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St # Information/Content Organization/Flow Writing quality APA formatting Total

1 28 10 5 3 46

45 15 5 7 72

32 10 5 5 52

12 1 9 5 4 30

Total 117 44 20 19 200
The paper conveys the students' response for each question, however it lacks structure. The arguments however
valid are not stated clearly and somewhat lack logical flow. The student should have backed his/her marketing
strategy with some literature/data. It seems that the student didn't proofread the paper, since there are many
grammetical mistakes (lack of comma's, sentences are too long for instance). APA format is followed only to the
extent of 'formatting', intext citations and referencing are poorely done.

Good arguments with support, are provided for the first question. Content is structured properly with flow and
clarity. Student is not much of a fan and has provided the rationalization of the fans in general. Q#2 arguments
are logical and provide a good strategy with backing from a player's interview. It is well-structured and completely
answers the question. Q#3 is also fully answered with good arguments and has a citation as well. Overall the
paper is well-structured, well-referenced, and complete. APA formatting is a bit off, heading style is not right and
newpaper names are missing from the list, one intext citation is missing as well. Grammar is correct overall,
however, in someplaces it could have used some punctuations. This is the best paper so far with more than 3

For Q1, good arguments are made that provide justification of the student's fandom for the game and of other
fans as well. The answer is also well referenced. The student's strategy in Q2, focuses on tackling the bad
publicity created by health problems head on, and devising plans to revamp the NFL's mission statement. The
strategy seems logical, however it lacks any support from resources that could prove or suggest it to be the right
move. For Q3, the answer is complete and well-structured as well. Overall the paper is a good read, answers all
questions and is well referenced. There are problems with the organization of the arguments; the student has
written long paragraphs which could be sliced into twoor more paras as the arguments shifted from one issue to
another. The are many spelling and grammatical mistakes as well, which could have been avoided with
proofreading it beforehand. APA intext citations are correct, however 3-author, and interview references are not
formatted correctly. The paper could have used a bit of cleaning up the formatting in general.

For Q1 the student justified with some good arguments and references, the fandom for the sport. There were
long sentences which could have been broken into more. The answer for Q2 is incomplete. The student wrote
that he/she doesn’t see the need for any strategy in the near future, and briefly discussed what is being done
currently. For Q3, the answer is complete, it could have been structured better with more paragraphs than
packing it all in one. Overall grammar was off, sentences were too long, the transition between sentences was
abrupt at some places. As for the Apa formatting, wrong font is used, one of the references is not cited in the
text. The student forgot to put a citation where they had marked it by the word "CITE". The paper was submitted
without checking for errors and mistakes. Many facts/figures lack citations.