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Answer the following questions with correct answers. The answers are in our presentation.
Good luck!

1. When was Anitha Desai born? ______________

2. Arrange the sentences according to the correct story plot.

Otima, the wife of Mr. Basu has the selfless love towards him. She takes care of her
husband despite of all the problems and complications that emerged in their
situation. ( )

Mr. Basu is the man who is unable to perform his task on his own because of the
different illnesses that developed into his body. ( )

Mr.Basu accepted the fact that his life will soon vanish and become part of heaven.
The pigeons at daybreak mark the end of his life and symbolize his spirit and his
journey in the next life.

Otima used to read the news for Mr. Basu because Mr. Basu could not able to read
the news due to poor eyesight. Otima produced deeper patience and love for her
husband. ( )

From the time when their house had no electricity due to electric problems, the two
went to the terrace and decided to stay there until the electricity comes back. ( )

When Mr. Basu was lying on the terrace, he reveals his love toward his grandson.
But when the electricity went back, Mr. Basu refused to go back inside the house for
it was the time of preparation of leaving. ( )

3. What are the TWO themes mentioned in the presentation?

i. _________________
ii. __________________

4. What did the Pigeons in the story symbolise? ________________

5. According to the story, do you think Indians love to stay on the rooftop? YES / NO
6. In Indian culture, the dowry is given from ________________ to ________________.