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1. Name and Tittle Fitri Arofiati, SKep.,Ns, MAN, Ph.D

2. Gender Female
3. Academic level Assistant Professor
4. NIP/NIK/others 19720909200310 173057
5. NIDN 069097201
6. Palce and Date of Birth Bantul, 9 September 1972
7. E-mail
8. Mobile phone 0274-377539/081392462014
9. Office address Kampus UMY Terpadu. Jl. Lingkar Selatan,
Tamantirto, Kasihan, Bantul, DIY, 55183
10. Office phone 0274-387656/ 0274-387646
11. Graduated Bachelor= 35 person, Master= 15 person
12. Specific courses 1. Nursing Education
2. Nursing Management
3. Emergency and Critical Care Nursing
4. Adult Nursing

B. Education Attainment

S1 S2 S3
Name of University University of Angeles University Khon Kaen University,
Gadjah Mada Foundation, Thailand
Field of Study Nursing Nursing Nursing
Range of study (years) 2000-2002 2006-2008 2012-2016
Tittle of Level of Assessment of The Continuing
thesis/dissertation Anxiety of PKU Competence of
Family who Muhammadiyah Practicing Nurses in
hospitalized at Yogyakarta Indonesia
ICU Hospital
Center: A Basis for
a Nursing Care
Nama Dr. Intansari Assoc. Prof. Dr. Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Pembimbing/Promotor Nurjannah Mary Grace Khanitta Nuntaboot,
Bracket RN

C. Work Experiences

No Year Position
1 1995-1996 Nurse practitioner, PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital, Yogyakarta,
2 1996-2000 Head of Nurse at ICU PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital,
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
3 2002-2004 Lecturer at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
4 2004-2006 Secretary of School of Nursing, Universitas Muhammadiyah
5 2009-2011 Chair, School of Nursing, Universitas Muhammadiyah
6 2009-2011 Clinical Ners Consultant, PKU Muhamamdiyah Bantul
Hospital, Indonesia
7 2009-2010 Diabetic Educator, AMC Clinic
8 2010 Guest Lecturer, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
9 2012 Guest Lecturer, Cebu Normal University, Philippines
10 2012 Guest Lecturer, Ifugao State University, Philippines
11 2012 Guest Lecturer, Far Eastern University, Philippines
2013 Guest Lecturer, Bhoromarajonani Nursing College, Thailand
12 2016 Guest Lecturer, Central Taiwan University of Science and
Technology, Taiwan
13 2016 Guest Lecturer, Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan
14 2011-2012 Chair, Master of Nursing Science Program, School of Nursing,
Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

15 2016-now Chair, Master of Nursing Science Program, School of Nursing,

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
D. Research Experiences within 5 years

No Year Tittle
Source (million
The Differences of Knowledge
and Professionalism Attitude
between Diploma and Bachelor
1 2010 Personal 5
Nurses in PKU
Muhammadiyah Hospital,
Effectivity of Cognitive
Therapy to the Level of
Anxiety for Patient with Renal
2 2010 Failure who Undergoing Faculty 5
Hemodialysis, at PKU
Muhammdiyah Hospital,
The Level of Knowledge of
Nurses about Patient Safety in
3 2010 the Ward of PKU Faculty 3
Muhammadiyah Hospital,
The Differences of Healing
Process between The Smearing
of Propolis 5% and Green Tea
4 2011 Faculty 5
6.4 gr% of Burn Healing on
The White Rat (Rattus
The Implementation of
Universal Precaution by Nurses
5 2011 Personal 3
at PKU Muhammadiyah
Hospital of Yogyakarta
The Description of Patient's
Preception to The Quality of
6 2012 Nursing Care in Ward of PKU UMY 5
Muhammadiyah Hospital
The Influence of Celery Leaf
7 2012 Extract toward Change of Faculty 6
Blood Pressure of Elderly
People with Hypertention at
Ngampon Village Pakuncen
Wirobrajan Yogyakarta
The Experiences of Pioneers in
Establishing and Developing
Khon Kaen
8 2013 the First Faculty of Nursing in 10
Thailand: Preliminary Findings

Patient Safety and Infection

Control Assessment of The
9 2014 PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital UMY 10
Hemodialysis Center: a Basis
for Nursing Care Program
Managerial Control of The
Hemodialysis Center from The
2015 Faculty 3
Point of View of Hemodialysis
Continuing Competence of
10 2015 UMY 20
Practicing Nurses in Indonesia
Availability of Existing
Personal Capacity as Perceived
11 2015 UMY 20
by Practicing Nurses in
Perceptions’ of Female Nurses
in Indonesia on Factors
12 2016 UMY 5
Contributing to Continue their
Perceptions of Indonesian
Practical Nurses towards
13 2017 UMY 20
Updating Capability to Provide
Care: A Qualitative Study
Career Path of Nurse
14 2017 Educator’s at Nursing UMY 20
Development of E-Nurse for
15 2018 UMY 36
Cardiovascular Patients’
E-Career Path of Nurse
16 2018 Practitioner in Credential UMY 20
E. Public Services Experiences within 5 years

No Year Tittle
Source (million
Speaker on the Workshop of Health Institute
Conducting Good Clinical of
1 2010 Teaching for Nurses and Muhammadiyah 6
Training for Clinical Pekajangan
Instructor, Pekalongan
Speaker on the Workshop of
Conducting Good Clinical
Health Institute
Teaching for Nurses and
2 2010 of 'Aisyiyah 6
Training for Clinical
Instructor, STIKES 'Aisyiyah
Speaker on the Workshop of
Conducting Good Clinical Health Institute
Teaching for Nurses and of
3 2010 6
Training for Clinical Muhammadiyah
Instructor, STIKES Lamongan
Muhammadiyah Lamongan
Facilitator Workshop Written
Sanur Paradise
4 2010 Item Development for Nurses 150
Facilitator Workshop : Blue
Print of Nursing Competences
5 2010 Surabaya 150
Examination, Component 2
Facilitator of
6 2010 Implementation of Jakarta 150
Competences Based Curricula
for Nursing Education
Workshop: Tryout of National
Survey: Nursing Education,
7 2010 Surabaya 150
Nursing Competences, and
TOT for surveyor
Assessor of Accreditation 7,5 (every
8 2010 assessment of Nursing assessment
Institution both borang
and field)
Dissemination of TB Training
9 2011 Yogyakarta 107
in Yogyakarta Province
Development of Standard of
10 2011 High Health Educatin Program Jakarta (Dikti) 15
11 2011 The 3rd AIC-HHC, (speaker) Hanoi Vietnam 10
Guest lecture Ifugao State
12 2012 University 15
Guest lecture Cebu Normal
13 2012 University, 15
Speaker on the Workshop of Health Institute
Conducting Good Clinical of
14 2012 Teaching for Nurses and Muhammadiyah 6
Training for Clinical Pringsewu,
Instructor, Lampung
Workshop Curriculum Based
15 2013 Palembang 10
Thai Nurse Association
16 2013 Northeastern Division seminar 15
Suranaree University of Mahasarakam,
17 2013 15
Technologyseminar (speaker) Thailand
Guest lecture Boromarachanoc
Nursing College
18 2014 15
Speaker on Asian International Cebu Normal
19 2015 Conference on Humanized University, 10
Health Care Philippines
Speaker on 6th International Cebu Normal
20 2016 Conference of Nurses University, 15
(ICONS) Philippines
Reviewer of Elsevier Journal Nurse
21 2016 International Journal: Nurse Education In kind
Education Today Today
Reviewer of Elsevier Journal Nurse
22 2017 International Journal: Nurse Education In kind
Education Today Today
Speaker on 2nd Borneo
23 2017 International Nursing Pontianak 15
The 8th International Nursing
student Forum (INSF)
Speaker. Nursing Innovation,
The Application of
24 2017 Complementary and Palembang 15
Alternative Therapy as a
Contribution to The
Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs)
Speaker on 2017 China-
25 2017 ASEAN (Nanning) Nanning, China 20
International Nursing Forum
2009- Assessor BANPT/ National
26 Indonesia
2014 Accreditation Board
Assessor LAMPTKes/
National Independent
27 2014-now Indonesia
Accreditation Board in Health
Facilitator LAMPTKes/
National Independent
28 2014-now Indonesia
Accreditation Board in Health
Committee of Social Welfare
29 2015-now of ‘Aisyiyah Women Indonesia
of Higher
Research and
30 2016-now Indonesia
Committee of Association of
2017- Institutions of Nursing
31 Indonesia
2021 Education (Curriculum
Development Division)
F. Journal Publication within 5 year

No. Tittle Name of journal Volume/Number

1 The level of knowledge about Suara Forikes, volume II no. 2,
nursing ethic code and health of Health Research pages 116-121,
law impact to the performance of Journal April 2011, ISSN
nurses in providing nursing care 2086-3098
2 The Description of Patient's JMMR Vol 1 no 1, Juli
Preception to The Quality of 2011
Nursing Care in Ward of PKU
Muhammadiyah Hospital
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
3 Efficiency of Acute Appendicitis JMMR Vol 5 No 1, Januari
Treatment of Patient using National 2016
Coverage and General: a
Comparison Study
4 Availability of Existing Personal Asian Academic Hal. 133-140,
Capacity as Perceived by Society 2016, ISBN: 978-
Practicing Nurses in Indonesia International 616-406-374-7
Nachon Phanom,
5 Perceptions’ of Female Nurses in Nursing and Health Vol. 34 No. 3:
Indonesia on Factors Contributing Care July-September
to Continue their Competence 2016, ISSN 2351-
6 Efektifitas Penggunaan Cold Pack Indonesian Journal Chapt. 68-76, Vol.
dibandingkan Relaksasi Nafas of Nursing 1 No. 1, Desember
Dalam untuk Mengatasi Nyeri Practices 2016, ISSN
Pasca ORIF 9772548424990

7 Perceptions of Indonesian Practical Belitung Nursing Volume 3, Issue 1,

Nurses Towards Updating Journal January-February
Capability to Provide Care: 2017
A Qualitative Study
8 Perceptions of Indonesian Practical Journal Advance 2017
Nurses Towards Nursing Science Letters
Competence: A Qualitative Study
9 Perception about Contributing Malaysian Journal 2018 (volume 18,
Factors of Nurses Continuing of Public Health supplement 2), e-
Professional Development among Medicine ISSN 2590-3829,
Hospital Managers ISSN 1675-0306

G. Oral Presentation within 5 year

No. Name of Seminar/Conference Tittle Time and

1. One day Seminari: Palliative Effectivity of Cognitive 7 Agustus
Care: Prospect, Role, and Therapy towards Level of 2010, UGM,
Chalenges for Health Care Anxiety of Renal Failure Yogyakarta
Provider, Gadjah Mada Patients’ who Undergoing (oral
University Hemodialysis Presentation)
2. First SEARAME International The Differences of Jakarta, 2010
Conference and 5th Indonesian Knowledge and (oral
Scientific Medical Education Professionalism Attitude Presentation)
Expo and Meeting between Diploma and
Bachelor Nurses in PKU
Muhammadiyah Hospital,
3 International Nursing The Differences of Healing Unair, 2010
Conference: Current Nursing Process between The (oral
Care in Clinic and Community, Smearing of Propolis 5% and Presentation)
Faculty of Nursing Airlangga Green Tea 6.4 gr% of Burn
University, Surabaya, Healing on The White Rat
Indonesia, 2011 (Rattus Norvegicus)

4. The 3rd AIC-HHC, Hanoi, Dissaster Management Hanoi

Vietnam system: Indonesia’s Vietnam, 5-7
experiences December
5. International Conference: The Influence of Nurse’s Chiang Mai,
Interprofessional Partnership: Knowledge and Attitude on Thailand 5-7
Improvement for Global The Implementation of September
Health Outcomes, Chiang Mai Patient Safety Program at 2012
Thailand The Wards of PKU (oral
Muhammadiyah Bantul Presentation)
6. Thai Nurse Association Cultural Awareness: August, 2013,
Northeastern Division seminar Indonesia Nursing Care (speaker)
Ubonrachathani, Thailand Based On Islamic Religion
7 The 16 th EAFONS (East Assessment of The PKU 21-22
Asian Forum of Nursing Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta February,
Scholars) Bangkok, Thailand Hospital Hemodyalisis 2013 (Poster
Center: A Basis for Nursing Presentation)
Care Program
8 The 3rd Global Congress for The Experiences of Pioneers (Poster
Qualitative Health Research in Establishing and Presentation)
(poster presentation) Khon Developing the First Faculty
Kaen, Thailand of Nursing in Thailand:
Preliminary Findings
9 Indonesia – Germany Advanced Nursing Education 3-4 May
Conference on Cardiovascular In Early Detection 2014
and Cancer Care Yogyakarta (Speaker)
10 International Seminar & Indonesia Nursing 16-18 June,
Workshop: Nursing Education Education: Strategy And 2014
& Practice; Challenge Toward Planning Upon AEC 2015 (Speaker)
Asean Economic Community
2015 & Indonesian National
Health Insurance, Malang
11 5th Asian International Patient Safety and Infection 9-11
Conference on Humanized Control Assessment of The December
Health Care PKU Muhammadiyah 2015
Hospital Hemodialysis (Oral
Center: a Basis for Nursing Presentation)
Care Program
12 Asian Academic Society Availability of Existing Hal. 133-140,
International Conference, Personal Capacity as 2016, ISBN:
Nachon Phanom, Thailand Perceived by Practicing 978-616-406-
Nurses in Indonesia 374-7
13 The 8th International Nursing Nursing Innovation to Lead 3-4 May
student Forum (INSF) The Achivement of 2017
Sustainable Development (Speaker)
Goals (SDGs)
14 3rd Internasional Conference Perception about 1-2 August
Medical and Health Sciences Contributing Factors of 2018
(ICMHS) 2018 Nurses Continuing
Professional Development
among Hospital Managers
H. Book withi 5 year :

No Tittle year Pages Publisher

1 Buku Saku Keperawatan: 2018 70 UMY
Keperawatan pada Pasien


No Tittle year Type Number and status

1 Asuhan Keperawatan 2018 Buku saku Granted
Pasien Acute Coronary (000112425)
Syndrome (STEMI, NSTEMI,

2 BARTOCAR (Lembar 2018 Pamflet Granted

Monitoring Cairan) (00012409)

3 Bantalan Penyangga Kaki 2018 Paten Terdaftar

untuk Perawatan Luka sederhana (WFP2018045451)

4 Alat Portable Pedal sebagai 2018 Paten Terdaftar

Sarana untuk Rehabilitasi sederhana (WFP2018040562)

I. Appreciation within 10 year

1. 2006-2008, Scholarship achievement from UMY and Angeles University
2. 2012-2014, Scholarship from Indonesia Commission of Higher Education,
Research and Technology and Khon Kaen University
3. 2015, Best oral presentation and best paper by PERMITHA on 5th AASIC
4. 2017, Best oral presentation by PERMITHA on 7th AASIC
Yogyakarta, December 2018


(Fitri Arofiati, SKep.,Ns., MAN., Ph.D)