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Centre: Sediment jars Explicit / Intentional Teaching: Centre: Soil painting

- All the materials will be laid out on the table and Mat session: - Paper, glue and soil will be placed throughout the
displayed for the children to assess. Introduction: classroom centre.
- They will add the soil and water to a jar and wait - Ask the children what they know about rocks - Children can paint a pattern on their paper with
to see the science that happens and soil?, Do they like playing in the dirt/soil? the glue and sprinkle the soil on the glue.
- The soil will rise and drop to the bottom of the What do they like about rocks? - The soil will then create a pattern.
glass - Read again the book Dirt, The scoop of Soil By - Children can discuss the patterns they made and
- Children can discuss the science learning behind the science learning behind the glue and soil.
Natalie M. Rosinsky.
the experiment.
- Read the book with the children, answering Materials:
any questions they might have
- By reading the text again children can gain a Soil, coloured
paper, glue
better understanding and be able to use their
predicting skills about what’s going to
Soil, glass jar, water, happen.
mixing materials, utensils - Discuss with children the importance of soil in
for poring. their world and that it is ok to get messy.
Send the children out to the centres and guide
them in exploring them.
Centre: Soil Playdough - Give the children time to discuss what they
Centre: Compost in a bottle
- Materials will be laid out on the centre table for - Add all the composting materials to the bottle
the children to assess.
completed in the centres.
- When the bottles are full tape them shut.
- Which teacher direction children will be able to - Have a question and answer session on the
mat, allowing all children to have a turn and - Mark the side of the bottle with a permanent pen
mix the ingredients together to make their
respectfully listen to others. showing the different layers.
- Children can discuss the science learning. - Children can show to others what they had - Place one bottle on the windowsill, and one in a
created in their activities and explain their dark cupboard.
Materials: reasons behind their creations.
Bottle, veggies,
Soil, flour, water, sensory water,
toys newspaper, soil,
Centre: Soil search with ABC’s Objective/s: Centre: Planting
- Place a tub full of soil on the table. 1. Use scientific language to - Give children the materials for planting a
- Add foam letters to the soil and digging seed.
describe their activity. - They will be given a pot each and a choice of
- Allow children to explore and discover what’s 2. Actively engage with other different soils.
in the sensory tub. students. - They will then plant the seed into the soil and
over time wait to see of the plant grows.

Assessment & Recording: (What are we assessing? How are we assessing? How are we recording?)
- A checklist provided by the teacher.
- Teacher observations
- If children can use scientific language
- If children are engaging with their peers

Highlight one or two outcomes specifically connected to your objective/s.