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[User Manual]

Indian Railway Works & Contract

Management System

Part-I- Estimate Updation Module

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Anil Kumar
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Estimate Updation

1.1 Overview
Estimate updation module has been developed as part-I of Indian Railways Works & Contract
Management System. It is a Web-based application that allows Online filling of various
already sanctioned estimates of any work upto the level of sub-estimate, major sub head
wise. It covers –
a. Authorisation of users competent to fill and confirm estimate details
b. Confirmation of auto populated Abstract estimate details
c. Updation of Part-Detailed Estimate, Detailed Estimate, Revision of Part-Detailed
Estimate, Revision of Detailed Estimate etc.
d. Entry of Allocation wise cost upto the level of Sub-Estimates.
e. Entry of sub head wise Cash & Stores cost.
f. Generation of Estimate-Ids
g. Allocation of accounting units of IPAS authorized to make expenditures in the
h. Allocating sanctioned work to executives authorized to book expenditure in the
i. Link to IREPS for making requisition or tender schedules


1. Users are requested to populate IRPSM with those estimates only which have been
sanctioned by competent authority.
2. The logic of user authorized to use estimate filling and confirming is enclosed as
3. Estimates once confirmed shall be pushed to IPAS and IREPS and can’t be edited
4. Part detailed estimate can be added till the final Detailed Estimate has not been
updated. Once Detailed estimate has been updated then no further Part Detailed
Estimate can be added.

Page 1
Estimate Updation

Steps to be taken for Estimate updation

Getting started
1.2 Welcome to IRPSM
To run IRPSM application, open a web browser (IE recommended) and type URL in address bar and press "Enter" key. IRPSM main screen
appears as under

After logging into the application by existing user credentials, the user is taken to Home Page
as shown below:

1.3 Estimate Updation Module Link on Home Page of IRPSM

The home page of the IRPSM coordinator appears as follows

Page 2
Estimate Updation

User need to click upon link “Estimate Updation Module” to start the entry of sanctioned
estimate details. A new screen opens namely “Fill Estimate Details” as under:
1.4 Fill Estimate Screen
This screen is used to list all the sanctioned works along with their Project-Ids. To list all the
sanctioned works, user has to select Railway, Division, Plan Head, Sanctioning Authority,
Sanction Year and press upon “GO” button . After this sanctioned works as per filter
criteria will be listed as under:

Along-side each work a button has been provided under column “Fill/View Estimate”.
This link shall be accessible to the authorised user. The authorized user to fill the estimates is
deciding by system based on the logic enclosed as annexure-I. Any alteration in the user
authorized for filling estimate details in any work as per local requirements is possible by
CE/P&D at zonal railway/PU level.

Upon clicking this button a new window “Abstract Estimate Details” opens as under

Page 3
Estimate Updation

1.5 Abstract Estimate Details

The Allocation wise Abstract estimate cost as available in IRPSM is displayed on this page. By
clicking “Edit” button, user is directed to a new page for modification of Abstract Estimate
details as per requirement and confirmation of the same as under:

Once Abstract estimate is confirmed, it is given unique id with last two digit “00” and user is
directed to new page namely “List of Estimates” opens as under.

Page 4
Estimate Updation

1.6 List of Estimates Screen

Click on “Estimate Details” button to update the details of sanctioned estimate in IRPSM
portal. If Estimates are already confirmed earlier in the system then list of estimates already
confirmed by user is also populated on screen with a link “Estimate Details”.

Upon clicking the “Estimate Details” button, a new screen namely “Estimate Details” opens, as
1.7 Estimate Details Screen

In this screen different fields to be captured are as under:

Type of estimate – To be selected from dropdown

Page 5
Estimate Updation

Estimate no. - To be filled as per reference no. of sanctioned estimate

Estimate description - Auto populated by system and can be edited suitably to update the
name of estimate as per name of estimate
Estimate cost - Auto updating based on cost updated in different sub-estimates of the work.
Major/User Unit - Name of the unit where work is to be executed
Coordinating/ Custodian department – Name of the coordinating department i.e. custodian
of the estimate
Other departments- Name of the other department (s), whose sub-estimates are included Iin
the estimate.
“+” – To add no of departments having sub-estimate in the works

Once all the fields are filled properly and saved, “Estimate Details” page is modified as under
to fill sub estimate wise details through view/ edit button, as under:

Click upon the View/Edit button corresponding to the Sub-estimates to fill the details of Sub-
estimate, a new screen namely “Sub-Estimates Details” opens as under :

Page 6
Estimate Updation

1.8 Sub-Estimates Details Screen

In this screen user has to fill allocation wise cost breakup (name of allocation is auto
populated as per allocations available in the pink book) and Sub-Head wise cost breakup
against Cash & Store details of Sub-estimate and save the details. Saved estimate/ Sub-
estimate data can be edited or revised or reframed till confirmation of the concerned
Once main estimate and all sub-estimates are updated, user is required to confirm the
estimate on IRPSM. For confirmation of the estimate “Fill Estimate Details” page opens and
user has to provide the estimate sanction letter number & date and upload the pdf copy of
covering letter of sanctioned estimate o in following screen:

Page 7
Estimate Updation

After confirming the estimate, unique ID of estimate and their all sub-estimates gets
generated and updated in “Sub-Estimates Details” as under:

The logic of unique ID of any estimate and their Sub-estimates is as under:

Unique Works Identity (UWID) = 12 digits of IRPSM Project-Id of works (excluding 2 digits
of Executing Agency) detailed at annexure-II.

Estimate Id = UWID + 2 digit sequence number for serial number of the sanctioned
estimate in that work

Sub-Estimate Id = (Estimate-Id) + (2 digit department _code)-

Once estimate is confirmed, no further changes can be made. After Confirming the Estimate,
updated “List of Estimates” careen appears with multiple options, as under:

Page 8
Estimate Updation

The summary of options in above screen is as under

View: To view the complete details including Sub-estimate details of that Estimate.
Create Revision: To revise the particular part DE/Detailed Estimate.
Create Tender Schedule: Data will be transferred to e- tendering portal (IREPS- works) for
making tender schedules.
Create Store Requisition: To fill Requisition details for items to be procured against that
estimate and transfer requisition to e- tendering portal (IREPS- stores)
Add Accounting Unit: to add Accounting Units authorized tom book expenditure
corresponding to each estimate/Sub-estimate.
Add Authorities: To add authorities responsible for various activities for execution of works
corresponding to each estimate/Sub-estimate such as tendering, contracting, measurement,
bill preparing, bill passing, material custodian etc..
Estimate Details: To add any new part detailed estimate, detailed estimate or Material
modification etc.


1. Users are requested to populate IRPSM with those estimates only which have been
sanctioned by competent authority.
2. Estimates once confirmed shall be pushed to IPAS and IREPS and can’t be edited
3. Part detailed estimate can be added till the final Detailed Estimate has not been
updated. Once Detailed estimate has been updated then no further Part Detailed
Estimate can be added.

Page 9
Estimate Updation


Authorized users for Creation/Updation/Confirmation of Part/Detailed Estimate along with

provision for further delegation has been set by the application. The logic of the same is
detailed as under -

1. For all the sanctioned works, by default, Executing Agency of the work is main
executive authority for creation/ updation/ confirmation of estimates. These
authorized users can further assign creation/ updation /confirmation responsibility
to their subordinate users up to one level.

2. At executing agency’s login, following screen opens up upon clicking the link
“Delegation of Estimate Creation Authority”.
A button is available against each work with name “edit”. Executing agency has to
click upon button “edit”, to further delegate the authority.

Estimate Updation

3. Following screen opens up when button “edit” is clicked. Executing agency can select
single/multiple authority against each work.

4. After assigning the Authorities, the corresponding Authorities of work will be able to
fill the Estimates against each work using Fill Estimate option.

Estimate Updation


Description and protocol of digits in UWID is elaborated as under -

Digit No. No. of Digits Significance Example

1&2 2 Railway ‘01’ for Central Railway
3&4 2 Division ‘02’ for Mumbai Division
5&6 2 Plan Head ‘51’ for Plan Head – Staff
7&8 2 Sanction Year ‘97’ for the year 1997-1998
9 1 Sanctioning Authority ‘3’ for Sanctioned under GM’s
10,11 & 12 3 Serial No. ‘007’ Means 7th work for the
specified Railway, Plan Head,
Sanction Year & Sanctioning