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sorr82017 ‘Ampazonuin - Online Retum Center Allthe items must be returned by Nev 20, 2017. Tell us about your return experience, litional Instructions for mail 19 your package Prepare your package for your return, following the instructions on your printed label page for the Return Authorization, Return Mailing label and Acknowledgement Letter. Securely package your return to avoid damage during shipping. If possible use the original packaging. + Please make sure that the printed label is affixed to the return package. Carrier will nat be able to accept the package without the printed label. If you don't have a printer and have difficulty printing all return documents please follow below steps ‘+ Write down the "to address" and “from address" legibly as it appears in the “Mailing label” and affix on the package + Write the "Declaration Letter" in a piece of paper and attach to the package + Attach a copy of the original invoice / bill Your return pick-up is scheduled for: Friday, Oct 20, 2017, 15:00 - 18:00 The phone number we've given to the carrier for this pick-up is 9738711350 Pickup Address Pickup Time: Pickup Tracking ID: Sureshkumar A Friday, Oct 20, 2017, 15:00-18:00 69724128014 Vandana Teyjesh Apartment/ No. 1/4a / First floor/ H104 PANATHUR BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, 560103 Phone: 9738711350 hips ilwma-amazon inretunsilabeVdSéde7ec-5405-4735-bdc8-a/ 25085365157 prinerFriendly=1 18 sori82017 ‘Amazonin- Online Retum Center Return Mailing Label Cut this label and affik to the outside of the return package é g g z 2 8 : 5 z 8 3 E = 2 oe s 88 oe : g 22 eles BS a a . EE 3 ose £<3S % e =z S pps e Bai SEFtLasé a g #232 ze Se werysexs§ i & EEgt =e Ess YLeszse= Z 8 33828 ie SEF RESEsSZe B §8pes EE gf O25sf2522 a g SSER2 if S82 ZasSis8se =< «&5265 8 a e ssEss 33 oe Beaae as Bselees Beggs a aEENSSex | Eese4 VUNG 8412Pa Been Z5FS 32335 5 5ERE3 Acknowledgement Letter Print tis Acknowledgment Leter and get it signed from the Blue Dart associate to acknowledge the receipt of your return, Keep this signed Letter for your records. Package Drop-off Acknowledgement The shipment having Airway Bill Number ("shipment") has been handed over to the BlueDart station on The Shipment has contents to be returned to Seller and has been accepted from the shipper in a sealed state on a “said-to-contain’ b: -Name of BlueDart Associate: -Signature of BlueDart Associate: -Employee Number of Associate: hips ilwma-amazon inretunsilabeVdSéde7ec-5405-4735-bdc8-a/ 25085365157 prinerFriendly=1 28 sorr82017 ‘Ampazonuin - Online Retum Center Return Authorization Label CCut this and place inside the return package DdeTr8PNRRMA Item Descriptions Quantity ‘adidas Men's Polo (4057282548400_830906_Medium_Boonlx) 1 Levi's Men's Casual Shirt (6920028060180_28544-0023 Medium Brown) 1 hips ilwma-amazon inretunsilabeVdSéde7ec-5405-4735-bdc8-a/ 25085365157 prinerFriendly=1 as