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Component Effect Is included in this


Lead Workers breath lead dust, affect the food chain and the human metabolism Electrical solder
and is highly toxic for humans. In environment the lead accumulate and had primarily, Printed
a lot of duration. circuit boards and

Cadmium In humans produce damage in the kidneys,disruption in the calcium, Laptop computer,
hypertension,heart diseases,problems in the respiratory system and cancer. electronic equipment,
Are toxic for animals, plants and the soil killing them and contamination of switches and batteries
water and soil

Organotins Has affect in sexual development in marine snails, so toxic for marine Pipes, panels

Phthalates Damage to sperm DNA,reduction of sex hormones in adult males, alteration For making plastic
of hormones, obesity and other sexual diseases. Animals reproductive parts or separating
abnormalities and sicknesses principally to frogs, fishes and other substances

PVC Contamination in environment making it toxic, malformation in humans, Protective covers for
breast cancer cables, plugs,switches,

Berylium Lungs problems like pneumonia, death of animals plants and humans, don't Electrical circuits
affect the environment but the ways in which is extracted is very destructive

BFRs Contamination of the environment, produce problems in milk, blood, Televisions, computers
respiratory, nervous and digestive system in humans and hospital beds

Mercury Contamination of air,water and soil, plants and animals intoxication. In Screens and batteries
humans produce damage in the nervous and respiratory system of some computers

Chromium Its highly toxic for animals, plants, humans and the environment. Produce Cables, computers
cancer in humans and animals,in humans produce skin, kidneys and liver parts like the motor