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HAN University

of Applied Sciences
Got your sights set on
an international career?

International Degree Courses

• Automotive Engineering
• Electrical and Electronic Engineering
• Life Sciences
• Communication
 HAN Information Centre • International Business
 P.O. Box 2217 • Finance
 6802 CE Arnhem • Management
 The Netherlands • Marketing & Sales
 +31 24 353 05 00  • Supply Chain Management 
 Location Head Office • Molecular Life Sciences
 Ruitenberglaan 31 • Engineering Systems
 6826 CC Arnhem
• Automotive Systems
 The Netherlands
 +31 26 369 11 11  • Control Systems Engineering
• Embedded Systems  • Sustainable Energy
Got your sights
set on an

• This is HAN University of
This is HAN University
Applied Sciences in the Netherlands 3 of Applied Sciences in the
• HAN University of Applied Sciences 4
• The Dutch education system 5 Netherlands. Welcome!
• English Preparation Course 6

• International Bachelors degree 7

• Bachelor Automotive Engineering 8
• Bachelor Electrical and Inspiring environment. Innovative and Located in the historic eastern Dutch cities of Arnhem like German or French. Recently the Netherlands was
Electronic Engineering 12 and Nijmegen, the campuses of HAN University of even ranked number one on English proficiency out
• Bachelor Life Sciences 16
skilled professional staff. International Applied Sciences offer outstanding professional of 72 countries where English is spoken as a second
• Bachelor Communication 20 student body. These are just some courses to over 33,000 students. HAN has even language. So you do not have to learn Dutch in order
• Bachelor International Business 24 been ranked top provider of Masters courses in the to study here. As a foreign student you will notice how
of the ingredients that make up Netherlands. What makes our education so unique? welcoming and tolerant the Dutch are, a mentality that
• HAN Masters Programmes 29 HAN University of Applied Sciences Our courses combine a solid theoretical basis with has been engrained in the Dutch culture throughout
• Master Engineering Systems 30 practical application in the field so that students are its rich international history.
Automotive Systems 34
in the Netherlands. well positioned to enter the job market as soon as
Control Systems Engineering 35 they graduate. All courses at HAN University of What also characterises this internationally oriented
Embedded Systems 36 We make it our business to offer higher education of Applied Sciences are accredited by the Dutch Ministry country is its strong and stable economy along with a
Sustainable Energy 37 an outstanding quality to students across the globe. of Education and the Accreditation Organisation of highly innovative entrepreneurial climate. Holland is
• Master Molecular Life Sciences 38 It is our goal to prepare each of our students to meet the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). the fourth most competitive economy in the world and
the unique challenges found in today’s working has a leading position in the export market despite its
• Admission and application 42 world. Our skilled professionals accomplish this Study & the Netherlands small size. So there is little doubt why economics is
• Financial information 44 by combining practical education methods with Whether you call it Holland or the Netherlands, it is the most popular area of study for foreign students,
• Housing and facilities 46 specialised, internationally focused teaching. the chosen study destination for over 112,000 foreign with 26,936 students enrolled in 2016 alone. Being at
• Social media and activities 48 students each year. The cultural diversity represented the forefront of innovations in technology comes
• Meet us 49 One of the key benefits of our courses is that we fully by more than 190 nationalities makes Holland the naturally to the Dutch. Around 16,600 foreign students
• Information for parents 50 support our students’ development, knowledge and perfect place for exchange of knowledge, ideas and came to Holland in 2016 to benefit from the Dutch
• HAN on the map 52 expertise by offering them a global perspective. Our cultures. Besides this cosmopolitan atmosphere, it is innovative spirit and the highly specialised know-how
• Partner universities 54 approach is to weave international business practices also very secure and was placed in the top 25 of in science and engineering.
into our teaching activities. That is why we attract safest countries in the world. With their very open and
international staff and students to our institution, direct manner, the majority of Dutch people also
making our campuses truly diverse environments. speak English along with another foreign language,

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HAN University
of Applied Sciences
Fields of study
HAN University of Applied Sciences offers just HAN is proud to have a teaching staff with success­ful
about every type of professional course in a wide international careers, which offers students the best
range of fields: Education, Social Studies, Commerce, of both worlds when it comes to theory and practice.
Communication, Business Administration, Law, To stimulate development in practice, we offer work
Economics, Engineering, Built Environment, Applied placements in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as
Sciences, IT and Communication, Health, Nursing, and practice-based assignments as part of our curriculum.
Sport and Exercise. Students can choose from a total This gives our students the opportunity to gain HAN University of Applied Sciences
of 63 Bachelors courses, numerous exchange courses practical work experience in their chosen field. is partnered with over 280 institutions
and 19 Masters courses. Experience that will strengthen their CV and help
around the world. Where would you like

The Dutch
them get started or develop further in their chosen
This brochure is dedicated to describing our five career. to study during your semester abroad?
Bachelors and three Masters courses that are taught
in English. Integration of theory and practice

Education system
Known for its high quality education and research,
along with its international study environments, the
At HAN University of Applied Sciences, the starting
point of our education is the integration of theory and
professional practice. We strive to let our students
tackle concrete problems and opportunities facing the
education system
Netherlands has two main types of higher education workplace today using the latest theoretical insights.
institutions: research universities and universities of Professional tasks therefore play a crucial role: Most Masters degrees offered by research universities Some research universities offer 2-year professional
applied sciences. So what is the difference? Research students continually work on case studies taken from require completion of 60-90 credits. Those in doctorate programmes in engineering (PDEng).
universities focus solely on the independent practice professional practice. During the work placement engineering, mathematics, natural sciences, and Most Masters degrees offered by universities of
of research-oriented work in an academic or students are given the ultimate challenge of putting agriculture require 120 credits, in pharmacy, dentistry, applied sciences require between 60 and 120 credits.
professional setting. Universities of applied sciences their theoretical knowledge into practice by solving medicine and veterinary medicine, 180 credits. Programmes in architecture, urban planning
offer their students professional courses in the areas real problems in real working environments. Problem and landscape architecture require 240 credits.
of applied arts and sciences. Research is also carried solving is therefore a key focus in curriculum Research Universities
out at universities of applied sciences, but it is always development at HAN.
practice-based and aimed at renewing professional Doctorate (PhD)
practice. It is also directly integrated into the study Professionals from industry and the business world 
programmes. also contribute to curriculum development at HAN, Professional doctorate in
engineering (PDEng)
ensuring that the courses are up to date and relevant. Universities of
Study environment By tailoring the courses to industry requirements, Applied Sciences
At HAN, we ensure that the study environment is students have a clear advantage in the career market.
perfectly suited to the personal and professional Applied research also plays an important role in the Medicine, veterinary med. Masters degree   indicates a
pharmacy [180 credits] [120 credits] right to access
development of our students. Our classrooms there­ study programmes at HAN. Insights and research  
fore have a small scale set-up, with 20-30 students in products developed within HAN’s six research centres Dentistry [120 credits] Masters degree   indicates that
a class, ensuring that each student receives plenty of flow back into the professional field and education. MA/MSc [120 credits] [60 - 90 credits] some form of
 selection or
personal attention. Moreover, the interactive and This means that students have access to the latest bridging
MA/MSc [60 - 90 credits]
student-centred style adopted by our teaching staff insights and can even get hands-on experience in requirement
gives students the needed guidance as well as the cutting-edge research! may apply
freedom to develop professionally. HAN also offers
Higher BA/BSc BA/BSc
student coaching throughout all years of study to
facilitate personal and professional development. [180 credits] [240 credits]
The study coach is also the first point of contact for 
B. Hons [180 credits]
students who have questions about their study

programme or personal matters. Associate
[120 credits]
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English International
Preparation Course Bachelors degree
If English is not your native language, HAN’s HAN University of Applied Sciences offers a
English Preparation Course will be an excellent wide range of courses at its campuses in Arnhem
asset when following an international Bachelors or and Nijmegen. Its international Bachelors and
Masters course at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Masters degree courses are organised from
This prep course helps you greatly improve your within various prominent schools and institutes,
English and familiarises you with the Dutch culture including Arnhem Business School and the
and education system. Faculty of Engineering.

Many foreign students are interested in studying in In addition to our regular programme, you can attend The Bachelors degree courses are 4-year, full-time, and institutes of higher education. ABS students and
the Netherlands. However, despite great motivation one extra week of IELTS training and an IELTS test at professionally-oriented courses where work place­ staff also benefit from the school’s collaboration with
and determination, weak English language skills can our own location at the end of the semester. This ment is compulsory. The main component of more than 100 partner universities all over the world.
make it difficult for non-native speakers to complete increases your chances of continuing with the the course is called the major. Next to the work
their studies and obtain a degree. Bachelors or Masters of your choice. You also receive placement and the major you will be free to broaden Faculty of Engineering
individual coaching from one of our lecturers and you your interests and skills by also choosing a minor. HAN’s Faculty of Engineering offers three English-
Attending the English Preparation Course before can get support from a senior student through the In general, it takes 1 semester to finish a minor. taught Bachelors courses: Automotive Engineering at
starting a Bachelors or Masters course at HAN greatly buddy system. The HAN Bachelors degree delivers its graduates HAN’s renowned Automotive Institute, Life Sciences at
increases your chances of obtaining a degree in the excellent credentials and marketable skills upon HAN’s Institute of Applied Sciences and Electrical and
Netherlands. The course prepares you for your 1st The prep course is offered each year in February and entering the global career market. Electronic Engineering at HAN’s Engineering Institute.
year by strengthening your English language skills September for one semester. You need to have a
and broadening your knowledge of Dutch culture. secondary school certificate and an overall score of Arnhem Business School With more than 70 years of experience, the Faculty
It also assists you in developing your study and 5.5 on the IELTS with sub scores no lower than 5. To Arnhem Business School (ABS) is the internationally of Engineering provides its students with excellent
interpersonal skills. This makes it easier for you pass the course you need to gain a level comparable renowned business school within HAN University teaching staff and outstanding facilities, including
to build relationships with fellow students, find your to B2 of the European Framework (IELTS 6 or higher). of Applied Sciences. It offers two English-taught modern laboratories and equipment. The practical
way around the university and get used to your new Bachelors courses: Communication and International aspects of the courses are reinforced through
surroundings. The course focuses on all four language Business. ABS provides high-quality, challenging and laboratory work as well as through research done
skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening), grammar, engaging education that follows the latest trends in in cooperation with international and multinational
Dutch culture and study skills. the business world. Student needs, the work field and companies. These specialised courses have paved
society are at the core of the education provided at the way for students to reach the absolute top in
ABS. With a community of around 1,000 students from innovation, such as Oxford, Harvard or the Dakar Rally.
60 different countries, ABS’s main objective is to build Studying at HAN in one of these fields is the pathway
on the international business studies and future to a highly meaningful and lucrative career.
employment opportunities of its students. ABS has
an excellent international positioning. This comes
For more informat rse
from our large staff of lecturers with an international,
successful professional background and our strong
relationships with many well-known foreign companies

6  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 7


Automotive Engineering
Do you have a passion for cars and technology? Do you love
challenges? Want to be part of the transition to clean, efficient and
intelligent vehicles? Automotive Engineering at HAN gives you all
the ins and outs of the international automotive world as well as a
solid footing in marketing, management and business economics.
Your skills will be in high demand.

Research ‘Since my childhood, automobiles

Location Arnhem Specialised education and applied research have
Duration 4 years played a crucial role in the recent reorganisation
have been my passion. Studying
Degree Bachelor of Science of the Dutch automotive sector. HAN’s automotive Automotive Engineering at HAN
Course start September institute has kept pace with these changes by has proven to be just what I
integrating research into its education. Students, expected since my first visit to
lecturers and researchers conduct applied research
on topics such as smart mobility, electrification of the
an Open Day. The lectures are
The profession in a nutshell powertrain and advanced driver support. The results well structured and allow for
Automotive engineers are versatile professionals with flow back into education and into the professional specialisations based on your
specific engineering skills relevant to the automotive field. This way you will be at the forefront of Work placement interests. This is complemented
trade. They are involved in designing, testing, developments in the automotive sector. In your 3rd year you do a work placement at an
managing, producing and maintaining vehicles. internationally oriented company, preferably
by various projects that not only
Automotive engineers constantly make decisions Lab facilities outside the Netherlands. This exposes you to new give us a chance to implement
based on the combination of technology, commerce HAN Automotive Institute has modern, well-equipped information and working practices in your field of theoretical knowledge, but also
and business considerations. This sets them apart labs. Here you work on developing, testing and study. Before you start, you are coached on all provide an insight into teamwork
from business professionals as well as from the improving all kinds of vehicles. For example in the aspects of the work placement during a preparation
mechanical engineer since they have a broad hydrogen lab, where you can test equipment that programme. Of course you are free to choose your
and management.’
knowledge of the product (the vehicle) and are the enables vehicles to run on hydrogen. Or you can use own work placement. You could go to one of our
linking pin between a wide range of disciplines. the research lab with its many test environments. partners in the Netherlands, for example DAF or
Rohan Patil – Indian student
Almost all of these are fitted with self-developed data VDL. Or what about spreading your wings and
Theory and practice acquisition equipment based on LabVIEW, a graphic going abroad, to a company like BMW or Delphi?
At HAN University of Applied Sciences, theory and programming language. As an Automotive Engineering At HAN we encourage you to choose the path
practice are closely interlinked. During the Automotive student at HAN, you have the facilities you need to test that’s right for you.
Engineering course you are constantly challenged and develop innovative mobility solutions of the future.
to put theory into practice. For instance, when Minor Graduation assignment
considering practical questions like: What kind of A solid foundation The 4th and final year of your studies begins with a At the very end of your course, it’s time for your most
engine would you use for a kart – electric, combustion The first two years of the course give you a solid minor programme for one semester. This allows you challenging step so far: the graduation assignment.
or hybrid? Throughout the course you work in groups foundation in all the disciplines within automotive to deepen or broaden your knowledge in a particular This is the final evaluation of all the knowledge and
of 6-8 students on practical assignments and projects engineering. This way you discover where your aspect of automotive engineering. If you prefer to skills you have acquired. You need to demonstrate
focused on future mobility concepts. One such project interests and talents lie, so you can make choices stay in the Netherlands, you could follow one of the that you’ve gained the competencies required of an
is the multidisciplinary HAN Formula Student Team, about specialising later on in the course. Besides excellent minors offered by HAN Automotive Institute: automotive engineer at an academic level. You
where you build a formula race car and use this to automotive and technical subjects, you also learn Light Weight, Autotronics, Internal Combustion independently complete an assignment and present
compete against teams from all over the world. The the ins and outs of management, communication Engines or Intelligent Vehicles. Another option is to your findings and solutions in a graduation report.
HAN Eco-marathon is another project where you work and energy conservation. These topics are always follow a minor at another university in the Netherlands You can do your assignment at an international
in a team of students. The goal here is to develop the approached in the context of projects, so you can or abroad, or follow a bridging programme to prepare automobile company of your choice, such as Volvo,
most energy efficient vehicle possible. immediately apply your knowledge in practice. you for a Masters course. DAF or Aston Martin.

8  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 9

Bachelor Automotive Engineering
International setting Study load per week
The Automotive Engineering course has a strong Contact hours: 20
international focus. It gives you the opportunity to Individual study hours: 20
study abroad during your minor or work in a company
outside the Netherlands during your work placement Division theory, practice and study coaching
or graduation assignment. Besides that, you also have Theory: 45%
the experience of a truly international classroom, with Practice: 45%
students from over 40 different countries. While working Study coaching: 10%
together on projects, you pick up on the different
cultural habits and ideas of your classmates. This way Graduation percentage
you learn how to effectively work with people from 63% of students graduate within 5 years
different cultures and backgrounds. An essential skill for
a successful career in the global automotive industry. Employability
96% of all graduates find a job within 12 months
Career prospects
As an Automotive Engineer you can work for a wide Course overview
range of businesses, institutes and agencies. You could
be active in the research and development, 1st year
manufacturing or sales of products associated with • Introduction to Automotive Engineering
automobiles or transport. The course organises an • Mathematics
annual career day, where over 40 companies are • Mechanics
present to give information on work placements, • Vehicle Dynamics
graduation projects and jobs. • Engine Technology
• Electronic and Embedded Systems
Our graduates get jobs as: • On-board Diagnosis
• Vehicle Development Engineer • Commerce and Marketing
• Engine Development Engineer • Communication Skills
• Vehicle Test Engineer
• Engine Test Engineer 2nd year
• Control Systems Engineering
Masters? • Electrical Systems
If you enjoy studying and want to specialise even • Mechanics
further, you can always continue with a Masters • Dynamics
degree. There are numerous Masters programmes in • Strength of Materials
the Netherlands and abroad that might be interesting • Production
once you’ve graduated. With a BSc in Automotive • Marketing and Communication
Engineering from HAN, it will be a smooth transition
into one of these HAN Masters programmes: 3rd year
• Master in Automotive Systems • Work Placement
• Master in Control Systems Engineering • Specialisation

A good match? 4th year

• Are you passionate about automotive engineering? • Minor
• Are you technically inclined? • Graduation Assignment
• Are you interested in motor vehicles and mechanical
• Do you enjoy working with other people?
• Are you open to change?

Is your answer to most questions YES?
For more informat
Then this course would be a good match for you.

10  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 11


Electrical and ‘I really like the study programme

I chose. The course is really

Electronic Engineering
challenging which always gives
motivation to learn more. My
interest in technology has only
grown even more ever since
Would you like to use science and technology to improve the I joined this course. The most
world we live in? To be part of the transition to sustainable energy? remarkable project I worked
To make machines and devices more user-friendly? By choosing on so far was the ‘Robot Car’
Electrical and Electronic Engineering at HAN you can be part of project. During this project
we worked with sensors and
these exciting changes. programmed them for smart
Research functions like collision prevention.
Location Arnhem HAN’s Sustainable Electrical Energy Centre of It was a really challenging and
Duration 4 years Expertise (SEECE) is closely linked to the course. fun project.’
Degree Bachelor of Science Through this research centre, HAN develops and
Course start September shares knowledge about innovations in the field of Shaheer Nawaz – British student
electrical energy. Staff and students work together to
conduct practice-based research on topics like solar
power and wind energy, with and for professionals in
The profession in a nutshell the field.
The field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has
many practical applications, for example in healthcare, Lab facilities A solid foundation Minor
the automotive industry, sustainable energy and the As a student of the Electrical and Electronic Your 1st year will give you a solid foundation in all the In the 4th year you follow a minor, an elective
processing industry. This course will give you all the Engineering course, you have access to our state-of- current topics in the field of electrical and electronic semester aimed at broadening or deepening your
necessary theory and skills to become an engineer. the-art lab facilities. The course has its very own engineering. By the end of the 1st semester, you’re interests and skills. If you like, you can stay close to
In this profession you often work in a team with other workshop, equipped with measuring tables and ready to delve into your area of specialisation: home by choosing one of HAN’s excellent practice-
engineers and people from other disciplines. If you modern measuring instruments, including signal Embedded Systems (ES) or Industrial and Power based minors:
specialise in Embedded Systems (ES) you will design, generators and oscilloscopes. Everyday project Systems (IPS). Right from the start you go hands-on, • Embedded Vision Design: developing embedded
build and test intelligent systems and smart devices. If materials such as electronic components and applying what you’ve learned during individual and hardware/software solutions to extract data from
your focus is on Industrial and Power Systems (IPS) development kits are directly available there. You can group projects. This approach gives you invaluable camera images
you will design smart solutions in industrial automation. also use the specialised labs to work on projects practical skills: not just the technical skills that every • Out of Control: designing control systems for
involving electronics, electric drives, control systems engineer needs, but also social and communicative motion, transport and energy conversion
Theory and practice engineering, embedded systems and Linux. skills. • Power Minor: designing an electrical system
At HAN University of Applied Sciences theory and or installation (in collaboration with TenneT and
practice are inseparable. Right from the start of the Work placement two other universities)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering course you put An integral part of your 3rd year is a work placement
theory into practice in loads of innovative projects. at a research institute or company of your choice. The Or are you keen to go further afield and experience
What’s more, you have the freedom to choose the work placement aims to develop your professional yet another educational environment? Perhaps even
projects you like. Because HAN works in close knowledge and skills, and prepares you for the job another culture? At HAN we encourage you to find
collaboration with the Dutch energy world, you get to market. Before embarking on this exciting challenge, the path that’s right for you, so you’re free to do
work on real projects for real companies. Here are a you get a thorough preparation programme that an exchange course at another university in the
few examples: tackles all the important aspects of the work Netherlands or abroad.
• Autonomous vehicle (1st semester) placement. With the IPS specialisation, you might
• Wind-driven vehicle (2nd semester IPS) do your work placement at TenneT, one of Europe’s
• Healthcare appliances (2nd semester ES) top five electricity transmission system operators.
• Parallel robot design (3rd year IPS) If you’re specialising in ES you could go to Prodrive,
• IoT enabled fitness environment (3rd year ES) an electronic and mechatronic solutions firm.

12  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 13

Bachelor Electrical
and Electronic Engineering

Course overview Graduation assignment

The second semester of the 4th year is when you
1st year take your final and most challenging step so far:
• Electrical Engineering Fundamentals the graduation assignment. During this individual
• Mathematics assignment, you are guided by a company coach and
• Electrical Circuits a HAN lecturer to tackle a real issue for a company.
• Information Technology Now you’re definitely on your way to becoming a
• C Programming skilled and independent engineer. You can do your
• Logic Circuits assignment at an internationally renowned firm, like
• Project Océ, a printer firm (part of Canon), or Liander, the
• Workshops 8-bit Microcontrollers largest grid operator in the Netherlands. But you may
• Workshops Electronics also opt for an innovative small or medium-sized
• Professional Skills enterprise (SME) in the region.
• Specialisation: Embedded Systems (ES)
• 32-bit Microcontrollers International setting
• C++ Programming During your studies you will be part of a truly
• Specialisation: Industrial and Power Systems (IPS) international classroom with students from over 20
• Introduction to Electrical Machines different countries. By studying in such a setting, you
pick up on different cultural habits, customs and ideas.
2nd year You learn to deal with these differences and gain
• Control Systems cultural awareness. What’s more, you can broaden your
• Data Communication international experience by doing your minor abroad. For more informat
• Electronics Whichever path you choose, this course will thoroughly
• Specialisation: Embedded Systems (ES) prepare you for a career in an international setting.
• Operating Systems
• Software Engineering with UML Career prospects
• Digital System Design As an electrical engineer, you can choose from any
• Specialisation: Industrial and Power Systems (IPS) number of employers in both the commercial and
• Power Electronics public sector. You could work in industries such as Masters degree? Study load per week
• Electrical Machines product manufacturing, electro-technical companies, Would you like to continue your studies? With your Contact hours: 20
• Distribution and Low Voltage Grid oil and gas processing, food processing or the energy BSc from HAN, it will be a smooth transition into Study hours: 20
sector. HAN’s Masters in Control Systems Engineering.
3rd year Or you could opt for another Masters programme in Division theory, practice and study coaching
• Work Placement Our graduates get jobs as: either Electrical Engineering or Embedded Systems Theory: 50%
• Digital Signal Processing • Embedded Software/Hardware Engineer in the Netherlands or abroad. Practice: 40%
• Specialisation: Embedded Systems (ES) • Lead Engineer Study coaching: 10%
• Internet of Things • Advisor A good match?
• Databases • Team Leader • Are you interested in science and technology? Graduation percentage
• Specialisation: Industrial and Power Systems (IPS) • Industrial Automation Engineer • Are you inquisitive? 61% of students graduate within 5 years
• Systems Modelling • Power Engineer • Do you like investigating how things work?
• Servo Control • Do you like working with other students? Employability
• Control Systems • Do you have a good feel for trends in new 100% of all graduates find a job within 12 months
4th year • Do you want to know exactly how to design things
• Minor in a safe and sustainable way?
• Graduation Assignment
Is your answer to most questions YES? Then this
course would be a good match for you.

14  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 15


Life Sciences
Would you like to use science to improve the world ‘Life Sciences is a course where
practical skills are essential. At
we live in? To come up with solutions for world food HAN, there is a lot of attention for
shortages? To work on cures for cancer? These and other the practical side and the lectures
important advances all start with research in the laboratory. complement what we practice in
By studying Life Sciences at HAN University of Applied the laboratories. What I like is that
Sciences, you’ll get a solid footing in this exciting field. we learn things that are actually
applicable in our future jobs.
Studying at HAN has brought me
Research many things, not only improving
Location Nijmegen At the HAN Biocentre, staff and students conduct my scientific skills but also
Duration 4 years practice-based research that finds answers to specific improving my social and soft skills
Degree Bachelor of Science questions from the professional field. The centre
Course start September focuses on biodiscovery, which involves the discovery,
such as how to do a presentation.’
analysis, production and application of biomolecules
such as proteins and metabolites. As a Life Sciences
Aufa Kunti Riona Aryandhani –
student you can also participate in various research A solid foundation Indonesian student
The profession in a nutshell projects at other universities and institutes. Some In your 1st year, you get a solid foundation in the
Life Sciences gives you the skills and understanding students have participated in research on melanomas life sciences, learning all the basic theories and lab
to perform lab research in different scientific settings, at the Department of Pathology and Cancer Biology techniques. At the same time you go hands-on with
including fundamental research and quality control. (Vanderbilt University Nashville). Others have group projects that help you learn to patiently deal
You can specialise in molecular plant biology, contributed to research at the Biochemistry with actual life sciences challenges like cancer
molecular pathogenesis, or biotechnology. Your Department at the University of Oxford. This involves research. Starting from the 2nd year, your lecturers Elective semester
practical experience combined with your scientific C. elegans, a nematode that enables the study of challenge you to work more independently so you In the 3rd or 4th year of the course, you complete an
knowledge and skills make you a valuable asset to pathological conditions, such as tumour formation. become experienced in setting up research, and elective semester in which you broaden or specialise
a wide range of employers. analysing and interpreting research results. At the your knowledge. HAN offers a number of excellent
Lab facilities end of the 2nd year, you are ready to choose your electives in the field of life sciences: Biorefinery,
Theory and practice During your studies, you will have access to excellent specialisation: molecular plant biology, molecular Molecular Plant Biology or Research. But you might
Theory and practice are inseparable at HAN University lab facilities. All the basics as well as advanced pathogenesis or biotechnology. prefer to spread your wings by studying at another
of Applied Sciences. You get a solid theoretical apparatus can be found there. What’s more, university in the Netherlands or abroad. Perhaps
foundation as your lecturers guide you through all the specialised microbiological, plant and biochemical Work placement you intend to continue your studies after your
current research topics in life sciences. But at the labs allow you to do research on DNA, RNA and In your 3rd year, you do a work placement of one Bachelors degree. In that case a bridging ‘pre-master’
same time, you dive straight into practice in the lab. protein. To make cells visible you can use light semester at a research institute, a teaching hospital programme will be a great option. Either way, at HAN
In fact, half your time is spent doing practical work. microscopy, fluorescent microscopy and electron or a company in the Netherlands or abroad. This we encourage you to find the path that’s right for you.
This means working in groups of 4-6 students on microscopy. For molecular research on skin cancer, will boost your professional knowledge and skills
projects that deal with real problems in the field of life you have access to real-time PCR apparatus, a high and prepare you for the international job market. Graduation assignment
sciences. And because HAN University of Applied performance plate reader and a flow cytometer. You are free to choose your own work placement, In your 4th year, you’re ready to take your most
Sciences collaborates with companies and research And to make biological products, you can use the giving you the opportunity to experience the challenging step so far: your graduation assignment.
institutes in the Netherlands and abroad, you get to fermentation lab, where bacteria, fungi and yeasts particular field you’re interested in. Some students It gives you hands-on experience at designing and
work on cutting-edge research projects. This gives can be fermented under ideal conditions. have done their work placement at Keygene N.V., carrying out your very own research project at a
you invaluable experience as well as problem-solving an agricultural biotech company, while others have company or research institute. This project focuses
and communication skills that put you in high demand been to the University of Bonn in Germany. Before on a major issue in the field of life sciences. When
on the labour market. you begin, you follow a preparation programme it’s finished, you give a professional presentation of
that tackles all the important aspects of the work the results. You can do your graduation assignment
placement. at a company, research institute or hospital in the

16  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 17

Bachelor Life Sciences

Nether­lands or abroad. Students who went before you Study load per week
did their assignments at companies such as Merck/ Contact hours: 20
MSD and Synthon Biopharmacueticals, or at research Individual study hours: 20
departments of universities such as Dundee University
in Scotland or the University of Queensland in Division theory, practice and study coaching
Australia. Theory: 50%
Practice: 40%
International setting Study coaching: 10%
The Life Sciences course has a strong international
focus. It allows you to study abroad and to work at a Graduation percentage
company outside the Netherlands during your work 57% of all students graduate within 5 years
placement or graduation assignment. Besides that,
your classmates come from around 25 different Employability
countries, so you pick up on different cultural habits 97% of all graduates find a job within a year
and ideas and learn to become culturally aware. You
also become involved in international collaborations Course overview
through a variety of research projects. All of this
prepares you for a career in an international setting. 1st year
• Cell Biology
Career prospects • Molecular Biology
As a Life Sciences graduate, you can work in either • Biochemistry
the commercial or private sector. This could be at • Microbiology
a research institute, a hospital, a health agency or a • Genetics
pharmaceutical company. The type of work includes • Chemistry
researching diseases, designing new drugs or • Laboratory Mathematics
undertaking quality assurance. • Error Analysis
• Bioinformatics
Our graduates get jobs as: • Mathematics
• Research Assistant • One-day mini work placement
• Researcher
• Junior Project Leader 2nd year
• Molecular and Biochemical Research
Masters? • Interaction between Human, Plant and
Would you like to continue your studies? With a BSc Microorganisms
from HAN, you’ll experience a smooth transition into
the HAN Master in Molecular Life Sciences. Or you 3rd year
could opt for another Masters programme, for • Biomedical Research
example Molecular Chemistry, in the Netherlands or • Molecular Plant Biology
abroad. • Biotechnology
• Work Placement
A good match? • Elective (3rd or 4th year)
• Are you interested in molecular biology and DNA?
• Are you good at chemistry and maths? 4th year
• Did you enjoy doing experiments in school? • Elective (3rd or 4th year)
• Do you like the idea of working in a lab? • Graduation Assignment
• Are you hard working and accurate?

Is your answer to most questions YES? Then this

course would be a good match for you. For more informat

18  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 19


Communication ‘As a Communication student,

you get to solve organisational
Do you follow the latest trends in media and communication? challenges and improve the
Online and offline? Do you like change and are you always communication practices within
up for a challenge? Then you might have the makings of businesses. The course offers
a future communication professional. And by studying at many practical, interdisciplinary
projects, in which we can
HAN University of Applied Sciences you’ll have a head start present our ideas and show
on the global career market. creativity. What I like is that HAN
understands the importance of
Research organisational processes in
Location Arnhem Research is an essential part of working as a
Duration 4 years communication professional. For instance, you use
modern business and takes an
Degree Bachelor of Arts research results to devise a strategic communication innovative approach in combining
Course start September or February plan, supporting your advice with evidence. business understanding with
Throughout the course you build and refine your intercultural skills.’
research skills. This means conducting research on
target group behaviour, company image, internal Work placement abroad Nicole Prinzen – German student
The profession in a nutshell communication, media analysis and online In your 3rd year you do a work placement at an
Communication professionals are the voice of communication. internationally oriented company, usually outside the
organisations. They interact with diverse audiences Netherlands. This is the time to apply what you’ve
using different forms of verbal, visual and online A solid foundation learned and gain new perspective in a real business
media. Communication professionals not only have a In the 1st year you get an overview of the broad field setting. You put your foreign language skills to work
deep understanding of an organisation’s culture, but of communication. You also study a foreign language: and get hands on experience dealing with different International community
also of its mission and goals. With this knowledge in Dutch, French, German or Spanish. This language cultures and habits. Our students typically do their work During your studies, you will be part of the Arnhem
mind, they foster and nourish relationships with: comes in handy later on when you do your work placements at internationally operating companies Business School community with students from
placement and study abroad. During the 2nd year like Nissan, Shell, Bosch, Dior, Vodafone, ING, around 60 different countries. While this international
• customers and clients – to sell their products or you broaden and deepen your knowledge of the Mercedes Benz and Adidas. flavour is just what you’re looking for, it might feel a
services (marketing communication) communication field with practical assignments, little daunting at first. That’s why we offer student-
• employees – to ensure everyone is on the same research and your chosen foreign language. Graduation assignment mentors to help you settle in. During your 1st semester,
page (internal communication) In your 4th year you will be ready for your greatest they help you make new friends, find your way around,
• partners, shareholders, regulators, government and Study abroad for a semester professional challenge so far: your graduation plan your studies and deal with cultural differences.
the community – to foster cooperation and support In the 3rd year you broaden your knowledge and assignment. Collaborating with an internationally And when you graduate, you’ll stay part of this
(corporate communication) international orientation by crossing borders, moving oriented company, you work out a planned solution community through Arnhem Business School’s active
out of your comfort zone and studying at a foreign to a communication problem at strategic level. This alumni association. This way you can keep in touch
Theory and practice university for a semester. HAN has over 280 partner could be a/an: and network with your old study mates. For more
At HAN University of Applied Sciences, theory and universities across the globe, many of which are ready • Marketing communication plan information, visit
practice go hand in hand. Our courses give a solid to offer you any number of interesting and useful • Branding plan
theoretical foundation, which you immediately put subjects in the field of communication. Ever dreamt • Public relations (PR) plan Up for an extra challenge?
into practice. And because we work in close contact of studying in Australia, Spain, the USA, the UK, China • Internal communication plan Are you keen to take your studies a step further and
with the professional field, you get to solve real or Mexico? • Online plan do you enjoy working in a team? The ABS Talent
communication problems and work on real inter­ Event is an exciting opportunity in the 4th year to
national cases. During the course, you embark on What’s more, you get to choose the organisation. present your team’s business project to an inter­
challenging group projects for external clients. These Our students often do their graduation assignment national panel of lecturers and professors from our
include making a digital magazine in your 2nd year for leading organisations like Dekra, Philips, KLM, partner universities. It’s also an invaluable learning
and devising an integrated communication plan in Microsoft, Nike, Estee Lauder Benelux, Huawei, Nike experience about how your ideas, solutions, business
your 4th year. and Philips. plans and opinions translate across different cultures.

20  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 21

Bachelor Communication

Career prospects Course overview

As a communication professional, you can work
in middle and higher management positions in the 1st year
broad field of international communication. You might • Building Brands
work at an advertising agency, government institution, • The Digital Explorer
non-profit organisation, publishing house or PR agency. • Brain & Behaviour
• Corporate Behaviour
Our graduates get jobs as: • The Content Creator
• Corporate Communication Manager • Intercultural Awareness
• International Marketing Communication Manager • Creativity and Critical Thinking
• Account Manager • Business Communication
• Public Relations Manager • Dutch/French/German/Spanish
• Spokesperson
• International Brand Manager 2nd year
• Social Media Manager • Project: Digital Magazine
• Branding and Concepting
Masters degree? • Design
After graduating you can always continue your studies • Research
at any number of universities across the globe. • Strategic Analysis
For example, you could do a Masters degree in: • Internal Communication
• International Communication • Public Relations and Corporate Communication
• Business Communication • Marketing Communication
• Communication Science • Advising and Presenting
• Integrated Communication Game
A good match? • Business Communication
• Do you have an eye for what’s happening in the • Dutch/French/German/Spanish
world around you?
• Are you inquisitive? 3rd year
• Are you interested in current affairs and trends? • Study Abroad
• Are you interested in other people and in • Work Placement Abroad
communicating with them?
• Do you enjoy convincing others of your ideas? 4th year
• Project: Integrated Communication
Is your answer to most of these questions YES? • Converged Media Strategy
Then this course would be a good match for you. • Campaign Calculation and Planning
• Creative Execution: Editorial Design
Study load per week • Public Relations
Contact hours: 25 • Trends in Global Business
Study hours: 15 • Online Management
• Personal Leadership
Division theory, practice and study coaching • In-company Graduation Assignment
Theory: 65%
Practice: 30%
Study coaching: 5%

Graduation percentage
67% of students graduate within 5 years

Employability For more informat
95% of all graduates find a job within 12 months

22  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 23


International Business
Would you like to work with people from all over the world?
Do you always aim high? Are you business-minded and not
afraid of taking initiative? Then International Business could
be the perfect match for you! ‘I do believe that in order to be
successful in business, I need to
develop a global mind-set. HAN
really helps me to achieve this
particular goal. During the course
works in close collaboration with the professional
Location Arnhem field. You get the opportunity to work on a number
I have been provided with
Duration 4 years of team projects in groups of 4 to 6 students: real insights into the global economic
Degree Bachelor of Business Administration projects for real companies. So when you graduate, and business climates. What
Course start September or February you’ll have the knowledge and skills that employers I like the most is that I am part
are looking for.
of a proactive multicultural
Research environment. I am surrounded
The course in a nutshell As an international business professional, you need by so many different nationalities
International Business (IB) is an innovative, to validate the choices you make and the advice you Work placement and this really helps me gain
flexible course that equips you for the real world give to companies. In other words, you need to do The work placement in your 3rd year will be a great
of inter­national business. You step right into this research. Research begins with making a sound asset to both your studies and your CV. You get
new perspectives.’
dynamic and fast-paced world, where no two days judgement of the sources. During the course, you to experience business life first-hand. Not only do
are the same. In the 1st year you receive a solid learn how to tell the difference between reliable and you learn about business practices in your field of
Andelija Milas – Romanian student
foundation in all the facets of international business. unreliable sources. You also gain other valuable specialisation, you also learn about your own
From the 2nd year you focus on one of four research skills. These will be crucial when doing performance in a professional situation. You further
specialisations: market research for a company that wants to expand develop your communication skills and intercultural
• Finance into another country, for example. When you need to awareness, which will be vital if you are to succeed in
• Management answer questions such as: Is there a feasible market in an international environment. You can complete your
• Marketing & Sales that country? Which target group should we focus on? work placement in the marketing, sales, finance or Graduation assignment
• Supply Chain Management Which resources should we use to get the best logistics departments of either commercial or public In your 4th year, you are ready for the final and most
results? Questions you’ll be able to answer by putting organisations. You might be sharing knowledge and challenging step so far: your graduation assignment.
Throughout the course, you work on group projects your research skills to work. soaking up experiences in the offices of Deloitte You apply the knowledge, insight and skills you’ve
and gain valuable international experience during Consulting, KLM, BMW, or L’Oréal, to name but a few. gained during your studies to conducting research
your work placement and study abroad. What’s more, A solid foundation for an actual company. The aim is to develop a
you can choose for how long you want to go abroad: During the 1st year you get a solid foundation in all Study abroad solution for a strategic business problem at that
from 6 to 18 months. In the 4th year of your course, areas of international business. This gives you a good In the 3rd year, you broaden your knowledge and company. Depending on your specialisation,
you work in a team of students on a project for a idea of where your talents and interests lie so you can international orientation by studying at a foreign this could be:
company. The final step is conducting research for an make an informed choice about your specialisation. university for a semester. Get a taste of university • Strategic e-business plan (Marketing & Sales)
internationally oriented organisation: your graduation You also study a foreign language in your 1st year: life in another country and strengthen your foreign • Supplier lead time reduction plan (Supply Chain
assignment. Dutch, Spanish, French or German. During the language skills at the same time! HAN University of Management)
2nd year you focus in more depth on your chosen Applied Sciences has over 280 partner universities • Business performance measurements plan (Finance)
Theory and practice specialisation. A vital aspect of doing business in an across the globe. What about studying in Australia, • Management innovation plan (Management)
During the International Business course you not only international setting is being able to understand Spain, the USA, the UK, New Zealand or Mexico? You
learn theory, but also how to put it into practice. HAN’s other cultures. So an essential part of this course is can choose from numerous universities that have This assignment is done individually and on a project
courses are renowned for their seamless integration developing cultural awareness and building up a solid interesting courses in the field of International basis for a company of your choice, such as Philips,
of theory and practice. This is because the institution international network. Business. Siemens, Tesla, Kraft Heinz or Heineken.

24  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 25

International Business


Finance Marketing & Sales

As a finance expert, you operate at the company’s The main themes covered in Marketing & Sales
financial heart. Every day you are challenged to solve are entering new markets abroad, international
the puzzle of linking money, information, products and account management, improving international
services in the most profitable way. It’s your job to sales, international marketing and E-commerce.
develop and control procedures and systems so that In this specialisation you learn how a company can
decision-making is based on objective analysis and expand into the global marketplace by investigating
quantifiable information. At the same time, you have crucial marketing and sales questions, such as:
to keep the entire organisation in mind and balance What do customers want? Which new markets are
the interests of all stakeholders. This requires a deep potentially interesting? What’s more, you need to be
understanding of the human, cultural and non-financial able to speak and write in a foreign language apart
aspects of a decision or transaction. Themes covered from English. You can choose from German, French,
in this specialisation are international and corporate Dutch or Spanish and you’ll learn how to use this
finance, accounting, risk management, external language in a business environment.
reporting and taxes, business communication and
performance management. Supply Chain Management
The supply chain covers the entire track: from raw
Management materials, through production and distribution, into
Internationally operating companies have to the hands of the customer, patient or client. As a
continually adapt to keep up with the changes supply chain manager, you’re constantly weighing
of today’s globalising world. They have to address three competing interests: the customer needs, For more informat
the shift to E-business and the growing need for the operational possibilities and the financial
innovation and sustainability, for example. In the consequences. You know the possibilities and
Management specialisation you learn how to limitations of all three parameters, whether in-house
support and advise businesses to tackle these or at your suppliers. Your job is to find a balance
changes. Themes covered are E-business, between these interests and devise the best possible
sustainability, change management, innovation, solution to ensure products or services are at the International setting Career prospects
leadership, project management and new types of right place at the right time. To do this, you have Arnhem Business School is home to students from International Business prepares you for a global
businesses. You also study either Dutch, German, to understand customer service and marketing around 60 different countries. This mix of students will and dynamic career in the rapidly changing business
French or Spanish and learn to communicate in this perspectives, as well as sourcing, production, make your time studying here a truly international one. environment. Attending meetings, writing reports,
language for business purposes. distribution and finance. You’ll pick up valuable cultural lessons from your study travelling, liaising with clients, analysing data,
mates, learn a foreign language, work on international negotiating, networking: it’s all in a day’s work for IB
projects and have multiple opportunities to go abroad. graduates. Typically you can start in entry or middle-
While this international flavour is the very thing you’re management positions in management, finance,
looking for, you might find it hard to adjust to your new supply chain management or marketing at inter­
environment at first. That’s why we offer student- national companies and innovative enterprises in
mentors to help you settle in. During your first all sectors. Later on you can progress to middle and
semester, they help you make new friends, find your senior management positions.
way around, plan your studies and deal with cultural
differences. Once you’re settled, you can enjoy being Our graduates get jobs as:
part of the lively Arnhem Business School community: • Marketing Manager
an invaluable international network that will stimulate • Business Consultant
your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. For more • Financial Analyst
information, visit • Project Manager
• Supply Chain Manager
• Account Manager

26  |  International Degree Courses  Bachelors Degree Courses  | 27

International Business

Masters degree? Study load per week

After graduating you can always continue your Contact hours: 20
studies at any number of universities across the globe. Study hours: 20
For example, you could do a Masters degree in:
• International Business and Management Division theory, practice and study coaching
• Business Administration Theory: 65%
• Financial Management Practice: 30%
• Supply Chain Management Study coaching: 5%

A good match? Course overview

• Are you commercially inclined?
• Are you open-minded towards people from 1st year
other cultures? • Marketing & E-business
• Can you deal well with change? • Intercultural Awareness
• Are you driven to be the best? • Dutch/Spanish/French/German
• Do you take the initiative? • Finance & Accounting
• Change Management
Is your answer to most of these questions YES? • Supply Chain Management & E-fulfilment

Then this course would be a good match for you. • Research & Critical Thinking

2nd year
• Specialised subjects in:
Marketing & Sales, Management, Finance
or Supply Chain Management

3rd year
Masters Programmes
• Study Abroad
• Work Placement HAN offers three English-taught Masters courses: Small scale, up to date, peer focused
• Automotive Systems The courses are set up on a small-scale basis.
4th year • Control Systems Engineering Highly qualified lecturers with years of professional
• Business Project • Molecular Life Sciences experience closely monitor their students’ develop­
• Strategy ment using inspiring teaching methods. Course
• In-company Graduation Assignment Focus on implementation materials are linked to current events, real-world
These Masters courses have a strong practical focus. dilemmas and new academic findings from HAN
From the start, Masters students are sent into the research groups. Students learn, not just from
field to solve complex problems or to implement lecturers but also from their peers. This contact with
innovations using their skills in critical thinking and fellow students results in valuable learning networks.
academic research. This experience benefits both
the students and their future employers. International Masters title
Graduates of these Masters courses have thorough
knowledge and skills in the area of their profession as
well as an international orientation. This is developed
through internationally oriented modules and teaching
methods, an international student population and
close contacts with globally operating businesses.
ion Upon graduation, students receive a Masters title
For more informat that is internationally recognised.

28  |  International Degree Courses  Masters Degree Courses  | 29

Engineering Systems
Are you ready to take your engineering skills to the next
level? Do you want to kick start your career with great
job opportunities? The Master in Engineering Systems
offers four tracks: Automotive Systems, Control Systems
Engineering, Embedded Systems and Sustainable Energy. ‘Graduates make the link between
state-of-the-art technology and
Theory and practice current practice. You have to look
Location Arnhem Theory and practice are seamlessly integrated in the at what the customer wants and
Duration 1.5 years (full-time), degree courses offered by HAN University of Applied translate that into technology.
2.5 to 3 years (part-time) Sciences. During the Master in Engineering Systems, Besides technological knowledge
Degree Master of Science you put theory into practice during minor projects and
Course start September / February during applied research for your major project report.
and skills, the programme also
Research is geared towards solving an actual issue 1st semester addresses personal development:
from industry. So knowledge and techniques from During the first semester, students of all four tracks when the students graduate they
fundamental research are implemented and applied follow the Systems Modelling Module. In this module will be working in positions suited
The course in a nutshell in an industrial environment. This collaborative you learn how to create a white box model of a real
As a graduate of the Master in Engineering Systems approach strengthens ties with industry and stimulates world process using the 4+1 step approach. You also
to someone with a Masters degree.
course you will be able to apply research to solve the exchange of knowledge. As a result, professional take a second module within the track you have We understand the organisational
complex problems and develop innovations that meet practice is constantly renewed and you benefit from a chosen. In addition, you do training that helps you skills this requires and incorporate
the needs of the market and/or society. You will have Masters degree that perfectly matches industry needs. develop the skills you need to work in a project team the development of those into the
thorough knowledge and skills in engineering systems and conduct research, such as communication skills
as well as an international orientation. This is Research and research skills.
study programme.
developed through internationally-oriented modules Students and lecturers of the Master in Engineering
and teaching methods, an international student Systems participate in applied research projects 2nd semester Kea Bouwman-Jansen – Coordinator
population and close contacts with globally operating for HAN’s Centres of Expertise. In these centres In the second semester you focus in more depth
Masters course in Automotive Systems
businesses. of expertise, HAN students work on innovative on your chosen track by following track-specific
projects. These centres of expertise also collaborate modules. Each module provides you with the
The Master in Engineering Systems is offered with institutes such as TNO and with leading Dutch necessary theoretical knowledge to complete the
with four tracks: universities of technology and European partner minor projects, where you work on a practical issue
• Automotive Systems universities. This enables the level of content of related to the topic.
• Control Systems Engineering the course to be continuously monitored. The International setting
• Embedded Systems content of this Masters course is based on our Major Project The degree course has a strong international focus
• Sustainable Energy constant interactions with our industrial partners After completing all the modules including the minor and directly reflects major international trends in the
and our applied research focuses on their needs projects, you are ready for the major project. Here you field, giving you an edge in the labour market. More­
and interests. apply the principles of the course to a real-life industrial over, you are part of an international classroom, which
situation. In addition to using your technical aptitude, gives you the opportunity to study and work with
Practice-based modules you prove your ability to manage a project and students from all over the world. This enables you to
In the 1st year of the Master in Engineering Systems, demonstrate your communication, reporting and learn and understand different cultures and opens up
you follow practice-based modules. First you delve presentation skills. The major project is completed in the possibilities of global relations for personal or
into the theory of the relevant module and then you an industrial or research environment and takes 5 to 6 career purposes.
put it into practice during minor projects, in which you months. Students have previously carried out major
work in small groups with other students. projects at companies like Tatasteel, HyET, DAF, Ford, For more information
NXP Semiconductors and Alliander. You are also free
to do your project at a company abroad.

30  |  International Degree Courses  Masters Degree Courses  | 31

Master Engineering Systems

Study load per week Choice of the following modules,

Contact hours: 16 - 20 which each includes a minor project:
Study hours: 25 • Vehicle Dynamics & Control
• Innovations in Powertrains
Course overview • Intelligent Mobility
• Big Data & Small Data
1st semester
Control Systems Engineering
All tracks: Module Systems Modelling Module in Big Data & Small Data:
• Applied Physics • System Identification
• Introduction to Modelling • State and Parameter Estimation
• Practice Modelling and Simulation • Advanced Modelling Minor Project
• System Identification
• Minor Project Module in Advanced Controller Design:
• Robust Control
Automotive Systems • Optimal Control
Choice of the following modules, • Adaptive Control
which each includes a minor project: • Minor Project
• Vehicle Dynamics & Control
• Innovations in Powertrains Embedded Systems
Module in System Architecture:
Control Systems Engineering and • System Architecture Theory
Embedded Systems • Capita Selecta
Module Applied Control: • Embedded Systems Minor Project
• Feedback Control
• Digital Control Module in Big Data & Small Data:
• Apply Controller Strategies • System Identification
• Controller Implementation • State and Parameter Estimation
• Optimal Control • Advanced Modelling Minor Project
• Minor Project
Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy Module in Applied Control:
Module Sustainable Energy Systems: • Feedback Control
• Sustainable Energy Technology • Digital Control
• Energy System Integration • Apply Controller Strategies
• Capita Selecta • Controller Implementation
• Minor Project • Optimal Control
• Applied Control Minor Project

2nd semester Choice of the following modules,

which each includes a minor project:
Automotive Systems • Smart Grid Power Supply
Module Applied Control: • Big Data & Small Data
• Feedback Control
• Digital Control
• Apply Controller Strategies 3rd Semester (all tracks)
• Controller Implementation • Major Project
• Optimal Control
• Minor Project For more informat

32  |  International Degree Courses  Masters Degree Courses  | 33

Master Engineering Systems Master Engineering Systems

Automotive Systems Control Systems

Although mobility is crucial to the global economy, it has also
contributed to rising CO2 emissions. We need creative solutions
that combine mobility requirements with sustainable, social The Masters track in Control Systems Engineering takes your
and technical developments. Finding these solutions requires engineering skills to the next level. It gives you a thorough understanding
highly-trained and innovative professionals. Study Automotive of the advanced regulating systems used in today’s industry as well
Systems at HAN University of Applied Sciences and become an as cutting-edge techniques that are directly applicable in an industrial
authority on cleaner, safer and smarter vehicles. environment. The practical approach of this course is underpinned by
the solid expertise of teaching staff and researchers.

The profession in a nutshell Career prospects The profession in a nutshell Career prospects
As an automotive engineer you are involved in the As a graduate of the Masters track in Automotive Control systems engineers are involved in all processes With a Masters degree in Control Systems
design, development, production and evaluation of Systems you can work in professional engineering from research, design, development and production Engineering, you are qualified to work just about
vehicle systems and components. With the further positions at internationally operating automotive right through to the evaluation of control systems. any­where in the technical sector. Your expertise will
qualification of a Masters degree, you also possess companies and suppliers. In the border region between The additional qualification of a Masters degree in be greatly valued in higher education, research
valuable skills in applied research, communication and the Netherlands and Germany, for example, there are Engineering Systems at HAN enhances your institutes and R&D departments of companies and
management. This enables you to lead projects, while excellent career opportunities for automotive engineers. professional skills so you can effectively manage organisations across the globe. In fact, in the border
balancing engineering, economical and commercial Moreover, a Masters degree shows that you have the projects, while balancing engineering, economic and region between the Netherlands and Germany,
interests. Moreover, you have the technical expertise skills to manage projects and conduct applied research, commercial activities. Moreover, you have the technical engineers with expertise in control systems are in high
to evaluate and realise underlying control strategies skills that are in high demand in this industry. knowledge to realise and evaluate all control strategies demand. Moreover, the additional qualification of a
and embedded electronic systems. The combination and embedded electronic systems. professional Masters degree shows you have the
of these skills makes you highly employable in this Our graduates get jobs as: skills to manage projects and conduct applied
industry. • Vehicle Application Engineer Research research: a great advantage in this industry.
• Product Engineer Students and staff of the Masters track in Control
Research • Calibration Engineer Systems Engineering participate in research Our graduates get jobs as:
Students and lecturers of the Masters track in • Advanced Research Engineer conducted by the HAN Control Systems Research • Advanced Research Engineer
Automotive Systems participate in applied research • System/CAE Engineer Group. One of the interesting automotive applications • Control Systems Engineer
projects for the HAN Automotive Research Group. the research group is working on is self-driving • Product Engineer
These projects are motivated by developments in the A good match? (autonomous) cars. Students of both the HAN Masters
automotive industry. One example is the electrification • Are you passionate about automotive engineering? tracks in Automotive Systems and Control Systems A good match?
of the powertrain, a growing trend introduced with the • Do you want to broaden your career opportunities? Engineering can participate in the development of • Are you looking to take your engineering expertise
Toyota Prius in 1997 and which has gained momentum • Would you like to be the linking pin between different these smart vehicles. to the next level?
and interest ever since. The research group has disciplines and management? • Are you interested in control systems and how to
collaborated with various companies on research in • Do you want to develop your leadership qualities? design and develop them?
this area, including the building and testing of • Are you keen to further develop your skills in • Do you want to broaden your career opportunities?
prototype vehicles and test rigs. Another example is intercultural teamwork? • Are you analytical and do you enjoy doing applied
smart mobility. Making vehicles smarter can help • Are you analytical and do you enjoy doing applied research?
prevent accidents caused by human error, for example research? • Do you want to develop your leadership qualities?
through the development of active control concepts
and advanced driver support. As a Masters student Is your answer to most questions YES? Then this study Is your answer to most questions YES? Then this study
you get to work on these kinds of innovative research programme would be a good match for you. programme would be a good match for you.
projects in collaboration with companies like Ford
For more informat
Research and DAF Trucks. ion
For more informat
34  |  International Degree Courses  Masters Degree Courses  | 35
Master Engineering Systems

Embedded Systems
The Masters track in Embedded Systems teaches you how
to design and implement smart distributed systems that are
low cost, energy efficient and can solve tasks cooperatively.
You will learn to design and implement architectures for
distributed embedded systems, innovation services and
advanced algorithms to solve complex tasks. You also learn
to model and validate complex non-linear systems with
multiple inputs and outputs using UML and/or SysML, black
box modelling and system identification. And you learn how Master Engineering Systems
to create a digital feedback controller for a linear physical
system and apply control strategies. Sustainable Energy
The profession in a nutshell Career prospects This Masters track deals with sustainable and renewable energy
As an embedded systems engineer you are involved As a graduate of the Masters course in Embedded
in the design, development, production and evaluation Systems Engineering you will develop innovative
systems and how to apply these successfully to fulfil our future
of all kinds of intelligent systems and smart devices. electronic products using microcontrollers. In most energy requirements. The programme has an applied technical
You also possess valuable skills in applied research cases, you will work in a team with other engineers
and project management. The content of this Masters and professionals from other disciplines. Using
approach, using engineering to deal with energy challenges. You
course is based on constant interactions with our customer requirements and specifications, you will explore how energy systems can work more efficiently. The focus
industrial partners. Our applied research focuses on develop the electronic hardware and software that
their needs and their interests. This puts you at the make up the high-tech products of the future.
here is on optimising energy systems across multiple pathways and
forefront of innovation, giving you outstanding scales, to increase the reliability, reduce the cost and minimise the
employment opportunities when you graduate.
environmental impacts of our energy systems.

Research The profession in a nutshell

Research in the Masters track in Sustainable Energy As a sustainable energy systems engineer, you
focuses on the interface between energy and mobility, will have an active role in the transition towards a
thus contributing to two key priorities at HAN: sustainable energy system. You will work on the
sustainable development and automotive applications. development of technology, models and smart control
In the area of sustainable development, the research of sustainable systems for energy generation, storage
group works in close cooperation with the Sustainable or distribution at local, regional or (inter)national level.
Electrical Energy Centre of Expertise (SEECE). SEECE
contributes to high-quality energy education and trans­ Career prospects
For more informat
lates knowledge into commercially viable products and You may be employed by SMEs, grid operators, energy
services through applied research and collaboration providers or governments to develop inno­vative with regional companies in the energy business. energy systems or play a role in maintaining the energy
balance on an (inter)national scale.

For more informat

36  |  International Degree Courses  Masters Degree Courses  | 37

Molecular Life Sciences

Are you looking to broaden your career options in the field
of bioscience? Would you like to gain professional experience
while studying? Do you want a course that meets industry
needs and has been rated ‘top programme’ for 5 years running? ‘This Masters course encourages
students to think outside the box, to
Then take your science career to the next level by studying conceive wild ideas. Students are
Molecular Life Sciences at HAN University of Applied Sciences. looking further, seeing more of the
bigger picture. New knowledge
keeps the whole organization fresh.’
Location Nijmegen Maarten Witvliet – Project leader,
Duration 2 years Biosciences Center Boxmeer, MSD
Degree Master of Science Animal Health
Course start September

The profession in a nutshell After studying the literature, you design strategies Practice-based modules Masters thesis
Biotechnology uses living systems and organisms to and experiments, write complete project proposals, This professional Masters course is geared to the In the final module you demonstrate your knowledge
develop or make products for agriculture, medicine analyse data, give scientific presentations and needs of companies and research organisations and skills in the form of a Masters thesis. This involves
and industry. As an expert in this field you usually write project reports. To help you reflect on your active in the Bioscience sector. It consists of seven carrying out a project in applied research or product
work in a lab setting in fundamental research and/or development in these areas, you have your own modules in which you learn to plan and execute development for your internship company. You begin
quality control. By raising your qualifications to a personal coach, who also stays in close contact projects in various phases of applied research and by writing a product plan and ensure that it is
Masters level, you expand your job opportunities to with you during your internship. product development. Modules 1-4 cover the range executed. Next you report on the results and reflect
include positions with higher-level responsibility. of contexts that are important in the different areas on the project execution. Finally, you defend your
This means you have the skills to independently plan, Research of applied research and product development in thesis in front of a board of examiners. Examples
organise and execute projects, devise experimental The Masters in Molecular Life Sciences is connected the Bioscience sector. Modules 5-7 are conducted of past projects include developing diagnostic or
strategies and write scientific documents. Moreover, to HAN BioCentre, where students and staff conduct as an internship. Because your lecturers are actively prognostic tests, drug research, developing laboratory
you are able to oversee the organisational and multidisciplinary research on actual issues from the involved in professional practice, they are abreast of kits and protein production.
interpersonal aspects of your projects. These are professional field of biodiscovery. One such issue is all the latest developments in the field. As a result,
valuable skills that employers look for. finding alternatives to animal testing. HAN BioCentre they can effectively support you throughout your International setting
is collaborating with the University of Oxford and studies, especially during your internship. The course has a strong international focus. Firstly,
Theory and practice other Dutch universities on the C. elegans screening you study and work on projects with students from
One of the hallmarks of education at HAN is the system. C. elegans, a nematode, is genetically similar Internship a range of different countries, allowing you to learn
seamless integration of theory and practice. During to humans, which means it serves as an ideal model Modules 5-7 are conducted as an internship, where you about intercultural teamwork. Secondly, you complete
this course theory and practice go hand in hand. Both for processes occurring in humans. Smart screening develop your skills in research and project management your internship at an internationally oriented company,
in class and at your workplace, you continually work applications using this organism are therefore being at a company. You do this by creating professional giving you first-hand experience of working in an
on projects that contribute to the actual development developed as a viable alternative to animal testing. research products, for example a scientific report or international setting. And finally, HAN collaborates
of bioscience products. For example, the discovery Another promising area within the field of biodiscovery an experimental design. On the project management with the University of Florida (UF), allowing you to
of new targets or drugs, the optimisation of protein is the microbial production of oil as an alternative to side, you write up a project proposal for the internship complete parts of their online Masters course in
production and purification, or the development and petroleum. HAN BioCentre is researching the use of company and develop your personal effectiveness by Pharmaceutical Chemistry. This provides you with
validation of diagnostic tests. microorganisms such as yeasts as promising sources analysing your network and learning about situational intercultural competencies that are in high demand
of oil. leadership, for example. Students have previously in the industry.
carried out their internships at companies like MSD
and NTRC or at the HAN BioCentre.

38  |  International Degree Courses  Masters Degree Courses  | 39

Master Molecular Course overview

Life Sciences Module 1: Fundamentals

• Molecular Biology
• Cell Biology
• Biochemistry
Career prospects • Gene Technology
With this Masters degree you can work in different • Statistics
areas of the Bioscience sector, such as pharma­ • Using Databases
ceuticals, personal health care, diagnostics and • Reading Scientific Articles
the food and feed industry. Our graduates also
work in universities, hospitals and private research Module 2: Drug Development
institutes. A profes­sional Masters degree gives • Molecular Aspects of Cancer Development
you the opportunity to apply for jobs with more • Various Targets and Drugs
responsibility and opens doors to new challenges. • Assay Development
• Pharmacology
Our graduates get jobs as: • Toxicology
• Project Leader • Statistics
• Lab Manager • Bio-informatics
• Researcher • Drug Registration
• Structure Elucidation Analysis
If this Masters course has motivated you to delve even
deeper into applied research, you can always follow in Module 3: Production of Biomolecules
the footsteps of many past graduates and further your • Production Strains
career with a PhD. • Fermentation Technology
• Downstream Processing (DSP)
A good match? • Bio-analysis Methods
• Do you have a Bachelors degree in molecular life • Metabolic Engineering
sciences, biotechnology or something similar? • Gene Annotation
• Are you looking for more knowledge, skills and • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
• Are you interested in both the science and project Module 4: Vaccines and Diagnostics
management aspects of bioscience projects? • Immunology
• Would you like to translate fundamental knowledge • Infectious Diseases
into practical applications, such as drugs or • Vaccine Development
diagnostics? • Diagnostic Testing
• Validation
Is your answer to most questions YES? Then this • Statistics
study programme would be a good match for you.
Module 5: Research and Product
Study load per week Development Skills
Contact hours: 8 • Research Skills
Workplace learning: 24 • Scientific Writing and Presenting
Study hours: 8 • Experimental Design
• Quality Assurance and Control
Graduation percentage • Business Development
90% of all students graduate within 2,5 years
Module 6: Project Management
• Professional Conduct
• Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Project Planning and Control
• Professional Identity
For more informat
Module 7: Masters Thesis

40  |  International Degree Courses  Masters Degree Courses  | 41

Admission and
For both the Bachelors and Masters courses at
HAN University of Applied Sciences, there are
two main admission requirements: prior education
and level of English fluency.

Prior education requirements: Bachelors

Bachelor Required secondary Diploma of Fluency in English

education subjects secondary education
Communication Sufficient grade in: Examples of diplomas: • An IELTS score of at least Please check the
International Business Mathematics • Havo/Vwo/MBO (level 4) 6.0 or deadlines on our
Automotive Sufficient grades in:
• International • A TOEFL score of at least
Baccalaureate 80 (Internet based) or
Engineering Mathematics and Physics • Abitur or Fachhoch­ • A Cambridge Certificate
Electrical Engineering schulreife in Advanced English Application procedure: Step 4 – Acceptance to the course
• High school, A or (CAE) or Proficiency of Bachelors and Masters
Life Sciences Sufficient grades in:
B grades English (CPE) Bachelors courses
Biology, Chemistry
• Sekolah Menegah Atas Please note! The Board of Admissions will review your application
and Mathematics
(SMA) Due to the visa procedure, non-EU students should and documents, based on the admission requirements
• GCSEs + A(S)-levels apply as soon as possible. of HAN University of Applied Sciences. If necessary,
• Bang Tot Nghiep Pho you will be contacted for additional information or for
Thong Trung Hoc Step 1 – Enrol through Studielink an interview. The Board of Admissions will let you
Start your enrolment by applying through Studielink, know whether you have been accepted into the
the central Dutch online application tool for higher course of your choice.
Prior education requirements: Masters education in the Netherlands. HAN University of
Applied Sciences will automatically receive your Masters courses
Master Required Additional requirements Fluency in English application from Studielink. The relevant course coordinator will review your
Bachelors degree For instructions on how to enrol, please go to application and documents, based on the admission
Automotive Systems Bachelors degree in: Minimum GPA of 2.8 • An IELTS score of at least > Application. requirements of HAN University of Applied Sciences.
Mechanical Engineering, out of 4.0 6.0 or You might be contacted for additional information and
Automotive Engineering, • A TOEFL score of at least Step 2 – Send required documents an interview. Following this, you will be informed
Automotive Electronics 80 (Internet based) or Within a few days of receiving your application, whether you have been accepted into the course
or a comparable degree • A Cambridge Certificate the HAN Admissions Office will ask you to forward of your choice.
in Advanced English certain documents that are needed to process
Control Systems Bachelors degree in:
(CAE) or Proficiency of your application. Step 5 – Becoming a student
Engineering Engineering or a related
English (CPE) You are considered an official student of HAN
technical discipline
Step 3 - Course Selection Check for Bachelors University of Applied Sciences once you have
Molecular Bachelors degree in: Laboratory research • An IELTS score of at least If you applied for a Bachelors course, you are required received the acceptance letter and paid the tuition
Life Sciences Life Sciences, experience of at least 6.5 or equivalent to do a Course Selection Check. The main goal of this fees. Then, you will be ready to start! You can
Biochemistry, 5 months check is to determine how well the chosen degree check your application status online by visiting
Biotechnology or course suits your interests. The Course Selection
comparable disciplines Check consists of a (skype) call resulting in a
recommendation from HAN.

42  |  International Degree Courses  HAN University of Applied Sciences  | 43

Financial information
Tuition fees Average monthly costs
To check the tuition fees that apply to you, please visit The average cost of living for a student in the
our website: Netherlands is between € 700 and € 1,100 a
month. This amount is needed to cover daily
Immigration expenses, to pay the rent and for tuition fees.
Non-EU/EEA students need a residence permit to Approximately one third goes toward housing.
study in the Netherlands. Permits are arranged Food might cost you another third. Fortunately,
through the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation hot meals are offered at reasonable prices at our
service (IND). HAN University of Applied Sciences campuses in Arnhem and Nijmegen. In the city
applies for the visa and residence permit on the behalf centre there are also pubs and cafés where you
of the student. To start this procedure, HAN needs to can get a good meal at a reasonable price.
receive the following from the non-EU/EEA student: However, the cheapest way to eat is to cook for
yourself. The remaining third of your money goes
• payment of tuition fees for the 1st year of studies toward books, travel and other expenses.
• payment of administrative fees
• proof of sufficient financial means of at least Student grant
€ 10,500 If you are from an EU or EEA member state, you
could be entitled to a student grant from the Dutch
Detailed information about the immigration procedure, government. For detailed information, visit the
including deadlines for the immigration application website of DUO:
and the exact amount for proof of sufficient financial
means can be found at Scholarships
Personal scholarships can be obtained from various
The procedure above does not apply to EU/EEA organisations in the Netherlands or in your home
students, as they do not need a residence permit to country. For an overview of the available scholarships
stay in the Netherlands during their studies. to study in the Netherlands, you can explore Nuffic’s
Grantfinder at
Orientation year
The Dutch government wants to offer all Dutch higher HAN University of Applied Sciences offers the HAN
education graduates the opportunity to search for a Excellence Scholarship Programme in collaboration
job in the Netherlands. Therefore, non-EU/EER with the Dutch Ministry of Education and Science.
graduates can apply for the ‘orientation year highly This programme consists of the following
educated persons’ residence permit within 3 years of scholarships:
graduation. During this orientation year you are
allowed to work in the Netherlands without • AN Prestige Scholarship
restrictions. More information can be found on the • HAN Merit Scholarship
website of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation • Holland Scholarship
service: • Orange Tulip Scholarship

These scholarships are granted to international

students enrolling for a full-time course at
HAN University of Applied Sciences.
For detailed information about the criteria visit

44  |  International Degree Courses  HAN University of Applied Sciences  | 45

Housing and facilities
Student housing Study and leisure
The HAN Housing Office can help you with HAN’s facilities provide you with a diverse study
accommodation as a student at HAN. HAN Housing and leisure environment. Use your HANaccount to
Office provides furnished rooms for international gain access to a number of IT facilities, including
students of HAN University of Applied Sciences for wireless internet throughout our campuses. If
a maximum of one academic year. We have over sports is your thing, check out the different student
300 rooms/apartments on offer at different locations sports associations in Arnhem and Nijmegen. Hot
in the city. The HAN Housing Office Facebook page meals, snacks and sweets as well as beverages to
gives you an impression of the different types of satisfy any taste can be bought in the cafeterias
accommodation available. Please check our website spread around our campuses.
for more information on rental prices and how to
apply: Study centres
HAN’s study centres are facilities to be proud of.
We offer five of these centres: two in Arnhem
and three in Nijmegen. Each has work spaces
with computers, quiet study spaces, group work
areas and facilities for working with laptops. On
our website you can even check the available
seats per study centre, so that you can quickly find
a spot to study. And by using HAN’s search engine
HANQuest, you can easily search through library
catalogues and databases to find the resources you
need. In the study centres, you can research both
paper and digital sources, work on an assignment or IT Study with disabilities
presentation in peace and quiet or edit movies using Part of your study will take place online. With your If you have a disability or are chronically ill, you
a virtual cutting machine. HANaccount you can log in to your mailbox and, using might need additional facilities to support you in your
the HAN-Scholar virtual learning environment, you can studies. HAN offers several services to make sure
The HAN study centres are more than just libraries exchange information, assignments and results with your study environment fits your needs. If you are
with multimedia facilities. The aim of these centres your fellow students and lecturers. You can access dyslexic, for example, you might get more time to
is to provide access to high quality and professional HAN-Scholar, HAN’s virtual learning environment complete your exams. Inform your study career coach
information to students to facilitate their study (VLO), from home and on campus. Have discussions about your situation so that the necessary support can
activities. This is achieved in two ways: by creating and chat with other students, hand in assignments be made available to you. This will ensure you make
a physical and virtual learning environment that and check your grades. Lecturers can post their a good start.
enriches students’ learning environment, and by announcements and new assignments here as well.
providing advice and training for students to help Sports
them become critical and skilful in finding relevant When you use HAN-Scholar, you are always directly If sports are important to you, you are in for a treat
academic sources. connected to HAN. Of course, this does not mean you in Arnhem and Nijmegen. There are any number of
have to do everything online. You also have plenty possibilities for filling your free time with sports
of time during lectures and tutorials to discuss things activities – and often at a reduced student rate.
with your lecturers and fellow students in person. For instance, with a USG sports card you have access
It’s the best of both worlds! to all the sports associations at the University Sports
Centre Gymnasion in Nijmegen. In both Arnhem and
HAN Insite: our Intranet
r campuses! Nijmegen you will find numerous student sport
Take a tour of ou Using Insite, HAN’s intranet, you can stay up to date associations. This will help you take your mind off
h/virtualtour with the latest news about your course. You can studying for a bit, and you might make some new
place announcements and advertisements on the friends along the way!
virtual bulletin board. Use Insite to find information
on just about everything, from courses to timetables HAN’s facilities provide you with a broad
and more. and generous study environment!

46  |  International Degree Courses  HAN University of Applied Sciences  | 47

Social media
and activities Open Days
The international student body at HAN University • Saturday, 11 November 2017

Meet us
of Applied Sciences forms a close-knit yet inclusive • Saturday, 13 January 2018
community. They make their presence known on • Saturday, 10 March 2018
campus with their energetic, fun and creative social
events. Events that they organize throughout the Arnhem
academic year. Usually, not a week goes by without • Saturday, 18 November 2017
an organised student event – either on one of the • Saturday, 20 January 2018
campuses or in the cafés and cultural venues across Your further education is an important step in your life. • Saturday, 17 March 2018
Nijmegen and Arnhem. Although you can read up on everything there is to
know about the courses in this brochure and on our
Student associations website, you cannot feel the atmosphere of its
Bachelors students can join various associations buildings or meet potential new lecturers and fellow
such as the International Student Association (ISA) students.
at Arnhem Business School or the Student Council.
ISA organises ski trips, visits to European cities and Come and meet us at one of our organised HAN
various social events like the well-known Boat Gala at Open Days or at an Education Fair to discuss whether Information sessions
the end of each academic year. The Student Council this is the right place for you to study. If that isn’t HAN organises information sessions all over the
holds regular meetings with the course coordinators possible, perhaps we could arrange a Skype session. world. There may be a session in your country soon.
to discuss the finer points about the education Introduction for new students We could also set up a one on one informative Why not take that opportunity to come meet our staff
offered at HAN. New Bachelors students are invited to participate meeting between you and one of our representatives and ask your questions? Our staff can answer your
in the introduction week or an introduction day. or an alumnus if either is located near you. Please questions and give you useful tips and advice about
Strong ties with alumni This is designed to help students adjust to their new contact us to discuss the possibilities. your specific situation. Don’t miss your chance to
At HAN University of Applied Sciences we go to surroundings. During the programme, students are come and meet us in your country!
great lengths to maintain strong ties with our alumni. given information about everything from university Open days and open evenings
We are interested in their careers, as well as their regulations to lecture timetables. They also get to If you live in or near the Netherlands, come and meet Prospective students who wish to find out more about
thoughts and comments about the courses we offer. meet some of their lecturers and get a crash-course us at one of our Open Days or Open Evenings. You a course can request an informal meeting at any time.
This kind of information is valuable to us. Why? in HAN student life. will get the chance to meet our lecturers and students, These can take place in person, but a Skype session,
We are constantly fine-tuning our courses to fit and get acquainted with our courses and facilities. telephone meeting or video conference can also be
current professional practices. Next to that, it is our Come to a HAN Open Day or Open Evening and take arranged if necessary.
goal to enable contact between our alumni and our a look for yourself!
current student body, creating both an exchange of New Masters students are given a warm welcome Student for a day
knowledge and opening up opportunities. HAN on their first day at HAN. They will meet their fellow Education fairs Do you want to know how it feels to study at HAN
has its own alumni networks and LinkedIn groups students and receive practical information on topics You can also meet HAN students, staff and alumni before making the final decision? Then why not be a
where former students can register and connect like lecture timetables, textbooks and software. After at various annual Education Fairs. Come by our student for a day and find out first-hand. This day is
with each other. this introduction, students are ready to embark on an exhibition stand and talk with our students. Our organised so you can sit in on regular classes, get a
enjoyable and successful academic career at HAN! students and alumni are eager to share their first-hand guided tour of the campus and talk to lecturers and
experience about their studies at HAN – find out students. Your parents and friends are also welcome, about study loads, student life and living in the so why not bring them along too. That way you can Netherlands. discuss your experiences with them afterwards. What better way to find out whether HAN’s international courses match your ambitions than to be a HAN student for a day?
For more informat Newsletter
tus Want to stay up to date on what’s going on at HAN?
Then subscribe to our newsletter.

48  |  International Degree Courses  HAN University of Applied Sciences  | 49

Information for parents
Dutch culture Once you have narrowed it down to a few options,
If your child is considering going abroad for their you might want to visit an open day at a university
studies, the first step is usually to determine which or attend one of the education fairs in your own
country is the best study destination for him or her. country. Students, staff and alumni from HAN
When thinking about the Netherlands, most people University of Applied Sciences go abroad on a
picture things like cheese, windmills and wooden regular basis to represent our university at these
shoes. Fortunately, there is more to the Dutch culture events. We can also schedule a meeting through
than this. The Netherlands is a non-hierarchical Skype or telephone to provide you with more
society where the general belief is that every person information, if you are not able to meet us in person.
is equal. This is reflected, for instance, in how Visit our website to see when we are coming to an
decisions are made within a group: everyone’s opinion education fair in your country:
is heard so that all agree on the outcome.
Getting ready to apply
The country’s history of welcoming foreigners into the In the Netherlands we believe everybody has a right
country has created a melting pot of different cultures. to education, which is why most institutions do not
This results in an open-mindedness and tolerance have extremely high admission requirements. This
towards foreigners as well as respect for an might make it seem easy to earn a degree in the
individual’s freedom to live life as he or she chooses. Netherlands. However, once students are accepted
While this mindset leaves room for people to be into a course they have to prove themselves and
themselves, it also requires a certain proactivity if you make sure they show sufficient study progress.
want to get to know the Dutch. And even though the To see the detailed admission requirements per
Dutch are generally very social, they are usually not course, as well as application deadlines, visit
that spontaneous and often organise their social Grading system Study coaching and counselling
activities in advance. As a result, punctuality is highly The Dutch grading system ranges from 1 (very poor) To ensure our students achieve the best possible
valued in the Netherlands. With all this planning and Bachelors at HAN to 10 (outstanding). The grades 1-3 are hardly ever results, HAN offers study coaching throughout all
structuring, it seems that little is left to the unexpected. A Bachelors course at a Dutch university of applied awarded and 9 and 10 are very rare. The table below years of study. This way, we take good care of both
However, the Dutch do have an adventurous mind and sciences takes four years to complete. During the first explains the Dutch grading system and how grades the academic development and the well-being of our
are daring in business, which requires flexibility. year, known as the propaedeutic phase, your child are awarded at HAN University of Applied Sciences. students. Study coaching thus involves supporting
will acquire basic skills and knowledge and discover students in finding effective ways to study, making
Helping your child make the right choice his or her talents within the chosen field of study. choices regarding their future career and in their
As a parent you play an important role in deciding In the second and third year students deepen their Dutch Letter Definition Succesful personal development.
which course is the best match for your son or knowledge and work more independently. A work grades grades students
daughter. You can guide them in the decision-making placement is often included in this part of the course awarded At HAN all students are assigned a study and career
process by ensuring they make an informed decision. as well, providing students with practical experience at this grade coach, a lecturer who is the first point of contact for
For example, help them gather information by reading a real company. In the fourth year, students conclude 8.0 – 10.0 A Excellent 10% students when they have questions about their study
brochures and visiting websites of the relevant their course with a graduation assignment in which programme or personal matters. Besides the study
7.0 – 7.9 B Very good 25%
courses. Talk with your child about which aspects of they demonstrate the knowledge and competences and career coach, we offer a counsellor for questions
the course they like or dislike as this makes it easier they have acquired during their years of study. 6.4 – 6.9 C Good 30% about financial matters or for help with complaint and
for them to form an opinion. 5.8 – 6.3 C Satisfactory 25% appeal procedures. Students can also contact a
Credits and study load confidential counsellor if they need to discuss more
5.5 – 5.7 E Pass 10%
At HAN University of Applied Sciences, students have serious personal matters.
to obtain a certain number of credits (ECTS) in order
to proceed to their second year of study. To obtain
credits, they need to pass their exams and group
projects. One credit corresponds to a study load
of 28 hours and students have to obtain 60 credits
in one academic year. If students have not gained
sufficient credits by the end of the first year, they
receive binding negative study advice and have to
quit the course.

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HAN on the map
HAN University of Applied Sciences is situated in the eastern
part of the Netherlands. It’s just a few kilometres from the
German border, but also within easy distance from Amsterdam,
London, Paris, Brussels and Berlin. The Netherlands is truly at the
heart of Europe! Although the country is small, flat and densely
populated, it has a bustling economy and a relatively liberal
standing. The east of the country offers a typical Dutch land­

Living in Arnhemof eye-catching

scape with charming scenery like wide rivers, bridges, dikes and
polders. The Netherlands is known for its cultural diversity and offers a variety
The city of Arnhem seums to pubs,
relaxed cosmopolitan lifestyle. You can easily observe this on a on s, fro m fas hion to history, mu
attra cti e capital city of
to nightclubs. As th
sunny day after your classes while enjoying a drink with friends and co nc er t ha lls
ov ince, Arnhem enjoy
s a rich and
Ge lde rla nd pr
at one of the many outdoor cafés. the in a number of
l his to ry wh ich can be found
ev en tfu roughout the city.
nt al bu ild ings scattered th
mo nu me of the province,
em is loc at ed at the very centre
Ar nh rroundings with
ut ing up ou t of lovely green su
sp ro e and the lush
e Ve luw e na tio nal park on one sid
en the other.
Living in Nijmeg Netherlands and
floodplain area on

est town in the

Nijmegen is the old rrounded by
iversity city. It is su
THE NETHERLANDS a beautiful, old un st walk a few
es and polders. Ju
woodlands, castl n enjoy nature
ection and you ca
Amsterdam Arnhem Berlin minutes in any dir s jus t about
best. Nijmegen ha
and history at its r: mu se ums,
nt could wish fo
Nijmegen GERMANY everything a stude ts fac ilit ies and
fés, excellent spor
Brussels theatres, lively ca
a trendy nightlife

The campuses of HAN University

of Applied Sciences are spread over the
twin cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen

52  |  International Degree Courses  HAN University of Applied Sciences  | 53

Germany Morocco Slovakia Thailand
Berlin Katholische Hochschule für Marrakech Académie Régionale d’Éducation Nitra Univerzita Konstantina Filozofa Pathum Thani Rangsit University
Sozialwesen Berlin et de Formation de Marrakech v Nitre
Berlin Hochschule für Technik und Tensift Al Haouz
Slovenia Antalya Akdeniz Üniversitesi
Wirtschaft Berlin
Mexico Ljubljana Univerza v Ljubljani, University Istanbul İstanbul Medipol Üniversitesi

Bochum Evangelische Fachhochschule
Guanajuato Universidad de Guanajuato of Ljubljana Istanbul Yeditepe Universitesi
Monterrey Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Izmir Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi
Chemnitz Technische Universität Chemnitz South Africa
Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) Mugla Mugla Universitesi
Dortmund Fachhochschule Dortmund Bellville University of the Western Cape
Dresden Hochschule für Technik und Netherlands Antilles Bellville Cape Peninsula University of United Kingdom
Wirtschaft Dresden (FH) Curaçao University of Curaçao Technology Belfast Stranmillis University College
Duisburg & Essen Universität Duisburg-Essen Port Elizabeth Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Belfast St Mary’s University College
New Zealand
Freiburg Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg University Birmingham Birmingham City University
Auckland Unitec New Zealand
Hannover Hochschule Hannover Pretoria University of Pretoria Birmingham University College Birmingham
Hannover Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Norway Birmingham Newman University
Argentina Denmark Hannover Bergen Western Norway University of Brighton University of Brighton
Suwon Ajou University
Buenos Aires Universidad de Salvador Aalborg Professionshøjskolen University Heidelberg Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Applied Sciences Cheltenham University of Gloucestershire
College Nordjylland Heidelberg Elverum Inland Norway University of Spain Coventry Coventry University
Århus Århus Købmandsskole / Business Karlsruhe Hochschule Karlsruhe Applied Sciences Alicante Universidad de Alicante Derby University of Derby
Adelaide University of South Australia
Academy Aarhus Kleve Hochschule Rhein-Waal Kristiansand Universitetet i Agder Barcelona Universitat de Barcelona Dundee University of Dundee
Brisbane Griffith University
Århus Århus Universitet Köln Fachhochschule Köln Molde Høgskolen i Molde Bilbao Universidad de Deusto Glasgow Glasgow Caledonian University
Melbourne La Trobe University
København Professionshøjskolen UCC Leipzig Universität Leipzig Oslo Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus Castellón Universidad Jaume I Hatfield University of Hertfordshire
Melbourne Victoria University
København Professionshøjskolen Metropol, Ludwigsburg Pädagogische Hochschule Oslo Diakonhjemmets Høgskole, Córdoba Universidad Loyola Andalusia Huddersfield University of Huddersfield
Morphett Vale Woodcroft College
Metropolitan University College Ludwigsburg Diakonhjemmet University College Granada Universidad de Granada Hull University of Hull
Perth Curtin University of Technology
Odense Syddansk Universitet, University of Mannheim Hochschule Mannheim Oslo Norges Idrettshøgskole, Norwegian Madrid Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Kingston- Kingston University
Sydney University of Sydney
Southern Denmark München Hochschule München School of Sport Sciences Madrid Upon‑Thames
Wollongong University of Wollongong
Risskov Via University College Münster Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Madrid Universidad Complutense de Lancaster University of Cumbria
Austria Sorø University College Zealand Münster Madrid Leicester De Montfort University
Lima Universidad Peruana de Ciencias
Dornbirn Fachhochschule Vorarlberg Vejle University College Lillebælt Münster & Fachhochschule Münster Madrid Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Liverpool Liverpool Hope University
Graz FH JOANNEUM - University of Steinfurt Málaga Universidad de Málaga London London South Bank University
Applied Sciences Nürtingen Hochschule für Kunsttherapie Philippines Mataró Escola Universitària del Maresme Newcastle- Northumbria University, Newcastle
Tartu Tartu Ülikool, University of Tartu
Innsbruck FH Gesundheit Nürtingen Cebu City University of San Carlos Mondragón Mondragon Unibertsitatea Upon‑Tyne
Tallinn Tallinna Ülikool, Talinn University
Linz Pädagogische Hochschule Paderborn Universität Paderborn Manila Ateneo de Manila University Sevilla Universidad Pablo de Olavide Northampton The University of Northampton
Oberösterreich Finland Potsdam Universität Potsdam Sevilla Universidad de Sevilla Oxford University of Oxford
Polten FH St. Pölten Helsinki Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu, Regensburg Universität Regensburg Valencia Universidad de Valencia Poole Bournemouth University
Krakow Pedagogical University of Cracow
Salzbrug Pädagogische Hochschule Salzburg Helsinki Metropolia University Reutlingen Hochschule Reutlingen Vic Universitat de VIC, Universitat Portsmouth University of Portsmouth
Krosnie State Higher Vocational School in
Wien FH Campus Wien of Applied Sciences Sankt Augustin Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg Central de Catalunya Worcester University of Worcester
Wien Pädagogische Hochschule Wien Helsinki Helsingin Yliopisto, University of Trier Universität Trier Lublin Uniwersytet Marii CurieSklodowskiej Sweden United States
Wiener Neustadt Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt Helsinki Weingarten Pädagogische Hochschule Poznan Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Göteborg Chalmers tekniska högskola Ada Ohio Northern University
Helsinki HAAGA-HELIA Ammattikorkeakoulu Weingarten
Belgium Poznaniu, The Poznan University of Göteborg Göteborgs universitet Albany University at Albany, The State
Jyväskylä Jyväskylän Yliopisto, University of Wildau Technische Fachhochschule Wildau
Antwerpen Karel de Grote Hogeschool Business and Economics Kalmar & Växjö Linnéuniversitetet University of New York
Jyväskylä Worms Hochschule Worms
Antwerpen Universiteit van Antwerpen Warszawa Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny Karlstad Karlstads universitet Atlanta Georgia State University
Jyväskylä Jyväskylän Ammattikorkeakoulu,
Brugge VIVES University College JAMK University of Applied Greece Portugal Linköping Linköpings universitet Evansville University of Southern Indiana
Brugge‑Oostende Sciences Arta Technologiko Ekpaideutiko Idrima Beja Instituto Politécnico de Beja Malmö Malmö högskola Farmville Longwood University
Brussel Odisee vzw Kajaani Kajaanin Ammattikorkeakoulu, (TEI) Epirou Estoril Escola Superior de Saúde Do Stockholm Karolinska Institutet Flagstaff Northern Arizona University
Brussel Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer Kajaani University of Applied Ioannina Panepistimio Ioanninon Alcoitão Umeå Umeå universitet Fort Worth Texas Christian University
Brussel Haute Ecole ‘Groupe ICHEC - Sciences Patras Panepistimio Patron Lisboa Instituto Politecnico de Lisboa Greensboro University of North Carolina at
ISC Saint-Louis - ISFSC’ Kauniainen Humanistinen Ammattikorkeakoulu / Lisboa Escola Superior de Saúde da Cruz Greensboro
Hungary Brugg FHNW Fachhochschule
Diepenbeek Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg HUMAK Vermelha Portuguesa Greenville East Carolina University
Budapest ESSCA d’Angers (Budapest campus) Nordwestschweiz
Geel Thomas More Kempen Mikkeli Mikkelin Ammattikorkeakoulu Lisboa, Beiras, Universidade Católica Portuguesa Indiana Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Györ Széchenyi István Egyetem Kreuzlingen Pädagogische Hochschule Thurgau
Gent Arteveldehogeschool Tampere Tampereen Ammattikorkeakoulu, Braga & Porto Laredo, TX Texas A&M International University
Pécs Pécsi Tudományegyetem University Lausanne Haute École Pédagogique du
Gent Hogeschool Gent TAMK Porto Instituto Politécnico do Porto Mankato Minnesota State University, Mankato
of Pécs Canton de Vaud
Gent Universiteit Gent Turku Turun Ammattikorkeakoulu - Åbo Porto Escola Superior de Enfermagem do San Francisco San Francisco State University
Zürich Zürcher Hochschule für
Kortrijk Howest, de Hogeschool Yrkeshögskola India Porto Angewandte Wissenschaften Stout University of Wisconsin – Stout
WestVlaanderen Vantaa Laurea-Ammattikorkeakoulu Agra Dayalbagh Educational Institute Setúbal Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal St. Cloud St. Cloud State University
Zürich Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich
Kortrijk VIVES University College Bangalore Christ University West Hartford, CT University of Saint Joseph
France Romania Zürich Interkantonale Hochschule für
Kortrijk‑Roeselare-Tielt-Torhout Chennai SRM University Whitewater University of Wisconsin –
Angers Ecole Superieure des Sciences Bucureşti Academia de Studii Economice Heilpädagogik
Leuven UCCL; Katholieke Hogeschool Whitewater
Commerciales d’Angers (ESSCA) Indonesia din Bucureşti Taiwan
Leuven Wilmington University of North Carolina
Besançon Université de Franche-Comté Bandung Telkom University Kaohsiung National Sun Yat-Sen University
Leuven KU Leuven Russia at Wilmington
Bordeaux INSEEC Bordeaux , Institut des Jakarta Binus University (NSYSU)
Liège HELMo - Haute Ecole Libre Mosane Moscow Plekhanov Russian University
Hautes Etudes Economiques et Yogyakarta Universitas Gadjah Mada Vietnam
Brazil Yogyakarta Universitas Sanata Dharma of Economics
Commerciales Bordeaux Danang Duy Tan University
São Paulo Universidade de São Paulo Bordeaux Université de Bordeaux Ireland
Canada Caen Université de Caen Basse- Dublin Dublin City University -
Antigonish Saint Francis Xavier University Normandie Institute of Education
Edmonton NAIT North Alberta Institute of Cergy-Pontoise Université de Cergy-Pontoise Dublin Dublin Institute of Technology 11
Technology Chambery & Université de Savoie Dublin National College of Art and Design 7 8
Edmonton Grant MacEwan University Annecy Limerick Mary Immaculate College 2
Halifax Dalhousie University Créteil Université Paris Est Créteil – Maynooth, Maynooth University 25 9 3 1
Halifax Mount Saint Vincent University Val de Marne 8 30 5
Co. Kildare 2
Oakville Sheridan Institute of Technology Dijon Université de Bourgogne Tallaght Institute of Technology Tallaght 17
& Advanced Learning La Rochelle Université de la Rochelle
6 3 1 1
St. John’s Memorial University of Levallois-Perret ESTACA - Ecole Superieure des
Bologna Università degli Studi di Bologna
25 1
Newfoundland Techniques Aeronautiques et de
Construction Automobile ‘Alma Mater Studiorum’ 15 6 9 1 3
Windsor University of Windsor
Castellanza Università Carlo Cattaneo - LIUC 18 5
Lille Université Catholique de Lille,
Chile Milan Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore 4 1 5 1
Santiago Universidad Andrés Bello
IESEG School of Management 8 3
Lille COMUE Lille Nord de France Perugia Università degli Studi di Perugia
Santiago Universidad de Chile 1 1
Lyon Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 Japan
China Lyon Université Catholique de Lyon, Akita Akita International University
Beijing University of International Business ESDES School of Management 3 1
and Economics Marseille Aix-Marseille Université
Hong Kong Educational University of Hong Montpellier Ecole Superieure de Commerce
Almaty Kazakhstan Institute of 2
Management, Economics and 1 1
Kong (ESC) de Montpellier
Strategic Research
Shanghai Shanghai University of Finance and Montpellier Université de Montpellier
Economics Mont-Saint-Aignan NEOMA Business School Kyrgyzstan 1
Shanghai Shanghai University of International Orléans Université d’Orléans Bishkek American University of Central Asia 1
Business and Economics Paris Ecole Superieure du Commerce
Xiamen Xiamen University Exterieur 4
Riga Rīgas Stradiņa Universitāte
Paris Institut des Hautes Etudes
Colombia Riga Latvijas Universitáte
Economiques et Commerciales
Bogotá Universidad del Rosario Riga Rîgas Starptautiskâ Ekonomikas un 1
(INSEEC) Paris
Biznesa Administrâcijas Augstskola
Czech Republic Paris Institut Superieur de Reeducation
Pardubice Univerzita Pardubice Psychomotricite et Relaxation Lithuania 1
Praha Ceské Vysoké Uceni Technické v Poitiers Université de Poitiers Kaunas Kauno Kolegija
Praze, Czech Technical University Toulouse Université de Toulouse II - Le Mirail Vilnius Vilniaus Universiteto Tarptautinio 8
Praha Vysoká Skola Ekonomická v Praze, verslo mokykla, Vilnius University, 4
University of Economics Business School

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