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SUB: Algebra (Math-I) STD: 10th MARKS: 40 TIME: 2 HRS

1. Solve all questions, draw diagrams wherever necessary.
2. Use of calculator is not allowed.
3. Figures to the right indicates full marks
4. Marks of construction should be distinct they should not be rubbed off.
5. Diagram is essential for the proof of the theorem.

Q.1. [A]: Solve any Four sub-questions: 4 marks

1. If A = {1,3,9,11,13} and B = {1,9,11} then find A⋃B and A⋂B?
2. Simplify : 8√ 3 – 42√ 3
3. If p(x) = 2x2 – x3 + x + 2; then find p(0).
𝑎 7 𝑎−𝑏
4. If = , then find the ratio 5 ?
𝑏 4 𝑏
5. Solve: 3x – 4 = 23.
6. The ratio of expenditure and income of Mahesh is 3:5. Find the percentage of expenses to his

Q.1. [B]: Solve any two sub-questions: 4 marks

1. Divide (4x2 – x + 2) by (x +1) by synthetic division.
2. which number should be subtracted from 7, 12 and 18 such that the resultant numbers are in continued
3. Represent √2 on the number line.

Q.2. [A]: Solve the questions: 4 marks

3 −1
1. The value of determinant = [ ]
1 4
A. -13 B. 13 C. -7 D. 7
2. Sum of first five multiples of 3.
A. 45 B. 55 C. 15 D. 75
3. What is the amount of dividend received per share of face value 10 rupees and dividend declared is
A. 50Rs. B. 5Rs. C. 500Rs. D. 100Rs.
4. To draw graph of 4x+5y = 19, find y, when x = 1.
A. 4 B. 3 C. 2 D. -3

Q.2. [B]: Solve any two sub-questions: 4 marks

1. Find the discriminant of the equation 3x2 – 2x = = 0, and hence find the nature of its root.
Find them if they are real.
2. Find the sum of all odd numbers from 1 to 150.
3. M/S. Vijay paid total GST of rupees 1, 00,500Rs. at the time of purchase and collected GST
1,22,500Rs. at the time of sale find the amount of GST payable.
Q.3.[A]: Solve any two sub-questions: 10 marks

1. Complete the following table to draw graph of the equation x + y = 3.

x 3 -1

y 5 3

2. Complete the following table according to the general form of quadratic equation.
Quadratic Equation General / Or a b c
a x2 – 4 = 0
b y2 = 2y -7
c (ℓ +2 ) (ℓ -5) = 0

3. For each sequence, find the next two terms and complete the table.
A. 192, -96, 48, -24,
1 1 1 1
B. , , , ,
2 6 18 54

Q.3.[B]: Solve any two sub-questions: 4 marks

1. If one die is rolled then find the probability of each of the following events.
a) Number on the upper face is prime.
b) Number on the upper face is even.
2. Prashant purchase 100 shares of market value rupees 40. Brokerage paid at the rate of 0.5 % and rate
of GST on brokerage is 18%, find the total amount he paid for the share purchase.
3. the table shows the net asset value (NAV) per unit of mutual funds of some companies draw
histogram on the given information.
NAV (Rs.) 8-10 10-12 12-14 14-16 16-18

Mutual Funds 20 40 30 25 15

Q.4]: Solve any three sub questions: 9 marks

1. a card is drawn at random from a pack of well shuffled 52 playing cards find the probability that the
card drawn is –
a) An Ace card b) A spade card c)A red card
2. Find the four consecutive term in an A.P such that the sum of the middle two terms is 18 and the
product of the two and term is 45.
3. Solve the quadratic equation m2 – 2m – 1 = 0 by the method of completing square.
4. Raj purchased a washing machine from “Electronics Goods”, the discount of 5% was given on the
printed of Rs 40,000. Rate of GST charged was 28%. Find the purchase of washing machine also
find the amount of CGST and SGST shown in the tax invoice.
Q.5]: Solve any one sub questions: 4 marks
1. Rohina went to a ‘sale’ to purchase some pants and skirts when her friend ask her how many of each
she had bought, she answered “the number of Skirts is two less than twice the number of pants
purchased. Also “the number of skirts is Four less than four times the number of pants purchased.”
help her friends to find how many pants and skirts Rohina bought?
2. A missing helicopter is reported to have crashed somewhere in the square regions shown in the given
figure, what is the probability that is crashed inside the lake shown in the figure.



Q.6]: Solve any one sub questions: 3 marks
1. A rectangular park is to be designed whose breadth is 3M less than its length. Its area is to be
4 square metres more than the area of a park that has already been made in the shape of an isosceles
triangle with its base as the breadth of the rectangular park and of altitude 12M (fig.). Find its length
and breadth.


x +3

2. In year 2015, Mrs. Joshi get a job with salary rupees 1, 80,000 per year. Her employer agreed to give
rupees 10,000 per year as increment. then in how many years will her annual salary be Rs. 2, 50,000?