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University of the Philippines

College of Engineering
Department of Geodetic Engineering
BS Geodetic Engineering
GE 155.2 – Vertical and Gravity Network Laboratory
2nd Semester AY 2018-2019


Course Credit: 1 unit (1u lab)

Corequisite: GE 155 - Geodetic Control Network
Schedule: T 7-10AM lab MH 310
Lecturer: Luis Carlos Mabaquiao
Room: MH 426
Consultation hours: M 12nn – 5pm, T 10am – 3pm, Th 1pm – 5pm

Course Description: Implementation of a Vertical Geodetic Control Network Establishment and


College Vision:
A global leader in engineering education, research, technology innovation and service.

College Mission:
To nurture honorable & excellent engineers and future leaders with global perspectives and aspirations
for the nation.

To generate knowledge and produce innovations that address challenges in sustainability, safety and
security, health and quality of life.

To serve the evolving needs of society through proactive, interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral initiatives.

DGE Vision:
A global geomatics engineering institution advancing excellence in education, research and
service to the society.

DGE Mission:
To nurture honorable and globally competitive geomatics professionals with passion for the good of the nation.
To advance innovative geospatial solutions for enhancing the quality of life.
To partner with other institutions and communities in addressing challenges and enabling future generations.

Program Outcomes:
By the time of graduation, the students of the program shall be able to:
apply knowledge of mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering sciences and technologies in the practice of geodetic engineering;
design and conduct experiments to test hypotheses and verify assumptions, as well as to organize, analyze, and interpret data, draw
valid conclusions, and develop mathematical models for various processes;
work effectively in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural settings in diverse fields of practice;
identify, formulate, and solve geodetic and related engineering problems;
demonstrate effective oral and written communications in both Filipino and English;

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GE 155.1 H o r i z o n t a l C o n t r o l
Network Laboratory
Course Outcomes: At the end of the course, the student should be able to:
 Acquire skills in observing, adjusting, and planning of a vertical control project.
 Execute a work plan in the establishment and/or densification of a vertical control network.

 Five (5) Laboratory exercises.
 Attendance and participation.


 Manual for Land surveyors. (DAO 2007-29, DMC 2010-13)

 Anderson, J. Mikhail, E. Surveying: Theory and practice. New York: MGH Book Co., 7th ed.
 NOAA (2001). NOAA Manual NOS NGS 3: Geodetic Leveling. USA: Rockville.
 Bossler, J.D. (1984). Standards and Specifications for Geodetic Control Networks. USA: Federal Geodetic Control

Class Schedule

Activity Date
Orientation / Reconnaissance Week 1
Laboratory Exercise 1 Week 2 – 3
C Factor Computation
Laboratory Exercise 2 Weeks 4 – 6
Level Line
Lab Exercise 3 Weeks 7 – 8
River Crossing
Lab Exercise 4 Weeks 9 – 14
Level Network
Lab Exercise 5 Week 15
Network Adjustment

Class Policies

Assessment and Grading

1. Attendance shall be checked regularly. A student is allowed a maximum of 3 absences for the whole semester. Students
shall be given a grade of 5.0 if absences incurred are > 3 before dropping.

2. Laboratory exercises must be submitted on time. 10% deduction per day shall be given to late laboratory exercises
(Sundays and Holidays not included).

3. The grading scale shall be the university’s standard scale. No grade of 4.0 or incomplete will be given. Grades shall be
computed as follows:
Final Grade (FG): 90% Individual Laboratory Grade + 10% Attendance = 100% FG
Group Laboratory Grade (GLG): 15% Lab 1 + 15% Lab 2 + 15% Lab 3 + 35% Lab 4 + 20% Lab 5 = 100% GLG
Individual Laboratory Grade: (Peer Evaluation Factor)*GLG

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GE 155.1 H o r i z o n t a l C o n t r o l
Network Laboratory
The UP System Grade equivalent to your percentage grade will follow the table below:

General Average (%) Final grade General Average (%) Final grade

92 – 100 1.00 74 – <78 2.25

88 – <92 1.25 70 – <74 2.50

85 – <88 1.50 65 – <70 2.75

82 – <85 1.75 60 – <65 3.00

78 – <82 2.00 <60 5.00

Academic Dishonesty: Cheating and plagiarism in any form will be penalized with a failing grade
and possible sanctions from the University.

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GE 155.1 H o r i z o n t a l C o n t r o l
Network Laboratory