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Front 11⁄8" 1¾" 1⁄16"

Seat Side
7⁄8" ¾"

Front Side
Remove this material
with a shaping tool.
¾" 23⁄8"

Wheel Well
Cut 2 3⁄8"
Seat Top
3⁄16" Bumper
Left Rear
Cut 2
13⁄16" 3⁄16" ¾"
3⁄16" 1¾" 14-Gauge
1½" 1½"
3⁄8" 3⁄8" Side Post Right Rear
Cut 2 Fender

5⁄8" 5⁄8"
Left Front Right Front
Fender Fender

Main Body

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Fold along dashed line.

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