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M. B. Asistio Sr.

High School
Action Plan on Child Protection Policy

Standards Activities Persons Involved Source of Budget Time Frame Means of Verification
Seminar to Teachers on Child Principal MOOE (Training Fund, Teachers’ Summer Inset Copy of Memo
Information Dissemination Protection Policy Guidance Counselors GAD Fund) Invitation Letter to Parent
Faculty Club President Copy of Training Plans with Topic
and Schedule

Seminar on Responsible Principal MOOE (Training Fund, Parent First PTC Documentation and Narrative
Parenthood and Positive Guidance Counselors GAD Fund) Quarterly PTA Meeting Reports
Discipline GPTA President Invitation Letter to Parent

Students Orientation Principal MOOE (Training Fund, First Week of June Documentation and Narrative
Guidance Counselors GAD Fund) Reports
SSG President

Updating of Existing Conduct Regular Meeting of Child Principal Canteen Fund First Week of June Copy of Memo
Localized Child Protection Protection Policy Committee Guidance Counselors Updated Child Protection Policy
Policy Faculty Club President
GPTA President
SSG President

Close coordination with the Principal Records of all proceedings

following: Guidance Counselors Year Round related to Child Protection
 Women & Child Faculty Club President
Protection Desks, PNP GPTA President
 Local Social Welfare SSG President
Development Office
 Barangay Council for the
Protection of Children
 Other Government and
Non-Government Offices
Campaign against any form of All Club Officers MOOE (Training Fund, First Week of July Documentation and Narrative
Campaign Against Abuse and abuse and Bullying (Posters and SSG Officers GAD Fund) Reports
Bullying Bulletin)

Anti-Bullying Seminar for Grade Grade 7-10 students MOOE (Training Fund, During Homeroom or ICL Documentation and Narrative
7-10 students Peer Facilitators Club GAD Fund) December Reports
SSG Club
Classroom Advisers

Manage social media Guidance Coordinator June – April Logbook

concerns/coverage regarding Grade Level Chairman Anecdotal Record
Child Protection cases

Students Education Sessions on Guidance Counselors Year Round or Documentation and Narrative
Positive Peer Relationships and Peer Facilitators Quarterly Education Session Reports
Enhancement of Social and SSG Officers Copy of Training Plans with Topic
Emotional Competencies and Schedule

Prepared by:


Guidance Coordinator

Noted by:


Principal IV