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Title: Web Based Learning Resource Management System for SLSU-TC Library




The traditional library system still used nowadays is relying on manpower to serve the students

and users, and to record the daily transaction of books. There are old schools that still use

catalogs for book referencing. Students queue up in front of the counter, flipping bulks of

catalogs until they found the book they are looking for, luckily if they found one. Students

therefore need to wait for a long time to borrow books.

When students return books, the librarians need to search the transaction records page by page. It

is a time-consuming, inefficient and ineffective since students need to wait long to borrow and

return books.

The inefficiency is due to the existing complicated process of library system. If the hand-writing

transaction records were lost, the whole library system would be in a mess since there are no

backup of records.

The researchers employed two methods of research design: the descriptive and developmental

methods. The first method was employed in developing the Web-based Learning Resource

Management System for the University and the second one in analyzing the result of the program

and its level of acceptability. The researchers used these methods in developing the propose

project to get the right information that will support the researcher’s idea.
As a result, the researchers found out that the system can help the students and users and it will

be more beneficial to the administration of the library because it facilitates the way of managing

and introduces them in the increasingly advancement of technology. The average weighted mean

of proposed program “Web-based Learning Resource Management System for SLSU-TC

Library” is 4.7 in level of acceptability in terms of Functionality, Performance, Security and

System Design.