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A Project Report


Job portal using REST API

Submitted to
Amity University Uttar Pradesh

in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of

(Bachelor of Computer Application)


under the guidance

Ms. Neetu Gupta



May 2018

Declaration by the student

I , Shalini Kumari, student(s) of BCA(E) hereby declare that the project titled “Job portal
using REST API” which is submitted by me to Department of BCA(E), Amity Institute of
Information Technology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida, in partial fulfillment of
requirement for the award of the degree of BCA(E). in 2018, has not been previously formed
the basis for the award of any degree, diploma or other similar title or recognition.

Signature Signature
Date A10046615005


On the basis of declaration submitted by SHALINI KUMARI, student(s) of BCA(E),

I hereby certify that the project titled ‘Job portal using REST API” which is submitted to
Amity Institute of Information Technology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida, in
partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of BCA(E) in 2018, is an
original contribution with existing knowledge and faithful record of work carried out by
him/them under my guidance and supervision.

To the best of my knowledge this work has not been submitted in part or full for any Degree
or Diploma to this University or elsewhere.

Date Signature

MS. Neetu Gupta

Amity Institute of Information Technology

Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida


This report is only made possible through the help and support from everyone,
including: parents, teacher, friends and family. Especially, please allow me to dedicate my
acknowledgment of gratitude towards following significant advisors and contributors:

First and foremost, I would like to thank my department, Amity Institute of

Information Technology, for providing us this opportunity to show our caliber and
influencing us by giving this report. This gives us the experience on how to engage ourselves
in a serious project.

Secondly, I would like to thank my mentor Mr. Naveen Dahiya at Divya Soft Pvt.Ltd.
for his valuable guidance, encouragement and co-operation during the course of this project.
Whenever I needed his help he was always there from starting till the submission of this

I would also like to thank my guide Ms.Neetu Gupta for her constant support and
guidance. She was always there from the starting till the submission of this report and her
constant encouragement and co-operation helped me in the completion of this report.

Finally, I would like to thank my parents, family and friends who provided me with
advice and financial support. The product of this report would not be possible without all of


Declaration by the student 2

Certificate 3

Contents 4

List of Figures 5

1. Introduction 7-8

2. Objective 9
3. Feasibility Study
3.1 Technical Feasibility
3.2 Behavioral Feasibility
3.3 Economic Feasibility
4. System Analysis
4.1 Introduction
4.2 E-R Diagram
4.3 DFD Diagram
4.4 Execution
Characteristics 11-13
5. Introduction to REST API
5.1 What is REST API?
5.2 Collections 14-16

6. Implementation 17-18
7. Testing
7.1.Unit Testing
7.2.System Analysis
8. Conclusion And Future
8.1Future Scope 29

9. References 30


This application is a web application that will help different students to register their resume
and get the job and you can make entries for recruiters too can provide that service. And the
records to connect online so that the request made can be tracked for the future
Communication by both the sides.

A Student would be able to select jobs from the list of job opportunities as per his/her desired
location and time in an effective and efficient way. While different job seekers can check the
request made from the students so as to allow them to provide that more jobs.

Above all there will be an admin user who will be managing throughout the functioning of
the given application without any interruption.

REST architectural style has become a prevalent choice by the distributed resources. It can be
designed to facilitate hyper text driven navigations and to its related mechanisms Which deals
with structure changes in the API. Some design patterns are being described in the rest
architectural style and then the client side is being presented in differential cache mechanism
to reduce the overhead of hypertext driven navigations.

The rest api makes the database work in a reliable manner in the form of modules which does
not make it complicated to the admin for the readable purpose.

It works on the HTTP internet site without making the data and the resources complicated.

The website is being designed for the advanced solution to the customer by getting the details
in the easiest way as possible via online over the internet.

It is reliable to the user and is quick and best.


The certifiable issue is to make a site for the Job Consultant, is created for making a natural
movement open door for students. This web application is a static-requiring site and it can be
update both from the searchers and furthermore the company. The objective of the
application is to enable students to upload their resumes and companies to grant their
chances. It enables jobseekers to post their resume, search for jobs. It will give full
associations to put their profile on the site and moreover have a decision to look all resumes.
It consists of 7 modules:

i. The students on this application are checking for work, listed their personal
ii. educational. This structure is carried out such a course, to the point that the
customers can without a lot of an extend interface with the system with slightest
data to program the net.
iii. The Second chapter explains Feasibility Study of the application.
iv. The Third chapter is Analysis of system comes under Hardware and Software
Specifications and Software Requirement Specification.
v. The Fourth chapter deals about Testing and Implementation of the application.
vi. The fifth chapter is the Conclusion of the system.
vii. The Sixth chapter deals on the Bibliography .
viii. The Seventh chapter is the final one which deals about the language used, tools
used Screen layouts and Reports

Now let talk about the database:

The database connectivity used i.e. when the user will contact with the admin or the owner or
builder through sending any message via in the message box it will be done by using REST

What is REST API?

It stands for Representational State Transfer. It is the architectural style which defines the set
of constraints and properties which are based on HTTP protocol.

What is the RESTful API?

It is the application program interface or an API which uses the HTTP requests like GET,
PUT, POST and DELETE method in the data. It is based on REST to communicate for web
service development. An API of the website is a code which allows the program to
communicate with each other.

The database in this is done by the 4 types of method using REST:

1. GET


3. PUT



The objective of the job search is to provide better information for the users of this
application for better results for their maintenance in job details.

In this website,

I have made a tab from which students that are interested in job they can go through this they
can check the job vacancy and more .Those people who are interested in job can take a broad
overview of this. Going through this they have every information regarding this..

There is another new tab in which I have explore about our company, if somebody want to
look at our company or if somebody wants to know about our company can simply visit that
tab and get the information about us that is the company.

There are also the convenience that is offered for the admin .

I have made a separate tab for named Contact Us so, that the customers can visit us or they
can contact us regarding any information that is to be delivered to them.

For example, if somebody wants to know about the job or if someday they wants to vacant in
these soo for regarding this they can contact me.

I have made another tab in which some of questions can also discussed.

There are some other tabs also in which the students can see more about company and
patiently go through this. .

The admin can change or update any information regarding the job.

Admin can access every message or query received online via rest API method (database)

Used for the admin information to make it reachable to the admin in the client server manner.


3.1 Technical Feasibility

The technical feasibility is to determine the system requirements needed for the project for its
normal functioning. It focuses on the availability of the technical resources that could lead to
a successful project development like the hardware and software. Thus to build this project
the various software and hardware components require are:

Software Requirements:
1. Html, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery for development.
2. Html for its web page development.
4. SQL Server and rest API for the database management.
Hardware Requirements:
1. Processor: 1.8 GHz or dual core processor (or above).
2. RAM: At least 2 GB RAM (or more).
3. Hard Disk: Minimum 20 GB of free space (or more).

3.2 Operational Feasibility

Once many reaches to a decent number of jobs, the popularity of this application will increase
quickly. Thus they can get the required job as per their qualifications. It will also help various
job options subsequently. And make to save the precious time for jobseekers.

3.3 Economic Feasibility

Due to various known job website it comes under little pressure to be on limelight. but yes it will
comes under it very much soon.

Processor: Dual core i5
Memory: 500 GB
System Bus: 64 bits

Operating system: windows 7
Language: HTML 5, CSS, PHP, Java Script.
Web server: Google
Documentation: Sublime and notepad.

Reasons for the Components
i. To upkeep of records of various Recruiters (Companies), occupation and work
ii. To check for components arranged job students through interest.
iii. To check for planning occupation with jobseekers.
iv. All access of record.
v. To regulate the sensuous for fit in business.
vi. Prevent and reduce human tension.
vii. Reduce manual work.


Fig 4.1: Admin Use Case Diagram


Fig. 4.2:Admin Flow Diagram of Rest Api

Data Flow Diagram (DFD)

Fig. 4.2 DFD of Job Website

For database using REST Api there are six architecture constraints which make any web service
a true RESTful Api

i. Uniform interface
ii. Client server
iii. Stateless
iv. Cacheable
v. Layered system
vi. Code on demand (optional)

Execution Characteristics

i. Higher Internet affiliation is required for Client Server Communication.

ii. Application should have the ability to give response on time
iii. Secure access of data .
iv. 24 X 7 openness.
v. Better setup to enhance execution at top time.
vi. Mail organizations.

Customer Characteristics:

End User

i. Every customer should be pleasant of working with PC and net surfing.

ii. He must have good learning of English too.
iii. He has must be some data of how to upload your resume and apply for job.

Minimal Hardware Requirements:

i. Intel 4.1GHz processor.

ii. 512MB RAM
i. 5GB Hard circle space
ii. Internet Connection
iii. Key Board
iv. Mouse

Minimal Software Requirements:

i. Windows XP/Server 2003

ii. RESTapi
iii. SQL server 2005
iv. Microsoft Office 2007
v. IIS


REST API gives an able, profitable, and essential Web organizations API for teaming up
with Lightning Platform. Its central focuses consolidate straightforwardness of compromise
and headway, and it's an astonishing choice of development for use with flexible applications
and Web 2.0 exercises. In any case, if you have various records to process, consider using
Bulk API, which relies upon REST principles and enhanced for huge courses of action of
REST API uses a similar essential data model and standard challenges as those in SOAP API.
See the SOAP Programming interface Developer Guide for unpretentious components. REST
API moreover takes after an indistinct cutoff focuses from SOAP API. See the Limits region
REST Examples To use the API requires basic nature with programming change, web
organizations, and the Sales force UI

Use this preface to get it:

• The key characteristics and building of REST API. This will empower you to perceive how
your applications can best use the Lightning Platform REST resources.

• How to set up your headway condition so you can begin working with REST API speedily.

• How to use REST API by following an expedient start that leads you especially requested
through a run of the mill use case.


Getting an aggregation, like "people" may return

1. the entire summary of advantages as an once-over of associations,

2. partial depictions of each benefit, or

3. full depictions of the extensive number of advantages in the get-together.

some unimportant information is returned about each one of the people: first and last
name, id, and the "href" URL where the full depiction of the part resource can be

4. RESTapi Reporting Tools

Data import from REST API resembles Excel and CSV report exchange, except for
you don't have to convey your data previously acquiring it into eazyBI. You can
without quite a bit of an extend import REST data containing JSON, XML or CSV

5. Frequent running for restapi

To run a REST charge, set up together the URL of one of the REST resources, demonstrate
the procedure to use, and incorporate any parameters. For example, the going with curve
summon recoups a summary of each unique part. The charge calls the GET methodology for
the part resource and passes the regard substantial for the parameter dynamic.


Implementation is the process of making frameworks and then introducing the new hardware
for the utilization or any new application. Since association frameworks and the business
environment experience consistent change, the data frameworks ought to keep pace
.Operational Evaluations: appraisal of the way which the framework capacities, including
usability, reaction time, suitability of data configurations, general dependability, and the
Association Impact: for this the Identification and estimation of advantages to the association
are kept forward in such ranges as monetary concerns operational proficiency, and aggressive
effect. Incorporates sway on inward and outer data streams.
Client Manager Assessment: the Evaluation of the mentalities of senior and client troughs
inside the association, and in addition end-clients.
Advancement Performance: Evaluation of the improvement process as per such measuring
sticks as general improvement time and exertion, conformance to spending plans and models,
and other venture administration criteria. Incorporates evaluation of advancement techniques
and instruments.

Lamentably framework assessment does not generally get the consideration it merits. Where
legitimately oversaw anyway, it gives a lot of data that can enhance the viability of resulting
application endeavors.

Framework is being implemented for accustomed to bring a created framework into

operational use and hand it over to the client. It includes software engineer, clients and
operational administration. It additionally needs to acquaint and prepare the general
population with work with the new framework.

Testing is an important process to check the validation of project. It is a long process where
each of the sections of the system is checked with the manually created input data and the
output produced on the basis of these inputs. The quality of the software project is totally
reliable on the success of its testing process. Here are some of the testing processes that it has
gone through:

8.1 Unit Testing

i. Debugged the source code to validate each module of the system.
ii. Validated the functionality of each module with the set of all possible user input data.
iii. Validated the source code to meet the required standards.
iv. Modified the errors resulted during the testing process.
v. Calculating the complexity so that it can remove for the ease of system integration.
After the successful validation of different module of the system, each module was
integrated one by one to produce the whole module as one system which can be further
validated. This reduced the possibility of any error for the testing of whole system.

8.2 System Testing

i. Validation of the integrated system as a whole.
ii. Analyzing the interface of the user.
iii. Testing of whole system again with all the possible data inputs for its correctness.
iv. Verifying all the required modules of the designed system.
v. Validating all around functionality of the system. As soon as the project will go live,
it can be further validated for its acceptance testing process on the basis of its
Clients/Users appreciation.

Test Plan

Test Case No. Test Title Testing Steps Expected Result

TC/01/01 User Registration Go to Sign-in/Sign-up Sign –in and Sign-up

page [page should open
TC/01/02 Input of Name, Email, User need to input System must accept
and Phone No, his/her Name, Email, the data entered by
Username, Phone No, Username, the user.
Password . Password.
TC/01/03 Selecting user as an Select the checkbox The system should
student select the checkbox
TC/01/04 Registering the given Click the “sign up” New account with
user button to create an the data given by the
account. user must be created.
TC/02/01 Login of the User. Go to Sign-in/Sign- Sign –in and Sign-up
up page [page should open
TC/02/02 Verification of the log Click on the “Login” User must be
in details button Prompted or logged
TC/03/01 Update the Resume. Upload The Resume Resume Updated


9.1 Conclusion
This structure has been created viably interrogate each one of the necessities. Fitting thought has
taken in the midst of database arrangement keep up database uprightness and to keep up a key
separation to reiteration of data. This site was made with the end goal that any future control
required can be easily done. Customer feels straightforwardly while using this site. In this each
particular issue are concealed. This site is an all the more simple to utilize. The quality integrate
like right, adequacy, usable duration, maintain ace, mobility, accuracy, bungles, strength,
expandability and instructively all are successfully done.

9.2 Future Scope

Using framework investigation and outline procedures-like information and stream graph in
planning the framework.
Understanding HTML and WORDPRESS
This website will provide the customer a look of site seeking areas if they are searching a home
for their living in a proper maintained and good environment.
I conclude my report by adding that:
Implementing the database by using the rest api method is now a days the easiest method for the
client and the server.
It does not create a lash of arrays when the database is being resourced instead it works in the
form of modules of framework.


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