward in to bat-tie, See, His banners go!
All one bod y we; One in hope and doctrine, One in char ' i& t - -
'Gainst that Chnrsh prev4We have Ohrist's own promise,And that cannot fail.
Un to Christ the King,This thro' countless ages Men and angels sing.
His Blood Avails.

I. When bow'd in sorrow, guilt and fear, Be - fore the mer - cy seat,
2. Now walk - ing as His Spir - it leads His light my path il - lumes;
3. My ev - 'ry step He ord - ers now, My ways to Him are known;

"Thy ma - n y sins are all for-giveq, Thy faith hath madethee whole,
His ways are ways of pleasantness, And all His paths are peace;
His boundless love sur-rounds me still, He holds me in His hand.

D. S. this 3 know,Nis blood h - m i l s slo;&n sin to set me free.

11 I can - not com-pre - hend the love That led Him to the tree; ~ \ t
On, to the Haven, Eternal.

I. Safe in the life - boat I joy - ful - ly ride O u t on life's

2. Safe in the life - boat 1 smile at the wave, Wave of re-
3. Safe in the -
life boat when tempests a - rise, Wrecking some
4. Safe in the life - boat when dan - ger is past, Moor'd to the

per - il - ous o - cean; Shutting my ears to the roar of the tide,

pin ing or sad - ness; Since a t my side stands the "Mighty to save,"
cher-ish'd en - dea-vor; J e - sus I know is un - er - ring - ly wise.
arch - es of glo - ry; While love's unspeak-a-ble ag - es shall last


Peace-ful a mid its cdm - mo - tion.

Xsust-ful-ness fills me with glad-ness. O n to the hav - en e -
He will sus tain me for - ev - er.
Sing-ing the won-der - ful sto ry. -
ter nal I glide, Telling the won-der - ful sto - ry; Je-sus, n 4 ~ r

1) Pi - lot, re - mains at my side, Fill-ing my soul with his glo - ry.

I. m -

36 w w" -~TMER. - 1- R~CIOUS


sak ing the worrd His to be. T6 thi ban-quet of love He has
light of His glo-ri - ous face; 0, so peer-less the beau ty in
wiles of the tempter all fail. Called in heav-en lv olac-es with

I -
Je sus I see, That I-cry out in won-der "howcould Helove me."
Him to a-bide, My Re-deem-er is dear er than all else
be side. -

1 Precious is He. ~reciousis He, MY Savior is ~recious.soprecious to me;

Precious Is He. Concluded.

37 The Blood-bought Victory.

"This is the victory that overcometh the world,even our faith."- 1 John 5: 4.

I. his is the blood-bought vic-to - ry, F ~ O Aheat9nlyrealms revealed,

a. By this we may our call-ing prove,When Fath er plies the rod,-

The faith' that sets sin's captives free, That hath our son - ship sealed
We kiss the smit-ing hand of love, Be - lov ed sons of God. -
When world - ly art our na-ture tries We cling to God's comman.',fs.
The spot less robe, the princely home And im - age of our Lord.


herwFng brtb *I'd;

38 'Tis Sabbath in my Soul.
F. G. B u e a o u ~ ~ s . Heb. 3: 3. M. L. MCPHAIL

care dis-turbs mfiustful breast; Fromthese weary tasks for - ev- er

God is an a - bid - ing guest; Care can-not her bur - dens on my
are from all that once depress'dl 'Tis a bless-ed fore-taste of the
- -
ho h, ev - 'fy hour is blest: All my ef fortsceasine: God can s
I. Wit-ness-es for Jesus, ye who know His pow7r; In His great sal-
2 Wit-ness-es for Je-sus, let the cheer-ful face Show the joyous
3. Wit-ness-es for Je-sus, let the life of love, Be the high-est

va - tion trust - ing ev 'ry h o x To the world a-round you
. -
temp - er of the in ner grace; -
Let the bless - ed Spir it
fri - bute to our King a - bove; May the Mas-ter's im - age

show by look and tone How the precious Saviorgnidea and keepsHia own.
- -
dwell-ing in your soul Ev 'ry word and action, ev-'ry tho7tcon trol.
brighten more and more, Till we be*Ar.Hislikeness on the gold-en shore.

Wit-ness-ing, wit-ness-ing; prov-ing ev 'ry day That the Master's.

with us all - -
a long the -way. Wit-ness-ing, witiness-ing,
40 Such Ldve -was Never Known.

I. -
The world has nev er known a love Like that of ~ h 6 sourt Sav-ior;
2. The world corn-pas-sion nev-er knew Like that of Christ our Sav-ior;
3. Such ho li -ness was nev-er seen As that of Christ our Sav-ior;

A might-y love that falt-ers not Nor fails what-ev er be our lot, -
There is no other heart that knows Such lov-ing ten der-ness for foes,

That ris-,es o'er our sins at love of Christ our Sav-ior.

For friends corn-pas-sion quite that of Christ our Sav-ior.
Nor saints on bend ed knee s -
J e sus Christ our Sav-ior.


Such love was nev- or. -
nev-er known,Such pit y nev - er,k
nev-er shown.

Such kind -
Such kind-ness to
ness to His own,
His own, His own
As that of Christ our Savtjar.
- 2, ** & L.
- -. -
41 ~
F. G. Bveaou~ns.
e Your
e Armor
~ Elright. E. C. HENNINGES.

2. Having on the righteous breastplate Shieldyour heartwith faithandlove;

- -
3. Take the hel-met of sal va - tion For each va-liant war rior meet;
4. Grasp thespirit'stwo edged weapon, Firm-ly cling to God's dear Word;
5. Clad in al! the gos - pel ar?l-or? You shall put the foe to flight;


1 , V V P I
rieht. -
Marchinconward in the li~ht,shout the vic-to-rv.the vic to-rv.
A ' -

42 Opportunitie,s For Service;


I. O p -por-tun - i - ties for service come with ev'ry passing hour; Who will
2. There are hungry souls around us needing sympathy and aid, Let us
3. O p -por-tun - i -ties for service, oh, how ma- ny at our door! And as

as treasure from the sky? Op-par -tun - i - ties as fleeting

e Master3 gen -.tle way; Let u s car-ry love's brght sun-shine
clouds that float on high; Fill us with Thy Ho-ly Spir it-


1 Happy service, blessed service, When we la-bor for the glory of our King;

11 Hap-py service, blessed service, And for jby of heart His servants sing.
43 The Shining Light.

I. On the Christian's path a shining light appears,(tmwinp bright and brighter

2. Tho' no eye hath seen,nor mortal ear bath heard All the grace and beauty
3. There is nothing covered but shall be revealed,When the books are o-pened

I with the passing years.'Tis the light of wisdom from the realms above,
found in God's para Word; Yet His Ho - ly Spir - it in-to truth will guide
and the rolls un-sealed; So we fol -low on, to know as we are known,


Ev - 'ry day in - creas-ing like God's gifts of love.
All the trust-ing ones who In His love a - bide. We will fol low its -
Tow'rd the per-fect day when shadows will have flown. .

11 leading,We will follow its leading,We will follow its leading all the way: For @at

Ii blessed shining light Will shine more,and still more brigbt,lven an-to the per-fect day.
I -- 7
85 ,i
-, - 4 F ; - 7 4r - - 7
' he ~iilwarkof Thy Presence.


on the e v - er - last-ing rock. Thou canst shelter me; ~h'canat calm the sea;
sins whidh I, 0 Lord, de-test. Thou w t shelter me; Thou canst set me free;
in - to ev- 'ry ach-ing heg. 0 that all m i g h i w might but look to Thee,
To Him that Overcometh.

- -
In His se cret place most ho l y From the wrath to come shall hide.
Feasting on the hid den man-na, In the heav'nly cit y bright. -
- -
Free from sin and degh for ev er, H e ~ h a l share
l the victor's throne.

Un to him .
Un -...him. that 5 - ver-corn that o- -
ver-corn - etheate en's ---
.' E5*EEoE
I e l r
I - . . I - ' - . '
v -

I qte .. .
eaven's gate
will o - pen wide; . . . .Orown'd with
will 0-pen wide;
end - less life
C m ' d witb endless

He shall relgn at Je - sus' side.

Our Battle Song.

No child of God can suff - er harm Who bat tles in His might.
Move for-ward wh!le ye grand-ly sing The bat - tle song of right.
, -
His arm y ne'er de - feat shall know, Nor can it ev er fail. -

- -
Your God is watching ov er you. Ye fight not with a weakling few,
O bey to - d a y the trumpet call; Th& cit ies of the great shall fall

& $meet, to conquer and -

sub due ?he en - em - ies
t with J e - ho - vah, strong and true, The glorious God of might.
of right.

And Christ shall triumph ov - er -

all, With him shall ye pre vail.

A - wake1 0 Zi - on
A - wake!
leave the ni ht, leave the night,
A -
* AL * .a!-, AL a- A a a- B-
Our Battle Song.

- -
A rise, to bat tle for the right, tor the right, l a God. the God of truth and

" ' V I 1/11

t Ocean.
On Life's G'

I. - -
Sail or on life's troubled o cean Driv-en by the sweeping gale,
2. Soon the storms now swee ' g o'er thee Shall be hushed by one sweet word,
ff -
3. Faith-ful be thou then. o du ty Till the gloom and care shall cease,


I And tht waves that rise be-fore thee Shall be stillad by 0bist.the @rd.
And the morn re-veals in beau ty Thy fair promised land of peace.

He will dry the tears of sor row; He will end the storm-y night;
I .48 Be Strong, +e Christian Soldiers.
- . G. M. BILLS. Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.-Eph. 6: 10. M. L. MCPHAII

I I.
Be strong, ye val - iant sold
- iers Ye sold - iers of the Lord,
z. The e - vil day is on us, Yet do not be a - fraid,
Be Strong, Ye Chriskian Soldiers. Concluded.

49 Sweet Will of God. .


I I.
- -
Sweet will of God, my ref-uge Thou, M; safe a bid ing place,
2 Not as 1 will, tho' dark the way, 1 know my Lord is nigh:
3. Tho' from my life He seems to take What I tho't whol-ly blest;
4. Tho' sor- row fall up on my life And dark-ness hide the light;
5. So spare me not, but do thy wil1,Thy bless-ed will, in me:

Till all the storms of life are past And I shall see His face.
His pres-ence turn& night to day He hear eth ev.- 'ry sigh.
E'en if -
I might I would not choose, My Fa ther knoweth best,
- -
'Tis bet ter so; He can not err! My Fa-ther's way is right.
Work out Thine own good pleasure, till Mine eyes my King shall see.

. . . .
Not as I will, my song shall be, Tho' sometimes sung thro' tears:
50 Happy is the Man that M d e t h Wisdom.

1. Hap py ' is - -
the man that find 0th wis dom, For the gain there-
- 2. Whence then is
3. Wi dom trom -
a bove i~pure and ho ly
- -
the place of un der stand-kg? Where shall price-lee
Fill ing hun gry - -
4. Wis dom from a - bove is full of mer cy, Eas i - ly per- - -

is more
wis dom then be found?
hearts with per - fect joy;
Fear the Lord a
For we h o w our
-- lone
yond the fair - est
for He is
Fa - ther's won-drons
snad ed t'ward the right;
Sown in peace the ten - der -
fruit age

jew - el And the wealth of it can ne'er be told.
wis - don, And in Him their treas-ures all a - bound.
bless-ings Are the on - ly gifts with-out a1 - loy.
rip ens Bean - ti - ful - ly in the Fa - ther's sight.


I/ Let ns then refrain-ourtongnesfrom e-vil, Keep our lips from speaking guile;

11 Dai -ly let' us seek the heav'nly wisdom, Let us gain the FatheZs smile.
- -

- --C

ic:< A -Little Talk with Jesus. .

- tle talk with Je - sns At the clos - ing of the

I 1. A
2. A
3. A
- tle talk with J e - sns Whenour heartsgrow weak and
- tle talk with J e - ws,-How it lights the dark-eat

11 - -
How it qni eta ev 'ry anx - ious fear, And drives our doubts a - way;
I It pill still the murtmur on our lips, And cease our sad corn plaint;
H6W 'it keeps us Uwat&ing un -to pray'r,"hd foils the tampter'a pow'r;

A lit - tle talk with - -

J e 8~8,- How i t soothes the ach iag brain,-
A lit - tie talk with J e -sue,- How it lifts the low'r-ing sky;
A lit - tle wk with -
J e am,-Then can n t h - ing take its place,--4

How it reah the wea - ry, struggling soul, And makes us strong a - gain.
Oh. what bless-ed light, and peace, and joy, When He, our Lord, is nigli.
How we long to reach our heav'n-ly home, And see Him face to facet
- *<
. 'I
52 Confess the Truth.
- G. M. BILES.

I i I
The tri-umph that his love has won 'Tls bless - ed to pro - claim,
The pleading of his dy ing groan -
A vails for quick and dead.
That all the bruis-ed of our race Are ransomed from the fall.
For those who bear his ho ly seal, And in his s u k ~ n g .share.
Confess the Truth. Concluded.

Con-fess the truth and on his throne Thy Sav-ior's glo - ry share.

53 Now are We the Sons of God.

" Beloved. now are we Ule sons of God."-1 John J: 2
F. G. Bv~eou~~s. M. L. MCPHAIL

I. "Now are b e th: sons of God," Heirs with Je - sus Christ our Lord;
2. "Now are we the sons of God," Oh, what bliss thesewords re-cord!
3. "Now are w k t h e sons of God,"Boughtandseal'd with Je-sus'blood;
54 i; Before the Great White 'Throne.
~ S C Dan.
. 7: 9 4 % Lu. 9: 12.) (rd vcrsc. Rev. 3: 21. 19: 1-5. 19: 5-9.)
(3d verse, Rev. 19: 11-16. Ps. 72.) (4th verse. Isa. 25: 6-8. 45: 22-25 Lu. 3:46)
G. M-. BILLS. (5th vem, Rev. 21: 3-8. Ps.67.) M. L. MCPHAIL.

ter - nal glo - ry the jndgmentthroneshall gleam; Nhen to the Ancient's

na - tions, Hisfeetthe wine-presstread,Un-ti1 the fiends of er - rar from

al - tar. the ransom'd host shall fall In grate-ful ad - o - ra - tion, and

crown H& Lord and King. oh, that will be a crowning such a s .
F a - therys name is shown. Oh, that will be a marriage such a s '.
earthhave ev - er fled. Oh, thatwill be a conquest such a s ;
-crown Him Lord of all. Oh, that will be a tri-umph such a s : ,

ho - vah's praise prolong. oh;
Before the Great White Throne. Concluded.

I r v
earth has never known, When Christ His kingdom shall re-ceive be-fore the
earth has never known, Whenthe bride and bridegroom are madeone be-fore the
earth has never known, When the kingsof earththeir hon-ors lay be-fore the
earth has never known, When ev - 'ry knee is bow-ing low be-fore the


greatwhitethrone;Oh, that will be acrowningsuch as earth hasneverknown,

g r g t whitethrone;Oh, that will be a marriage such as earth has never known,
gre$whitethrone;~h, thatwill be a conquest such as earth has neverknown,
greatwhitethrone;Oh, thatwill be a tri-umph suchas earth has never known,
atwill be an anthem such as earthhasnever known;


When the bride and bridegroom are made one be-fore the great white throne;
When tlie kings of earth their hon-ors lay be-fore the great white throne.
When ev 'ry knee is bow - inp: low be-fore the me%white throned
4 The Reaper's song will tell the sweetest story When the King appears,

The Lord I s My Shepherd.

I The Lord is my Shepherd; I 1 shall not I want; llhe maketh me to lie down
in green pastures; he leadeth me beside the I still- 1 waters.
2 He restoreth-my soul; he leadeth me in paths of righteousness for his 1
name's- I sake.llYea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of
death 1 will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rodand thy I staff
they comfort me.
3 Thpu preparest a table before me, in the presence of mine enemies; thou
%nointestmy head with oil; my I cup--runneth.l over. Surely goodness
and mercy shall follow me all the days of my hfe; and I will dwell inthe
house of the 1 Lord for I ever.UA- I men.
Pray Fo- h e Another.

I. Let us pray for o r e an - 0th - er, Helping thus the weakest stand;
2. Let us in the hour of tri - al, When a brother'slfaith seems weak,
3. Let 11s pray in faith be - liev ing, -
E v er trusting un-dismayed;
4. Let us cheer our homeward journey, By sweet fellowship in prayer;

i r i

pter Strengthening both heart and hand.

That he yet may prove victorious, O n our knees his name oft speak.
Knowing He will send the answer, Tho' in wis-dom long delayed.
Thus the law of Christ ful-fill-ing, Thus each other's burdens bear.

i fip?$$g


D. s. He &-lights lo have His children To the throne of grace draw near.

Let us pray for one an 0th - er, God will our pet - i - tions hear;

T h e Lord's Prayer.

r Our Father, who art in heaven. I hallowed I be thy I name; Il thy kingdom
- y o m e , thy will be done on I earth, as it I is in ( heaven;
2 Give us this I day our I daily I bread; II and forgive us our trespasses, as we
forgive I them that I trespass a- I gainst us.
3 And lead us not into temptation, but de- I liver I us from ( evil; 11 for thine
is the kingdom, and the power, and the I glory, for I ever. A- 1 men.

I I.
Ev - 'ry tear will be a trea sure That is shed for Je-sus here;
Ev - 'ry tear will be a trea - sure That is shed a t Je-sus' feet;
3. Ev - 'ry tear will be a trea sure Shed in sor - row or in pain;

For it is our Father's plea-sure To re ward His children dear.
It will be a welcome of - f'ring Shin-ing on the mer cy-seat.
Fu-ture skies will be the bright-er For these blinding drops of rain.

- And,ae lips that long have pleaded Soon shall find His answer there,
And' the love that @ef hath spoken He will crown with bliss complet+
W e shall find un - fail - ing pleasures In the gar - dens of the sky,
61 M y Times ark I n Thy Hand.

I. My times are in Thy hand, 0 Fath - er, What-eyer my lot may

a.My times are in Thy hand, whengladness Makes all a round me
3. My times are in Thy hand, for ev - - er And held by ties di
- -

be; -
Tho' dan gers, thick a - round me
bright; My times are in Thy hand, if
- er
- ness
vine; From Thy safe keep - ing naught can sev - er This


yet -will trust in Thee. Thou know - est all my earth ly -

vis -
ion veils the
:blood bought soul of mine. Un --
light. What e'er my earth-ly hours shall
ti1 I reach the sol emn -

wap....... . Thou hast ap - point. ed ev 'ry - day, And

fill,.--.........Is in -
ac - cord ance with Thy will, Though
shore,.& ... Where all the days of time are o'er, And
- Every Tear. Concluded.

And the lips that long have plead-ed Soon shall find His answer there.
And the love that grief hath spok-en He will crown with bliss complete.
W e shall find un fail - ing pleasures In the gar - dens of the sky.


11 Ev - 'ry tear............ will be a treasure,

Ev - '& tear wlll be a tka - iure Ev - 'ry

k- cgse

11 firid the springs of plea - sure In the gar - den of the skies.

1 When we find the s ~ i n e of -

s ~Ieasure In the ear den of the skies,
My Times are In Thy Hand. Concluded.

faith shall all my fears a1 - lay, For Thou wilt care for me.
tri - als come I know that still -
Thy deal ings all are right
thro' the boundless ev - er more, Oh, make me who1 - ly Thine.


I My times are in Thy hand,

My times are in Thy haads
My times are in Thy

I times are In Thy hand; 0
0 F a ther, un-to Thee 1 ding,
Fa - ther. un - to
Thee I cllng. Aad

rest - ing in Thy love 1 sing, My times are in Thy

11 rest-lng in
I 1

I hand. .. MY times are in Thy hand.

My times are
. . .bud.
. .in. .Thy .
62 I'll C- Where You Want Me to Go.
MARY Bmm. C m E Bow-

1) - L I t may not be on themountain's height,Or o

ver the etorm-y e g
2. Per-haps to-day there are lov ing words Which Je-sus would have me speak-

It -may nbt be a t the bat-tie's front My Lord will have need of me;'
Theremay be now in the paths of sin Some wand'rer whom I should seek-
- - - -
Where I may la bor thro'lie's short day For J e ens the cm ci fied-

. 3 by a All, voice He oalls To paths that I noi knm1

. -
0 Sav ior, if Thou 6flt be my guide,Tho' dark and rugged the
, -
8. trust ing my all to Thy ten - der care, And know-ing Thou eat.5-

a- : %y mice shall ech; o Thy mes-sage eweet,I1ll eay what you want me tosay.

I'll go where you want me go, dear Lord, 0-ver mountain, or piain, or eea:
I'll Go Where Yoa Want Me to Go. concluded.

11 I'll say what you want me to say, dear LordJ'I1 be what you want me to be,

; Love That Seeketh Not Her Own.

b the love of Christ a - bide, In o h hearts un -&as - ing,

- -
8. Love com -pas - sion - ate and strong,
4. Je - aus, Thou the fount di - vine,
2. Love re - veal ingheav'n be low, Love that fail etb nev
- - --- er;
All.thiqgs meek $t bed^ ing,
Fill us to o'er flow ing,
. =&<.#;
4- a fy;e Found an Anchor.
-SII*8woa YI. L. KaPEAlL

1. Pve found an an-chor for my soul, That will not move tho'bil-lows ioll;
- -
2 I m g time Iaailed the o ceau wide, A - &it with ev 'ry wind and tide;
3. The tidm oft-times my oa-blee etnin, But seek torend the strands in vain;
- -
4. And should my soul e'er be a fraid The blees ed cov'nant Hehath made;
6. The har-bor lightr ere gleamingbright,They beck on, to the port of light;

rmay rage,the tempests blow, My by - bles but the stronger grow.

ev 'ry fear its hold re -sign.
an-&or in ita wa-ters fair.
65 0 Gracious Father.

bless-ing, Make me meek A d mild. -

Par- don, heav'n ly Fa ther, -
- -
cold heart Heav'n-ly warmth in stii. Give me, bless ed Fa ther, -
trem-blii, Gen tly take and keep; Through the cloud and ahad ow, -

A11 Thou seest in me a miss, - -

Let Thy sweet for give n m -
Strengthsnf-fi cient for each day, From Thy way ap-point ed, -

Fill my heart with biies. -.

Let me nev er stray. Gra-ciona, heav'nly Fa-ther, Hear, @&&.my
-.. -
Bring me peace di vine. - . -

by Id. L. IdcPhd.
cppyright, 1W,
.- -
. - _ . - i' .L- ' U A

#,: 66 Never Alone,


1. The way that leads us heav'n-ward Is oft en rough and steep;
2. 'l'hen,think-ing of -
the bur den He bore up Cal v'ry's hill, -
- -
3. Oh, eonl, hast thou for got ten The mes-sage won-drous sweet

We etrng gle in the dirk new, id - sdme-timhpanee to
We oease our weak com-plain ing, Our lips, for shame are still,
Of Him who left be hind4 Bim The print of bleed - ing feet?
The face of Chriiwho love* thee, He's ev - er at thy side,

- - conr-aged grown,
Then comes a thought to com fort The heart, dis
And hearts that pain hss -
tor tnred -
For get to make their moan,
"I nev er win for
Ilea& out thy hand to
- sake thee!
find Him.
Dear child, when
And lo! the
wea - ry grown,
mists have flown-

Re mem-b'ring Him who prom - ised -
Nev er to leave us a - lone.
-- - Never Alone. 'Concluded.

1 NO, nev - er a - lime,L

.. .. No -
nev e r a - lone!

67 God's Mighty Army.

H.J. Z ~ L ~ Y . H.L. MOPELAIL.

1. The youngman's heart was filled with fear When Fe be-had the foe eo near;
2E - -
li ehapray'd,"lordJ prayThee, 0 -pen hie eyes that he may see."
3. And thua we find from day to day Our foee enr-round to stop our way,
4. Then quick-ly rise, dismiss your fear, For need - ed help is al-waysnear;

&bt, , E. 8. Loren..
1 ~ 1 by BY per. 1 +.I
Millennia1 Dawn.

- -
1. Bells are ring-ing! trqm-pets sound-ing! Tell ing of the glo-rioue morn;
2. Earth's dark night willsoon be o ver, Sa-tan's king-dom soon will cease;
- -
3. Sun -shine from J e ho vah's pres-ence, Mer-cies from His gra-cions hand;
4. No .more death, and pain, and sor row, No more b a r s of grief and woe,
5. B e l l s - q ring-ing! trumpet's sound-ing! Tell ing of this glo-rious morn;

- ;ear-ing, - -
Christian wel-come Christ's ap
- -
Bail the ev er last ing
Will be scat-tered o'er the
- - -
Hail the bright Ail len nial dawn.
Fa-ther, Might y Sav ior, Prince of peace!
na- tions, Joy will glad-den ev 'ry land. -
God will come and dwell with mor- tals,Christ will con-quer ev 'ry foe. -
Chais-iian, wel-come Je ens' - -
pres-ence, Hail, Hia bright mil leu-nial dawn!

fit . ,


1 - -
Bleaa ed Je sns! lov - ing Sav- ior! Born to save the world from sinj ,

(1 Quick - Iy come in Thy great king-dom, Bring the age of

1 glo - ry in, Bring the age bf glo - ry in.

Be Steadfast.
I.L, M C W . ,

- - -
2. Be stead-fast in serv ice and joy ful ly bring, Your dear est and -
3. Be stead-fast in suf-f'ring, thus hon OF yourlord, The pow'r to en-
4. Then ev - er be stead-fast for J e sns yonrFriend,Be true to your

dan ger yonr
best to be
col or to show;
used by 'the King;
T ~ O ' Sa
0, nev
- tan is seek - ing
- er grow wea - ry,
dnre He will - -
sure ly af ford, For He -
ia ac quaint-ed with
tract, stand-ing firm to the end; In naught that yon do bring re-


11 -
weak en vour faith. Be etaad-fast for J e - sns, be-lieve what He saith:
11 faint by -the nay; The glo ri- - o w har-vest all .toil will r e
sor row and grief, And know eth - -
the mo ment .to send yon re lief. -
proa~hon His cause, But cheer-fnl - ly, stead-fast - -
$ car ry yonr cross.

D. S.-glo - ~y -
a &n, The stead -fast with Him shall c - t e t - nal - ly rlign.

bl* ~e says He'll be with us what ev - - er -

be tide, To cbm-fdrt and

1 -
coun sel, to strengthen and guide; ~e says when He com 9th from -
70 - Faith.
The Mighty Shield of
KATEU~ylra . . M. L. YCPEUL

1. We're bat tling in onr Meter's name, A-gainst the foes of right,
2. We wres tle not with flesh and blood, But with the pow'rs of sin:
- -
3. The vie tors in this ho IY war. Who dwell in realms of love:

- -
Akd if His or ders we o bey We'll sure ly w'in the fight;
The prince of dark-ness stande aF rayed, A -gainst our conq'ring King;
- -
De pend ed on this match-lees aveld, And now are crown'd a bove; -

- -
- -

. U It in
.Bo.tect -
the glo-riona shield of faith, Fmm it we'll nev e r part.
- -
ed from the foes' as - sault By faith's 81 might y shield.
The M i a Q Shield ef Faith. Concluded.

:' mare Like Thee.
E. Arr. by M. L MOPEM+

I( - -
1. J e sue, Thon my l;t-f&f pat t e p I wiuld glad ly fol lFw Thee,- -
- -
I 2. J e nus, Thou my b e a t R6 -fin er-Thou,
I know art watch-ing me;
- -
3. J e am, Thou my prize and glo ry Thro' e ter ni ty shalt be;
I h
- - h

Glad ly leave all earth-ly pleas ure, If I
Thou wilt leave me in the fur - nace; On - ly
- may be more liie Thee!
till I'm pnre liie Thee.
1 Un - to death, oh, Lee me faith -fall Then I'l
P h
ev er live with Thee.

b l k - kd - If I may be more like Thee;

bra like Thee, my Sav ior,
- -
Pare like Thee, my dear Re deem er, On - ly till I'm pnre likeThee;
Live withThee,ah, yea for - ev - er, Then 1'11 ev - er live with Thee;

Glad ly leave all earth-ly pleas- pre, If I may be more like Thee.
Thon wiit leave me in the fur-@&: On - ly till I'm pure like Thee.
Un to death, oh, kee me faith - fnl, Then I'll
P h
ev - er live with Thee.
72 Stand Firm, Be Not Afraid.
W. &maw.
GERTBDDS (4th and 6th verses added.) I.L. HCPaul.

I 1-1
1. Ye sol - diers of the cross, Why should ye doubt or fear?
2. Lay hold -
up on the sword, Turn not to left or right,
3. Be brave, be h, be strong, -
Be fear less in the k h t ,
4. We soon shall see the day When all our toils shall cease;
5. Thia hope -
sup ports us here; -
I t makes our bur dens light;

Ye can not know de - feat -
or lose, With Christ. our Cap tain, near.
&&&and -
ing fast up - on Hi word, Be vic - tors thro' Hi might.
FW-night of bat tle - may seem long, But sweet the morn-ing's hght.
Whe~t'rwe shall cast our arms a -way, And dwell in end less peace. -
. 'RnilLserve our drooping hearts to cheer, Till faith shall end in sight.

I h d firm,
Stand firm, '
be not -
a fraid, Cour- age - one, not
Conr-age-ons, .
. .

)I FO~' one with ~ o mnet

d ~l - Ways win -
A gainat the hosts of sin.
Rbsr Not, Christian.

1. Fear not, Chris-tian--God is on thy side, Fear not, faint not, -

what eo-
2. Fear not, Chris-tian-trust His rod and staff, All -
God's mer ciee are in
3: Fear not, Chris-tian-dl things are for yon, Dai - -
ly mer cia, -
rich e8
4. Fear not, Chris-tian-none no blest ae thou, God ie for thee -
ev er-

e'er be tide, Look a - bove thee a t the welk-in blne, -
His prom ise
thy be half; Take no tho't for mor-rows yet to come, For He will
grand and true,Claim thy -
por tion with a t h d - f n l heart, Thy great-est
more as now, Lift thy
head np and re-joice a1 way.
- Brightly will

bcw is all a -glow With hope and cheer for you.

keep His trusting sheep Andbringthem all safe home. Fear not, fear not
needs Gods graceexceeds,Whiab %1y Hell im-part.
: = '.
nhiie the light di-vine Un to the per fect day. - *. .

74 What a Wonderful Change!


1. What a wonderful change when our Lord sball appear, Oh, how preciona the

tho't that tthe time is so near! ~ i e the

n dead shall a-wake in Hi
tnm to -
im mor - tal de-light; Then our cross - es for crowns we'llex-
chang'd in - to in - fin-ite 8trength;Then o w im - per - fect work,thro' Hi
place in His throne, by Hie side; Oh, how bless - ed the goal a t the

like-neas sublime, And -

the liv ing be chang'd in a mo-ment of time!
change a t Hi feet, And - - - -
our lone li ness change for re un ion so sweet!
mer cy and grace,Shall be free from all @ult,when we see Hisdear face1
end of the race, To - -
be-hold thro' the a ges that beau-ti fnl face!

1 look on His glo - ri - o w face! What a - -

won der fnl change!
- -

- What a Wonderful Change! Concluded.

11 - -
what a won der fa1 change! when we shall look on Hi face!

T o Him That Overcometh. No. 2.

1. Who -
o vereomes,the Spii-it saith, Shall not be hurt of sec-ond death,
2. The
3. Who
hum - hly keeps H
Hid den Man-na,pnre White Stone,TheSpir it gives to Him a - lone,
i Word and Way,O'er all the nations shall have sway,
4. The -
o 9er-com-ere Christ will own, And place with Him up - on Hi throne,

B& - - -
nn der fair mil len ial skies - -
&y eat the fmit of Par a diae.
Who o ver-comes and to the same Is giv'n a new and se-cret Name.
, -
.Aid eloth'd in gloriona r a w t white, Shall walk with ho ly ones in light.
- - -
Hi king dom glo ry they shall share, And His most ho ly name may bear.

11 Then o - rBr-oome,the Gi -it aaith. And -

be thou faith-fnl an to death:

11 ~ b rnone but vic-tors in the strife Shall ev - e r wear t i e crown of life.

Jehovah is My Salvation.

I. J e - ho - vah is my - -
sal va tion, The ljght of life to me,
- -
' '.l ho vah is my - - -
sal va tion, A Tow er strong and high,
.J e - ho - vah is my - -
sal va tion, He is my strength and song,
I. J e - ho - vah is my - -
sal va tion, My all in all is He;

Tbea why shonld my heart be tronb-led -

Or ev er fear - ful be.
'$0 which in the hour of -
con flict -
My trust ing heart may fly I
In Hb will I joy for - -
ev er, Held by, Hia arm so strong.
And by Eis sup-port I'm -
liv ing A life of vic - to ry.-

11 For Je - ho-vah is sffy - -

sal va tion, Lnd -
He is ev er near.
77 How Happy Will Be That Glad Day.
W. E. C. HENRINBES. E. C. ~ I E ~ ~ Q E s

1. When that which is per fect is come, And all t h g s gpartdone a'- way,
2. When M als and troubles are o'er, A11 sor-rows and tears wiped a-way;
3. When springs in the desert break forth, And li-om l g down with their prey,
-- -
4. When pleasure and peace hasten there, And hap pi:ness brightens the way,
5. Then let us be glad and re-joice, Christ's glo ri 011s reign is a t hand.

0 sing in your hearts, 0 shout with one voice, His king dom for--

C) sine. ha1 - le - ln - iah! 0

I shout, praise the Lord! BOWhap - py I

will be that glad day!
V V '
hap -w aw!
78 "' The Master and His Servants.

1. To the i dler - He says, "Go, work in my field; For the

2. To the toil er - He says, '#&me, rest a t my feet, There ar.
3. To the down-cast He says, "Castthy care up - on me, Nor de-
4 So to each of His -
serv ante He comee with a word, To en-

har- vest ie great,
yet ma ny honrs
la-b'rera few;
in the day;
thy sick le
have brought to
- the fruit
re freeh
@air that the har - vest be done; For the Lord ia the reap-
cour -%age,.re fresh or re prove; - Till the har vest - ie gath-

the sea-son shall yield, Andthe Mas-tar will give thth thy due."
Pfi, thy pr-tipn of meat, That thy strength be re-newed for the fray."
- er, Hissmile is on thee, See the sheaves that thy brethren have won."
ered,aqd,pr@ng their Lord, They sit down in His king-dom a - bove.

.... .

. Go,

Come rest
thy care
work in
Bia field,
work in
.....His field,
Caat thy
The ~ a s t e rand
- His ~eFkakts. Concluded.

work ... in His field, . . . Go, work . . . in His

resb ... at His feet, . . . Come, rest . . . at His
care ... up -on Him, . . . Cast thy care . . . up - on
work ...
work in Biifield,
in His field, . . . Go, work . . . in His
Go, work in His field. Go, work in His field+, Go

field, .... And -

the Mas ter will give thee thy due. '
.. .. .. .. That
thystrengthbe re-newed for
thesheaves that thy breth-ren
the fray.
have won.
field, .... And -
the Mas ter will give thee thy due.

- i-
79 God is Love. No. 2,

1-1 I d
1. God is love; His mer-cy bright-ens A11 the path in with we rove;
2. Chance and change are bn-sy ev - er; Man de - cays and a - gee move;
3. E'en the hour that dark-est seem-eth, Will His changeless goodness prove;
4. He with earth-ly cares en - twin-eth Hope and com - fort from a-bove;

Bliss He wakes h d woe He light-ens; God is &is - dom, God is love.

But His mer-cy wan- eth nev er; God - is wia - dom, God is love.
From the gloom His brightness streameth,God is wis - dom, God is love.
- - -
Ev 'ry where His glo ry shin-eth; God is wis - dom God is love.

1 ..
bd -&

. My Greatest Desires.
'- - -


- -
1. I want to know J e sus, my Sav ior so dear, Far bet ter than -
2. I want to be like Him, my Sav ior and Lord, So pa-tient and
- -
3. I want to see J e sus in bean ty ar-rayed, The glo ri fied - -

- -
loved ones be low; is heart I wonld find ver y gra-cions and kind,
ten der and true: I'd walk as He walked and I'd talk as He talked,
Sav ior so fair; In man-slons of light, oh, so beau-teans and bright,

His full ness of love I wonld know.
And glad - ly His will I wonld do. The great- est de -sires of my
I want in His glo ry to share.

11 b, Bis glo ry - to see, And in -

that bright im age to shine.

81 The ~ t o $ at ~ e v e ' fGrows

1. - - -- -
fresh-ing and m e e t is the
2. The choir of e ter ni ty
eta ry sub-lime: ?!he mea-sage of
sang with de -light Good news t o the
3. No won der that an gels of
4. What com-fort nn told for the
glo ry re-joice, O'er sin-ners re-
wea ry and sad Is found in that
6. Glad song that the ran-somed of -
J e sne will sing Wh: judgment has

peace and good

shepherds of
No 0th er- isa found
on the rec-ords of time,
Sav - ior who scat-tern our night,
pent ing and
glo ri - one
sum-moned the
- tois eas
Since J e ane
His bur -den
When jn bi
Cal - va - ry car-ried from qhoice,
- - lee bells - y,of cre - a - tion willrins.
the mourn-er is g l l ,

1 That can with such hap pi n u

And o Dens the heav en Iv
- -
- - thx.

old ....
nev- er gmws old;
Tho' o - verand o - ver '&is told; . The

em; 7 a- - ---r- 7
fig&&- s!+&, 2

shine for Jesus?

13 W o w you shine for Je-sns? Let His love im - part Ar - doc to your
2.~5;d w$&ine for J e - ans 'Mid the cam-leae throng? Im - i - t a b His
3. 86gald feo shine for Je- sne As a mir ror tme? Im - age forth His

ac tions,
,grac ee
- om
-fort to your
Aa yon pass a long; -
x Make no weak sur ren der
With your son1 il - lnm ined
- -
w o o d nesa As re-vealed in you. -
If you thus re fleot Him

will be a bea-con In this world of wz.

Till this life is

&in&! %J~SIIS,fee, shining for Je - sea.

err ing, Thns for Je - 51x3 shine; Shin - r r - u
ing for Te
=: Would You Shine For &sus? Concluded. ' '

Go Forth, Reapers True.

is o - ver now, The har - vest has

4 -1 I
- "Bring in ' mysheaves,"the &B.- ter saith, "Go gath Ar ev 'ry - - one?'
Be loved, the whikened"fiii& of grain, Be-fore yon wait -;&
' Praj -
for m s e reap em white' you .$oil; Your pzay'rs the bz$ ?jlI
Then will 6 heard-that bit -
ter cry, "We am nn saved a t - %stEu

. - -- -
-11 *- 'do forth, go forth ye reapers bold and true, Go tho' your nnm-br few;

find The tares in bun dles din&
M y Lord and I.

1 i & ~ m eWZS~A -
t . n d ~love, H. IOV~S 6 Lith-fn~ b; i
as He bids me lesn on I%. Hie heln I d a d - lv seek: He
~ ~ notd d
leads me
withwhat love He fov-eth me- My ton&ecm%ev -.& blli I t ie an


.a ;see b o w s how I am longing Though round ns tempests gather
3 Spme weary son1 to win, And storms are raging high,
And ao He bids me go, and speak We'll travel on together, my Lord and L
I The loving wbrd for Him; - .
He bids me tell His w o n d r o ~love, 7 when the jonmey's ended *
And why Be came to die, In rest and peace a t last,
And so we work together,m~Lord_ya I when every thought of danger
6 So up-into the mountains - ' And weariness is past;
Qf&earen%c~oudIeeelight, '' In the kingdom of the fatnre,
Or away into the valleys
Of darknesa or of night;
Copyright, Ism, by M. L. M M
I In the glory by andVby,
We'll live and reign together,my Lord andL
- + r.
85 Be Careful For Nothing.
P. Q. BWBOtfoBS. M. L.MCFnAn.

1. Be care - fnl for noth-ing, why fret thou -

my sod? Thy F a ther has
2. Be care - ful for noth-ing, then why will you try To car ry the -
3. Be care - ful for noth-ing, how free we may be With God as onr
4. Be care - ful for noth-ing, but be of -
goodcheer, Tho' glo ry to

- -
ev 'ry thing m - der con-trol, The night is the same un to -
bur den He bids -
you lay by? Con fide in God's word which has
store-house and our - -
treas nr y; -
Be mak eth the dark new as -
I( -
fol low doth not yet appear. For now are we sons of the

Be care - fnl for noth- ing, fear not,

lit - tle

11 - God is thy sal - va - tion, thy God a Rock.
The Desire of All Naaions.

-- -
1. 0 Je m, bleat & deem- er, Thon Sav - ior of our race, Pour
- -
2. Let v d leys be ex alt ed, Monnt-aim and hills made low, The
- -
&"The whole cre a tion groaneth And tra vail - 0th in pain,*lord -
4. We thank Thee for the to kens Of L rael's hap - py mom, Thii -

- --- - - vaof - tion Re-

ant up on the na tions, The apir it Thy grace;
vd take off the na tions, Thy great d show; Man-

Je - ma, take
etlre - $ . ia
the king dom h pow'r and
the earn est Of earth9# mil -
glo - ry reign! Cast
len - ial dawn; When

aove &om them

.--lrind ia long -
blind-nese, Of sin's long die ma1 night, Lord,
for Tliee, 0 Christ, the King of men! Thou
out the prinw
ev -'ry trib
and --
dark new, Bring in the light of day; Shed
na tion shall learn Mea si - -
ah's ways, And

- - - -
-- tiom
1y Sav lor, e wa, come a gam!
pp - onon the ma -
Tby win dom's lov ing ray.
The Hope of the World.

1. Chriit is bm-ing! Christ is com-ing! Let us tell the glo-rious word,

2 Christ willconqnerl Christ will conquer! In the time thaR nigh a t hand,

How Hecomes to bless the na-tions, Bring them to the light of God;
God ia love!the -
joy ful mas-sage Will -
be known in ev 'ry land,
Gir 0th grace to -
ev 'ry ein ner, Who - -
will walk up on life's road.
Spok-en of by ho -
ly proph-eta In the Jew-ish age of old;

When His king dom -
is es tab-liehed And Hi trnth to men made known,
When the church with - -
J e sna reign-ing, Will dii pel the long dark night;
When Hie re8 nr - - -
rec tion glo ry Rais-ath man to last ing life; -
When the times of - - -
rea ti tu tion And the reign of Christ ahall be.

Then man-kind will be

Grace and trnthwill be
Sm and death will be
con-vert ed, Own ing Him ae God'e dear son.
a bound-ing, Fill ing all the world with light.
- -
a bolished, Earth will know no long er strife.
Reaper, Gather a Sheaf!

1. "Reap-er lift np your eyee and be-hold the fields!" s!

the word of the
2 Gen -try gath er the grain that is hidd'n a - way By the shad-ows of
3. In the gar-den6 of bean-ty,whereros - es bloom; In the des o -late -
4. 0 -
de lay not to glean of the har -vest white,Lest your work be de-

Mas tar is not re -
pealed; 8k- yon seek ing a sheaf for Hi -
- -
life, from a hope fa1 ray; Fa1 ter not, tho' the hedg es the -
shades of the frown- ing tomb; On the bonn t i ful soil, or the - -

gar ner fair? Yon will find God's neg-lect ed ones ev 'ry-where.- -
- -
wheat con ceal, God will am ply re-ward your un flinch ing zeal. - -
. -
rock-strewn wastel'here are graine for the gar ner, so reap er, haste! -

- -
Reap er, gath - er a sheaf of the rip'n - ing
grain, That

(1 -
wait-ing on ev 'ry hill and plain; 8nd the Lord of the har-vest win
Reaper, Gather a Sheaf! Concluded.

sure ly come, To -
a ward you a crown in -
the har vest home.

W h a t a Triumph of His Grace,

1. What a tri - nmph of His grace i t will be When tGe King shall
2. What a tri - umph of His grace it will be When a t last He
3. What a tri - umph of His grace it wlll be When His wish es -
4 What a tri - nmph of Bi grace it will be When, my sad mis-
5. What a tri - umph of Hi grace it will be When He eays,"well

fake me home, e
saves thro' faith, e
- ven
- ven
- iig me from low es-tate, Pass-ing
Faith that He, the work be-gun, Will watch
I can then plain - ly see, When I am no more perplexed To know
takes all o'er, I am free, h e , at last to do the right, A11 my
donel"to me e - ren me, -
When in glo ry me Hell own, And will

by the wise andgreat, What a tri-nmph of His grace it will be!

o'er me till it's done, What a tri-umph of His grace it will be!
what Hi will is next,, What a tri-nmph of His grace it will be! - ,

weahem turned to might,What a tri-nmph of His grace it will be! .

share with me Hie throne,What a tri-umph of His grace it will be!
Jubilee Echoes.

- - -L
1. Lis ten to the voice ce lee tial, Ye whose eyes with weeping fail,
- - - - -
2. Ev 'ry tomb ehall be de sert ed, Harps of ju bi lee shall ring;
3. No more wi&owed hearts re pin-ing, No more hnn-gry, hume-less souls,
4. With the liv ing wa -bra flow-ing, And H
i sav-ing health made known,

God re -veal8 His pa-ciow pur-pose, To the s o d in sor-row's vals;
"Ruthless grave, where is thy -
tri-umph? Cm el death where is thy sting?"
When theearthshall bloom as -
E den And the "Prince of Peacen con-trols;
Fn Try cheek with beau-ty -
glow-iog; Ev 'ry friend of e vil flown. -

l be no hope - less sad-nw, In the new earth's gold- en years,

. There d
- - - -
Sing the 'blest e man ci - pa tion, Ev 'rg m a t - nre that bath breath,
When the ransomed h& are sing-ing, Not an ech -o of Q spair -
God will scat-ter leaves of heal-ing, For each loy - al heart and brain,

Xi+-AiTyeam re-pleb with glad-nees, "God shall wipe a way all tears,"
L%ab81I quick-en a11 ere - a tion, There shqll thence-forth be no death,
In . His vast do - min-ion ring-iog,"Fere &all he no sor row there," -
All -
His matehlesr, love re veal-ine!'There shall henceforth be no nain."

Y Y '
Jubilee Echoes. Concluded.

B l i - fnl years re-plete with gladness, "God shall wipe H way - a11 tears."
- -
Life shall quick-en all cre a tion, There shall thenceforth be no death.
In H i -
s vast do min-ion ring-ing,"Thereshall be no sor - row there!'
All Hii matchless love re veal-ing,"There shall henceforth be no pain."

91 Gladness Will Come to Stay.

41 1. Some glowing morn when heaven bends caressing, Earth's darkeet vale to cheer;
2. Some ho 1y hour when broken hearts are cry-ing; Tnrn-ing from sin a way; -
- -
3. Des o late soul for vanished treasure pining,Wreck'd on a friendless shore;
- -
4. Fd ness of joy will shine a way our sor-row, Sigh-ing will flee a way; -

Wak ing to know and love our Father's blessing. Life mil be grand-ly dear.
Mer cy will bring a sol-ace for their sigh-mg, Glad-ness will come to stay.
See thrd thegloom the star of prom-ise shin-ing, Glad-ness will come oncemore.
Tears will not mar lie's bean-ti fn1 to-mor-row, Glad-ness will come to stay.

D. &-God will a n - d the f d w a of Hh r

e7 - cy, G l a d - n m . 9 come to day.

1 - -
Gladness willca,hal-le la jah it i8 com-ing, Gladwa is on the ray;
In Love He Planned It AIl.

1. 'ko* dark the i a y and lone - ly, I know what-e'er be - fall,
2. - -
To day the storm clouds low er, I can -not see His face,
S Tho' deep and dark the val -ley, No tar rors can - ap - pall,
4. Some-times my feet are wea -ry, I fain would stop and rest,
6. And when I reach that coun-try, Where shad-ows nev - er fall,

$iy Fa ther's hand is lead- ing, In love
But still in faith I fol low, Al-though-
He plans i t
I -
can not
I know He ohose this path-way,-In love He planned it all.
Yet, on ward I am press-ing, I know His way is best.
1'11 nine thro' end less - -
a aes, "In love He planned it all!"

I 1 Then where so - - e'er -

He lead eth, What-ev - er may be
- fall,

Bby heart will still be sing- ing: "In love He planned i t ally
93 Be Slow to Speak.

1. Oh, what pain and sor - row, bit - ter-ness and woe, E vil speaking caueeth
2. Oh, re -mem-ber, J e - sns ev -'ry wora doth hear, By His Ho ly Spir-it
3. Love that thinks no e - vil, dwell-ing in the heart, Will its blessed sweetness
4. Make your life a bless-ing, fol -low aft - er peace, Pa- tient-ly por-sue i t

in this -
world be low; Loving hearts are bro- ken, dearest hopee destroyed,
He is -
'ev er near; Think how much He snf-fered ere you wound Him more,
to the
from all -
- -
life im part; Then each tho't and ao tion by its pow'r controlled,
e vil cease; Scatt'ring deeds of kid-nesq speaking words of love,

I D. S.-He -
roill ev er help you, if Hir aid you rcak,

In their bean-ty blight-ed by the thoughtless word.

When the world's re-vil ing for yonr sake He bore. Ye, who love the Sav ior -
Word nu-kiid,'twill prompt ns care-fd ly with-hold.
Thne the path-way-brighten to your hbme a - bove.

What-so - e'er be - tid eth, lolr - ing - ly to s2;eak.

1 -
and would win His smile. Keep your tongue from e vil and your lips from gum;
,. -- z

94 H e Will p Soul.
~ e e the

2. Tbik b t of the Lor-row, tmst it to His care, What so e'er it

- -
3. When the an gry bil- lows all a -round you roll, Threat'ning ev - 'ry

ful - ly trusts Him all to Him, His

mo - ment to sub - merge the soul; Cloa - erin cling to Him, the
His love so free; Then joy or sor row-
He Will Keep the Soul. Concluded.

fraid, . . . a-fraid,
. . . While -
up on Je - ho - vah it is stayed .-..7 . :.

v Y
95 I'll Be With Thee.

1. 0 'ti meet to serve the Mae ter, D; ing aa He bids eagh day,-
2. Tho' the task He gives seem heav y, And my pow'r to do but small;
3. Oft thro' unknown paths He leads me, There to do His bless ed will, -

For I hear Hi dear voice say ing, I'll - be with thee all the way.
He with strength di -vine doth help me, Gear - ing not His gra-cioue call.

- -
But He ev e r goes be f@xeme, While
Watching. pray-ing, work-ing, wait ing, For -
He soft ly whis-pen still.
He sap 0th ev er-more.
0 ''.

1 l'I be with thee, Ill be with thee, I

cm hear His sweet voice say:

1'11 be with thee. I'll be with thee. 1'11 be with thee all the wav.

capslight, lW,by hf. t. hfoPhaiL- . '

96 "Are You Improving Your Talents?"
nmyEB. YI. L afaPuAlL.

&ve them to
lone to in -- ycrease?
z? --
Are you en deavoring to doub-le them dai - lp? Tis
hide it a
wie - dom di
- one;
If aught be mdea be your mo-tive, my brother, H
He will r e turn here a gain to re-ceive it, Ac-
And He baa mid, if we faith-ful-ly use them,With

stand one by -
If we hare gained the re ward He has promised To

thi He would have you to do.

joy in your serv-ice will cease.
wuut you must give in that day. To H i that hath shrll more be
Him we shall ev er-more shine.
those,who should hear Hie "Well done".

11 lw - ing -
Fa theis nay. With those, who trust Hi and o - bey.
97 The Best Friend of All.
li 1. Do you seek for a friend who is a1 - ways the same, Who will
2. Would you lean OR an arm that is a - ble to quell All the
3. Would yon walk day by day in a ha - lo of light, In the
4. Would yon dwell ev er - - more in the man - sions a - bore, ' y d the

. .

smile of the an gels. of God? Would you know the re pose that no
glo ries that fade not a way?Would yon drink end -less bliss from the

.rn FINE.

1 tell you His name-It

is Je -
sns, the best Friend of all.
move Sa tau's spell, And thy soul's dear est ref
uge is found.
&r row can blight? Choose the path your Re deem er has trod. -
Tount of His love? Give your heart to the Sav ior to day. - -
. ) "

T ; *
Y L n m I Y I
D.S.-gravc, Pfc - cious Je - w8, the best F r k d of all.
.98 Longing for Home.
G ~ T R U D EW.~EIBEBT. AR. by l.L. M m .

I 1. As pants the hart for wa - ter brooks, So panta my e o d for Thee,

2. And yet I know that on - ly those Thy bless-ed face shall see,
3. 1 know, that those who share Thy throne Must in Thy like ness be, -

CEO.-Aa phnt8 the hart for wa - tw brooks, So pbnta my a b d for Thee,

1 Oh, when ahall I - L- I

be hold Thy face, When wilt Thon call for

- - -
I W h w hearts from ev 'rp stain of sin Are pnr i fied and
And all the Spir if8 pre-cions fruits In them the Fa ther -

oh, when shall I -

be iold $hy fare, When wilt Thou call fw k& I

How. oft a t night I turn my eyes To-wards my heav'n-ly home,

And oh, my Mas-ter and my Lord, I know I'm far from meet
Lord, grant me grace, more pa tient ly- -
To strive with my poor heart,

And long for that bleat time, when Thou, My Lord, shalt bid me "Come!"
With all Thy bless ad saints in light To hold corn-mnn ion sweet. -
And bide Thy time to be withThee And me Thee oe Thon art!
Heavenly Love.
Composed and arr. by

- - - -
I 1. Meek and low ly, pure and ho ly, Mes sen-ger from God a bove;
- - -
2. Hop ing ev er, fail - ing nev er, Tho' deceived, be - liev ing still;
- -
3. Mak ing clear-er, bring-ing near er, Day by day the per fect goal; -

- - - - -
Turn ing sad ness in t o glad ness, Bless ed a r t Thou, Hear'nly Love!
- - - -
Long a bid ing, all con fid ing, To thy heav'n-ly F a - ther's will;
- -
Doubt-ing nev er, trust-ing ev er, In Thy pow'r to make us whole;

Pit - y dwell - eth in Thy bo - som, Kind-ness reign-eth o'er Thy heart;
Nev e r wea - r y of well do - ing, Nev - er fear - ful of the end;
Hast- en Thou the blest fru i, - - tion, When a t last in realms a - bove,

CEO.-Meek and low - ly, pure and ho - -

ly, Mes sen-ger from God a - bove;
Chorus D. S.

- -
Gen tle tho'ts a lone can sway Thee, Judgment hath in Thee no part!
Claim-ing all man- kind a s broth-ers, Thou dost all a like be -friend. -
- -
Thou shalt sae in us Thy like ness, Bless-ed, ho ly, heav'n-born Love!

Turn - ing sad - ness i n - to glad -ness, Wondrous a r t Thou, Heavnly Love!
Copyright, 1907,by P.L. Mophail.
zoo 0 M y Soul, Trust in the Lord.

1. 0 my soul! seek thou the Lord, Seek His grace to keep His word;
2. 0 my sonl! trust in the Lord, He ne'er fails to keep His word; .
3. 0 -
my sonl! praise thou the Lord, For the glo ries in His word;

'Ti8 by faith a - lone we stand, God sup-pol.te thee with His hand.
All who in the -
Lord con fide, Find in Him a Friend and Guide.
God -
is wor thy of -
thy praise, All the mo ments of the day.

I 0
my soul! wait thou on God, Be will lead thee in His word,
- -
my sonl! serve thoa the Lord, Faith-fnl ly re vere His word;
my sonl! rest in the Lord, List en for His lov ing word; -

0 - - -
pen to thy spir it's eye, Glo ry, im mor- tal i ty. - - -
Elde His word with in -
thy heart, Nev- er from thy Lord de part. -
- -
Call ing thee to man sions bright, With the saints who dwell in light.
so1 Refrain T h y Tongue From Evil.

1. What saith the blear-ed Word of God To him that hath an ear?
- -
2. What saith the Word of God a gain? 'Xo e vil shalt thou speak
- -
8. Then, h a t en, Lord, that bliss f d day When joy and peace shall hold

Be frain thy ton@ from e -
vil, keep Thy l i p from speak-ing
For there ie One who judg eth him, To whom all stand -or
- -
When ev 'y hu - man heart shall dwell On no ble tho'ta and true,

CHO.-O~, .kt w t h n re frain ,our lip8 Fromguile, and watch and pray,

If thou woddatlead a God - ly life, And win thy Mas-ter's

I -
Our Lord m d Mas tar, J e - sns Christ,Who loves and pit - iea
And o'er an - 0th - er's weak-neea throw Com -pas-sion's love ly
hue! ; -'
+ -

W we may pur - i --Jy -

bur head And keep the m r rim 'mi.
102 When I Get t o the End of the W a y .

1. The sands have been wash'd in the foot-prints Of the stran-ger on

2 There are so ma-ny hills to climb np- ward, I -
oft en am
3. He loves me too well to for - aake me, Or give me a
4. W h e ~ t h e last fee- ble etep has been tak- en Andthe gates of that
L L r r a ~ l h r h h

. - . - - - - -
D. C.-And the toils of the road will seem noth-ing, When I get to the
Last verse.-Then the toils of the road will seem noth-ing, When I get to the

-- ing
i - lee's shore-And the voice that sub-died the rongh bil - lows

long for rest;- But He who ap- pointa me my path-way,
-- a1y too much; A11 His peo - ple have been dear - ly pur - chased,
ap - pear, A n i the bean - ti- fnl songs of the an - gels

v v v
end of the way; And the toils of the road will seem noth-ing,
end of the way; Then the toile of the road will seem noth-hg,

Will be heard in J u de
- --a no more.
just what is need fnl and best.
But the path of that
I know, in Hia
And - -- -
Sa tan can nev er claim such.
list en ing ear.
By and by I shall
When all that now

Won I get to the 6nd of the way.

1 I get to the end of the way.

- - - - low to - day;
I lone Gal lee an With joy I
word He hath prom-ised That my strength "it
see Him and praise Him, In the cit y
- -
seems so mvs ter ions Will be bright and
will fo1
shall be
of nn
as my day;"
- end - mg day;
as clear as the dav:
103 Pilgrims of the Morning.
(Dedicated to the Colportews.)
G ~ T E W.
~ ESIEIBEBT. Y.L. M c P m .

I 1. Pil-grims of the Morn-ing, bless- ed pil-grims of the Light, & ye

' -
2. Blow "the sil - ver trum-pets" o ver land and o'er the sea, Pub-lish
1 -
3. An gel hosts sur-round you,strengthis prom-ised from on high, Liftyour

forth t o ban - ish the "gross dark-nees" of the night; Ev - 'ry heart en-
on - -
the mountains the great "Year of J u bi lee," Sing i t thro' the
heads r e joic - ing, "your re - demp- tion draw-eth nigh," Cour-age yet a

- - -
I kin dled with "a flame of s a - cred lovc," Ev - 'ry face il lum ined
- -
val leys, shout a loud up - on the plains, Tell the whole cre a tion
lit tle while, and then the bat - tle won,Sweet will be your sure re-
- -


with "a radiance from a bove."
that the Lord J e - ho-vah reigns! Pilgrims of the Morning, yea, we're pil-,.,
ward in your dear Lord's "Well done!'

of t h s night!
104 Repeat the Sweet Story.
6. M. B. G. M. Bms.

1. Re peat the sweet sto - ry, the sto - ry of old, That e i h - oed with
2. In love with-out meas-nre, our Fa-ther di - vine Un - folds to all
3. Oh, sing of the ran-som that reach-es t o all The vic- tirns of
4. Re joice, 0 ye watch-ers who pa- tient - ly bide The Bridegroom's re-

glad - ness o'er -

Beth le- hem's fold;
The mes -sage that an - gels de-
peo - ple His gra-cioos de-signs, To 611 the whole world with His
sor - row, of sin, and the fall; The blood of a tone-ment - ne'er
turn - ing to hon - or His bride; -
Re joice till the morn ing - shall

light - ed to bring, Glad tikings of -

J e sus,earthYsSav ior - and King.
glo ry - and peace, And bring to sin's cap-tives a joy ful - re-lease.
trick- led in vain, For -
J e sos has pur-chas'd the dy ing, - the slain.
ju -bi - lee bring, And na-tions shall -
hon or earth's con-quer -ing King.

I[ 0 tell it -
a gain, yes, tell it - -
a gain, That w k - der fnl

1 sto - ry of good will to men;

I t will strengthen my faith if you

Copyright, 19W, by M. L. Mophail,
Repeat the Sweet Story. Concluded.

105 Quit Yourselves Like Men.


- -
ranks to day, Fol low your Cap- tain and all the way, Quit your-
a geone - ly, Or m the rear He bath need of thee,
hosts of nin; But we shall tri-umph thro'Christ our King,
Qnit yoar-
Quit your-
.world re-nown; F
i -
x ing your eye on the prom-ised crown2 Qnib your-

1 -
Fol - low your Cap tab and all the way; Quit yourselves like men.
. J
*dMy Beloved.
H. 0. H. Dn+ (Solomon's Song.]

1I Walk I safe thro' darksome shad

Think I on ly of Thy f a
Walk-est Thon a mong the lil
-- vor,

- ies,
With- out fear of harm.
Pre-cioas Sav ior mine;
With their fragrance rare;

When I'm weak His strength supports me, As He whispers words of iheer;
Let me feel Thine arms a r o d me, Let me lean up on Thy breast. -
- -
Let me ev er walk be side Thee. Send. 0 send me not a -way;

And my hand He clasps so close ly, Scat- ters e r -'ry shad-ow drear.
- -
Hold me lov-ing-ly, se cure ly, Let me hdsweet peace and rest.
For I long to have Thee draw me Clos er, clos-er ev 'ry day. -

11 Je - 8118, Je - sus, - -
my Be lov ed, send me not a - way; At Thy
My Beloved. Concluded.

1) -
sides my pre-cious Sav ior, Ev - er, n - er let me &ay.
0 let me abv.

107 Holy, Holy, Holy!

Donews Bf~o-. (Bev.15:8&4) Jom B. DYKES.

- -
1. Fa ther, we a dore Thee, for Thy gift that bought us, Thos we once were
2. Darkness dense snr rounds us, man can-not discern Thee, None but those whom
3. Great and goodThy works are, Lord God A1 might-y! Mar vel- ona, and-
4. When Thy kingdom com 0th. ?hen the books are ?-eped, When Thy righteous

dead in sin, we now have life in Thee; May we live to serve Thee,
Thou hast touch'd,.Thy truth and love can see; Few there be can praise Thee,
just and true, 0 King of saints, Thy ways; Who shall fail to fear Thee,
acts are known,Thy love made man i feat, Nbtiom all shall peek Thee,

11 -
as our Lord hath taught us, Seek ing to show Thy might and maj es ty.- -
)I most despise and spurn Thee, Yet, in due time, world-wide thesongshall +.
- -
Lord, and glo-ri fy Thee; Thou a-lone art ho ly; to Thy name be praise.
- -
and boy down be-fo;? Thee, And, serv-ing Thee, shall be for ev er blest.
108 Gather My Saints Together Unto Me.
Mrs. C. A. 0. &s. C. A. O m .

1. Gath - er my sainta b g e t h - er un to
Me, Those who have made a
2. Gath - er my saints to-geth - er un to Me, Who hope to rise in
3. Ghth er my sainta to-geth - er un - to

Me, Those who have made a

- -
cov e nant with Me, Who now by faith lay down their ran-somed lives,
im mor- tal - i ty, Those in the fight to gain the heav'n-ly prize,
- -
cov e nant with Me, In suff j n g now, in tri-umph then to rise,

In cov e-nant with me by sac - ri - fice; -
Help ns dear Lord, ev er-
In cov e-nant with me by sac - ri - fice; - -
Je sus, our Sav ior, the
A cov e-nant with me by sac - ri - fice; Keep us, dear lord, in the

;ore to keep Our of fer- ing laid with our head compiete; Poor tho' it
prize to gain, Suf far'd the cross, de - -
spis ing the shame We now re-
1 - - *-
nar row way, Lead ing ns on to thegrand,glorious day, Ev er re- -

- -
joice in sufF'rings that re-main, In cov- e-nant withThee by sac ri fice.
Gather My Saints Together Unto Me. Concluded.

. .
11 Lord, we come to - geth- er na - to Thee, He$ us our

11 reign in Par - a - dise, ~ a t -her'd -

to geth - er IIU - to Thee.

109BURY P. MAUDE. Thine Forever.

2. Thine for - ev - er! Lord of life, Shield thro' IIS our earth- ly strife,
3. .Thine for - ev - er! 0 how blest They who find in Thee their rest!
4. Thiie for - ev - erl Sav - ior. keep Thsae Thy weak and trembling 8m;

Thine for - ev - er mar we be, Here and in e ter oi - ty. - - I

Thou the Lie, the Truth, the Way, Guide ns to the realms of day.
Sav - ior, -
Guard-ian, headn ly Friend, 0 de - fend oe to the end.
Safe a - lone beneath Thy care, Let ns all Tby good-ness share.
AH our sins v'n, Lead .us Lord, from earth to hesdn. .. =

- -
r 10 ' gr~c
The Perfect Day.
P. A. H.
. Not too fast. A L A &

- - -
I 1. The ho ly -'tit y
is bend-ing to earth, With bless-ings like
2. A wake! a wake! a wake! pot on thy strength,Thy bean ti fnl
3. Henceforth there nev er shall come in to thee The nn cir cnm-
- -
- -

ahow - era of rain, A F ~sor :'row, -

and cry ing shall

ill paas a way, There shall be no more pain; Oh, bind up the
- -
dust of the earth, Zi on a rise in might; Thy glo ry is -
II -
Zi on's glad throng, Noth-ing of earth is seen; Her light like the

now in her aplen-dor shiie forth, Light-ing the per fect day.
joy, for thy war - fare is o'er, -
Glo - ry a wait eth thee.
morn-ing with heal ing is here, Gild - ing her streets of g@d. -
III - .-.a
-. -
Our Hiding Place.
* :? .'

1. In the se cret of Hii pres-ence, Oh, how pre-cions thereto hide,
2. Day by day Hetjrawsme clos er, Hour by hour He teach-es me.
3. ~r-mr'idarta can nev er smite me While my soul is stayed on Him,
- -
4. Fa-ther,may I nev er wan der From this safe and blest re-treat,

Scourge of tongue, nor shaft of -

ma1 ice, Touch my soul while a t His side.
Strength He gives for ev 'ry - -
tri al, Grace to do and pow'r to be.
Hid - den in the Rock of - -
A ges, Nev er can my faith graw dim.
Where I drink of liv ing - -
wa tera, And am fed on Man na sweet. -

11 -
Let the light'nings flash a bout me, Let the peal-ing than-ders ' ioi
And when ~hadowsclose a ronnd me, And I can not see H -
i face, - -
Bright-ly o'er me shines the sun-light Beam-ing from my Fa-ther's face,
- -
Pre ciom ha-ven--sweet-eat ehel ter-8ere my sod will e'er a bide, -

I can smile, thus safe - ly -

hid den In thin ref - nge of the soul
- Know I still H i love en- folds me, Shel-tered in -
this se cret place.
In its r a di ant - - -
ef ful-gence I can now His pnr-pose kme.
In the se cret of - His pres-ence I will ev - 'ry mo-ment hide.
Long Night of Weeping.

r .
1. Pilgrims with sad spir-its droop - ing Thro' the low night-watch for-lorn,
2. Sor-row and death have long triumphed, Sa - tan the prince seemed to be;
3. Weeping may last thro' tbe night-watch,Bat joy will come in the morn,

D. C. Watchfor the riae of ths Dug Star, Watch for the morning's bright dawn;

- -
Sigh-ing and trembling and weep ing, Wea ry with wait-ing for morn;
- -
Peo ple in pain long have tra-vailed, Pray-ing sal vs-tion to sse;
When in the first re8 -p reo-tion All the kt-fruits shallbe born.

Sum earth's long n i g & d be o - m, Soon dl ihe &&

ke gz

i.. -2-
: & up your head, faiqting pi1 - grima,
W t @ kfor man i fee - ta
- - -
'J$eq there shall be r w ti tu
- -
Light the hor i eon dim tints,
Of the great God's promised sons,
For all the chi-&en of men,

raU. Ow. D.C.

I -
Watch ti1l:the ros y rays deep - en, See thro'gray dawn glo-ry glints!
Hope of the groaning ore a - - tion Thro' Hie be-lodd chos-en ones.
'hen in the grand con-aum-ma - tion, E - den shall blossom a - gain.
The Century's Hymn.

1. ~e ydnd t i e century's o
- -
- -
pen door, The gold en age is gleaming;
2. For six ty cen- tnr ies now past, Be-neath the reign of dark-ness.
3. Tho' a ges long had wea ry been,Thro' which God's word was spo ken,
4. The gos pel age well shad-owed forth, By types of corn ing glo rg;
5. Sin's long dark night dram to its cloee, The day of peace is dawn ing;-
6. Who will not w e l a m e back the King? The tribe of Ju d a h Li on! -

hat glo-ri& day so long fora-told, With ho ly light is beam-ing;
Man-kin& haa trod the down -ward path 'Mid sor row, pain and sad-ness;
- -
Yet faith-ful aonls did glad ly hail In Christ, Je ho - vah's to -ken,
Has been the time whensaints,have told The fnl ness of the sto ry; -
-- Earth's time of weep- ing paea - es by For joy comw in the morn-ing,
And~raisethe Lord who sets Hie Son UD on the hill of Zi on: -

~ k n eforth
s -
the snn bf right-eons-nees,bll Itin dreds of the earth to bless.
Yet by Gods' love,they still pos-sess The hope of fn -tnre righteousness,
Of -
that great day when He would bless The world with sav ing righteousness,
How God de-signs the world to bless Thro' Christ their Lord and righteousness,
Then s h i e s the sun of right-eons-nm, All na tions of the world to bless,
- -
In vest ed with all pow'r t o bless The world, with lat-idg righteouqess,

The hope,
all kin
&re& of the earth to bless.
of fu- tnre righbeons-ness
The world, the world with sav- ing right-eons-ness.
Thro' Christ, thro' Christ their Lord and right-eons-new.&
all na - tions of the world to bie&'
the . world -
with last ing right-eons-nese,
H a m 0. HBRDEBSON.' '- Am. b M. L. Mc-.

1. Somewhere the light is shin - ing, Somewhere ' t a1 ways day;
2. Somewhere the cool - ing zeph yra Fan fe-vered, care-worn brow,

Somewhere de - li - cions fra-grance Floats from the bloom-ing bough.

ie no blind-iess, somewhere 'tie a1 ways light.
glad to - mor-row, Th*'ll be 1'ie9s(omit.) . . 1 per- f e d day.

bc e. Long, Long the Night.
1. Long, long the night with sound of fre-quent weep- ing, But in the
2. Long, long the night, but shad - ows now are flee ing, While songs of
3. Long, long the night; but ob, the morn-ing glad - ness Will drive a-

+- +
4 . ; : I IF!;!
t- *

I I .
, + , + , + - +-
I I I / I I I I ' I I

I keeping, Know, that at last the gold-en morn

- ing nears.

. The per-feet day,

11 The long'd for King is near! Join, join the lay,Earth'a jn-bi lee ie - - here
I 16 Bear Ye One Another's Burdens.

- -
I 1. Like travelera toward a
2. Nor think an 0th - er's
- -
3. And wcn der ful tho'
die-tant land, We each some heav y bur den bear,
hath no weight,Be -cause to yon it seem-eth light,
i t may seem,Each t i e you help a broth-er bear
4. "And so ful- fill the law of Christ!'The law of Christ, the law of love,

And ev - 'ry heart doth feel its weight, E'en tho' the face a smile may wear.
The ' cross of gold is heav-iermade By gleam-ing mass of jew-el8 bright.
Hie . bur - den, yon will sure - ly find YO& own has lost its weight of care.
Ah, yes, we must this law ful fill If we would reign with Him a-bove.

1 Then, let ns speak the -

kind- ly word, That makes the bur den light,

- -
And helps the wea ry, faint ing heart To -
fight the good ly fight.
J -:A Little 'While.

1 ,
1. A lit - tle while with wea - ry feet To tread -
the nar row way,
2 A lit - tle while with fal-t'ringtongue To tes - ti -fy for God,
3. A lit - tle while with hum - ble faith To wage -
the good ly fight,
4. A lit - tle while, a lit - tle while, Oh, let this be our song,

A -
lit tle while, a lit - tle while, -
To suf fer scorn and shame;
A -
lit tle while, a lit - tle while, Grasp firm the two-edged sword;
A -
lit tle while, a lit - -
tle while, Lay not the a r mor down;

lit - tle while the sin less One - To fol - low day by day,
lit - tle while with voice and pen To spread the Tmth a-bbrad,
lit - tle -
while, Sa tan io hosts - Shall all be put t o flight,
lit - tle while, a -
lit tle while, The strife will not be long,

A lit - tle while, a lit - tle while, To suf - f e r and be strong.

A lit - tle while, a lit - tle while, To glo - r i -
fy His name.
A lit - tle while, a lit - tle while, Then trust thou in the Lord. ..
A -
lit tle while, a lit - tle while, And we shall wear the crown! f -

Copyright, lW,by M. L. McPhail. .b

IM - I'm Nearing the Goal
a. H.Bxws.

- -
1. While onv the broad road to de stmc - tion
2 When Je sns an-noint- ed my eyes to
I strafd,
be -hold
The spir it my
The prize that the
3. Let lor - era of pleasure in tent - ly
4. The eerv-ants of mam-mon may gath - er
pur sue
in mirth
The phan-toms of
To jeer a t my
6. The yoke of my Mss - ter ie ea - sy to wear; The cross that I'm

I I '
And knew by His stripe^ I was haG
Aod fled from the pleasures of am. Tm nearing the goal, yes,
Be on - ward to glo
Yet I am an heir
ry I glide.
a throne.
A& giv -. ing me aongs the night.


- <: L: Corning By and By.

1.x bet ter day is com n,i;
2. The boast of hanghey ty-rants
- a morn-ing prom-ised long,When truth and
no more shall fill the air, But aged and
3. The ti dal wave is eom-ing,
4. 01 for that glo-rions dawn-ing
- -
the year of ju bi lee; With shout and
we watch and wait and pray.. fill o'er the

right,with ho-ly mightphall o-ver-throgth; wrong;When Christ the Lord willliet .

youth shall love the truth and speed i t ev'ry-where;No more from want and sor-
- -
song it sweeps a-long, like bil-lows of the sea; The jn bi lee of na-
height the morning light shall drive the gloom away;And when the heav'nly glo-

en to ev 'ry plain-tive sigh, And stretch His hand o'erkea and land,with
row shall come the hope-less cry, But war shall cease,and per- fect peace will

-tions shall ring thro' earth and sky,The dawn of grace draws on a-pace-'tis
ry shall b o d the earth and sky, We'll bless the Lord for all His works and

- -
Corn ing by and by, com ing by an& by; W
Com-ing by and by, com-ing by and by; We
F k
120 bn T h e Resurrection Morn.

- -

1. & the res -w rec tion morn, When from death a11 souls are born,
2. To - -
Thy peo ple Thon hast vowed That Thou wilt re sist the proud;

H *hen all hear the tmm-pet's peal, Ev
'ry sick-ness ~hon'Ahaltdeal.
Thou wilt give the hum ble grace, Tb.ou wilt meet them face to face.
Ev 'm trnst shall then be true. In the earth and heav ens new.-

- -
1 -
Thoq shalt o pen blind-ed eyes,
!l%on shalt guide them with Thy Word,
t i e en! -leas a ges blest,
L i t en to each voice that cries;
By Thy counsel right ly heard,
- -
Nfv e: mpre b doubt oppressed,

Thon shalt o pen all deaf ears, Till iach soul the go8 -pel hears;
And pro -vide a - -
hap py home, Refuge from whence none shall roam;
All shall sine with one ao cord Prais- es to their eracions Lord:

Thou mhalt o pen , all deaf ears, Till bach soul the gos -pel hears.
- -
And 'pro.- vido 8 hap py home, Ref-age from whence none shall roam.
A11 shall sing with one ao cord Prais es to their gracious Lord.
121 The Eternal God is Thy ~ e f u g e . -.

--- nal
ref uge; When deep dark ness
ref uge; Long ing eyes to
ref -uge; When in death all
- and doubt-
this rest
your pul-
terl - nal God
is yonr ref- nge; We'll be sing ing - the won-

The e - ter - nal God is

0 rest, sweet peace-ful rest, -

Sweet rest, tran q d and

1 bleat,
tranqail and blest,
No fright, no dread a-lams, Just rest, rest in H
i arms.
122 Our King Has Come.

I 1. The
2. Be - saints are march-ing for-ward now to meet their glo-none King.
yond the vail are seen the saints with crown up - on each brow;
3, From that bright shim-ing pres-ence how earth's clouds are giv - ing way;
4. Well haste and tali the sto - ~ y , now so sweet to you and me,

I - -
They're shoubing glad ho san nas, while their songs of
Who trod the path of sor row, they're re-joic ing
This night of sin and sor row shall give place to
- - -
all the world re joic ee in the bleea - ed
Onr bless ed Lord hae called ns, we shall meet Him
- nees ring;
H i now.
- less day.
- i - lee:
the air,"

- -- -
Their hearte are Bled with rap ture, as so joy ful Iy they sing,
With - emilea they beck-on on- ward those who lin ger here be low, -
- - -- - -
His prea ence now be tok ens soon H
- -
Break forth in jub i la tion, for Im man uel's come to stay.
i glo-none face we'll see.
While time re-mains, we'll faith-fnl be and wear our robes so fair,

(1 Our ging a t laat hae ye saints in

Earth shall have. .

e saiuts of heaven
Earth ahall hare
her fet-ters riv- ent
her fet-teIs riv en
GLd His
,. , -.
- . .
- Has Come.
Our Kina

Our King, a t last, hath

123 'Twill Not be Long.

F.3. C.

kill -
1. not be long our jonr-ney here, Each bro-ken sigh and fall ing tear
2, 'Twill not be long; the yearn-ing heart To meet its Lord would quick depart;
3. Though sad we mark the clos-ing eye, Of those we loved in days gone by;
4. These checkered wilds,with thorns o'er-s~read,Thro' which our wav so oft is led:

Will soon be gone, and all will be A cloud-less iky, 'a wdre-liss h a .
No grief is mingled with its song:"We'll join Him soon-'twill not be long!"
Yet sweat in death their lat-est song-We'll meet a-gain, 'twill not be long.
This march of Eme, with troth so strong, Will end in bliss, 'twill not be long.

1 Roll on,
roll on,
dark stream,
roll on,
We dread not thy foam; '

11 The oil - =rim is lbne - incr For home, 'sweet hhe.

- -.
I .


p.&. - " Strike Your Harps.


- -
Wikh the myr iad voie es blend-ing as they
They who strove to gain His f a vor, and have - sing the ''Karv~st Home";
tri-umphed o ver em;
- -
Shall be gin their min is- tra-tions that the earth may all be blessed;
And we ech o back their mu sic, while our - eyes are filled with tears;

And shall with the Sav-iour lead-ing them up lift the fall -en race.
-- - -
we sing and shout His prais-es, in that coun try bright and fair.
Nev - er-more to be di- vid ed, while the world is filled with cheer.
When we're going to reign with J e sns, when our tri als all are past. -

strike your harps,.
Btrike your haw,
... - ......-.n,Sing with uaSiin..with
ye saint. in glo ry..
je saints in glo
Strike Your Harps.

the glad new song;. ........... -

Ech oes of.. ........ the "old, old
the glad new song; Ech - oes of


the "old, old sb - ly," Tho' the a - ges

125 B old the Christian Warrior Stand. - 1

E,P. H.C.&

1. Be-hold the Chris-tian war-rior stand In all the ar mor of His God;
- - -
2. In pan o ply of truth corn-plete, Sal va-tion's hel-met on his head;
3, Un-daunt-ed to the field he goes; Yet vain were skill and val-or there,
4. Thus, strong in his Re-deem-er's strength,His en-e-mies he tramples down,

The Spir-it?s sword is in hie hand, His feet are with the go8-pel shod;
With righteousness a breast-plate meet,And faith's broad shield befire Him q d .
Un less, to foil his leg-ion foes, He takes the trustigst weapon, prayer.
I -
1 fights the good fight, and wins a t length, Thm' mercy, au4m-mor-tal arom.

: - I
A,. &
126 He Careth for You.

- - I

I 1. How blest is the m e s a g e of heav en ly .love, When sor-rows our

2. When clouds cast their shadows, ob-sonr-ing the light, And faith fails to
3. Then why should I lin- ger in doubt or in fear, With this pre-cions
4. Such bleee-ed as- sur - ance shall not be in vain. I'll trust Rim what-

a-whis-pers,"He car-0th for 'you.'

- -
sur-eth, "Be car-eth for yon."
Be liev ing "He car-eth for you."
Pm-claim-ing, "He car-eth for yon."
He car-eth for yon, yes, cargth for

11 -
r Thy tri ala He knowetb,
y 2 Look up fainting pilgrim, He car-0th' f ~ yon;
Lord Let Me Come t o Thee.

1. Out of my dark-ness in to Thy light, 0ht of my weakness in - to Thy
2. Out of my hrm - ger,'ont of my thirst, Ont of my faults that weaken and
3. Out of my long-ings in - to thy peace, Out of my bond-age in - to re-

might, Lord Ikt me come to Thee; Out of my pov - er - ty in - to Thy wealth,

worst, Lord let me come to Thee; Out of my fol - ly and out of my pride,
leaee) ~ o & e t me come to Thee; Out of my way-ward-ness in to Thy love,

&t of nip sin-sick-nese in - to Thy health,lord let me come to Thee.

Ont of my sins that be -set and be- tide, Lord let me come to Thee.
Ont of my wea- ri-ness to rest a - bove, Lord let me come to Thee.

1 -
Let the light come and let the light stay,'~n ti1 (her: dawnth eter-nd day.
128 ' The Eagles.
(Job. 89: 87-B. 17, m; Ex. lo:4; Iaa. & 27-31: Dent. 82
Luke . la; Psr. los: 8.6.)
E o B AE ~ HOLUB'mB. M. L 1 C m

- -
2. Wait thon, wait thon np on the Lord, Thou shalt re - new thy strength,
3. A bove, a bove His chos en ones, Thy God ia ev er near, -

- on
Up %er pinions, broad and strong, She soars o'er all the lind;
- ly
up on Hi ho -
ly Word; Its height, ita depth, its length.
ea gle hov'ring o'er her young; Then what hast thou to fear?
Rise -
to the heiehts to which thou'rt called.And life im mor tal find. -

And where-so e'er
Thou shalt mount up
- the food is found, he e a
with ea - gle's wings;Then hush
- Thy
glea gath - er there.
weak complaint.
'Tis not to canse thee thus to fall-He'd teach thee how to fly!
Thy strength shall be His Word of Tmtfh Till to Him thsu dost come.

(1 & 211 bear, k e will bear the6 on_ ea-gle's wings,Far, f a r a-bove all earth-lx
The eagles.

1 things, Shake off the dust, mount to the sky, Un - to thy place on high.

129 Our Present Lord.


1. Be hold
2. A dore
the time is here,
your pres-ent Lord,
- -
Thro' a gee promised long; The liiht soon
Andshout a loud His name, All ye who
3. Ye who -
with wea ry feet -
Still tread the nar row way. Re-joice your
4. Om Lord will seek His own, - -
Hi jew els bright and fair; Be fore His

shining clear, Shallquick dispel the wrong. Then sing with joy,Onr King has come
love His word,His presence loud proclaim. Then sing with joy,Our King has come
Lord to greet,'Twill soon be endless day.Then sing with joy,Our King has come
Father's throne,He'll soon present them there. Then sing with joy,Onr King has come
face we'll see,And,'!!ike Him"we'l1 appear. Then sing with joy,Onr King has come

And soon His voice shall call ns home, And soon

And soon with Him we'll be a t home, And soon
130 The Mighty God of Daniel.
Gi. E BILES. M. L. Yoplun,

1. Have yon heard the thrill-ing cho m s ring-ing
2. Paul and Si las caught the ech o, and with
o'er the fur-nace tower,
- in the frowning jail
3. Ma -- - -
- -
ny of the mar tyr he roes trod a
4. Faith fnl sol diem of Je ho vah, gird ed - -
lone and thorn- y way,
for the ho ly strife,

Where the He brew chil-dren tread
We can hear their joy fnl prab
-- ionr
fier y &or? ' B ~ the arm of
in the night; While the pris on
- -
Hon ored on ly by their Sav
Where the foes of eood-ness rrath - er in the sky; Yet the an -gel
for the frav: Tho' von wea rv-

G& de
doors are
- swing-ing
liv - ered, they are s 6 g - 6 g of His pow'r, And their song is
and the frighlened keep-ers wail, Rings the same ex-
of Hie pres-ence bid their sad - ness flee a - way As they sang of
of their scorn-ing, tho' they clam - or for yonr life, You can sing this

ev - e r - more.
The Mighty God of Daniel.

Jj liv-er -
and de fend; I am trust ful - my tri- als, I am

w -. -a- -g: .
11 smil-in.
on ms foes. For the mi& -v God of Dan - i l is mv friend.

131 Glory, Glory, Glory!

E. C. J ~ ~ N C E S . J. B. DYKES.

1. Glo-ry, glo-ry, glo ry, - nn - to God the High-est! Maj - es ty and -

2. Worthy,worthy, wor thy! - is the Lamb that suffered, Son of God, be-
3. Comforted in weak- ness by Thy Spir-it ho - ly, Wait-ing for Thy
4. Glo-ry, gio-ry, glo ry, , un - to God the Big?: est! Maj es ty and - -

might be Thine,and praise for-ev er-more; Let Thy name be ha1 - low'd,
fore the world was made Thon lovedst Him; Left He pow'r and glo
Son from heav'n to take u s , home to Thee; By the world de spis
- ry,
- - ed,
might be Thine.and oraise for-ev er-more: Lord. we would be ho - iv.

I m
- -[ I , ,

- -
now and thro' all a ges, 0 great J e ho- vah,hear our pray'r to Thee!
to re-deem us sin ners, By Thy right hand ex alt ed now is He. - -
suf -fer-ing with Je - sns, Lord, make us ho ly, kings and priests to be.
- -
e'en a? Thon art h?-- , ly, 0 great Je ho vah, hear our pray'r to Thee!
Joy Unspeakable.
H~rmE0.BBHDmmou. . 1Peter 1:8. Y.L. YoPmn.

11 1. Our Sav-iour, tho' now nn - seen, We love and our hearts re j o x ; -

2. His f a - vor's like gome sweet dream,From which we shall soon a - wake;
I 2. With nev - er a shade of-care, With nev - er a doubt or fear,

Con - tent, on His love we lean, And pr&e Him with heart and voice.
Where all its real glo ries gleam, And on our sight bright-ly break.
We'll dwell with our Mas -
ter-where Hi voice we shall a1 -ways hear;

W: know that our Lord is near-We know He shall soon ap - peF-

- -
0 rap - tur ous love di vine, Out - reach-ing to love of Thine!
Where we shall look , HisJace, Where we shall see all His grace;

Be - tween us is -
on ly a vail And nought can our joy as - sail.
We ioy ful ly - look to Thee And pledge our fi del - i - - tv.

(1 Joyl un - speak - a - ble joy! H O ~ a - dore . our King!
Joy Unspeakable.

I( Lov - ing with-out -
a1 loy- Praia-es to Him

I33 I Will Never Leave Thee.

A. J. Moms. H.L. McPmm.

1. Pass-ing thro' this vale of shad-ows, Oft my heart would sink with fear,
2. Sometimes wea ry, heav y - -
lad en, Burdened with life's heav-y care,

jir*=$' - i-1 -
-'-p -
Were it not for words of com-fort, Found in these sweet words or' cheer.
When I catch those words of bless-ing, I can bless ed com-fort share.
By that prom-ise of His pres-ence, My poor soul has strength regained.
y path-way, In its ing I'll be blest.
I34 Beloved, Son, JI bod Are We.

- - - -
1. Be lov ed, son; of God are we; In this our ob li ga - tion see
2. What tho' our way thro' dan ger lies-He'llgive na wisdom from the skies
3. H -
i love to ns He now commends, Greater than a ny earth-ly friend's,
4. It is, thro' love we now per-ceive, More blestto give than to re-ceive.
- -
5. Be lov ed, sons of God are we; Then like our Fa - ther should we be,

- -
Our Father's char ac ter to show, In all our dealings here be low. -
Our thoughts and words and acts to goide, If we but in His love a bide. -
In that, while sin ners yet were we, Christ diedfrom death to set us free.
Be sons our do ty then we know: That love in all our lives to show.
- - -
In god ly liv - ing, ho ly, pure; Thus, pa tient to the end en dare. -

- -
Be lov ed, sons of .God are we; Members of Heav en's Roy d ty;
, 8-
- - -

/I Am-bass - a - dore of Christ our Lord; Thisia -

our Fa the& graciousword.
- =I,: . !-
> -

"Quit You Like hi&:*'

- -- -
day, Thoa-sands are
2. Teach -inga of in fi dels, doubt, dis may.
3. Death and dim trem - es, with fier y darts, - - Doc -trines
Wound ing
, fl
4. Tern pest and tor meut may test and try,
Fires may be

c-E j 0 - F --
0 . 0

I V V I v i 'i

Sa -- tan,ing on eo.
now fill
- the
'ry bapd,
God and His word are ay
Short is their sea-son, the

, we are strong and bold.


1 Quit t,lilts men& .Gong,.

Be 8 9 9
Fac-ing the foe and the fray;
ma t h e m

11 - Koowine your lord ere ione.' I Brineeth the blesina. - day.

The Good Shepherd.

1. Good Shepherd, lead me in the way Thon know-est best, For Thon hast
2. Kind Steward, feed me on the bread thou know-est well, For Thou hast
3. Dear Mas-ter, call me by the name Thon aav - eat me, For dai - b

borne the bur den of the day; Thou know-est where the ten der -
is -
- --
hnn-gered, and been sat ie fied; Thon know-est when strong meat mine
Thy son ship Thy de light; Thon know'st the love the voice of

- - - - -
And ev 'ry se cret, cool and safe re treat;
And all my needs a bun dant ly to serve.
0 lead me where un-
0 tempt me with the
And draw the soul till it to Thine as oires. 0 teach me how to

fail-ing wa-tern play. And a t Thy feet con- tent-ed let h e rest.
- - - -
fruits in Ca-riaan soied. And near Thv store-house n e r let ma diell.
.read Thy will &rigit, ' ~ n d in love a - bide e ter nal ly.
The Good Shepherd.

11 Good Shepherd, lead me! Kind Shepherd, feed me! 0, call me

1) by the name thou lov - esibest! Nor let a stran ger -

1 lure me to dan-ger, But a t Thy feet in cafe-ty let me rest.

- bus Saviour, Heavenly King.

- -
1. Pre-ciow Sav-iour, Heavenly King, We Thy prais es glad ly sing!
2. Thou didet leave Thy heavenly home, As a s e n - ant Thou didst come,

4 %?u hast been, ex alt ed now, At
- -
3. Thon has bought us with Thy blood, Rec on ciled the world to God;
- Thy name, all knees shall bow;

Laud Thy name with heart and voic8- In Thy greatness we re joice! - .
Came a lost race to re deem, E'en Thy life didst not es teem.
We are Thine-Do Thon us keep In Thy love so wide and deep.
- -
I 38 I Will Never Leave Thee, No. 2,

1. I will nev e r leave you. 1'.will not for sake;
2. Is your faint heart fear-fa1 For what men may do?
- when your tri als
Are your sad eyes
3. Child, you have my prom-ise-Will you not trust me? Wi you still, like
4. Know vou not I love VOII Ev-er-last - inz lv. - And I want to

grieve you I your grief par take. - \

Do not rich- en cov et. Always

tear-ful When they scoff at you? Do you mourn and languish ds your
Thom-as, A1-ways doubt-ing be? -
I am Je sw Christ, now, Same as
prove yon Faith-fd on to me? - 1-1
No! I'l nev-er leave you, No! 1'11

be con tent, Seek not gain nor love it- With heart's con-grit. TG
foes oppress, Heed-less of your an-guish, Hold-ing back redress?
yes-ter day, -
Faith ful to my love vow, You are mine for aye.
not for -sake, -
When your t r i als grieve you Pi1 your bur-dens take.

I( i will. ney - er. leav? ybo, i will not -

for sake;

fl , Let not tri - als &ye



I'll your -
bur den take.
139 A Shelter in the Time of Storm!
v. J. 0.

1. The Lord's Tk-~ock, in Him we hide; A shel-ter in the time of storm!
2. A shade by day, defence by night, A shel-ter in the time of storm!
3. The rag - ing storms may round us beat, A shel-ter in the time of storm!
4 0 Rock di - vine. 0 ref - tlge dear, A shel-ter in the time of stork!

- ~ L o u r e what ev - - er ill -
be tide, A shel-ter in the time o i storm!
No fears a larm, - na foes af-fright, A shel-ter in the time of storm!
We'll nev er leave our safe -
r e treat, A she!-ter in the time of storm!
Be Thou our Help - er ev - e r near, A shel-ter in the time of stom!
I h h * h @

11 wea - ry land! a wea - ry land! Oh, J e - sue is a ,

11 Bock in a wea - ry land! -

A she1 ter in the time df storm!
Peace, Light and Love.
Mrs. E. C. EmNmOIs.

1. There's a peace, sur-pass-ing sweet, To the tronb-led soul made meet,Ae the
2. There's a light whose ra-diant beams Dull the splendor of our dreams, As the
3. There's a love whose might-y pow'r Keeps the son1 in per- il's hour, As a

dew of ev'ning to the parch-ed fields, So when day has tried ns sore,
ris ing sun the glow-ing stars o'er-shades; So, with rnsh or can dle dim,-
moth-er'e arms se-cure her tim id child; So when we, in time of need,

1 And the night dims all be-fore, Gracious peace the balm of healing yieida: '
When we seek to fol-low Him. Dawns the light of life that nev-er fades.

Je - -
ens Christ, the Giv-er,
...........He will bless you, .......
Best in Je sus Christ, the Giv er, Christ the Qiv er, He will bless you
The Shade of the Cross.

Je -
pain and toil and care w z free; My voice a t tuned to sweet-esf
- -
sna in this nar row way, My heart no long er lista to
fought the glo-riom fight of faith, -And all the wrds of earth and

its - -
con fn sionq But hearkens to the Mas- ter day by day;

are oft - en o - ver - cast and low'r - ing, My

Up - akiw
on the throne Pll me my Sav - ior sit - ,ting, And
path ia
if He

- - .
in the eoft- est ser e nade; Dear eyea of love looked in to
strewn with thorns instead of flow'rs,
knows Pve suffered with H i here.
But - -
o ver ob sta-clee my
He'll nive to me a robe and
The Shade of the Cross.

faith stands tow'ring, My Lord has promised strength for darkest ho

crown be - fit-ting The saints who in the throne then shall ap-pear.


I43 . a What A Saviour!
A. J. YIoBgls. ' - ' I.L. ICPRAIL.

1. ~ h & our days .of toil are -

o ver, i d our Lord takes full control, Hell be-
2. Snch re - pic-ing of the
3. When the 'ear-ly and the
na-tiona as was nev er seen be-fore, When the
lat-ter rain" shall cheer Ju- de- a's hills, And in
4. When the mountains shall be leveled, and the val- leys fill'd ahall be, And the
- -
5. Then the li on and the lamb shall play, led by a lit tle child, In God's
- -
6. When from out the throne of God on high, a riv er crys-tal pure Shall pro-
7. Pa ,tient bid- ing here we ling - er, but our trust is in the Lord, Who A- will

stow reward up -on each faithful one; And will take ns home to dwell with
fet tere of oppres-sion shattered lie; And with Sa-tan bound ee-cure ly,
E den beauty all shall bloom once more; As we view the glorious prospect
etonea shall all be gathered from the way; Then the'lansomed of the Lord"His
Ho-ly Mountain none shall ev-er harm; When all strong and fierce and cruel
ceed to bless the nations with its flow; And thel'treea of 1ife"shall yield their
per -fect all the work He has be-mn; If we all remain unite faith-fnl

HZ -

while endleas a ges rol1,And will cheer ns with the blessed worda"Wel1 done."
that he may deceive no more,What hosannas from the earth will rend the sky!
how our soul with rapture fills,While we sing Je-hov-ah's praises o'er and o'er.
- -
lov ingkindness all shall see, Walking ev e r in the light of end-less day.
things becometh meek and mild,There is nothing then God's children can a-lam.
fruits, the ills of earth to cnre,And the love of the Re-deem-er all shall know.
to the precepts of Hi word,And will fol- low in the footsteps of Hie Son.
What A Saviour.

What a

Z-kr,i5:! - - iour!
1 glo rions Sav
dous Sav-ionrt m a t a sav- ionr, glo - d o n S.*ion*t
When He

cam-0th with the crown up - on His brow.

144 Are You Burdened and Distressed?

1. Are yon burdened and distressed? Are you sad ly seek-ing dat?
2. Have your fond-est hopes all failed? In
- af -fright your spir it quailed?
3. Are ' yon bnf fet - ed, be-trayed? Does the world ac - cnse, up braid-
- -
- -
- 4. One who knew thii bit ter-ness, Read y is to soothe and bless;

Are yon struggling on a lone? Is your conr age a1 most gone?
In de spair your heart cried out, A11 your faith be-dimmed by doubt?
While the keen est sor -row rends-Wounds re-ceived in home of friends?
All your sor rows J e w s knows, He will lead you to re oose. -
W hGt:e;bi ~Ppg,
145*. J. Moms. :-
w i t h His Saints.
- -.
- .--'& x.L. MCPEAIL.

And the works of darkness prospered, backed by ~a-tan's cum-ing might;

By ' thg war -ring pow'rs of dark-ness, by such long con -tin ued sin;
. From the high-way that the Lord prepares, all foes be put to rout,
For we have the word of prom- ise' "In the ev-'nina shall be liaht;"

f t ap-proach-ing when the Lord ascends His throne,

Bnt our Lord shall take His pow - e r soon with heav-en's loud ac-claim,
No de-stroy - ing harm shall en ter, naught of sin there shall be-tide,
All the wronga of earth then right-ed, and all tears be wiped a - way;

11 -
Oh, then praise the Lord for ev - -
er, f o r this glo-rious, hap py day.

8h.a elear a way,
"l . .
When Our Lord With His Saints.
. -2 :\

A F ~the -
1 ran-&med shall re-joioe in end l a . day,
in end -less day.


I when they appear.

After All That I Have Done.


2 $4
1. Af ter' all
me sit
that I have done, Sav
low a t Thy feet, Ehll
- ior,
art Thon pao i - fied?
deep & - mil - i ty;
-- - -
3. Gra-ciow ly con firm Thy word, Let
4. Keep the fee ble, trem-bling heart Till
me trust Thee more and more;
Thy Spir i t rules with in. -

- - -- -
Hast ~ h d omy sal va tion won That I may kth Thee a - bide?

Thon art ho ly- I not meet In Thy love to dwell with Thee.
- -
Nev - er grieve Thee, pre cions Lard-A1 ways wor ship and a dore.
Till my all in all Thon art, Till I'm cleansed from ev 'ry am. - -
Joy Cometh in the Morning!

1. Joy com 0th- in the morn-ing! When the night is past, And the
2 Joy com 0th - -
in the morn-ing! Hail the ris ing Son! Glo n o w -
3. Joy com - 0th in the mron-ing! When the mountains ring With the

watchers on the hill tops Hail the dawn a t last. Earth's m a - ry night is
in His yonth and b3au ty, Strong His race to run- All mists and shades dim
ech-o of His foot-steps, Who is Lord and King. Rise, Zi on, from thy

And the day draws near, When &e bless ed King of Glo ry -
- -
pers-ing, Ev 'ry son1 to bless, With the rich es of His mer -cy,
weeping, Haste thee to His side. Joy com-eth! for the bride-groom

:Shall with grace ap-pe*.

Tmth and right-ou5nness. Joy! Joy oometh in the morning! Zi- on shout and
a -
Shall with thee a bide.

, -
eing, Hail! hail the bless-ed King of Glo ry! Hail thy Bridegroom King! ,
Faith, Hope and Love.

Ir v
1. Faith will drive the doubtings out of mor - tal mind, Till de - spair shall
2. Hope will bring the brightness back to tear-dimm'd eyes, Dis - si pate all -
3. Love will bring the sun-shine in - t o ev - 'ry heart, Bid all grief and

nev - -
e r wor -ry, crush nor blind, Suf fer-ing and griev-ing it w ~ l l
v v
sor row, ban - ish ev -
'ry sigh; I t will bring you gladness, make your
- - -
bit t e r ness and gloom de part; I t will chase the shadows and the

soon sup-plant, I t will make you sweet and true and r a di - $nt. -
strength complete, Keep you smil- ing, cheer-ful, kind to all you meet.
- -
clouds a way; Naught but light can lin ger where love's pow'r holds sway.

- - .-
mine.. . ..... Let faith di- vine.. . ... . . Flow in till floods of
11 hd --,
0 heart,of
, 0 heart of mine Let faith di - vine

1 'd
light thy love and hope in-crease! . . Bring endless joy and per- fect peace!

- Copyright, lh,b;?d. L,YoPhail. '.
. '
- -
-. 8. ."--JFy--
- " =
*;- -.
- -

=i&j'&'though t%?Fig rice 'Shall not Bloom.

1. Al-thongh the & -6 s h z not bloom,'kor.frnit be in the viG

2 And tho' the flock all he cut off No herd be in the atall,
3. Tho' stars shall fall, and sun be dim; Tho' moon be turned to blood,
4. Tho' fam - h e , earth-quake, pest-i-lence, In di vers plac - ea roam,
5. Yea, Lord, we know that Thon dost care Tho' all be - low for eake, -

Tho' friends that should af - ford de-fence Be tray ns in their home;
Thon wilt not let ns lose a hair Or bear, nn-known. an ache.

- -

And tho' the 01 ive yield shall fail, The fields re fuse their meat,
In TBeq our Rock, we will re-joice Thou mak est sure our fwt,
Tho' roar the sea,-tho' -
bil lows rage, And men's hearts fail fer fear, %

Tho' par ente, Ens-folk, all should hate Be - came we love Thy name,
So tho' Thon shonldst see fit- , to slay Still we will t m t in Thee;

I dor
an - chor ndiae 4 t h in the vail
In bro ken paths well hear Thy voice
He who once bade the storm as-suage
We know, if pa tient - ly we wait
For Thou wilt bring us all the way
Hard by
G v - ing
On Gal
Joy com
To im -
- -
them&- cy
ns ico& ael
i lee, is
- shame.
9th af ter
- - ty_
mor-.tal i
- seat.
I 50 .; ' 3-Forever and Forever.
8.0.1 (Psr 46. I s r 6% 1L A. Ewnre.

1. For
2. Thy
- garments
ev - e r and
for ev - --
e r Thy throne shall be, 0 God,
are fra grant With al oes, cas sia, myrrh, - -
3. At Thy right hand the queen standa, In bean- ty's per fect mold, -
4. For -
all Thy sonl'e deep trav ail Thou shalt be sat is fied, - -

- -
With eq ni ty ' ~ hscep~ tre And love
And from grand gold en harp-strings Sweet har
- -
Thy rnl ing
- mo - nies con - cur;

Her mi- ment rich ly broid-ered In Oph - ir's wondrous gold;
More glad than Thy com pan ions-Not one - de - sire de - nied!

Be - came Thou ha test s - vil And loved the righteous . way,
To soothe and charm and glad-den, While daughters of the' King
With glad-ness and r e
The rich en-treat Thy fa
joic ing
- -- -
Her hap py vir gins &me
While Ty re brings 8 - gjft,

Thy God with oil "of glad ness- - -

An noint ed Thee &r aye.
NLJ bil i ty and - beau ty - h -to Thy pal ace - bring.
To join their queen all -
glo rious -
With in her heavenly home*,
The queen Thy lor ing
- -
help meet The whole world t. np - lift.&? -.
Are You Watching?

-3- I I
1. Are you watching for the pres-ence Of the Reap er of the field? -
2. - -
Art thou faint with wea ry vig ila, Look-ing for your coming Lord?
3. Sad, in-deed, i t seems, my brother, Viewed a-lone from earth-ly height;
Think thou not God's arm ie shortened, When up on that heighth you stand;
Know His presence then, my pi1 -grim; "In like manner,"hath He come;
I -

Know est thou what signs proclaim ~ i m ,To t6e world yet un-re-vealed?
Haet thiie eyes grown dim with weeping, Sick a t heart with hope deferred?

Do you gaze with strain-ing vis ion For the dawn ing of the- --I'
Sore dis-cour-aged a t the prospect Of the field so full of tares;
Climb the peak,thou wea ry pi1-grim, Of our God's e-ter nal - truth,
Tho' the night precedes the morn-ing, Yet a t last shall rise the Sun;
Tares are burning, wheat is garn'ring, Soon shall all he gathered in;

Can'st thou hear the le gions tramping - - -
On E man u al'e highway?
While the Prince of E vil worketh, To surround the church with ~nares?
And from thence sur-vey the landscape; Then ohalt thou re-new thy path.
And the shad-ows qnick-Iy vanished, Shall pro-claim the morn-ing come.
Greet, ye saints, the Lord of bar,- vest, -
Who shall tri umph o -
ver sin.
152 0,Set T h y Love on Things Above.

1. 0, set thy love on things a-bove, And iix firm thine af - fec - tion!
2. 0 , set thy love on things a-hove! Do not re-pine or sor row; -
3. 0, set thy love on things a bove, Nor fret for earth- ly pleasures,
4. 0, set thy _love on - -
things a-bove!-They'll sat is fy corn plete ly; - -

Do not es tray or - -
turn a way From God's love and pro tec tion; - -
On faithful friend do not de-pend, And do not troub- le bor-row,
They but de ceive and - - -
deep ly grieve, So cov e t heavenly treasures.
k o m flat ter y and - - van - -
i ty Tarn thou a - way dis creet - ly.-

- - -
What e'er he-tide, 0, still a bide With in His Tab er nac 10,- - - I I
- I-

Trust in the Lord and in His word,And Thou shalt find eon-tent ment, -
The wealth and worth of this old earth But for a day can please us,
The H?z?nly Spouse will safe ly house Thy soul from ev 'ry sor row, - -

The ho ly place,where with Hs grace, Sin's chains can nev - er shack le.
i -
For give thy foe nor wish h
im woe, No room have for re sent -ment. -
- -
'Tis on ly loss, 'tis on ly dross; 0, give thy heart to J e sue! -
- - -
And E ,to day and yes - ter day, He'll faith fa1 be to.- mor row. -
153 The Trumpet Call is Sounding.

1. he trum- pet _oZl * sound-ing, -0, bast en tp the fray, A-
2. Though Sa - tan's hosts seek ref-nge, Be hind sin's might-y wall, The
- ++ - + -f
3. Then when OW Cap tain bids us, Lay sword and a r mor down; Each
- I
v *
I t
' I '
t P .
I t

Egh your songs of tri-nmph, And count the bat- tle won,For faith may claim the
ia -
Je ho - vah's promise,That prom-ise we' map c l a i m h d all the way prove
if with Him we suf- fer, En-dnr ing toil and pain, He a1 - so will ex-

&a - quest, Ere yet the fight's be-&

- t vie&@ toia Thro' our Re-deem-er'e name, Fear not me host of

sit us, With Him in pow'r to reign.
e- vil, The
Be a Joyful Witness*
KATE U m . , H.L. MoPmn.

He ia near, Tho' the path looks drear; Sad or down-cast nev-er be,
trust Him still, Seem it good or ill, Be the pathway bright or dim,
wit ness bear, To His ten - der c a r ? L Then when yon be-hold His face,

Let your brow from care be free. Keep your light clear and bright,
- -
Nev er lose your faith in Him, .Look a bove till His love
Saved and glo ri - -
fiekby grace, End less praise yon shall raise


Shine that all may see.

'Brightens shad-ows grim. Be -
a joy fnl wit-ness true, $ow-ing
In yon blefs ed place.

1 what His grace can do, Live and sing for your King, Ti11 His face yon view.
155 Oh, for a Thousand Tongues!
"I will H e e Thee. 0 Lord, with my whole heark."-Psalm 9: 10.

I 1. Oh, for a thou - - sand todgues t o sing My great Re-deem-ers's

2. J e - sns! the name that soothes our fears, That bids our sor - rows

......Re - deem - er's praise, The -

I praise, My great
cease. That bids
......our sor - rows cease: 'Tis
glo ries of
mn sic in

- ner's ears. ' -

- est clean, - -

The tri-mphs of His grace. h e bi-umphs of His

?<.? Y-' 'Tie life, and health. ind peace; 'Tie life and herlth, and
u= C -
Hia blwd a vail'd for me, -
His blood a vail'd for


He, and health,and peace;. .......Tim life,. ..... and health, and ~eace.
blood a vail'd for me,. ......... blood. .... a - vail'd for me.

- -1
mate, The bri-omphs ot His grace. h e tri-umphs of His gnoel 1
perce, 'Ti8 life, and health, and peace. 'Tie life, and health, and peace. .
Ria -
blood a vaiSd for me. Hi Blood a -vailld for me. , - -
156 All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name!
E. PERBONF2T. Welsh Tune "DIADEM."
d l

I. All hail the iow'r of -

J e - sns' name! d e t an gels prostrate ;all,
2. Ye cho sen seed of Is - rael's race, Ye ransomed from the fall,
3. Ye saints whose love can -
ne'er for get The wormwood and the gall,
4. Let ev 'ry kni: , dred, -
ev 'ry tribe, On this ter-res-trial ball,

- -
Let an gels prostrate fall; Bring forth the roy - a1 di a - dem,
Ye ran-somed from the fall, Hail Him who saves you by His grace,
The wormwood and the gall, -
Go spread your tro phiee at His feet,,
On this t e r res- trial ball, To Him all maj - es - ty -
as cribe,

crown Him, crown Him,

11 V p 1
Lord of all,;
- L
- crown Him, And Arown HA Lord
of all.

.............................Him, . .And crown Him Lord of all.


157 It Gives Me Such Rejoicing in My Soul.

1. The tmm - pet of the jab - i - lee ia sounding far and near,
2. I see the com - ing glo - ry aa it lights the east - ern arch, -
3. Dark shad - ow8 now are creeping from the pres -enw of the light,
4. I'll ban - ish fear and sor- row, and qly faith shall'stand se - cure,

as they roll; With rapt - nre do I

I *- sweet-ly
My ears can catch the echa:@s
Eeav*n9smu-sic in my ears &? ring; The hoata of King Im-
No more to cast their gloom up - on the earth; My son1 in praise up-
I'm - liv ing now i n pres-ence of the King; I know there's none can

list ei to itti-
man n* el are
- -
dings sweet and clear:
up- on the march,
,- Eft sth, ' as it 9hws the glo rions sight.
h-rn me when de-fend .ed by such pw'r,
For it gives me wch re-
And I know it means the
For I know the king-dom
While the tramp-et of the

- jo&ing in my soz *
-.-pnm-Bnce of the King. -
Shout a loud in songs of glad-neae, Shout'&
noon ehall hiwe its b
id. -
- -
job i lea doth ring.
I F 1
It Gives Me such R&oicinp: in MY SsuL

M y Father, as Thou Wilt.

CAFS Y.vow wmm ur. H.

It I
I '
1. My Fa-ther, as Thou wilb! Oh, may Thy will be mine! In to Thy h a d of love
2. My @a-ther, as Thou wiltf *Tho' seen tho' many a tear,Let not my &tar of hope
3. ~y?!a-ther, ae Thou wilt! A11 shall be well for me;Each changing future scene
h d . k e,

Grow dim or dii - ap - pear; J e BUS on earth didst weep, & ~ dsor-row

I ad- ly trost with Tbee: Straight me a - bove I

I ss Thine own, And help me still to Bay, My Lord, Thy will IB done!
oft -
a-lone: S i c e I would fol low Him. MY Lord. Thy will be done!
Mrs. E. C. llmtmm. E. C. E~nmtias.

I 1. Grace euf-fi - cient is the prom- ise, MI& or lit -

tle, as Thy need;
2. Grace suf-fi - dent! Can we doubt Hi,Muet we still His good-ness prove?
- -
3. Grace suf-fi cient in the store-home, And the Mas ter holds the key!

- - -
I bmw there-from thy dai-ly por tion, On the heav'n ly man na feed-
i keep-ing, He will win thee with Hi love.
Give thy tithes in -to H
ev-ing, He will o -

I r
Joy to iill each pm-ing- mo-ment, Peace to glad - den ev-'ry hoz,
Ev er shall His pres-ence cheer thee,Light and truth thy path-way sow;
None can ask be-yond His giv - ing, A11 His mer cy may com-mand;

Strength to bear &t pressing bur den, Rest-ing in God's might-y pow'r.
Hope shall quick-en ev 'ry foot-step, Thou art known: so shalt thou know.
"Heaped, pressed down, and running o-ver," Is the meas-are of-Hie hand

11 Grace 8nf-fi-cientl grace snf-fi-cientl Nev- er aan Hi prom-ise fail:

Grace Sufficient.

Ev - er for Hi trust-ing chil-dren, Shall the pray'r of faith a - rail.

160 Let No Anxious Care Disturb Thee.

: -
161 : :- Strength for Today.

walk in ' ~ waysstrength
h ~ for the keep -ing my robes un de- filed,
- -
ear neat in pray'r; Pa tient in well do - - ing, faith - fulin heart,
F a - ther ly care; Tmst- ing, al-though I m i not nn-der-etand,
way from Thy aide; In life or death be Thou with me al- way;

&eagth to be hum-ble, as seem-0th Thy child.
Nev -- er, 0 Lord, from Thy truth to de - part. Strength to shun e -vil, to
h o w ing that Thou all my go inga haat plann'd.
Strength for to day, Fa-fher,atrength

1 that my rushlight burn clearly and l~rightlBtrangthtbctt I

cleave 0 the right?Rr~~@h
_ -
162 Blessed Saviour.

1. Bless ed Saviour, we a - dore Thee, For the love so frea-ly given.
- -
2. Pre cions or na - ment of glo -
ry, Thon didst leave Thy home a-bove,

Day andnight our hearts would praise Thee, For such blessed boon from heav'n.
That we all might know the sto - -
ry Of J e hov - ah's quenchless love.
- -
Keep us faithful, dear Re deem er, That we may meet with Thee there.

- -
We a dore Thee, we a dore Thee, That Thon bast our -
ran som given,
Oh, we praise Thee, oh, we praise Thee,That Thon didst His love thus prove,
We with glad-ness, we with gjad-ness,Would Thy love to -
men de clare,
Bless-ed Mas-ter, bless-ed Has-ter,Lead us gen - tly day by day,

We a - dore Thee, We a dore Thee, That Thou-haut our ran-som given.
Oh, we praise Thee, oh, we praise Thee, That Thou didst Hie love thus prove.
We with gladness, we with gladness, Would Thy love t a men dai- clam
. . 163
"The marriage of the ~T
a mhbise Crowning
come, Day.
and m is wife hatb made herself ready."-E~V. 1s:69.
Q. BL B ~ t l s . P.L.P a m .

1. When the crown-ing day shall come, "Hal-le In -jab!" And the an gel
2. When the crown-ing day shall come, "Hal-le - In- jah!" And His loo-ing
3. When the crown-ing day shall come, "Hal-le - In- jah!" And the saints the
4. Oh. the crown-inp dav shall come. "Hal-le - In - iah!" 'Tithis bless-ed

smile with rapture shall thrill All the ho ly ones who stand with the Bridegroom
judgment scepter shall take. All earth's tyrants and their schemesof oppression.
11 -
hope that fill- 0th my sonl; It is now my dai ly aim and a&-bi tion -

To the grand e - ter - &I home of the gGg;Oh, what r a - di anoe will-
On the heightsof Zi - on's glo - ri - ous hill; Then the eyes that see the
- -
Bs a curs ed pot-ter's ves eel to break;Then the slaves of e r - ror,
To be pure and free from world- 1y con-trol: Well a c s u ~ do f A! e-

11 ter - nal - -
sal va tion. If - -
the Gath of con se cra tion - I tread.

Bnd what maj -&-iyshall crown the6'New Crea&nre,"When the ev- er-last -ing
- -
While the feet that trod the thorn-path of do tp, Shall the heights of im-mor-
- -
- -
And be wefcom'd by the Spir it of Kindness, To the ev er flow-ing
I - _amlook-ing for my blest r e -ore a tion, In the like-ness of my
The Crowning Day.

. .

gates are nn-haired.
- -i ti tread. When the crowning day shall come,"Hal-le-In
wa tera of life.
- jah!"

love, of His lze.

Evening Prayer.

I$ I
F a - ther, now the day is o ver,-Wea-ry,
worn, my - self
I bring;

- - - -
My 20 fense less head, oh, cov e r "With the sha how Af i h y wing."
Lord, I come, my need con-fess-ing, "Make and keep me pure with in." -
Nake me strong-er for the mor-row, Gip
me peace and ho
lyh rest.-
165 I'm Running for the Prize Divine.
Q. M. BILLS. H.L. McPn~m.

2. God called me while I wan-dered still, His voice my spir-it charmed;

3. My blest e - lec - tion to re - tain, My call - ing to make sure,
4. Earth's roy-a1 pal - a - ces -
may fall, Her mar ble turn to dust;

I - - -
cov e t ed earth's sin ful spoils, I sought its gold en gains:
The trag ic scenes on Cal-dry's hill My reb el will dis-armed: -
I still mnst run thro' toil and pain, And to the end en- dnre;

dut . now it8 charms have passed a-way, Its tieas-ures are but dross,
The Sav - ior whis-pered to my soul-"Be- lieve and fol low me;" -
An earth - ly home may not be mine, Yet in exchange there stands
But for a cit - y -
I am bound Whose walls e ter nal shine; -

I'D &I the chris - tian race to - day, I start - ed a t the cross.
Im mor tal heir - - ship is thy goal, Since "I have chos-en Thee!'
For me a build - iug all di - m e - "A home not made with hands!'
- Where with my dear Re - deem - er crowned, The king - dom shall be mine.

1 I'm run-ning for - -

the prize di vine, Joint heir ship with my Lord;


Copyright, 1896, by M. L. MoPhaii.

I'm Running for the Prize Divlne.

11 Earth and its hon - om I re-sign To gain this -

re ward.

- -
166 - - : Oh, I A m So Happy.

1. Oh, I ' am so hap py all the day, My bur-dens have all rolled a-way;
2. Oh, I am so hap - py all the time,Hope's bells .of joy so sweetly chime;
3. Oh, I am so hap -py in the Lord, He is my shield and my re-wed;

'm trusting in
y Lord,And I
, aetend All my jour-ney to
Noval-ley0 I fear While my Comforter


11 I know I am H
s an& He is mine, My all to His care I
i now resign;
Fullness of Joy.

1. 'Tie sweet in the pres-ence of J e - sus to dwell, Tho' troub-les and

2. A - bun-dant - ly
furnished with grace for our needs, When Sa- tan at-
3. To - -
work for our Lord is a priv i lege rare, Each mo-ment of
4. 0 - - -
glo ri ous pros-pect-if faith ful till death-Of bliss that no

- - -
tri als
tempts to
t i e to
noy, To con- stant- ly feel His a p - prov a1 =d
de coy, Christ flies to our res- cue-to
- -
vic - to - r y
em ploy; Co reap ers with Him in the har-vest to
foe can -
de stroy! Made one with theBridegroom,all na-tions t o bless:

In this there is full-ness of joy! Fullness of joy! yes, fullness of joy!

11 Serv-ing our Mas-ter with hearts full of joy! Soon we will fin - ish our
In the Winepress Alone.
~ T T E

1. In the dusk of the sor-row-ful hours,The time of our trouble and tears,
2. And therefore He knows to the utmost,The pangs that a mortal can bear;
3. How snd-den so e'er the dis - as - ter, Or heav-y the hand that may mite;
4. From Him, in the night of His tri- al, Both heaven and earth fled a way;

With frost at the heart of the flow-ers,And blight on the bloom of the years.
- - -
No mor tal has pain that the Mas-ter Re fus es to heal or to 8hare.
We're yet in the grace of theMas-ter, We nev-er areout of Hissight.
Hie bold-est had on $ de ni al, H - - -
i dear-est had on ly dis may.-

Lie the moth-er voice ten-der-ly hushing,The sound of the sob and theLmoan;
And -
the ories that ascend to the Loving,Who bruised Him for ns to a tone;
Tho' the winnowing winds of temptationJiay forth from all quarters be blown;
With a cloud o'er the face of the Father, He entered the anguish unknown;

l r r
~h~ 1908, br Id. L. IdcPhail.
169 Teach Us Submission, Lord.

1. Teach ns - -
w b mis sion, Lord, That we Thy will may do;
3. Teach ua the pow'r o
4. Ow wills we now s

- hold, s w - tain and corn - fort Thon, And bring us safe - ly throe.
keep our minds on Thee in - tent, That we may nev-er stray.
may it a eweet sav
-- -
or be, As cend ing to the skies.
chil-&en keep from Sa tan's wiles, Thy glo ry soon to see.

Well Done.

1. When work on earth for me shall ceaae,And I am called to realms of peace,
- -
2. 0, may the joy m-preme be mine, When I be hold Hi face di - vine;
3. His ho ly will I fain would do, In faithful serv-ice glad and true;
4. Een as He did His Fa - theis will, Bia plan for me would I ful fill;
6. Then when I view life's lat est sun. When earthia ~ast.andheadn % won:

- 0, may I rh' my Sav ionr psy,Vdl done,"to m e in tk&blest day.
Te hear my Saviour's sweet voice eay,"Welldone,"to me m W blest day.
-- - --
His name a lone would glo ri fy Thus es er feel H2 presenee nigh.
Thro'pam e ->:-
Wouid go wher-e'er He send 0th me. And on ly what He ohooseth be.
n a op- vyr there, I in my Sav iour'a j o skalllare.
1. The Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be well sup - plied,
2. He leads me to the place Where heav'nly past me - grows,
3. If e'er I
-- go -
a stray, He doth my
- son1 re
yield to
- claim,
5. A
6. The
4. While He af
mid sur
bonn- tier
fords Hia aid
round ing foes
of Thy love
I can not
Thou dost my
Shall crown my
ta -

S i He is mine and I am His, What can I ;at be -eihe?

- - -
Where liv ing wa ters gen tly pass, And fall sal va tion flows.
And guides me in His own right way, For His most ho ly name.
- --
Tho' I should walk thro'death's dark shade,My Shepherd's with me there.
My - --
cup with bless-iogs o ver %ow, And joy ex alta my head.
Nor from Thy Bonse will I re move, Nor cease to speak Thy praise.

172 T h y Plan Reveals T h y Love, 0 Lord;

- -
'1. $by plan re ?veak Thy love, 0 .Lord, Thy wis dom, just ice, pow'r;
2. The bright &l leu - nial Day is near When all the world shall see
3. In that day all shall know Thee, Lord, The earth will be re-stor'd, :
4 I want to h e a life of praise, 0, teach me. Lord, the way.
hie ~ a d i a n tDawn.

1. The ra-diant dawn of gwpel light, The prophet saw in via-ion bright,
2. The blind their eyes shall o - pen.wide; To drink the light's e'er-flow-ing tide,
3. And there shall be a ho ly way, h which the simple shall not stray,-

And hailed th' au-#pi-cions day, When Christ would all His grace dis-close
The deaf sweet mu sic hear; The lame like bounding hart shall leap;
- -
The path so plain and bright; Way far - ing men there in shall walk,

And cure the world of all its woes, By truth's tri-umph-ant sway.
The dumb no long er si-lence keep, But shout Redemp-tion near.
And of their home and kindred talk, With rapt-ure and de light. -

Eternal God.

1 - -
1. E ter nal God, Thou light divine, Fountain of -
nn ex- hapet-ed live,
- -
2. Thou prt the waa ry wand'rer's rest, Give me the ea sy yoke to bear;
3. ~e Thou, 0 Rock of A gee, nigh! So shall each mnrm'ring thought be gone,
4. Speak to my war-ring pasaions,"Peace?' Say to my trembling beart,"Be still;"
Eternal God. .-

Oh, let Thy glo -ria6 on me shine, In earth beneath,from heav'n a-bove.
With ateadfast patience arm my breastwith spotless love and low ly fear.
And grief, and fear, and care shall fly, As clouds be-fore the mid-day sun.
Thy pow'r my strength and fortress is, For all thin0 eerve Thyhoy-lyho 1 will.

Uplift Thine Eyes.

- - -
I Chaste vir gin, clad in
robee of white, 0 bey ing His com-mand.
Long hae He wait ed for Hi bride, His arms out-stretched in love;
- -
Then meet thy Lord with smil ing face, And ban ish ev 'ry fear; -
Press On!

- - -
1. Press on, press on! ye sons of light, Un tir ing in yonr ho - lj-fight,
2. Press on, press on! thro' toil and woe, With calm resolve, to tri - omph go,
- 3. Preas on, press on! still look in faith To Him who vanq8ished sin and death

t, --
177 Blessed are They Who Sigh and Mourn.
H.0.H. Matt. 6: 8-13. W.B. B~ADBWY.

. I I
Tho' now they am distressed, forlorn-They shall be oheer'd and laved and led.
-- - -
Al tho' their flesh is frail and weak, J e hov - ah hearkens to their prayere.
Bless ed are they in spir it poor, With heaven they shall be sat - is fied. -
Bless ed are they whose hearts are pare, The sight of God they soon sball gain.
Their joy ehall con-stant-ly in-crease, By strife tfieirliis shall notbe galled.
Re joice and be ex - c ~ d ,ing -
- glad, For great is yonr re w? heaven.
I 78 T h y Precepts, Lord, Are My Delight.

1. ~ i ypre-cepta, Lord, are my de light, And to my taste most sweet;
2. Show us Thy troth from day to day, Thy wondrous things make plain;
4. Thy, pre cepte are my hi! ing place, A -
3. Snares for o m feet the foe hath laid, But to Thy words we flee;
- re: nge safe and sure;

li --
My eke@ by day, my song by night; My ev ery need they meet,
Then Thy commands we will o bey; And from all sine r e - frain.
They bid onr hearts be not a fraid, On -
ly to h t in Thee.
kesh with the dew of heav'nly pace, Thy word ie ver y - pure.

Jehovah Reigns.
A. J. K

- - - -- --
1. Je ho vah reigns in ma jes ty With- out be-gin-ning or
2. Love. Hia moat roy a1 a t trib ute, Stands there supreme a-bove them all;
an end;
3. The h e a h l y choirs now chant Hispraise,And with sweet joy that praise pro-long;
- -
4 Day nn @ d$y re veals His love, Night un- to night His mer cy shown;
5. His gracious Sen we love as well, To whom all pow e r He has given;

No 0th er gods can be, Such roy - a1 who dare of - fend?
While claims of jtu
And won the choira
- compar'd
tice none diipute, 'Tk love that saves man from the fall.
of earth shall raiegTheir v o b in re-demp-tion's eong.
And ag 4age Hi wonders prove,Hia people'a ad' - o - ra - tion @om.
With at_& w e hope to dwe?k ,In that blest home prepare5 ,in heav'n.
Jesus Our All.

3. Clothed in Thine own right - eons - ness, Seek we Thy dear face;

1 Grant
ns each a per fect -
but heav'n snch hearts can
and guard our ev 'ry
While we lin - ger here.
Filled with things di
we run the race.
Kee~ us safe from all our foes. -
Make us t m lv Thine.

What is T h e r e Here?

1. What ia there here? Why should we stay While pin - ing for our home?
- d

- -
2. We will all hu man rights re sign And Hi pro - tec - tion claim,
3. 0 What a bless - ed hope ia ours! While here on earth we stay,
- -
4. We feel the re snr rec - tion near, Our l i e in Christ concealed,
5. 0 would He more of heav'n be - stow, And let the ves - eel break,
6. In rapturous awe on Him to gaze, His bride, be - loved to be,

- -
And with Hi glo rions pres-ence here, Our earth en ves sels filled. -
And tet our ran- som'd spir its go To find the love we seek!
And wor ship Him and sing Hie praise Thro' all e ter ni ty. - - -
- Have Courage.
1. shall I re-deemed by J e - sus' blood, Re- fuse His cross t o share;
2. Clothed in the a r - mor -
He pro-vides, And trust ing in my Lord;
3. - -
En tan gled not in things of earth, I'll fight the fight of faith;
4. I'll fol - low Him who -
went be fore, Who bore the cross for me;
5. With Him a t last t o dwell in peace, His good- ness to a - dore;

Or shrink t o cross the swell-ing flood, That. I may meet Him there?
1'11 meet 211 foes, what - e'er be -tide, En - cour-aged by His word.
Tho' of earth's joys there be a dearth, I'll faith - ful be till death.
E'er bat - tling in -
this glo rious war, Till death shall s e t me free.
From all earth's tri -als sweet re-lease, Safe on that f u r - ther shore.

T h e Christian's Strength.

1. he chis-tian's strength is in His Lord,His in -spi- ;a - tion in the word;


2. A part from Christ, the Son of God, A - part from cleans-ing in His blood,
3. But Christ has diedl and shall sin live? Can-not He keep all who be-lieve?
4. The Christ, who died on Cal-dry's tree, Now in-ter cedes in heav'n f o r me!

k i s pow'r t o tri-umph I o ver sin, When Christ,his Sav-ibnr reigns with-in.
Our hearts are sin-fol, prone to stray From the ap - point &, nar-row way.
His pow'r suf-fi-cient is, t o save, For He han ris en W m the grave.
On Him a-bove, I will de - pend, To keep me till my j o ~ r - n e ~ ' ~ n d .

184 I Need Thee, Precious Jesus.

1. 1 need Thee,preciona Je-sne! I want Thy love to win; For I am sad

2. 1 need Thee, bless-ed Je-sns! For I am ver y poor; A stranger and
3. I need Thee, blesa-ed Je-sns! I need a friend like Thee; A friend to soothe
4. I need Thee, b l e e d Jegna! And hope to see Thee soon; En-cir cled with

and lone- ly; My heart is weak with - in: I need the cleansing fountain,Where
-- - --
a pi1 grim, I have no earth ly store: I need the love of J e sns To
and pit y, A friend to care for me:. I need tbe heart of J e sus To
the rain-bow, And seated on Thy throne:There,with the blood-bo't children,My

I can &wags flee-The bbod of Christ moat p~0118,The~tian'eperfect plea.
cheer me on my way, To guide my doubting footsteps,To be my strength and stay.
- -
feel each gnxione care;To tell my ev 'ry trouble, And all my sor-rows share.
joy shall ev- er be, To sing Thy praises, J e sns, To gaze my Lord on Thee.

k. 3.116. LOWELL MASON.

----:-:- w

' ' TS
A '
-'& Ye Saints With Watchful Care.

' -- -me Ye Saints.

Ceme pe saints ta Him who calls you, To the Lard ye love so well; ,'
{ Quick m c e p t the work He giresyou, And to all the eta ry tell. -
1 - -
Be aot wea ry in the con flict; Cast on Him your ev 'ry care;
Rtos He of *em, cro- He'll give yon, And a man-sion bright and fair. }
1 - -- -- -
To all men He brings ul va tion, Lit en to the joy ful sound,
Spread the news of ree ti tu tion, Shout the bless-ed ti dings round;
1 ,
- - --
Fall en an gels, too, may list en To the newxi to as so sweet;
!fay they hear the call to mar cy, When the Lord His saints shall meet. 1

1 -
Shoat ~m.p&s b, 8 6 U t His
Oh, the rapCure, oh, the
prais -'m,
rapt- nre
And f&r joy hl k t h ~ m swell;
When wel'mee.t Him in the air;"
&read the ti-ding& spread the
All may brostrate. all may
ti dings
prostrate - - --
To the earths re mot est bound;
At the bless ed mer dy seat;

I I I 1 8.d
Shont Hi praia-es, shout His iraie es,
Oh, the rapbum, oh, the rapt w e - -
Spreaiithati-dings,spreadthe ti- dings,
And sour joy - ful an-thems swell.
To = -
When we- "meet Him in the air."
earth's re - mat -a& bound. "7.
All may pmtrate, all may prostrate At the blem ed mer -'og seat.
I - CI
Welcome to Me.
Arr. by Wn.EIZUBY

1. Welcome to me the dark- est night, If there the Saviour's presence bright
2. Welcome the fiercest waves that roll Their deep'ning floods to whelm my soul,
3. Welcome the thorniest path, if there The printmarks of His feet ap pear; -

Beam forth up on the soul dismay'd, And say,'"Tis I! be not a-fraid!"
He re - buke the storm of ill, And bid the tempest,"Peace, be still!"
If in His foot-steps we may tread, And fol-low where our Lord hath led.

188 In the Path Our Feet Are Pressing.

11 1. In the path our feetare press-ing, Which our Sav - ionr trod be - fore;
2 Nar row lies the way be - fore ns; May we nev - e r from it stray.
3. Strait and nar - row path of du -
ty, Ev - -
er plain be fore w lies;
4. Bet ter far than fad - ing pleasures,Found a-long "De-struc-tion'sWroad;
5. Lord, we seek Thy gen - tle lead-ing, Keep Thy sheep from harm we pray;

Glad ly we, Thy - -
truth con fese ing, Own Thy won-drous love and pow'r.
Hear as, Lord, in -
mer cy aid us, Walk with patience day by day.
i' On itn b o r - d a - -
ihine in beau ty,Flow'n that bloom in Par a dise. -
For we seek the - -
heav 'nly treasures, Those which lead ne un to God.
The Varying Scenes.

1. Since all the vary- bgscenes of time God's watch-ful eye sur-v&,
2 Good, when He gives, su-preme ly good; Nor lees when He de nies; -
3. Why should we doubt a Fa-ther's love, So con-stant and so kind!

Oh, who so wise to choose our lot, Or to i p point our ways!
Edn cross-es, from His sov-'reign hand, Are bless-ings in dis-guise.
- -
To His an err ing, gra-cioue will -
Be ev 'ry wish re-signed.
There let it fill some hum ble place -
Be neath my Lord the Lamb!

Day t o Day.

1. Day -
by day the man na fell: Oh, to learn this ies son well! -
2."Day - -
by day" the prom ise reads; Dai- ly strength for dai ly needs;
3. Lord, our times are in Thy hand; A11 our sanguine hopes have planned,
4. Thou o w dai ly task shalt give;

- -
Still by con stant mer cy fed, Give us, Lord, our dai ly bread. -
- -
II( -
Cast forebod ing feara a way; Take the man na of to day!
To Thv wis dom we re-sign. And would mould onr wills to Thine.
So ahah add ed pears $11- fk..
No! our own, our ~a-thedwill.
191 His W a y I s Best.
GlolTRrnMW. ~ E ~ & I L T . M. L. MOPEAIL.
Not toof a t

I 1. HOW-maet to feel ~ o d ' swill ia beet, And in this pre-ciona tho't t o rest;
2. Oh, how it helps SII bear the pain, Oh, how it makes US strong a-gain!
3. To a c
m e who take Hia will an beat, He granta His per-fect peace and mt,
4. Then why should hearta grow weak or faint, Why should we ev er make oomplaintl

To know, whatev e r may be - tide, Tie 'beat, for He ie by our side!
The mld and gloom of dark eat night It fills with warmth and heav'nly light!
- -
And ev er givee them day by day His grace euf- fi cient on the way.
bat ne preag on with upturned face,And f ~ llow where we can-not trace!

+ I
"& D. S.-I
' 3
- -
h n o , w ~er n q be tide, HdU n c ~ er--nev- - er leave my side.

K. W. Eama'1Y)x.

1. LoEd, here I bring my mK, 'Tie -all I hsve to give;
2 To own no will but Thine, To aaf fer lose
- - or h e ;
3. Hence-forth my ev 'ry pow'r Each day for 3hee to we,
,161 in-CR)888 of
- .

Cansecration. Concluded.

My heart's
All t h i i
My hande,
de - she is who1 ly ~ h h ~enoe-forth
e for Thee to live.
to bear, if on ly I May glo ri - fy Thy name.
my feet, my lips, my dl, As Thou, my Lord, shalt choose.
That I by faith may walk with Thee Till 1. be -hold Thy face.

We Praise Thee, Lord.

1. We prsiee Thee, Lord, for Thou art wise, All things i o Thee are
2. We praise Thee, Lord, for Thou art just, Thy judg-mente sure and
3. We praise Thee, Lord, for Thon
4. We praise Thee, Lord, for Thou
art love, Thon hat eat sin a-
art strong, All pow'r 21 Thine, and
6. We love The, F a ther, Thon
6. Help as to live henae-forth
art good, Thy pit -
y met our
for Thee, Ow Light, our Life, our

k~own, The end wasplann'd ere earth did rise And wie dom
. right;
Man dis o -beys, and goea
Soon shali Thy works, ad mired
a - dust,
ran - somed,
all the
might; Us Thou hast healed, and now ere long Day shall dis-
needs, Thon gav'st w life, a robe, and food, And blest is
AH, Till earth and heav'n Thy glo - ry see And low a-
0 Christ, Our Immortality.

1. 0 Christ, our im-mor-;a1 - i - ty, We have no life ex-cept i u v ~ h e e ;

2. 0 - - -
Christ, our im-mor-tal i ty, A mid earth's storms to Thee we flee!
3. 0 Christ, our im-mor-tal- i - ty, Our safe t y - is t o hide in Thee;
4. 0 -
Christ, our im-mor- t a l - i ty, Death has no sting nor vic - t o ry, -
5. 0 Christ, our im-mor- tal - i - ty, No dark-ness can be found in Thee;

. . . . . r . .

I. I i,~i,i,ti i I

Thou art our res - ur-rec-tion breath, And without Thee is end-less death.
No wind -
this Sol id Rock can break, No flood this Sure Foundation shake.
Thy blest Redemption LOW we claim, And life re ceive thro' J e - sus' name.
Since for -
Thy peo-pleThou didst win The great sal- va tion from all sin.
And in - -
to ev 'rv trustine heart Thou dost the lieht and life im- art.

Im-mor-tal-i-ty, Im-mor-tal-i-ty Is Je-sus'gift to me;

I95 Leave Me Not. VONWEBER.

1. Leave me not, 0 pre-cious

2. Leave me not, 0 pre-cious Sav-iour! Grant Thy mer - cy long a-bused;
3. Leave me not, 0 pre-cious Sav-iourl Tho' my heart with in is stained; -
4. Leave me not, - -
0 pre-cious Sav-iour! Ev er more my will con trol; -
Leave Me Not.

In That Day.

I They shall re -ceive a great re w$d

When I shallmake my jew
els up
all their tri - als will he o'er
- - In

They to my pre-cepts are a1 ways true, Do - ing my will in the

Ueed by permission of Henry Date, owner of the copyright.

L- .--,?$-T
197. Desiring Mot That Sinners Die:
A.J. M. I w o B- W.M)DBWY.

- -
1. De sir ing not that sin-nera die, Our Sav-ionr hung up on the tree;-
2. But, best of all, to them He's gi?n, Who here His sflrings glad-ly share,
3. Then give ns patience, Lord, we pray, To fol low in Thy footsteps here;

And that they all from wrath might fly, Sur ren-der'd life most will - ing - ly.
Bad have by faith with Him &risen, A right to share Hii glo ry there. -
That we m y keep the nar-row way, And reign with Thee when o - ver there:

- - - .ue3i?

t98 Never Further-Than

- - T h y Cross.

- -
1. Nev -'er fur ther than Thy mom, Nev e r high e r than Thy feet;-
2 k ing thus our ain we see, Learn Thy love allilegw ing thw; -
3. ffare we learn to ~ e r r ema give, A d re -jeiq bag, Balf L ny;
- - -
4. M ing on ward as we can, Still to this our he& mnst tend;
5. ?tW a mi8 the hoste of light, We in Thee redeem'd, aomp-lete,
Never Further Than Thy Cross.

Here earth's precioua things seem dross; Here earth's bitter thingagrow sweet.
Si which laid the cross on Thee, Lore,wBich bore the croee for us.
Here we gatlt -er love to live, Here we gath er faith to die.
- - -
Where our earliest hopes be gan, There o b last as pir ings end.
Thro' Thy cross made pure and white, Cast our crowns be fore Thy feet.

199 One More Day.

- -
1. %a a w e dqy, dear Lor&,has p88s'd us, Now the sun sinks to its rest;
2. A t our best we do so lit tle, That we would dis-cow-aged be;
3. When our even i s prafr we of fer, Gra- ciom - Ip in - cline Thine ear;

May it near-er Thee have bro't a, And to os its work be blest;

Were it not that ev - 'ry tit tle Count-ed is, denr lord, by Thee.
All that's Thine to Thee we p~of-fer, Keep our hearts de void of fear.

l For each day we m n t b& lm, should it bring to

- -
na no croee.
Thua we la bor day by day, Give os dai ly grace, we pray.
Soon the *aha-dowg of the night, Shall give place t o morn-ing light.


200 F-
Step by Step.
- grmUrsm. II. L. POPEAIL.

When the ehad-ows thickly gath- er, Cloud - ing all thy on-ward w
:<''P. z
2, Shonld the corn-ing days bring bur-dens, Or be f m g h t with grief or care;
%Dai -
$. - ly strength He ev-er giv eth, For each day rich grace be-stows;
4 Then why should we shrink or fal-tar, When the on-ward path looks dim;

D. s.-B& &at h tie

Fut ure li - - -
eth, In Elis mer e l He eon hals.

n1 Step by step He leads me on -ward Step by step the wag re verlr; - 'y

1 7 I

20.1 Great Jehovah.

Then hast of-fered, Great J e -ho - vah, Crowns of life tha$ we may wear;
' {If - -
we fol low our Be-deem er, And with Him a s aufPrings abare. )
Great Jehovah.

I 1-4. Hear ns now, hear us now,
5. Crowns to wear, crowns to wear,
be fore Thy throne we bow.
we but His suff-'rings share.


1. Since thy Fa-ther's arm ens-tains thee, Peaceful be; When a chast'ning
2. With-out mur-mur, nn-corn-plain-ing, In His hand -
Lay what ev er -
3. Fear est sometimes that thy Fa- ther hath for -got? Tho' the clouds a-
- - -
4. There-fore what-so e'er be tid eth, Night or day, Know His love for

?and restrains thee, It is He; Know His love in full completeness,

- -
things thou canst not Un der-stand. Tho' the world thy fol ly spurn-eth,
found thee gath er, Doubt Him not. Al-rwys bath the day-light bro-ken,
- -
thee pro - vid eth Good a1 way. Crown of aor - row glad ly wear-ing,-

Feel the measure of thy weakness: If He wound thy spirit sore,Trust Himmore.
From thy faith jn pit- y turn-ethPeace thy inmost soul shall fill, Ly-ing still.
At-ways hath He comfort spoken,Better hathHe been for years Than thy fears.
Ev e r cheer-ful, ne'er despairing, Sweetly bending to His will Ly-ing still. .
'r l ~ w
e i t h Me Lord.
An. P.

1. Be &if& rne'~ord,when h t I wake, Aa the faint lights of morning break;

2. B% with me in the sul-try noon,Let earth's low cam for Thee make room;

k~~ Bid par-est tho'ts with-in me rise Like cry - stal dew-drops to the skies.

1. ~ihne Thy whnd9ring sheepbe-hold; Sea, brd, with yearning pit-y eee
2 Be wil-dered now snd scat-tered wide, In doubt and wear-i-new and want!
3. Thou, on - ly Thou, the kind and good And sheep re-deeming Shepherd art;
' 4 -
. 0 pen their month and ut-ter-ance give;Give them a trumpet-voice, to call
6. Thy on - ly glo- ry 1etLhem~eek; 0 let-qeir he*, with love o'er-flow

.=. =

- The sheep that cannot find the fd&Till a u g h t and gathered in by Thee. .
WtJLno kind shepherd near to guide And lead,them to t h bI@ truth-font. .-
Col-lect Thy flock,and give them food,And pdws sf-ter Thilre own heart.
On all mankind to turn and live, ThrosfzW hi Eiii who died for all
@t them believ? and thhrefore epeak,knd spread Thy y m y * s ~ a i s bdow.
Christian, When T h y Way.

1. Chris-tian, w h ' t h y way seems dark-est, ~ h thine

d eyes with tears are dim,
2. Syrn pa- thy of friends may cheer thee When the fierce, wild storm is past;
3. All thy griefs by Him are or-dered, Need - ful is each one for thee,
4. Far too well thy Sav - ior loves thee, To a1 low thy life to be
5. Though His wise and lov- ing pnr pose Clear- ly now thou mayst not sqe,

strakht to God thy Fa- ther hast'nij~g;ex -

thy sor-rows un to Him.
- -
But God on 4y can con sole thite;When -
it breaks up on thee &st;
All thy fears by Bi are count -ed, One too much there can-not be; .
- -
'One long, calm, un bro-ken snm mer, One - -
un mf fled, storm-lee sea.
- -
Stin believe, with faith un shak en, All shall work for good to thee.

- -
Not 40 hu man ear oon fid - mg, Thy sad tale of grief or care,
- -
Go with words or tears of si lence, On ly lay them a t Hie feet;
And if,whilst they fall so quick-ly, Thoucanst own H i way is right,
- - -
He would have thee fond-ly nest ling, Clos e r to His lov ing breast.
Therefore, when way seems darkest, And thin: eyes with tears are dim,

- - -
k,v Then each bit ter tear of an gubh Pre-cions is in J e sna' sight.
He would have that world seem brighber, Where a - lone (I per feat mat.
- -
.Straight to God thy Pa ther hast'ning, Tell thy aor -rows nn to Him.
Call Jehovah T h y Salvation.
r. Psalm 91.

li - - - -
1. Call J e ho vah thy sd ;a tion, Rest beneath the Almighty's i z e ;
2. From the sword a t noon-day vast-ing, From the noisome pes ti1 ence- -
8 Since with pure and 6rm af - fecLtion, Thou on God haat set thy love,

-- - - - -
In His se cret hab i t a tion Dwell, nor Lv
D. S. Guile nor vi o lence can harm thee, In s - ter --nale r safe
be dig-mayed;
- ty there.
In the depth of mid-night blast-ing, God shall be thy sure de -fence;
D.S. Mer - cy shall thy soul de - liv - er, Tho' ten thou - sand be laid low.
With the wings of His pro - tec - tion He will shield thee from a - bove:
D. S, Here for grief re-ward thee doub- le, Crown with life be - yond the grave.
h fl

- -
There no tn-mult can a lirm thee, Thou shalt dread no hid den snare;
- -
Fear thounot the dead ly qniv er, When a thou-sand feel the blow;
Thou shalt call on Him in troub le. He will heark-en. He willsave:

Go Labor On.

1. Go la bor on; spend and be spent,Thy joy to 'do thy F a - their &I;
- -
2. Go la bor on; 'tie not for naught;Thy earth ly loss ie heavenly gain;
8 Go la- bor on; enough. while here,If He shall praise thee, if He deign
4. Men sit in darkness a t thy side, With-out a hap9 beyond the tomb:
5. Go la - bor on; thy hands are weak,Thy knees are fsint, thy soul oaat down,
Go Labor On.

I 1
It ie the way the as-ter w'ent; Should not the a&-ant tread i t stiil?
Men heed thee,love thee,praise thee not; The Master prais-es-what are men?
Thy will-ing heart to mark and cheerNo toil for Him ahall be in vain.
Take up the torch and wave it wide, The torch that lights the thickest gloom.
Yet fa1 - ter not: the prize ye seek, Is n e a r - a king - dom and a crown!

208 Shout Aloud for Jesus.

A. J. I.

- -
1. Shout, shout a lond for Je- sns, Ye ihos en of the Lord; beak forth is
2. Shout, shont a -loud for J e - sus, Yonr tmst in Him re-pose; For in His
3. Shont, shout a - lond for J e sue, For God His pow'r doth lend; And of this
- -
4. Shout, shout a lond for Je sns, Ye saints who love His name, The roy a1 -

proc -la- ma-tion, Uphold His preciona word. With conrage pressing forward,All -
- -
loo ing kindness, He91 save from all thy foes.The arm or He pro-vid-0th' Will
might- y con-flict, Ye soon shall see the end. Then ev-'ry o -ver- com er Hie
- -
proc la- ma-tion Speak forth the world to gain; Till ev 'ry earth-ly cr;eatn;e S p l l

- - 1 I
en e mies overcome;And ne'er give up the conflict, Un -I ti1 the work is done. 3
shieldfromev-'ry harm;And Setan ne'er be-@I-eth, Pro-tect-ed by His arm. -I _I
crown of lifeshall wear,And with the blessed Saviour,His pow'r andglo-ry share.
loud Eo-san-nas sing, AndHeaven's Hal-le-lo-jahs Thro'-out the world shall ring. .:

Lo! He C Aies.

- - . .
rh!He comes with clouds de-scend-ing, Once for favored sin-nera blain;
' -
w a n d , thousand saints a t tend- bg, Swell the tri-nmph of His train; }
- -
Ev 'ry. eye shall soon dia cern Him Robed in might-y ma jea ty;
T h e m%o set a t naught and sold b,
- - )
P i d d and nailed Him to the tree,
- - - -
1 Yea, A men! let all a dore Thee, Sit ting on Thy lof ty throne;
Sav-lour, take the power and glo ry, Rule the kingdom,'tis Thine own;
m - ,-

Hal - -
le :lu jah, ha1
-- - I I
le lu- jah!Christ has come to earth to reign.
- -
Shamed, re-pent-ing, shamed, re-pent-ing, Shall the true Mes si ah see.
- -
Pre cioua Sav-iour, pre cious Sav-ionr, Crown'd with Thy im-mor-tal crown.

210 We Would See Jesus.

A B. W.
w *-
We Would See Jesus.

faith to strengthen, For the last wea ri ness-the - -fi nal strife. -
ag - - -
i ta tion, Can thence re move us, if - we see H i face.
- -
deep per sist ing, We well nigh faint, 'till strength we gain from Thee.
ria m, plead-ing, p e n wel-oome day, and fare-well mor tal night! -

Christ is Present.

1. Christ is pres-ent! let - -

cre a tion Bid her groans and tra-vil cease;
k Earth can now but tell the sto ry- -
Of the bit ter cross and pain;
3. Long
4. With
Thy ex ilea have
that bless ed hope
been pin-ing,
be -fore us,
Far from rest and home and Thee;
Let no harp re -main nn-strung;

- - -
Let the glo-rions pro cla ma tion Hope re-store and faith in-cream;
- -
She shall soon be hold Thy glo ry For Thou corn est now to reign; -
But in heav-'nly vestare shin ing Now they shall Thy glo ry see;
Let the mighty ad vent cho- rpe On- ward roll from_tongne to tongue;

Christ is pres-ent! Christ is pres-ent! Christ, the bless-ed Prince of Peace.

pres-ent! Let all hearts re - peat the atrain.
Christ is
Christ is
Christ is
pres-ent! Join the joy ous jub -
i lee.
pres-ent! Now to praise Him quick ly come.-
Everything I Give to Jesus.

- -- sus,
Ev 'ry-thing
{On the sac
All I have
I give to
- ri -
8 - cia1
full sur -
ren -
All I hope for,
Ev-'ry-thing I
der, That I may with
all I have:
free ly leave.
Thee a gree:
2' {F or Thy love so kind and ten - der, Makes Thee all in all to me.
- - - - -
4 Plac ing self
3' Cow age give
on the
lest I
fa1 - tar, May I Thine ap
ter, Grant to me tbe
prov a1 find;
heav'n-lg mind. }

May it find a sweet ac cep-tance, Will ing off-'ring may i t be; -
Naught of pleas-ure e'er shall tempt me, If the world the off 'ring make; -
- - -
Bow ing down in full sub mis sion, E'en ad ver si - tv seems sweet: - -

- -
For no mat ter what op pose me, All in all shall J e - *as be.
Since Thou canst not share them with me, I will suf fer for Thy sake. -
- -
Keep me, Lord, in such con di tion, That I may Thy pres ence greet.
h fl,
- h

213 The Master Meets our Every Need.

1. The Mas ter meets our
2. Then praise the Lord with
ev 'ry need, Wher-e'er our foot-steps go;
heart and voice, His lor ing care we know;
3. 'Tis -
on ly thro' the - -
bat - tle fierce, That vic to ries are won;
4. Our cour age grows by what we meet, Our faith needs test-ing too;

The Master Meets our Every Need.

- -
In lone temp- t a tion's wil der-ness, The flow'rs of corn- fort grow.
Where-e'er He leads our will - ing feet, The flow'rs of corn fort grow.
-- -
And he who nev er faced the foe, Shall nev er hear, "well done."
And wi? each con Gct thqt we win, Come faith and conr- age new.

2x4 If Calmly on M y Way.

A. k M. Au. L. E

1. If calm ly - -
on my way, My jonr ney I pur - sue;
2 But should the way grow dark, PI1 trust Thee then still more;
3. As once in days of yore, The waves o - beyed Thy will;
4. No mat - ter where I be, Thy will, 0 Lord, be done;

P11 thank l'hd ,Lord, for sweet-est peace, And keep Thy word in view,

I Tho' s h s
So shalt
bout my path way rave, I still shall reach the shore,
calm miy troub led soul, And whii -per. "Peace, be still,"
Un ti Thon dost in mer cy say, "E-nongh, my child, come home,"

-4 I .
I'll thank Thee, Lord, for sweetest peace, And keep Thy word in vlew.
Tho' storms a - bout my path-way rave, I still shall reach the shore.
So shalt Thon calm my troubled soul, And whis-per, "Peace, be still."
- -
Un ti1 Thon dost in mer cy say, "E-nough, my child. come home.*
4 -

M y Soul's Supply is ~ e s u s ;

1. My sod's supply is Ja-ana, God's ev er bless-ed Son; 111 ev - er sing His
2. If t i of sor-row threaten, Myeoul then on Him leanssy faith can nev-rr
3. Aa to His words I hearken,My pathway lighter grows;And if the clouds should

prais ea, While I my jow-ney run. Tho' thanden crssh a-round me, And
lee sen, So near to,me Beseems. Each step I take He gnid-eth, Un-
dark en, I can but say,"He knows."His prom-ise to me bring-ing, He

elouda of trouble roll; Thesenever can alarm me,ThereYspeace within my soul.

ti1 I reach the ea1;My trust in Him a-bid-eth,There's peace within my soul.
will my way con-trol. So on I journey singing,There's peace within my eonl.

-16 W i t h Humbleness of Heart.

m.$. c. I3mmxBLs.

1. With humblenem of .heart we bow Be - fore the throne of Him whose ways,
- - - -
2. We worship our Cre a tor,great Sue tain er of -
the UE i - verse,
3. We love the hand,by love empowered,Whichguidesour fee -bte foot-step o'er
4. We praise and mag ni - fy His name& the re- mem - branee of His grace,
With Humbleness of Heart.
As high as heav'n a bove our own, Con-strain our wor -ship, love and praise.
Who yet perceives our low-bpath, And from it lifta the hindering cnrse.
The mountain steep and trackleasplain,To rest at - -
His in vit ing door.
Which to the hour has followed us, And shall till -
we be hold Hie face.

217 Have You Risen W i t h the Master?

- -
Have you ris en with the Maa ter To the
{Th ere a bove earth's ceaseless clam or Yon can
mount-ain top of faith?
hear what-e'er He saith. I
- -
Have you ria en with the Mas ter To the
2' Where the birda are sing-ing gay ly, Flow -era
mount-ain top
bloom-ing in the slope?

*'{ To
- -
Have you ris en with the Mae ter To the
the free-dom and the glad-ness Of that
mount-ain top Of
se cret place a -base? }

Have you left the mire and pit-falls,

From the shadow of the val ley,-
There no craven fears can reach you,

Have you ris i n with the Maa-ter To the anm-mits of the soul?
Have you ris en with the Mae- ter To this mount with light a glow? -
Have yon ria en with the Mas- ter To this Pis gah height se-rene? -
A Prayer.

1. Heavenly Fa - ther, Ho - ly One! May Thy will in us be done;

2 J e - ens, Mas - tar, we should bear - -
In Thy saf fer inga a share;
3. Bleee ed Lord, Thy saints de - fend, Watching o'er them to the end;

1 Make oar he& sab-miwire, meek, Let us n h r oar o m way seek.

Belp us, Lord, to fol low Thee, Heav y tho' -the cross may be!
Day -
by day their faith in crease, Keep them in -
Thy per fect peace.

Lot - -
ing Sav ioar, we would be Ev -
er more and more lie Thee,
- -
Fill un with di vin - est love,-With Thy spir it from a bove. -
- -
Corn- fort, strengthen, gaide and blees, Lead them thro' the wild er ness,

Free from pride and self - de eke, Fer-vent with ho 4 -
ly h e .
- - -
May we pa tient ly en dare, Trasting in Thy prom-iee ewe.
And when Thy "due time" shall come, Gath er a11 Thy lov'd ones home.
219 Hear Our Prayer.
A. J. M.

1. Hear our pray'r, h o u great Je- ho - v s , Lead bs thro' this vale of tears;
D.C. Rich in mer cy, rich in mer- cy, Safe - ly lead our jour-ney thro'.
2. Rich supplies on us be-stow-ing, Make us thank-ful, Lord, we pray;
D.C. Then we'll praise Thee, then we'll praise Thee,All a long our pi1 grim way. -
1 3. As the clouds break from our pathway. May we more Thy glo ry see;
D.C. May we join them, may we join them. And u nite in praise to Thee.

- - -
Pit ' &in our fall en na tnre, strenithen faith and qui et fears, -
- - -
Feast ing dai ly a t Thy ta ble, Keep us hum -:ble day by day,
- - -
Saints u - nit ed now with J e sug Sing a loud rich me1 o dy,
I 1 1 1
- -

Gracious Father. ,,
/- I

- -
1. Gra-cious Fa ther, hear us now, Low ly a t Thy ieet we bow;
2. Pit - - -
y Thou our fee ble ness, Lift us up in our &a- tress;
- -
3. Thou our source of corn fort art, Rich ly fill ing ev 'ry heart; - -

- -
Hymns of grat i tude we raise, All re - sound - ing to Thy praise.
May we lean up on Thy pow%, Sweet-ly trust ing ev - - 'ry hour.
May our souls when sin op-pressed, Seek Thine ev e r last - - - ing rest.
Sing ing loud in sweet-est a?%, Prais ;es that to Th?e -
, be long.
221 W e Come, Dear Lord.
~ c W . (ConsecrationHwn.1 L.M.

1. We co&, dear Lord, our off'rings to pre sent, In hum ble - -

2. We bring Thee all, dear Lord; lo, all ia Thine; With Thee in
3. We have but lit tie, Lore that we can bring, Thou know - est

- - - - ness

grat -' i tnde to Thee a bove; In 6 li as-
Jor dan'a wa ters would we sink;- With Thee to rise a-
we were nak ed, poor and blind;- In ho ly - liv - ing
peo ple, - poor and pure in heart; If 'tis their all, ia
' love un -
to the a1 tar bound; - -
Dy ing with Bi who

pire, with Thine ascent, To of fer &fta - and sac- ri - fice of love.
ggig, by grace di-vine, Hence forth Thy cup of sulT'ring with Thee drink.
q~ Thy prais- es sing, And all we lack, we in Thy prom-iee h d .
dear- er in Thy eight, Than all .$he gold - en gifts the rich im -part.
paid our ran aom price, That in "His like - ness we may soon be found.

a22 Communion With God. -

A. J. P. L.M.

I.-@ ~zOrd,Thyeainte have gathered here, U-uite our hearts in and pray'r;
$g@- out, we've left all worldly care, That we may in Thy f a - vor share;
,:And aa we shall each 0th - e r greet. Oh, fill our h e d s with love complete;

4. ltE& Fa-ther, as Thy word we scan, To con-tem-plate Thy glo-riooa plan;

Communion With God.

I Di - -
rect our tho'ts to things a hove, And fill our souls w3h h;avrilly love.
This f a - vor grant-ed full and free, shall lead us gen - tly, Lord, to Thee.
All -
else we glad - ly lay a side, That we may in Thy love a - bide.
May we with ~a-tiencerun the race. That we mav see Thee face to face.

223 Praise Y e Jehovah's Name.

A. J. H. HAND~L.

- - -
1. Praise ye J e ho vah's glo-rious n k e , Join in tri nm-phant song; With
2. Greet ye Mes -si - ah's prom-ised reign, The time so long concealed; The
3. He comes to ban - ish Sa tan's rule, The prince of dark-ness flies; Ye
4. All ye whomourn now cease yonr sigbs,Your comfort now ap-pears; The
5. Ye pure and bless- ed saints of God, With pa-tience run your race; Your
- -
6. Praise ye J e ho vah's elo-rious name. Join in tri-um-ohant sone;Earth

thank-ful -
hearts your voic es raise, And thus His praise prolong. And
pres- ence of yonr Lord pro - claim, That's now by faith re-vealed, That's
meek of earth now taste the feast, His grace so rich sup-plies, His
king - dom
K i k shall
of - - -
soon set ua His throne. And ve shall s& is face..
Im man n el. Shall soon a1 lav your fears. Shall
in - the -
I/ cho rus 86011 shall join, And ihus His praise pro-loig, And
And thus, And thus His praise pro-

AEd thus, Ahd thus His

thus His praise pro - long, And thus, and thus His praise pro - ]dug.
now by faith re-vealed, That's now, that's now by faith re-vealed
grace so rich sup plies, His
soon a1 lay your fears, Shall
- grace, His
soon, shall
grace so rich sup plies
soon a1 lay yonr fears
ye shall see His face, And ye, and ye shall see His face.
long . . . . . . . . . .- . . . . . .
thns His praise pro long, And thua, and thns His praise pro -
@&rzcI . .
I b I 1
. p-f- n
t * l
PlO -long,
L 1
224 I Help, Lord.
W. Am. by LOWELL

1. Help. Lord, to whom forlhelp I fly, And still my tempted soul standby Thro7-
2. My soul with Thy whole ar mor arm; In each approach of sin a larm, And -
3. Whene'er my careleas hands hang down,O let me see Thy gath'ringfrown, And
4. If near the pit I rash ly stray, Be-fore I whol-ly fall a way, The -

show the danger near;Surround,snstain,and strengthen me,And fill withgoodly

feel Thy warning eye;And starting cry,from ruin's brink, Save, Jesus, or I
keen conviction dart! Re call me by that pitying look, That k i d , upbraiding

of my heart, And stir me up to pray, And stir me up to pray.
- - -
jeal-ous y, And sane t i fy -ing fear, And sanc-ti
yield, I aink, 0 save me, or I die, 0 save me,
- fy
- ing fear.
I die.
plance,which broke Unfaithful Pet-er's heart,Un-faith-ful Pet - er's heart.

225 Weary Laden With Life's Burden.

I l l

1. Wea- ry lad en with iife's bur-den, Faint-ing with thy ioad o r c a r e ;
2. m e n it seems thou art for sak-en, Ver y - new Be draws to thee;
- -
3. Rnst in Him, the bur den bear- er, He is a ble, He is kind;
4. Trust Him,tho' t h e 9 r m s surround thee,Trust Him when the sunlight gleams;
' Weary Laden With Life's Burden.

- -
Look to J e sna, wea ry pil-grim, He will all thy bnr-dens s h k .
And in ac-centa sweet and tender, Soft ly whis-pers, "Fol-low me."
- -
I Feed up on each pre ciow promise, Then the sweet-eat rest 1'11 find.
- -
Hid from sight, He still ie near thee; Oft en near er than He seems.

226 Jesus, Master, Thou Hast Called Us.

A. J. I. T. H.

1. J e - BUS, Mas-tar, Thon hast called us, And we do Thy call o - bey; E ven -
2 Dai - ly dy - ing, bless-ed Sav-ionr, We our lives an off -'ring make; For we
3. Dead with Thee, the symbol offring, Plnnge we in the liq-uid grave; Earthly
4. Here the wffring,there the glorypHerethe cross,but there the crown;Night's dark

- -
tho' it lead to snffring, Self de ni als day by day; Still we fol-low,
know if pa-tient snffring, Of Thy glo- ry we'll par-take; Then with gladness,
shame with Thee enduring,Tmsting Him whose pow'r can save;Dear Redeemer,
shadows now de-elin-ing, Thon shalt soon all sin de-throne; Oh,we praise Thee,

Keep ne faithful, Lord, we pray, Still we follow,Kwp as faithfnl,Lord,we pray.

Then with gladness, will we wflw for Thy salre,Then with gladneaa,Will we s& for thy srke.
- -
Thine m d y ing love we crave,Dear Redeemer,Thine un-dy ing love we crave.
Bless ed Savionr,Thee we own, Oh, we praise Thee,Blesaed Savionr,Thee we own.
227 Be Ye Doers of the Word.

I - -
1. 'Tis not the hear er of the Word, But he that do eth, who is blest,
2. For he that heare and do 0th not, Ia like a man who builds i n sand,
- -
3. Lord, we would build with pa tient zeal A h o w of faith up on the rock,

Not he that know-eth all the law, But he that heeds the law's be-hest.
- -
When storms and tern -peat fierce a riae, The horn, thus built, will nev er stand.
So safe, so strong, it shall with9tsnd The strain of storm and tempest-shock.

D. S.--when we reach our journey'r end, May en - ter in - to headn-ly re&.

11 Dear Lord, then help ns do -

Thy wil1,That w,e may be for- eq er blest; And

228 What Wondrous Heights!

1. what wondrous heights and depths of love Are hid in Thee, my God-
2. Calm as the changeless sea of glass, What peace it gives to me,
3. So bound hy Thine own cords of love, I'll on Thine al tar - lie
4. What joy to live for Thee, my Lord, Bnd all Thy will to do;
5. To _grow each day more like Thee, Lord, By gaz ing on Thy face;
- . -

. -- .' . -7 What Wondrous Heights!

love most glo-rions, deep and true, And as
turn from my own chang-ing will, And rest
the o
my soul on
- cean Thee.
' Thee to live
- -
liv ing eac ri fice to be, And in
and think and mom, And all
Thy serv ice die.
Thy mind to know.
Un - ti1 my will, and heart, and mind, Ab-eorb -
Thy per feet grace!

1. &ant m,: 0 Lord, an hum- ble mind Whit in this world I move,
2. I
3. In -
self a base-ment I
wedd not lift my self on high Nor try my Lord to hide;
- -
kept In low li ness of heart;
4. Help me this side the king-dom's vail, With Christ my Lord to stand;
5. Then thou wilt place Thy humble saints, Where they can nev er fall; -

A. dii
Lest van
-- - -
po si tion like Thy Son, Con strain-ed by Thy
i: ty my 'tho'ta per-vade, And I am lost in
- love.
For naught have I where-in to boastfihrist is my per fect
To keep my mind @ hum ble-ness Be -neath Thy might-y
- part.
To reign with Christ a t Tby right hand, The might-y Lord of all.

D. 8.-To hose. g h o ' k h Thy hand aub-vnit, The grcrce Thou wilt im

11 Like J e - me, I would h& - ble be, Low-ly and meek in heart:
, . , M e Grows More Precious.
230 "k-
. .
W.C. ar. 1Peter 2: 7.

I 1 - ' I I

'. How d ".-ip

{'Twas s a w h
He com -g&
that great love which all The wounds of Je-sus Christ disdlay;
w first I heard the call, And grows more precious ev-'ry day.
me in sad -dest mood, He seeks me when I go
{My wild esl - pas-sions am sub-dued, He grows more pre-cioos ev-C;r"$')

'' Can soul of

{To me aII
man be-hold the cross, And wave the bless-ed Lord a - way;
0th er things are dross, He grows more me-cious ev-'rv day.

The sun has dawned up-on my soul, With beam-ing-pure, life-giv-ing ray;
In dark-ness, J e - -
sus is my fight, My sure de fense, my help, my stay;

I love dlia -
gen tle, sweet con-trol, He grows rnde precious ev-'ry d&.
My cour - age -in the deepest night, He grows more precious ev-'ry day.
-His pres ence is a sweet de-light, He grows more precious ev-'ry day.

231 Be of Good Cheer.


2. Tho' Sa-tan's darts are fiercely hurled,Bd-lov-ed, help ia near; Trust Him who
3.Jn - -
trib u la-tion's dark-est hour, Yield not to doubt or fear; But calm-
Be of Good Cheer.

storm He calls to thee, "asl, be of good cheer, 'Ti I, be of good cheer.
o ver-came the world, And be thou of good cheer, And be thou of good cheer.
rest in His all-pow'r,Who saith,"Be of good aeer,''who saith,"Be of good cheer."
soon shalt see Hia face,Then be thou of good cheer,T?en be thon of goodheer.

232 Hail Thou, Our Present King.

A. J. I. “Let e m n t h k thsr hsth breath pnisr the herd." Gmm.

1. Hail Thou, our

2. Soon ell Thy
- ent King, We now Thy
shall know, O'er all that
- esbe - sing,
3. Soon shall Thy glo - rious throne, Thou ev - er bless - ed One,
4. Hail then, Thou Glo - done One, God's ev - er b1,ess - ed Son,

Our voic ee raise;
While those in heav'n; -
- -
Sav- iour all glo ri one, Soon to reign
Glad ly Thy love pro-claim, 0, Thou of
- -
Fa-vored of God;
E? e! a dored, -
By all ac knowl-edged be, O'er ev 'ry
While be& of heav en ring, Let rangomed

o --
ver us, Ver all vic
high est name, Thou Lamb of
- to - ri - ons, We sing Thy praise.
God on- slain, For sin - ners gitn.
land and sea, Thro' all e - ter - ni - ty Bow to Thy rod.
voio es sing, And eq 'ry, - liv - ing thing, Shall own Thee Lo$. .
In Heavenly Love Abiding.

1. In heap-'nly love a-bid-ing, No change my heart shal1fear;And safe iesuch con-

2. Wher ev-er He may guide me,No want shall turn me back;My Shepherd is be-
3. Green pastures are be-fore me,Which yet I have not seengright skies will soon be

fid ing, For noth-ing changes here. The storm may roar without me,My heart may
- -
side me,And noth-ing can I lack. His wis dom ev er waketh, His sight is
o'er me,Wheredark thsclouds have been. My hope I can-not measnre,My faith to

low be laid, But God is round a bout me, How can I be dig-mayJd2
nev =*qr dim; The bet - ter way He tak eth, And I will walk with Him.
life ia free; My Sav-ionr has my treasure, And He will walk with me.

Sound the Harp.

1. Sound the harp of glad thanks-giv-ing! Let oar

2. S o d the -
harp! Let earth ly an-thema Min gle -
3. Somi& the harp for He hath blest us Thro' the
4 Soma-tBe harp for He wiN bless us As ow on-ward c o m e we take:
. 8


- .

. . sound the Harp.

God is good and it is
Sure ly God has cause to
seem ly
list en
- To ex to1 so-
For your note of
k i d a friend.
praise and mine.
And tho' some were dark and drear y - Hope still mingled with our tears.

He will guide our ev 'ry - foobstep, And will nev er - -

us for sake.

Rise, My Soul.
"Lift up y o u eyes nub k e fields white with Lhe harvest."
A. J. Y. J-s Nms.

1. Rise, my soul, re-joic - ing sing, Je- hov - ah's mer cy trace Call'd by Him thy
2. Pay no heed to earth-ly joys, They transient are a t best; Harvest work thy
3. Faith-ful reap the har-vest field, Make spre thy work be done; Gath-er all the
i I Pl

trib- nte bring,Andrn with joy my race: All else losing,grasp the prize,Now held
time employs, Ere thou shalt seek thy rest. Soon the setting of the sun, Shall prcr
ground may yield,Then shall thy crown be won. Soon with joy the reapers tme,Gather'd


out be-fore Gy gaze; OEeL'd to theefrom the ski&,&d fill thy heartrith praise,
claim the day is &st. Haste,bef ore the night's begun,When thou shalt rest a t last.
with their Lord shallEiHaste thee,then,thy work pprsue,Thy ?Ae&reward tio gpe. A
With Hearts Brave and Loyal.
"To Him be glory, both now and forever."
K. U. td. PORT06ULLO.

- -
4. Re joic ing,we press toward tha

-3n4uering throng;~ie glo-ri-ons banner uplhing with 'song, And praie-es of

m e of the Lord;With vic-to-ry certain,well gain onr re-ward,While soundingthe
vn evermore; And now in their triumph are crown'd on that shore,And praisesof
,most can hear;Our courage inspiring, they banish all fear, As prais- es of

J e -.& we'll glad-ly pro-long, And prais-es of J e sns we'll gladly
- -
prais ee of J e sns,onr Lord,Whii sounding the praises of J e - sns, our Lord.
Je - llne re-peat ev-er-more, And p r a i s e of J e sna re-peat ev- er-more.
I An;g& fall soft on the ear, As pr?is-es of an ;gels fall soft on the ear.

Glory Be to God.

- I I I I
1. 010 ry be to God in heav'n,For Hie Son so f r e l - ly gidn; Eiesweet spir-it
2i Praise and bleea His ho-ly name,That His love is e'er the same;Earth my change,bnt
3. "Glory!"sbout the choirs a-bove,Sa.ints re-ech-o notes of1~ve;Soonshallearth with
Glory Be to God.

- - -
we im plore, To be with us ev e r more, To be with us ev- er more.
changeless He, As He ev er-more shall be, As He ev er more shall be. - -
- -
heav'n a - gree, Glo ry to the Fa ther be, GI: r)r to the-,Fa -
ther be. -

238 Going Forth t o Meet the Bridegroom.

a. a.BILLB. "At His right hand there are pleasures for evermore."-Pa. 1tX 11.

March-ing forth b meet the Bridegroom, See the watch-mg vir gins go;
{ They have heard the her - d d voic - es, And their hearta with joy o'er-fiow;}
''{ 0mWitha t howre-veals
dim the lamp is shin :ing,
no cause for ac - hon,
And how list less is the ear
Or the ti dings can not hear. - 1
the lamp that shines the bright-er Goes the heart with warmest glow,
{And on 8uch the King of Princ - as Will Eis choic- eat gifts be -stow. }

It is faith that gives them courage, It is love that lights the way,
Deepergrom the pall of darkness That enfolds the carelem throng;
If your s o d is ev er seek-ing How to please the Sav-ionr best 4

And no call of ease or pleas-~VB Can their on ward march de lay.

- -
They will soon be sad ly wail ing While the vic tors sing their song
In the ban-quet hall of glo rg, Yon will be a welcome gae~i
In Shady Green Pastures.
a.o. B. P S ~28.
. B ~ V . 6: 8-18.

1. In &a dy green pastures, 0 let ns lie down, Be-aide the still waters by
2. In death's gloom-y val-ley do not let us fear, But find sweetest comfort be
3. 0 saints touch your barp-stringe and sing a new song,Grand harmonies swelling,His
4. A11 blese-ing a% glo ry and hon-or and might And wisdom and riches and

tempests ne'er b1own;Provide for Thy people andmay we not want,Let not fears and
cause Thou art near;Correct and support us, de-liv-er from death,And may we still
-- --
prais es pro-Jong; The slain Lamb is worthy t o o pen the seals, 0 wor-ship and
pow er, His right,Do-min-ion f o k ev er be un to our Lord; To Him ev-'ry

I don- -
our faith ev erdaunt. 0 keep ns, 0 lead ns, in strait narrow
pra&~hee with last mortal breath. Pre-pare ns a ta ble, our cup o ver-
laud our Re-deem-er, who heals The peo-ple He pnrchaseaeach na-tion and
- -
hon or we haste to ac cord. We worship, a dore Him, our Saviour, our-
- -

way, k o m righteousness' pathway 0 may we not stray;Protect us, dear

-- - -
flow, A noint ns with gladness and shame ev 'fy foe; Let goodnes8 and - -
.' - -
tribe,h d a11 men a dore Him and glo ry aa cribe To Cbrist who has
Kingtdnd thro' end-leas a ges His praia ea we'llsing. He loved w, H,f:
1n Shady Green Pastupes.

Shepherd,the sheep of Thy fold, And let onr love deepen and iev-er grow cold.
- -
mer cy pnr sue ua a - gain, And let ua dwell with Thee for-ev-er. A -men.
made na Hie kings and Eiiprieste To live and reign with Him to sit a t His feasts.
sought na, and made us Hi own, Prepared a place for us &sit in His throne.

Like -Jesus. No. 2.
B. Q. B. Tune. 28%
1 When Jesns, onr Lord, left His gloryabove-
He humbled Himself to declare H i great love;
A eervant of servsnts for ua He became-
And we must be like Him if bearing His name.
Like Jesns, like Jesus, we daily would be,
Like Jeans eaoh day, Yes, like Jesus alway;
To spend and be spent in our Lord's miniatry
Shall be our blest mission wherever we be.
2 Not tho88 who are seeking their own lives to save,
Shall stand with the victore o'er death and the grave,
But they that will lose all to win for the cross
Shall gain the true riches unmingled with dross.
L i e Jesns, Like Jesus, etc.
3 Then, like our dear Lord, let us ever do good,
Be willing, like Him. to be misunderstood;
'Twaa not to be ministered unto He came--
- And we must be like Him if bearing His name.
Like Jesns, L i e Jesus, etc.
-24I The Lord is Good.
Bn.P C. ,
- zmmR

1. The Lord is good; Hiname confess! In ceaseless streams Hi mer-ciea flow;

- Bi prov-i denc - es heal and bless, And rich the gifta Eis hands be-stow.
No step shall lag, no eye grow dim, Rhichon Hie wisdom's aid re - lisa.
His cov - en-ant brings sweet ac-cord With all who own ita seal-ing blood.
The flesh may fail;He knows oor frame,Anhkeeps us safe ly at His side.
242 He Will Keep Me.
nULltlk I.L. PCF'HAU"

1. O'er the mg - ged path of dut y, Where my feet would fear to tread,
2. Tho' thro' unknown paths He takes me, I can nev er go a-stray. -
- -
3. When up on the mount re-joic ing, Thrill'd with boundless love and peace,
4. Joy or sor row, pain or
- -

By the lov ing

Not a cross can
- hand of JF-sns, Gen tly I
- -
o ver come me, While the Sav
- am on- ward 1Ld.
- iour is my stay.
There He still doth -
go be fore me, High est rapt - - me to in-crease.
I am Hie and He will keep me, Hi is lo? that can -not fail.

I - P t '
D. S.-day6 are c r m d with pais-ea, Song6 He gium me sn the night.

11 -
As I fol low where He lead-eth, I am kept in God's own light, All my

Keep My Life.

1. Keep
2. Keep
- - --
my life and let it be Con se crat ed, Lord, to Thee;
my hands and let them move At the im pulse of Thy love;

3. Keep -
my sil ver and my gold-Not a mite would I with-hold;
4. Keep -
my voice and let me sing A1 ways, on ly, for my King; -
5. Keep my will and make it Thine, It shall he no long er mine; -
6. Keep my love, my Lord, I pour Af Thy feet its .trwa-ure store;
Keep my Life.

1 Keep
my mo-ments and my
my feet and let them
hays, Let them how
be Swift and beau
in ceaselese praiee.
- ti - fnl for Thee.
Keep - -
my in tel lect and -
nse Ev 'ry pow'r as Thou shalt choose.
Keep my lips and let them be Filled with mes - sa - ges from Thee.
Keep my heart, i t is Thine own, It shall be Thy roy - a1 throne.
- 1;
- -

1 Keep
my a l f , and I will
be, Ev e , on - fl I
a l l for Thee.

244 T h e Saints on Earth Agree.

A. J. X. brr. br Y.

With Him to wide our feet, We keep the heav'n ly way; - }

2' { Tilljoys with Hii -
com plete, Shall crown that cloud- less day.
The na tions all -- shall sing, When peace to them shall flow: 1
{The prab ea of o u ~ K i n g , Who then will mer - c y A h o d
t" I , lie-
-F-: -3m; I -1. 7-

- -
praise His same the e z h a round, And all in heav'n re-
When we with H i shall then ap pear, And hap pi ness re- - -
His lov ing grace to all men giv'n, Who meek ly bow the - t-

peat the sound,-And all in heav'n

knee to headn, Who meek - ly

245 So Run T h a t Ye May Obtain.

1. While pressing t'wkd the headnly goal,The ble-wed home-land of the soul;
2. With patience run till yon ob- S in, The glo-Zions prize yon seek to gain;
3. The course was marked by love divine, Up on ' i t still its light doth shine;
- - - -
4. Tho' we may well be gin the race, Be joic ing hast ing on a pace: -
5. Then free from ev-'y-weight sad sin, Re -sign ing all with -out, with in;-

- -
0 nev er let your lAng ing eyes, Be tak- en from the wait-iig p r h .
Let noth-ing turn yon from the way, That leads yon on to end -less day.
For Christ Himself the way hath tried, -
Un -seem-ing ly .Hifoot-prints guide,
Un less we to the end en dure, - -
The prize we nev- er can se cure.
With steadfast pur-pose let , na run, -
Un ti1 at last the prize is won.

Oh, Speed 'Thee, Christian.

1, &I, speed thee,Wtian on tG way, 'And to thy ar - mor cling; With

2. There is a bat tie to be fought, And upward race to mn; A
3. Oh. faint not. Christian. for thv ekb Are heard be-fore His throne: The
At the Banquet.

At the ban - quet 2 glo ry -
We shall sing in the choir of
and ,;;I That the
the King, An - gel
Fa ther pre-
harp era will
3. We shall feast with the he -roes of faith, Who are true to the
4. 'Mid the shad -ow8 of tri a1- and pain, When the temp - ter our

- soul; Where the fountains of joy ev - er flow: & the
8% n 4
8 -

God Be w i t h You.

1. God be with you till we meet a-gain, By Hi wn~~laguide,rrp-holdyo&

2. God be with yon till we meet a-gain, 'Neath Ws wingsse-onre-ly hide yon,
3. God be with yon till we meet a-gain, When iife'e per-& thick confound you,
4 God be with yon till we meet a-gain, Keep love'e banner floabing o'er you,

I With Hia sheep ee-&re ly fold you, God
- -
Dai ly man na atN pro-vide yon, God
Pnt Eik arms nn-fail ingronnd yon, God
Smite death's threat'ning wave before yon,God
be with yon till we meet
be with you till we meet
be with yon till we meet
be with you till we meet
a-gain. '

1Till we Leet . . . till we meet, Till we meet at ~e -'sus feet;

6 .l.-~
Till we meetstill we meet again. till wemeek

Till we meet ... till we meet, God be wlt8 yen @weImeet a-gain.
Tinwe mset.till we meet&-gain.

Lamb of God mg. @..
Lead, kindI&@t.. ...
141 Peapeful in the time.
19 Pe e, light and..
Leaning on the..
Leave me not..
...... 8 P L k a o f the morning 103
195 Praiae His name.. .... 15
Let no anxious care. ..
160 PraLe ye Jehovah's.... 223 Th
Like Jesus.. .........
229 Pray for one another.. 58 Th
Like Jesus (No. 2). ...
240 Prec' us is He..
....... ......
36 Th
Lo! he comes..
Longing for home. ..... ....
209 ~ r e c h sSaviour..
9 8 Press o n . .
Long, long the night.. 115
The shade of the cross I@ ,
Long night of weeping. 112 Qnit .yon like men..
Lord let me come to. .. 12'7
.. 135 ....
The shining light.. r14(

Love that seeketh.. ...

yonrselves like. 1~ 5 story that never.. I '
Tha radiant dawn., 1m 4
M11ennial dawn.
More like thee..
My beltwed.. ........
M~Father,as thou.
My-gleaW desires.
Bdy Lord and I. .......
F&ysouIrs supply is. ...
.Bay Cimes are in thy.. .
Nemk-,,. .......
N e v e r - X i ~than.
~. ...
Evw me a t h a .......
. * -

O?&%&, .........
fasa thousand.. ..
1 am hapw. .-.
B~J 7.
Qh p e d thee.. ......

Qp@&tfiif*ies for.
4)p$&y2&Ve oh. .....
& batble song.. .....
. %@$jdmg place.. ....
O'iiFa&g h y cow.
Onr rig& ax&sah%tion
. Cku present&&
; overwme the