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Renz Carlo J.


I. Title

Stress Level of Animation Students in Relation to Academic Performance Input to

Wellness Program.

II. Background of the Study

According to the College Student Journal. Jun2000, Vol. 34 Issue 2.p217. 11p. 4 Charts.
Stressed students are less likely to practice healthy behaviors and are more prone to practice bad
habits (e.g., eating junk food).Students under greater stress also exhibit lower levels of self-esteem
and reduced perceptions of their health status. Many students feel a sense of needing to relieve
stress, but with all the activities and responsibilities that fill a student. Its sometimes difficult to
find time. In our class, stress seems to be not much of a dominant factor for the first few week or
so, however as time progress workloads build up and what’s worse is that our class have at least 3
or 4 projects either handmade projects or performances to submit for about 3 consecutive days.
With all the workloads stacked on us it is very evident that our class was stressed and exhausted
physically and mentally. All of these are contributors to why the researchers have conducted this

This study therefore provides the students with significant knowledge about what you
should know about stress and hopefully will be of great use to the reader, enough to make them
prepare for their arrival.

III. Preliminary Literature Review

The researchers used 376 randomly selected students at University Putra Malaysia,
Serdang Campus, in the study by Elias, Ping, and Abdullah (2011). In order to obtain data from
the students, the research used two questionnaires to measure the stress level of the students using
the College Undergraduate Stress Scale (CUSS), which Renner and Macklin developed in 1998.
And when you get the
In Addition the data collected by the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Finland,
was used in the Essel and Owusu study (2017). The questionnaire used includes a total of 12
questions and only the Finnish business students were given the questionnaires. The data were
grouped by the Finnish group and the International group in analyzing the data. According to the
researchers there should be frequent interaction between academic staff and students on how best
to schedule intensive courses in the cause of the semester work ; guidance and counseling unit
should be part of the school management system so that students can come to discuss issues that
affect them ; good eating habits should be students ' priority in relation to stress management ;
enough sleep and exercise.

IV. Abridged Methodology

1. Research Instrument /Tools
The main priority of the research is to gather as much information as possible and
the information that we sought to obtain is their opinions. We conducted a survey in order
to accomplish that sufficient information along with several wellness programs to
contribute to the opinions of the samples.

2. Data Gathering Procedure

Each survey question is related to their conception and insights on wellness
programs, stress and the relationship between the two.

3. Data Analysis
Each questions will have choices, that would scale the degree of their opinions from
1 to 5 in them that will determine the quality of their opinions. Afterwards, their answers
shall be tallied and we will be analyze the acquired data thereafter.