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11º UUEGI Lab Grammar Speaks

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Grammar Speaks
Meet the Talking Heads from

Understanding and Using English Grammar Interactive

Each Talking Head animation talks about a grammar point.

Open a chapter and choose a grammar topic to open the
animation. Click the play button at the top right of the
animation's text box to play the animation. In some
browsers, click the animation to activate it then press play.
The arrows at the bottom of the page will navigate to the
previous or next Talking Head.


1. UUEGi 11 - 0 Overview
2. UUEGi 11 - 1 Forming the passive
3. UUEGi 11 - 2 Using the passive
4. UUEGi 11 - 3 Indirect objects used as passive subjects
5. UUEGi 11 - 4 The passive form of modals and phrasal modals
6. UUEGi 11 - 5 Stative passive
7. UUEGi 11 - 6 Common stative passive verbs + prepositions
8. UUEGi 11 - 7 The passive with get
9. UUEGi 11 - 8 Participial adjectives

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