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Menu system design using any efficient DS

2. Login Database for 5 years
3. Linking 2 tables in C++
4. Binary Search
5. Game (matrix)
6. ISBN number decoding
7. Queues using Hash Tables
8. Queue using 2 stacks
9. Stack and Queue using Link List
10. Sorting a Doubly Link List
11. equals (=) Operator Overloading
12. Recursive Bubble Sort
13. Complex Number Pyramids
14. Implementing a two-D array using single dimensional array.

Query jo puchhi thin wo is prakar hai…………

1. Menu system design using any efficient DS
isme kaun sa system degin karna hai.............
2. Login Database for 5 years
isme kya karna hai........... database banana hai kya............
13. Complex Number Pyramids
iska code bhej do (yadi ho sake to............)
6. ISBN number decoding
iska bhi code bhej do otherwise ye to bata do karna kya hai..................

Unka solution ye hai………

Use link list within link list. Every node consists of tag_value, *child_menu, *next_menu_item

2. Isko me bhool gaya exactly kya hai… but u should know hashing for this problem.

3. Something like



(example only) problem is somewhat different

4. This was descriptive problem…. Like if ISBN is 3546 then its value will be

Something like that but was a little bit complex than this…
CODING (Should be Efficient in terms of time and space):
Aptitude and Analytical Ability papers were taken back when this section was given to
us. And in each coding question paper, function prototype was given.

Programmin section 1.30 hrs 4 question.

1)Seat Reservation prog for the theatre. Write a function for seat allocation for the movie
tickets. Total no of seats available are 200. 20 in each row. Each row is referred by the
Character, "A" for the first row and ,J, for the last. And each seat in a row is represented
by the no. 1-20. So seat in diffrent rows would be represented as
A1,A2....;B1,B2.....;........J1,J2... Each cell in the table represent either 0 or 1. 0 rep would
seat is available , 1 would represent seat is reserved.

Booking should start from the last row (J) to the first row(A). At the max 20 seats can be
booked at a time. if seats are available, then print all the seat nos like "B2" i.e (2 row, 3
col) otherwise Print "Seats are not available." and we must book consecutive seats only.

2) A string of charaters were given. Find the highest occurance of a character and display
that character.

3) Int Matrix of certain size was given, We had few values in it like this.








We were supposed to move back all the spaces in it at the end.

Note: If implemented this prog using recursion, would get higher preference.

4)write a function to give demostrate the functionality of 3D matrix in 1D matirx.

function prototye: void set (int value,int indexX,int indexY,int indexZ, int [] 1dArray);
void get (int value,int indexX,int indexY,int indexZ, int [] 1dArray);
On 26th Feb, we were called for the interview on the next day. i.e 27th Feb.

There in we had to appear for the written test again of coding, consisting of 4 Q,s and
followed by one tech interview and then HR interview. HR is just the formality.. All the
candidates went through, all 3 rounds.

CODING Q,s in the 2nd written test.

1. A chessboard was given to us. Where in there was a Knight and King was placed on
certain positions. Our aim is to reach the king from the knight in minimum no of
counts.As we know, knight can either move 2 steps vertical/horizontal and 1 step
horizontal/vertical. same goes here as well. Proper image of the chess board was given in
the question paper, and all the positions(max 8) were given that knight can take in the
first step. Sol : Most of us implemented using recursive func.

2. Struct person{
char * name;
person[] friends;

We were given the networklist of friends. Each has set of friends which was
unidirectional i.e, if you are my frnd, then i may or may not be in ur frnds list. okie.
Network was like this:

Amit - ->Rahul -> Aman -> kumar

Rahul- ->Vipin->Ankit->Reena->kumar
Kumar- ->Rahul->Reena->Tanmay

We need to identify whether 1st person being passed is a frnd of another person or not.
Frnds can be frnd,s friend also and so on. And we need to identify the distance. for

Input: Amit, Kumar

Output Distance 1
Input Amit, Tanmay
Output: Distance 2
Input: Rahul, Aman
Not frnds.

3) There was a 2D matrix given, we were supposed to sort the all diagnols elements.
diagnols of Top left corner and Top right corner were to be sorted in the same matrix in
an efficient way.

4. We need to write the function to check the password entered is correct or not based on
the following conditions..
a) It must have atleast one lower case character and one digit.
b)It must not have any Upper case characters and any special characters
c) length should be b/w 5-12.
d) It should not have any same immediate patterns like
abcanan1 : not acceptable coz of an an pattern
abc11se: not acceptable, coz of pattern 11
123sd123 : acceptable, as not immediate pattern
adfasdsdf : not acceptable, as no digits
Aasdfasd12: not acceptable, as have uppercase character
3)Remove all the blank spaces between character.Matrix is of 10* 10.
| N | A | | V | |T
| |G | U | |P |
|T | | | A | |

|G |U | P | | |
|T | A | | | |

4)write a function to give demostrate the functionality of 3d in 1d. function prototye:

change(int value,int indexX,int indexY,int indexZ, int [] 1dArray);
value=what is the date; indexX=x-asix indexY=y-axis indexZ=z-axis and 1dArray=in
which and where the value is stored.
Q. Where now stands that small knot of villages known as the Endians, a mighty forest
once stood. Indeed, legand has it that you could have stoodon the edge of the wood and
seen it stretch out for miles, were it not for the trees getting in the way.
In one section of the forest, the trees stood in a row and were of hight from 1 to n, each
hight occurring once and once only.
A tree was only visible if there were no higher trees before it in the row.
For example, if the heights were 324165, the only visible trees would have been those of
height 3,4 & 6.
Q.Wrie a function which returns the most frequent number in a list of integers. Handle
the case of more than one number which meets this criterion.
public static int[] GetFrequency(int[] list)
Ques1: Given an array containing k nos in the range 1..n and another scratch array of size
n. Write an program to remove the duplicates from the array.

Ques2: Given a table of the form:

Product Sold on
A 1/1/1980
B 1/1/1980
C 1/1/1980
A 1/1/1980
B 1/1/1980
C 2/1/1980
A 2/1/1980

There are 30 products and 10,000 records of such type. Also the month period during
which sales happened is given to u.

Write the program to display the result as:

Product Month No. of copies
A January 12
A February 15
A March 27
B January 54
B February 15
B March 10
C January 37
Ques3: Definition of priority queue was given. We have to implement the priority queue
using array of pointers with the priorities given in the range 1..n.
The array could be accessed using the variable top. The list corresponding to the array
elements contains the items having the priority as the array index.
Adding an item would require changing the value of top if it has higher priority than top.
Extracting an item would require deleting the first element from the corresponding queue.
The following class was given:
class PriorityQueue
int *Data[100];
int top;
void put(int item, int priority); // inserts the item with the given priority.
int get(int priority); // extract the element with the given priority.
int count(); // returns the total elements in the priority queue.
int isEmpty(); // check whether the priority queue is empty or not.
We had to implement all these class functions.

Ques4: An array of size 5X5 is given to us. The elements from 1 to 25 are to be inserted
in the array, such that starting from a particular position for an element i, the next element
i+1can be inserted only at the mentioned positions (u,v), and if these all positions are
occupied then it returns giving a count of how many positions have been occupied in the
(u,v) = (x+/-3 , y)
(u,v) = (x , y+/-3)
(u,v) = (x+/-2 , y+/-2).

Example: if the starting element is 1 with the given positions (1,2), then next element 2
can be placed at any one of the positions marked with *.

Function to be implemented is fun(int start, int end) where start and end will give the start
and end coordinate of first element i.e. 1.

Q. 3) Int Matrix of certain size was given, We had few values in it like this.

1 4 5 45
3 3 5 4

34 3 3 12

3 3 4 3

3 3

4 4 3

We were supposed to move back all the spaces in it at the end.

Note: If implemented this prog using recursion, would get higher preference.

Q………Q.1 A string of charater is given.Find the Continous Occurance of a character

and display that character.
A or if Same then A and D.
a) Bubble sort through recursion

b) Display Pattern:

2 3
4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

c) Perform the functionality of 2-D array through 1-D array and in it the functions to be
performed were:

(1) Display the array in 2-D format

(2) Display a particular element

(3) Display a particular row

(4) Display a particular column

d) Give an efficient program for string matching like:

Text: this is the code in the text which you have to search by code

Pattern: Code

Count the no. of occurrences of the pattern to be searched

This was the paper held on 23 September,2006 . they shortlisted only 10 for various
institutes. I was also having my name in those shortlisted candidates. The cut off was
(80+ IN APTITUTE, 8+ IN TECHNICAL). They called us for the interview on 9
October,2006 .

On 9th they again took a technical test of four new programming questions to be
developed in c++, The questions were:

a) suppose u r given a 4*3 rectangle like (take these values from user)

Now u have to calculate the no. of squares in this rectangle like:

No. of squares of dimension 1 is 12

No. of squares of dimension 2 is 6

No. of squares of dimension 3 is 2

No. of squares of dimension 4 is 0

Total no. of squares are 20.

b) Suppose u r given a string. U have to find the occurance of the characters A-Z in
that string. Each character must appear in the string and must appear only once. If It that
occurs in string more than one time return 1 showing it is a perfect string otherwise return
0 showing it is not a perfect string.

c) Suppose u r given 10000 marks. U have to pick up top 20 top marks from them and
display it on the screen.(Use the optimal sorting algorithm)
d) Suppose u have a chess board. U have to insert 8 queens on the chessboard in the
style that the queens don’t intersect in the diagonals, columns and rows. If they intersect
return 1 else return 0.(that is no more than one queen should be present either in row or
column or diagonals.)

If the queen is inserted at a position in the chessboard, its count is 1.

Then the next round was technical interview. The interviewer was very cool and friendly.
He just asked some general questions and then u have to justify the code that u have
written in the test line by line. If he is satisfied from ur code then HR interview is only a