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2014 VOLUME 21 NO. 4

ISSN0117-6226 Gospel Komiks Edition For Young Readers

Dear Kids, Twarmheis theChristmas season especially for us Filipinos
happiest time of the year, filled with
and unforgettable memories of past
EDITORIAL Christmasses and full of excitement as we plan
Jericho M. Natividad
Josylen V. de Leon
and anticipate to celebrate another wonderful
Christmas with family and friends. It is easier to
ART SECTION forgive the hurts or unkindness we felt especially
when we remember the heart of what Christmas
Joel Labangco is all about – the tender, timeless and wonderful
story of how the loving God became one of us in
Bong Cafe
the birth of Jesus in a stable 2,000 years ago.
That very same Jesus is still with us today and will
always be with us. That very same Jesus, whose
Joel Labangco
coming to the world we celebrate at Christmas
Jay Reyes is your Kuya and Friend now and always. His love
for each one of you will never change. He loves
children and he needs your openness, hope,
gladness, faith and bright spirits to help brighten
Rose Inocencio and Lolit Orlanda the lives of those who are experiencing sadness
and hardships.
Cecile Galotera
Well, more often than not when we think
of Christmas, it is easier to connect it with
EDITORIAL BOARD receiving gifts rather than the giving of gifts. Yet,
if we look at Jesus, he gave the most wonderful
PRESIDENT: Fr. Filoteo C. Pelingon, MSC and glorious gift of his life of service and love to
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Noel T. de Leon people so that every person everywhere –past,
PRINT MEDIA DIRECTOR: Noel T. de Leon present and future –would have the opportunity
SALES HEAD: Sean Herbert Siy to share in the life of our loving Father one day.
When the Christmas season is over and
the trimmings and decorations are put away
until the next celebration, and when the toys and
games lose their hold over us, remember the gifts
that will keep on giving happiness to your loved
ones and will give happiness to people you will
JESUS MAGAZINE is published
meet – the gifts that only you can give. Our
five times a year (bi-monthly
Heavenly Father is the best example of a Giver of
except April-May) by the
such gifts, for he “so loved the world that he gave
Communication Foundation for his Only Begotten Son…” (John 3:16).
Asia (CFA), a media ministry and One of the best presents you can give to
development communication your parents and teachers is the gift of a good
center, in association with the heart. The happiness your parents, guardians
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and teachers feel when you do what is right and
(MSC). CFA has produced quality good and when you take to heart their loving
educational materials since 1960 counsel is a gift from your heart that is beyond
and is a consistent Catholic Mass
Media Award winner.
compare.Honoring your parents by living a good
life and by showing them that you love and care
supplementary reading mate-
for them are gifts that last. To your earthly par-
rial for the religious instruction ents and to your Heavenly Parent, you are their
and values education of primary most wonderful treasure. Their love and concern
school pupils. It is entered as for you never ends.
second class mail at the Central And so to all of you dear children, we give
Post Office on May 7, 1992 under our sincerest Christmas blessing and hope that
Permt No. 313-92. ISSN No. 0117- you will be always happy in giving of yourself to
6226. others. That you will truly come to know that “it
Jesus Magazine at
is more blessed to give than to receive.”May your
4427 Old. Sta. Mesa Street,
goodness and love shine throughout the new
Manila 1016, Philippines year and the coming years, as your gift of love to
Tel nos. 7132981 to 86 our Heavenly Father and his Son our Lord Jesus.
Email: May you have a joyous and blessed Christmas!
Gospel Komiks Edition For Young Readers

What’s Inside!

Self-Awareness Who’s Who in the Bible

The Parol
By Kristine Joy Ramos --------------------------------
By Josylen V. De Leon -----------------------------
Environmental Matters
Mom’s Secret 6
By Kristine Joy Ramos --------------------------------
Nina Josylen V. de Leon at Joel Labangco -------

SUNDAY GOSPELS Stories from the Bible

Getting Ready for the Lord’s Coming
Matthew 24-37-44 ------------------------------
8 The Birth of Jesus 20
Script by Selina Vasquez-----------------------
Stories of Saints
s The Preaching of John the Baptist
Matthew 3:1-12 --------------------------------- Saints Joachim and Anne
By Selina Vasquez ----------------------------
The Messenger from John the Baptist
10 Growing in Faith
e Matthew 11:2-11---------------------------------
Jesus Christ Is Born
Matthew 1:18-24 -------------------------------
Ni Josylen V. de Leon -----------------------

Batang Pinoy
The Escape to Egypt
Dear Lolo at Lola
Ni Kristine Joy Ramos -----------------------
Matthew 2:13-15. 19-23 ------------------------

Visitors from the East

Ay Mali
Ni Ylen Jose----------------------------------
Matthew 2:1-12----------------------------------

e The Baptism of Jesus

Kiddie Workshop 33
Christmas Card House ----------------
Matthew 3:13-17 --------------------------------
r Who is the Greatest? 15
Matthew 18:1-5. 10----------------------------------
Ni Josylen V. de Leon

Jesus Begins His Work in Galilee

Mt. 4:12-23 or Mt. 4:12-17--------------------------

T he P arol By Kristine Joy Ramos

Mother hung the only decoration in our house this year, the parol. It
is a modest one but compared to the rest of our house, it hangs radiant and

Past storms have devastated us but Father always tells us that we

should be grateful for what we have. It hasn’t always been easy but he
reminds us that we should be thankful that despite everything that has
happened, we still have one another.

This Christmas we will not have new clothes, or presents to give each
other. We will share a humble Noche Buena. And instead of a Christmas
tree, this simple parol will light up our home.

But this is not something I am sad about. Well, actually, it did make
me sad for a little while but Mother explained that as long as we stay
together, we will make it just fine. That’s what the parol means, she said.

It symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem that guided the three wise men
to the manger. She said it will also light our way.

But most importantly, mother said that the parol stands for hope.
That no matter how difficult the future seems, we will be able to pull
through. Light will always overcome darkness.

So even though this Christmas will be different, it will surely be mean-

ingful for all of us.

1. Why is this Christmas different for this family?

2. What does the parol mean for them?
3. How will they be able to overcome the challenges that they are facing?

Write a prayer thanking God for all the experiences

that you have learned from this past year.

Environmental Matters

Mom’s Secret
By Kristine Joy Ramos

Sally finished counting the coins from her

piggy bank and frowned. The amount was
nowhere near the price of the gift she
wanted to buy her little sister, Rachel.

“What do I do now?” she said to

herself, sadly. She really wanted to
give her sister something special
this Christmas.

“Mom, can I ask for money to buy

Rachel a present?” she asked.

“Sally, if you don’t have the money to

buy a gift, why don’t you just make one?”
replied her mom. “It will be cheaper, not to
mention environment-friendly. And I’m sure she will appreciate the effort you put in making it.”

“But Mom, isn’t that difficult?” Sally asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you,” her mom answered. Together, they created a bag from leftover cloth.
Sally decorated it by spelling out Rachel’s name using spare buttons, beads, and other acces-
sories she found inside their house. They also used recycled materials to wrap it up. Sally really
liked the outcome of their project and she couldn’t wait to give it to her sister.

Christmas day came and Sally was finally able to give Rachel her present.

“Thank you so much, Ate!”

Rachel exclaimed when she saw
her handmade bag. “I love it!”
she said, hugging her sister.
“Here’s my gift to you,” Rachel
said as she handed Sally a gift
wrapped in recycled paper.

“Open it!” she urged her older

sister. When Sally opened it,
she found a handmade picture
frame with a photo of her and
Rachel in it.

“Mom helped me make it,”
Rachel said.

“Mom, I didn’t know you were

helping her too! You were
working for both sides!” Sally
teased her mom.
“Thank you for this,” Sally
said to Rachel.
“You’re the best sister in the
world.” Rachel pointed to the
frame, “Hey, that’s what I put on
the frame!” All of them laughed.

“Merry Christmas, girls!” Mom

said as they all sat down to share
their meal.

1. What was Sally’s problem?

Story 2. Why did Sally’s Mom think that making a
. Questions: present was better than buying one?
3. What was their Mom’s secret?

Hanging CD Case Picture Frame

Materials: 1 CD case Tape
Ribbons Scissors
Any photo that you would like to frame
Anything that can be used as decorating materials
1. Cut 4 pieces of 5-inch long ribbon. Glue these to the edges of the inside
of the CD case. This will be the border of the frame.
2. Once the glue dries, put the photo in and secure with tape.
3. Cut a longer piece of ribbon. Tape one end to the top right hand of the CD case.
Tape the other end to the top left hand of the case. This will be the hanger.
4. Using the glue, decorate the front of the CD case. You may use materials
such as buttons, old keys, beads, and so on.
5. Hang!
Sunday Gospel
Getting Ready for
1st Sunday of Advent the Lord’s Coming
December 1, 2013 Matthew 24-37-44
The coming of the Son of Man will be like The wicked people continued on with their lives
what happened in the time of Noah. There up to the very day Noah, together with his fam-
was much evil throughout the earth. God ily and the animals, went inside the big boat.
was so sad because people were very selfish Then the rain started. It rained and rained until
and cruel to one another. However, he was the earth was covered with water. Everybody
pleased with Noah, who was a good and drowned except those inside the ark.
honest man.

In the same way, Jesus warned,

Watch out,
then, because you So then,
do not know what day you also must
your Lord will come. If
the owner of a house always be ready,
knew the time when the because the Son
thief would come, you can of Man will come
be sure that he would stay at an hour when
awake and not let the you are not
thief break into expecting
the house. him.

The Gospel calls us to be alert and watchful always for the coming
of Christ for it will come suddenly and unexpectedly. This means being
watchful for Christ’s presence when we meet him unexpectedly in the
present. Our response to such encounter with Jesus, in the present, will
prepare us for his coming again in glory. Advent, invites us to be alert
by making our heart alive with compassion, understanding, justice and
kindness. We are called to act now and live the gospel, so that Jesus may

8 truly be born in our hearts.

Sunday Gospel
The Preaching of
2nd Sunday of Advent
December 8, 2013
John the Baptist
Matthew 3:1-12
In the desert of Judea, near the Jordan River, Many people around the area came to John
John the Baptist appeared before the people and listened to his preaching. They con-
and spoke to them… fessed their sins and John baptized them in
Turn away the Jordan.
from your sins because the
Kingdom of heaven is near!
Prepare a way for the Lord,
make a straight path for
him to travel!

I baptize you with

water to show that you have repented,
But to the Pharisees and Sadducees, but the one who will come after me will
John spoke, baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.
You snakes! He is much greater than I am, and I
Who told you that you could am not good enough even to
escape from the punishment that carry his sandals.
God is about to send? If you do
not do good things, you would be
chopped down like trees and
be thrown into the fire.

The Gospel is calling us to repent from our sins and begin to

follow God’s ways. All of us are being called to a sincere change of
mind and heart and to bear fruit in good deeds. A change of life
that shows in the fruit it produces is the message to us today, as

we prepare for the coming of the Lord in our hearts.
Sunday Gospel The Messenger from
3rd Sunday of Advent John the Baptist
December 15, 2013 Matthew 11:2-11
John the Baptist was in prison. When In reply, Jesus said to them…
he heard what Christ was doing he
sent his followers to him.

Go back and
tell John what you are
hearing and seeing: the
blind can see, the lame can made clean, the deaf hear,
walk, those who suffer the dead are brought back to
Tell us, are you the from dreaded skin life and the Good News is preached
one John said was going to diseases are to the poor. How happy are
come, or should we expect those who have no doubts
someone else? about me!

As John’s disciples were leaving, Jesus

spoke to the crowds about John…

When you
went out to John in the desert,
what did you expect to see? A blade People who
of grass bending in the wind? What dressed like that live in palaces!
did you go out to see? A man Tell me, what did you go out to see?
dressed up in fancy A prophet? Yes indeed, but you saw much
clothes? more than a prophet. For John is the one
of whom the scripture says: ‘God said,
I will send my messenger ahead
of you to open the
way for you.’

assure you that John
the Baptist is greater than
any man who has ever lived.
But he who is least in the
Kingdom of heaven is
greater than

Today, John the Baptist’s question can also become our question, “Are you
the expected one, Lord, who gives meaning and fulfilment to our lives? Or are we to
look for meaning in something or someone else? But the Gospel says, we don’t have
to look for another. Jesus is the One who is to come. He alone can give us light, life

10 and meaning for he is our Way, our Truth and our Life.
Sunday Gospel
4th Sunday of Advent
December 22, 2013
Jesus Christ is Born
Matthew 1:18-24
Before Jesus was born, his mother Mary was
engaged to Joseph. But before they were
married, she found out she was going to
have a baby by the Holy Spirit. Joseph being While he was pondering over this, an angel
a good man, and not wanting Mary to be in of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and
trouble, planned to break their engagement said,

So when
Joseph woke
up, he took
Mary as his
wife as the Joseph, son of David don’t
angel of the be afraid to take Mary as your
wife for the child conceived in her is
Lord had told
from the Holy Spirit. She will bear a son
him to. and you are to name him Jesus, for
he will save his people from
their sins.

Christmas reminds us that God never forgets us and is always with

us to lead us to the life he wills for us. In Jesus, God became one of us and
showed through his person and life, that God’s lovingpresence is in our
midst. God is with us to see us through any struggle, to help us survive
any setbacks, to strengthen us to endure any burden or disappointment.
Christmas reminds us to reaffirm our faith that God

is still with us and will be with us always.
Sunday Gospel
The Escape to Egypt
Feast of the Holy Family Matthew 2:13-15. 19-23
December 29, 2013
When the wise men left the Holy Family in Joseph got up, took the child and his
Bethlehem, an angel of the Lord warned mother, and left during the night for
Joseph in a dream, Egypt.

Herod will be
looking for the child in
order to kill him. So get up,
take the child and his mother
and escape to Egypt, and
stay there until I tell
you to leave.

The holy family stayed in Egypt but after Herod So Joseph took the child and his mother
died, an angel of the Lord appeared again in a to Galilee and settled in Nazareth.
dream to Joseph and said,
Get up,
take the child and his
mother, and go back to the
land of Israel, because those
who tried to kill the
child are dead.

The gospel sees the movements of the Holy Family as the fulfilment
of Scripture. The life of the Holy Family provides the model for all Christian
families. And just like the holy Family, Jesus Christ must also be the center
of every Christian family as they continually look for ways to reach out to

12 others in respect, generosity and love founded on the love of God.

Sunday Gospel Visitors from the East
Matthew 2:1-12
Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord
January 5, 2014 When Herod heard the news, he got very
worried. He called together all the chief
Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem in priests and the teachers of the Law and
Judea during the reign of King Herod. Soon asked them,
after, some wise men came from the East to Where will the
Jerusalem and asked, Messiah be born?
In Bethlehem,
because the prophet wrote
that one day a leader will
come from there and will
guide all of Israel.

Where is the
baby born to be the king of the
Jews? We saw his star when it came
up in the east, and we have come
After they had spoken to the King, the wise men
to worship him.
left to find the baby. They followed the star until
So Herod called the visitors from the East to a they finally arrived at the place where the child
secret meeting and found out from them the was. When they found the child Jesus with his
exact time the star had appeared. He then mother Mary, they knelt down and worshipped
told them, him. They offered gifts of gold, frankincense
and myrrh to Jesus.

Go and make a careful search for the child; Then in a dream, the wise men were warned
and when you find him, let me know, so that not to go back to Herod, and returned to
I too may go and worship him. their own country by a different way.

Christmas gift-giving began with the story in today’s gospel. Wise

men from the East brought special gifts to Jesus to honor him as Christ,
the Lord. We too, can worship Jesus by giving the gift of our hearts to
love him and our neighbour. God wants to send us on our way like the
wise men – overjoyed at having found his Son Jesus and strengthened for
the rest of our journey through life. We can honor Jesus today by giving

him gifts of love, obedience, generosity, time, etc.
Sunday Gospel
The Baptism of Jesus
The Baptism of the Lord
Matthew 3:13-17
January 12, 2014
Jesus arrived from Galilee and came
Let it
to John at the Jordan to be baptized
be so for now. For
by him.
in this way we shall
do all that God

I ought
to be baptized by you
and yet you have come
to me!

As soon as
Jesus was This
baptized, the is my dear Son, with
Spirit of God
whom I am pleased.
come down
like a dove and
lighted on him.
Then a voice
from heaven

In the gospel, God himself revealed his Son Jesus during his baptism, as the
long-awaited Messiah who would soon begin his mission. Our Lord’s baptism
declares who he is – God’s own Son and what he will do - God’s own work. Similarly
our baptism proclaims our new identity as members of Christ’s Church and empowers
us to do good works as Jesus did. We are called to live our baptismal promises by
making others happy and hopeful, comforting the lonely and sad, witnessing to

14 others by courageously doing what is just , compassionate and good.

Sunday Gospel

Feast of the Sto. Nino

Who is the Greatest?
January 19, 2014 Matthew 18:1-5. 10

At that time the disciples came Jesus called a child, had him stand in
to Jesus and asked, front of them, and said,

Who is
the greatest in the
Kingdom of

See that
you don’t despise any
of these little ones. I assure you
Their angels in heaven, that unless you change
I tell you, are always and become like children, you
in the presence of my will never enter the Kingdom of
Father in heaven. heaven. The greatest in the
Kingdom of heaven is the one
who humbles himself and
becomes like this child. And
whoever welcomes in my name
one such child as this,
welcomes me.

In order to enter the Kingdom of God, Jesus urges his disciples to

become like children, who are dependent on adults and who receive
everything as a gift. God’s Kingdom can never be claimed based on power,
authority and arrogance, but on humbly accepting the gracious gift of God’s
loving presence in our hearts. Childlike dependence, openness and humility is
what Jesus desires from all of us. Indeed, Jesus calls adults to become
converted and become like children; becoming open, receptive and
dependent on God.
Sunday Gospel
Jesus Begins His
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 26, 2013 Work in Galilee
Matthew 4:12-23 or Matthew 4:12-17
When Jesus heard that John had been put in prison, he went away to
Galilee. He did not stay in Nazareth, but went to live in Capernaum,
a town by Lake Galilee, in the territory of Zebulun and Naphtali. This
was done to make come true what the prophet Isaiah had said,

Land of Zebulun and land of Naphtali, on the road to the sea, on the other side of
the Jordan, Galilee, land of the Gentiles! The people who live in darkness will see
a great light. On those who live in the dark land of death the light will shine.

From that time Jesus

began to preach his Turn away
message: from your sins, because
the Kingdom of heaven
is near!

Jesus calls each of us to a change of mind and heart, to a new

direction of life wherein we abandon our self-centeredness and selfishness
so that God may truly be present in our hearts. He calls us to bring others
to God by proclaiming the Good News through our words and deeds that
16 bring love, comfort, hope and life to them.
Who’s Who in the Bible
by Josylen V. de leon

(Genesis 5:28 – 10:32)

Noah was the son of Lamech. He was born ten generations after Adam and
was the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth.
The world in Noah’s day was full of evil. God revealed to Noah that He would
destroy the earth to put an end to people’s bad deeds. So, God commanded Noah
to build an ark and made a promise that Noah, his wife, his three sons and their
wives be saved. Noah’s faith moved him to obey what God had
commanded. When the ark was finished, Noah took his wife,his sons Shem, Ham
and Japheth, and his son’s wives into the ark. He also took inside the ark, a male
and female of each animal.
It rained and rained for forty days and forty nights until the whole earth
was covered with water. There was no dry ground left at all. And everything that
breathed on the earth died. When the rain stopped and the flood subsided, the
ark rested on top of Mount Ararat. Noah, his family and the animals inside the ark
were saved.
Noah was so thankful. He built an altar to God and offered a sacrifice to
thank God for saving his life and his family. God was pleased with what Noah did.
Then God promised that never again would He destroy the earth through flood.
And as a sign of his covenant, God made a brilliant rainbow appear in the sky.
So every time you see a rainbow, it will remind you that God loves us and
that no matter how bad the storm, a bright new day will follow.

Ni Josylen V. de leon Guhit ni Joel Labangco

Ang Caroling - ay ang pagkanta ng mga batang lalaki at babae ng mga awiting
Pamasko at pagkatok sa mga bahay-bahay upang humingi ng aginaldo. Lagyan ng ang-
kop na mga salita ang bawat “speech balloon” upang makabuo ng masayang kuwento
tungkol sa “caroling”.

Ang “caroling” ay isang masaya at nakakatuwang tradisyon tuwing sasapit ang
Pasko. Ang pag-awit ng mga awiting pamasko sa mga bahay-bahay ay hindi lamang nag-
dudulot ng kasiyahan sa taong hinahandugan ng kanta bagkus ito rin ay nagdudulot ng
kapayapaan sa puso ng bawat isa. Upang lalong maging masaya at ligtas ang tradisyon na
ito planuhing mabuti ang gagawing pangangaroling. Magbigay ng mga tips
o paalaala.

Halimbawa: Sauluhing mabuti ang mga kakantahing awiting pamasko

1. ________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________________
5. ________________________________________________________
6. ________________________________________________________
7. ________________________________________________________
8. ________________________________________________________
9. ________________________________________________________
10. ________________________________________________________

Stories from the Bible

The Birth of Jesus

In those days, the Emperor ordered that all people register in the place where they
were born. Joseph, together with Mary travelled to Bethlehem because that was
where Joseph’s family came from. Mary was due to give birth soon. It was already
dark when they reached the place and the city was crowded with people.

All the
rooms are occupied.
I’m sorry but this is the
only space I can
This offer you
is not a good place
for you, Mary,

all right, Joseph.
We’re tired and we
need to rest.

That midnight, Mary gave birth to our Savior
Jesus Christ in the stable where animals were kept.

What a
beautiful baby!

We’ll call
him Jesus.

A host of angels appeared to shepherds and told them about the birth of the
promised Savior while a very bright star guided the wisemen from the East
to the place where the child Jesus was.


In Bethlehem, they found Jesus with Mary his mother. They were filled with
joy. They knelt down and worshipped Jesus. Then the wise men gave Jesus
gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Dear God, Thank you for the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank
you for the gift of love and peace. May we love you as you love us
and share with others your gift of love and peace. Amen.

Stories of Saints

Saints Joachim and Anne By Selina Vasquez

According to Christian tradition, St. Anne and St. Joachim were the parents
of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the grandparents of Jesus. It was said that the
couple were sad because they had been married for so long but still didn’t have
children. Everyday, Anne begged the Lord to give her a child and promised she

Until one day, God answered Anne’s persistent prayer. Anne conceived and
later gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The couple was overwhelmed with joy.

We shall call
her Mary.

Anne and Joachim took care of little Mary for a few years and as they
had promised, they offered their daughter to the service of God. Mary lived
in the holy Temple of Jerusalem while her parents, Sts. Joachim and Anne
devoted their lives to prayer.

A. Answer the following
questions briefly and in
complete sentences.

1. Who were the parents of


2. Why were Anne and Joachim sad?


3. What did Anne pray to God?

4. Who was the daughter of St. Anne and St. Joachim?

5. Who were the grandparents of Jesus?


B. MAZE: Help Joachim, Anne, and Mary find their way to the Temple.

Growing in Faith

By Josylen V. de Leon

Advent which means “coming”, marks the start of the Christmas

season. Advent is usually symbolized by an Advent wreath. An Advent
wreath is a circle of evergreen with four candles placed in it. The circle
symbolizes the truth that God is without beginning or end. It also
symbolizes the eternalness of God’s love for us and for all humanity. The
green leaves mean that God’s love never dies nor wilts. While the four
candles represent the four weeks of waiting for Christmas. Each week
before Christmas, we light a candle to remind ourselves of the importance
of our Advent preparation. The purple candles stand for royalty andremind
us that Jesus is the king of our lives. The lone pink candle stands for the
joy which the shepherds felt when they heard the good news of Jesus’
birth! The big white candle or Christ’s candle at the center reminds us
that Jesus is the light of the world, who came to become one of us to
give us the light and life of God to we share with others.
During the four weeks of hopeful waiting, we
prepare ourselves to welcome Jesus’
coming in our hearts. We pray around
the Advent wreath as our way of
cleansing our minds and hearts.
We ask Jesus’ forgiveness for
all the wrong things we
have done and pray that
with his help we may
change for the better.
The best way for us to
prepare for the coming
of Jesus is by being
good, kind, just and
caring children.

Trace your left hand on a clean white paper
and think of five things you are thankful
for. Write one on each of the fingers you’ve

Batang Pinoy

Dear Lolo at Lola

Maligayang bagong taon po!
Kumusta po ang pagdiriwang ninyo dyan sa Amerika? Dito po naging
masaya at maingay ang pagsalubong namin sa bagong taon.
Hindi po kami gumamit ng paputok ngayong taon dahil sabi po ni Nanay
at Tatay na mapanganib daw po ang mga ito at maaaring makasakit. Sa halip
po ay gumamit kami ng mga pito at torotot, at nangalampag ng mga kawali at
kaserola. Si Tatay naman po ay nagbusina ng kaniyang sasakyan. Kaya naman
po maingay, masaya at masigla pa rin ang aming pagsalubong.
Napakarami rin pong inihandang pagkain para sa media noche. Kami po
ni Lisa ang naghanda ng labindalawang bilog na prutas para sa hapag-kainan.
May ubas, pakwan, ponkan, rambutan, at marami pang iba! Naghanda rin po
ba kayo ng mga bilog na pagkain dyan?
Pagkatapos po naming magsalu-salo ay nagsabi kami ng mga bagay na
pinagpapasalamat namin sa nakaraang taon. Ako po ay nagpapasalamat sa
mga bagong kaibigang nakilala ko. Si Lisa naman po ay nagpapasalamat para
sa mga laruang natanggap niya noong Pasko. Si Nanay at Tatay naman po ay
nagpapasalamat na naging ligtas kami sa lahat ng sakuna.

Hiling ko po ngayong darating na
taon na patuloy po na magsama
ng masaya ang aming pamilya.
Sana rin po ay laging maging
mabuti ang inyong kalagayan
Miss na po namin
kayo, Lolo at Lola. Mas
masaya po sana kung
kasama namin kayo.
Mag-iingat po sana
kayo riyan.


1. Paano sinalubong ng pamilya ang bagong taon?

2. Anu-anong mga tradisyong Pinoy kapag bagong
taon ang ginawa nila?
Guide 3. Maliban sa mga tradisyong ito, magbigay pa ng
Questions: ibang kaugalian ng mga
Pilipino tuwing bagong taon.
4. Magbigay ng halimbawa ng mga bagay na iyong
ipinagpapasalamat sa
nakaraang taon.

Sumulat o gumawa ng card para sa iyong Lolo at

Lola. Ikuwento ang mga mahahalagang pangyayaring
naganap sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya sa nakaraang taon.
Maglakip rin ng mga larawan.

Ni Ylen Jose
Simple lang Kaibigan
Wow! Tatay,
pangalawang regalo na
ni Ninong ito. Kabibigay n’ya
lang ng birthday gift noong Dec. 1,
tapos mayroon uli ngayong
Pasko. Ubo, sipon, pagtatae, kuto sa ulo,
Mga pangkaraniwang sakit ng tao,
Lalo ng mga batang katulad mo,
Sa paglalaro’t pag-aaral ay istorbo.
ka, Anak. Sige
buksan mo na.
Kalusugan dapat nating ingatan,
Ayoko na nitong Nang pesteng sakit ay maiwasan.
regalo ni Ninong.
Simple lang naman aking kaibigan,
Tatlo lang ang ‘yong dapat tandaan.

Una, siyam na oras na tulog sa gabi,
Ha!? Bakit,
Bitoy? Eh, Tatay, Tiyak kapalit ay gising na nakangiti.
“Batman” uli. Kaya pala

magkasinglaki ang kahon at Ang sapat na tulog lalo’t mahimbing,
magkakulay din ang balot.
Sana iba naman. Sakit ng katawan nati’y pinagagaling.

Pangalawa’y ang paghugas ng kamay,

kulay pula naman Laging paalaala ‘di lang ni Ina’t Itay.
yan, ah.
Kamay na hinahawak kung saan-saan,
Baktirya’y malilipat sa ating katawan.
Karamihan sa mga bata
kapag nakakatanggap ng regalo na

hindi gusto, ay sumisimangot at Pangatlo ay almusal na masustansiya,
nababanggit ang mga salitang;

“Ayoko nito”, “Meron na ako nito” Huwag katamaran, ito’y napakahalaga.
o kaya “Gusto ko iba naman”.
Ang Katawa’t isipan ay magiging malusog,
makatanggap ng regalo mula sa
isang tao ay nangangahulugan
na Sa klase ay tiyak ‘di ka tutulog-tulog.
pinahahalagahan tayo ng taong
nagkaloob nito. Dapat na tayo ay
matuwa, pahalagahan ang regalo
at magpasalamat sa taong
nagbigay nito.

Christmas Card House
Kiddie Workshop

Build a Christmas card house where you can put your gifts for your loved ones.

You need: pencil scissors construction paper
ruler hole puncher
yarn old Christmas cards (heavy paper)

How to do it:

1. Draw a rectangle, 4 ½ inches by 4 inches on a piece of construction paper then

cut along its outline. This will be pattern 1.
2. Put pattern 1 on the front of a Christmas card and trace around it with your pencil. Do
this on five Christmas cards then cut along the lines you have traced.
3. Measure and cut out a rectangle 4 ½ inches wide by 7 inches high from a
construction paper.
4. Measure halfway up the sides (3 ½ inches) and make a dot on each side. Put a dot
in the middle of the 4 ½ inches side. Draw a line from Dot A to Dot B. Draw a line from
Dot B to Dot C. Cut along lines to form a peak for the roof. This is Pattern 2.
5. Place Pattern 2 on a Christmas card and trace around it. Cut out the shape. Do this twice.
6. Punch holes in the shapes then tie them together with yarn to form a house.
7. Now fill your Christmas Card House with gifts for your loved ones.

Ni Josylen V. de Leon Guhit ni Joel Labangco
Suwerte ko yata, ang
laking kahon ng number
Medyo may Sana
kamahalan ang nabili matuwa rin ang taong
kong regalo, Jessy. Tiyak makakakuha ng binalot kong
matutuwa ang taong regalo, Benjo. Hindi nga lang
makakakuha. mamahalin pero talagang
magagamit naman.

kahit ano ang makuha
Oy! Benjo, natin, magandang regalo pa
Mga bata, tatlong panyo ang nakuha rin yun na dapat ipagpasalamat.
kung nabuksan na ninyo ko, galing kay Ruel. Ikaw, At saka dapat matuwa ka dahil
ang nakuhang n’yong regalo, ano ang nakuha mong regalo? mapapalitan na ang mga
ngayon naman ay hanapin natin Nagpasalamat ka na ba sa may maluluwag mong
ang taong nagbigay nito at ari ng nakuha mong medyas.
ating pasalamatan. regalo?

H’wag na lang,
Jessy. 3 for 100 pesos na
medyas lang naman ang
laman ng malaking Ngek! Oo nga, Jessy.
Dapat tayong matuwa at magpasalamat sa taong nagmamagandang-loob na
maghandog ng regalo sa atin. Ang regalo ay hindi nasusukat sa dami, laki o
ganda, kundi sa kagandahan ng puso ng nagkaloob nito. Katulad ka rin ba ni
Benjo? Bakit?

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