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Surigao State College of Technology

8400 Narciso St.,Surigao City

Directory of Key Officials

Name/Address Position Contact Number Office Tel. #

Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa Jr.
College President 0947-893-2596 826-6443
SSCT Mini Hotel
Dr. Ecclesiastes T. Dumanig
Chief Administrative Officer 0919-310-2494 231-7798
Cagtinae, Malimono, Surigao del Norte
Dr. Gideon A. Ebarsabal
Vice-President for Administration 0907-374-9955 NONE
Magpayang, Mainit, Surigao del Norte
Dr. Carlos H. Donoso
Campus Director – Del Carmen Campus 0920-456-1834 NONE
Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte
Dr. Teresita P. Senados
Campus Director – Malimono Campus 0921-531-3072 NONE
Cagtinae, Malimono, Surigao del Norte
Dr. Georgito G. Posesano
Campus Director – Mainit Campus 0918-446-9060 826-1810
02099 Espina Ext. Surigao City
Dr. Ronita E. Talingting
Vice-President for Academic Affairs 0999-869-2015 826-3906
Purok 1-A, Brgy. San Juan, Surigao City
Dr. Emmylou Borja Vice-President for Research, Development
0918-366-3917 826-3971
Mana Pepang Village, Surigao City and Extension
Dr. Annabelle N. Diaz
Chair, Arts and Sciences Division 0949-362-0966 826-8829
P-3 Brgy. Togbongon, Surigao City
Teresita L. Toledo, MIT
Chair, Information Technology Division 0946-983-5965 N/A
Tubod, Surigao del Norte
Dr. Elvis P. Patulin
Chair, Teacher Education Division 0949-362-0966 826-3905
Block 7, Lot 10, Acean Heights, Brgy. Bonifacio, Surigao City
Dr. Elesia B. Buenaflor
Chair, College of Industrial Technology 0998-9917954 826-3907
Sitio Cayutan,Brgy. Cagniog, Surigao City
Engr. Alexis P. Espaldon, MIE
Chair, Engineering Division 0921-698-5131 N/A
Purok 1-A, Brgy. San Juan, Surigao City
Ms. Maria Fe C. Guerra
Student Personnel Officer 0919-271-6169 NONE
0133 Corner Vasquez-Rizal St. Surigao City
Ms. Claret D. Ruaya
Registrar III 0918-408-4097 826-3908
Sitio Bacud, Brgy. Luna, Surigao City
Ms. Ivy B. Mabanto
College Librarian 0907-934-9992 826-6435
Purok Rosales, Narciso St., Surigao City
Dr. Mauricio S. Adlaon
Planning Officer – Designate 0917-307-8151 826-3953
Lo-oc, Brgy. Luna Surigao City
Dr. Alicia Z. Maghuyop
Director, Research Services 826-1244
Purok San Juan, Sabang, Surigao City
Engr. Evangeline P. Sabejon
Director, Extension Services 0919-361-1895 NONE
05084 Capitol Road, Surigao City
Ms. Ellen D. Detalo
Human Resource Management Officer III 0919-934-4279 826-8122
Bernadette Village, Km. 3, Brgy. Luna, Surigao City
Mr. Felipe T. Cacho
Budget Officer III 0920-611-6494 826-6442
04714 Navarro St. Surigao City
Ms. Gay Rose M. Seguerra
Accountant III 0918-553-0099 826-8172
04459 Capitol Road, Surigao City
Ms. Elsa S. Pelicano
Supply Officer III 0919-583-3183 826-8325
Cagtinae, Malimono, Surigao del Norte
Ms. Lowela E. Pacqueo
Cashier III 0950-178-0728 826-5159
Purok Dalia, Espina St., Surigao City
Dr. Rowena E. Plando
College/Board Secretary V 0928-376-2577 826-5070
Bernadette Village, Km. 3, Brgy. Luna, Surigao City
Engr. Virne P. Portugues
Resident Engineer 0915-184-5262 826-6447
Block 6 Lot 20 Acean Heights, Surigao City
Ms. Graciel Ianie C. Reuyan
Placement Services Coordinator 0912-500-9247 NONE
04538 Navarro St., Surigao City
Mr. Nonito G. Cordita
Sports Development Coordinator 0930-675-4903 NONE
Navalca. Brgy. San Juan, Surigao City