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John’s mouth is so dry, so very dry.

He couldn’t seem to remember how he’d

gotten smack dab in the middle of the desert, but he hadn’t had a drink in what seemed
like forever. He smacked his lips, and he was suddenly very aware of the presence of his
tongue in his mouth, a dry, tender slab of muscle that felt all-too alien in a place it’d
always been. And it was so /hot/, he just couldn’t stand it, dehydrated as he was, the
desperate output of sweat that was his body’s attempt to cool him down was just makin’
things worse. He trudged for a few more steps, and then lost consciousness.
And then regained it, eyelids fluttering open, lips immediately smacking, feelin’
the reason for the way-too-odd dream. His mouth felt like sandpaper, his body covered in
a warm, musky sheen from the multitude of blankets he’d burrowed beneath before he
went to sleep. He was thirsty, an’ after a few seconds of debating in his head whether to
stay in bed, where it was safe, an’ to brave the trip through the dark hallway in order to
get a drink, his body won out. Bein’ only 11, he was a little bit old to be havin’ recurring
nightmares, but they did wonders in keeping him from getting up in the middle of the
Not so tonight, he peels the covers off of his body, footsie pajamas plastered to
his smooth, prepubescent hume body as he swings his legs over the side of his bed an’
starts his journey, turning on the light as he goes. “Hnn..” He lets out an involuntary little
whimper as he tugs open the door to the hallway, dreading what horrors his imagination
might whip up for him. But oddly enough, as soon as he tugged it open, a rush of warm,
humid air met him, making him shudder the tiniest bit. Something warm, musky an’ sour
was flooding his lungs, a smell that he could sworn he’d smelled before, but couldn’t
place it. He pinches his nose with one hand, makin’ his way to the bathroom.
“Jeeze, what is that?” When he pushed open the door to the bathroom, it only got
worse, the air in the room at least a solid 95 degrees, and humid enough to make him feel
instantly stickier. The scent was thicker here, thick enough that he could taste it in the
back of his throat, sour and salty.
“Blegh~” He uncovers his nose an’ takes a half-breath in before making his way
over to the sink in the dim light of his night light, turnin’ on the sink, sticking his face
under the faucet and taking in a deep gulp without pausing to look.
It tastes fucking AWFUL, sour and acidic, like old spooge and dung, he spits it
out of his mouth an’ backs away from the sink, goo flowin’ down his throat and into his
stomach, even the tiny bit that he’d swallowed. “Ew, unngh, gross man, gross..” He
scrapes at his tongue with the palm of one of his hands, and within a few seconds, his
mouth feels just as dry as before..
And then his stomach sinks, and he steps back up to the sink, steam rising from
the porcelean as the mixture grows warm and murky, sputtering out of the sink in great
globs. “So thirsty..” His mind begins to swim as he bows his head, and takes another
gulp.. And then another, and then another, until his belly is nearly disdended, sloshing
full of the putrid mixture. Only when the faucet gurgles and ceases its flow does he gasp,
quickly becoming aware of the foul taste in his mouth.. And that awful ache between his
legs. The stuff’s rapidly flooding through his system, tainted goo pounding through into
his member and making it swell an’ grow hard, quickly creating a sizable bulge in the
front of his PJ’s.
“Oh gawd, what did I just do?” He groans an’ reaches down to rub that swollen
gut, an’ the sensation makes his knees buckle. His dick jumps and spasms in his pajamas,
growing harder, thicker, longer with each passing second. Groaning, he falls back onto
the toilet seat, that horrible itch in the pit of his nuts growing until he moans, absolutely
NEEDING to let it out.. One of his hands clutches at his swelling member through his
pajamas, that strange, gooey bulge stretching all the way up to his nipples inside of them.
He squeezes it an’ shudders, efforts producing a thick glob of the same stuff that he’d just
sucked down, pulsing out of his needy dong and covering his belly. The smell instantly
grows worse and he bites his lip, feeling so dirty all of a sudden, so nasty, so horny.
Horny? What did that mean? The word pushed itself into his brain before he had
time to think about it, but.. But with a little giggle, he realized that he didn’t care. He just
wanted to sit and stroke the monstrous beast that now hung heavy between his legs. He
tore the buttons from the front of his footsies, his new fat, stanky dong flopping out and
plopping heavily on his rapidly swelling thighs. With another giggle he clutches it at the
base and starts to jerk from base to tip, that tainted prespunk rolling over his fingers as it
coats his member. His hands grow pretty fast,
His nuts swell between his thighs, forcing them apart as they expand to the size of
grapefruits. The skin all around his dong starts to darken, fuzz growing in around his junk
an’ quickly travelling up his belly as his body taints. His big, fat, goo-swollen belly
grows even bigger, fat packing in-between organs and wobbling as he wipes a handful of
his stinky spooge into it, giggling stupidly.
“Hnn man, ooh, nnah~!” His ass bloats out in a matter of seconds, pushing his
body away from that toilet seat, his hips packing on seemingly from nowhere, quickly
growing wider than his shoulders, packed with stinky, sweaty pudge. The changes push
inwards, between his now fat, jiggly cheeks an’ drive into that tight, virgin butt. His anus
aches for a few seconds before it gapes by itself, and the intense rumbling in his belly
floods his intestines..
PPPPPPLLLLLRRRRRRTTTT! His pucker sputters out a noisy, wet fart that fills
the bowl under him an’ spills out in billowing clouds of steamy green, the scent so nasty,
so GOOD to his changin’ mind. He jerks his massive dong twice as hard, spurts flying
out and coating the floor in front of him as his pucker grows thicker, turning black and
growing to the size of his fist in-between his fat asscheeks.
His body’s sprouting mottled patches of tan fur all over, rolls of fat augmented
with the tiniest layer of fuzz, tan and brown.. Patches of brown appear on his shoulders,
the hair on his head grows thick and coarse, flooding down his neck and creating a cute,
messy hyena mane. He pants and giggles, his exultations quickly turning to wheezy
laughter as he leans forward, taking the head of his stinky member into his mouth.
His muzzle explodes outwards from his face as soon as his dick’s shoved between
his lips, each deep, needy suckle from his arm-sized fuckstick floods his mouth with
more of that nasty goo, the stuff fuelling the altered cells in his head.. His mouth pushes
away from his face, nose upturns, wet and black, eyes squeeze shut, only to open a half
second later, a deep, feral yellow. That fuzz floods his cheeks as his ears flick and
migrate upwards, blunt and rounded, flattening against the back of his head as he drinks.
The entire bathroom’s a little bit steamy now, yellow funk rising from his pits as
the hair grows in most heavily of all there, coarse, thick and wiry, tangled as yellow goo
begins to streak down it, nasty sweat pouring down his sides, yeena fuzz sprouting where
ever it touches.
His head’s positively swimming, thoughts turned to mush from the intense
sensations that were flooding his changing body.. An’ as that stinky, beastly taint
consumed more an’ more of his form, that mush was rapidly reconstructing. He didn’t
want to be human anymore, he wanted to be a big, smelly, playful ‘yena.. In fact, nobody
was supposed to be human, they were supposed to be big beasties, just like him! He huffs
out around his cock in excitement, spunk spilling out of his muzzle and dribbling onto his
chest. His eyes roll back as the messages pound into his brain, fuck, change, corrupt,
cuddle- Everything a hypersexed, preteen yenaboi should be thinking. His spine twists
out above his fat, sweaty asscrack and explodes outwards, turning into a short, stubby
Now completely changed from the nuts up (which are, at this point, drooping
down into the toilet bowl, loose, sweaty sac having warmed the water up to the point
where it’s now steaming), he pops his dick out of his mouth and leans forward, trying to
stand. Shaky, still-human legs won’t support him, however, and he plonks back down
onto the seat, the impact driving another stinky fart out of that big butt. As if just thinkin’
about it started the changes, the fuzz quickly spread down his thickening thighs, legs
packing muscle in the center, fat towards the outside, the taint making damn sure that
every single bit of his body is as squeezable as possible.
“Oohn gawd, I smell AWESOME!” He cackles again, wheezy laughter floatin’
down the hall and making his parents stir. His calves thicken up, and then his feet start to
grow, bones elongating, toes growing thick and pudgy, squishy black pads overtaking the
soles of his feet. He wiggles his toes an’ smiles at the strands of footsweat trailing
between, claws clacking on the floor as his gigantic new paws plop down onto the ground
once more. The shitty, sweaty smell of his body is offset by that sour footstink, an’ he
fills his lungs a few times, reveling in his tainted form.
Now fully anthro-yenafied, he shudders as his fat new belly grumbles, a sudden
ache in the pit of his intestines telling him that it’s time to expel the old him- He leans
forward and clutches the toilet seat, dick wiping against his chest as that huge pucker
expands, puffs out, and then opens to allow the first thick, rancid turd out into the
awaiting porcelean. The bathroom instantly grows much nastier, wallpaper bubbling up,
peeling at the corners as his expulsions grow more and more liquidous, until tainted, soft-
serve consistency scat is pushing in a continuous stream from his ass.
The stuff quickly buries his nuts, falling on top of his droopy sac until those
heavy, corruption-producing testes are completely slathered in his own mess. This goes
on for a full two minutes until the bowl’s overflowing, the warm water pushed out and all
over the floor, and the steaming pile beneath him is squelching beneath his big butt with
every tiny movement he makes. As the flow dies down he lifts up again, taking his first
step on unsteady legs and bracing himself against the wall, gigantic, stanky dick bobbing
to and fro two feet away from his crotch. His nuts pull out of the mess like a shoe pulling
free from the mud, and he stumbles forward, laughing in that creepy, wheezy voice of
his. “Mhrrrrn, so hoooooorny~!” He squeezes the base of his gooey dong, jerks it a few
times, and then stops as a thought occurs to him. He’s gotta’ save his first huge, sticky
load for his parents in the next room.
An’ that, kiddos, is the tale of but one of many instances of corruption in John’s
tiny little town, tainted by the introduction of lots of filth into the local reservoir filtration