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Politics and Government

1.The cure for terrorism is democracy. Do you agree?

2.Global peace is an illusion. Do you agree?
3.Global peace is an impossible dream as lone as human rights are violated. Comment.
4.Discuss the view that more rights and freedom should be given to women in the Third World.
5.A good country needs to be run like a good business.
6.Power is no longer in the hands of the government. Discuss.
7.Do you agree that the form of a government is less important than the quality of its members?
8.Political ideologies are fast dying in a world dominated by economic interests.
9.How far, if at all, should the government intervene in family matters?
10.To what extent should the movement of people across borders be restricted?
11.In international relations, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. Discuss.
12.We do not need great leaders, only pragmatic politicians. Discuss.
13.Patriotism is no longer relevant in an increasingly borderless world. Do you agree?
14.‘There never was a good war or bad peace.’ (Benjamin Franklin) Do you agree?
15.The pen is mightier than the sword. Discuss.
16.It is ideas not force that changes the world. Discuss.
17.Leaders are born, not made. Discuss.
18.Democracy is nothing but the tyranny of the majority. Discuss.
19.Is communism dead?
20.The United Nations serves no real purpose in international affairs today. To what extent is this a
fair statement?
21.All war is nothing more than ‘an organised crime’. Do you agree?
22.Is a world without conflicts possible?
23.“Politicians build walls, businessmen build bridges.” Do you agree?
24.Is there a case for patriotism in today’s world?
25. "Despite all of man’s efforts, we still live in a divided world.” Consider this statementusing
illustrations from recent world events.
26.‘Government no longer determines the fate of its people.’ Discuss.
27.‘To be a leader of men, one must turn one’s back on men.’ Discuss.
28.Does the State have a right to influence an individual’s choices in life?2
9.Is there a case for patriotism in today’s world?
30.What influence can the smallest countries in the world have on the largest nations?
Should all governments work towards homogeneity among their people?
‘One should have the freedom of choice as long as it harms no one else.’ Do youagree that this should
be the basis of law?
33.‘It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it isthe function
of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.’ Do youagree?