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Correction Symbols

Bellow, you will find common correction symbols that your teacher may use to indicate errors in your
writing. Also, keep in mind that your teacher may use additional symbols that are not on this sheet. We
suggest that you discussed these symbols with your teacher if you are unsure what they are asking to

Symbol Meaning Incorrect Correct

P Punctuation I live work, and go to school. I live, work, and go to school.
C Capitalization needed The dogers play in los angeles The Dodgers play in los Angeles.
VT Verb tense I am there yesterday I was there yesterday.
VF Verb form I am swim. I am swimming
sv Subject- verb agreement The manager work hard The manager works hard

Close space Every one works hard Everyone works hard

ᴧ Space needed Goingto class is awesome Going to class is awesome

SP Spelling The maneger is a woman The manager is a woman
PL/SG Plural /Singular Apple is the most nutritious fruits Apples are the most nutritious fruits

ᴓ Unnecessary word The student she studies all the time The student she studies all the time

ᴑ Missing word Please don’t me that question anymore Please don’t ask me that question anymore
Wf Word form She sings beautiful. She sings beautifully
WC Word choice He needs to make his homework. He needs to do his homework.

Word order She is pretty and tall. She is tall and pretty.