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Global Business and Digital Arts - University of Waterloo - 2015-2019
University of Waterloo Merit Scholarship 2015

Employment Experience
Reshawn Zhedan Ullah
Assistant Communications Specialist
Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE)

Interests Waterloo, ON
May 2018 - January 2019
- Photography/ Videography
- Analyzed Google analytics and made changes to company website in
- Application Prototyping order to direct more traffic to certain web pages that were of higher
- Marketing importance to the company, as a result website traffic increased 150%
- User Experience - Created promotional videos using Premiere and After Effects to
- Customer Relations advertise events to company members across various
platforms including social media, the company’s website, and the
Extra Cirriculars company’s page
- Redesigned company website pages to further attract the targeted
Co-creator audience
Career Chasers - Communicated event ideas when collaborating with companies within
Waterloo, ON the sustainable energy field and as a result attracted more potential
October- December 2017 members

- Built a website and application Teaching Assistant

prototype in order to create a work- University of Waterloo
place harassment educational GBDA 304 - Marketing in the Digital World
program for co- op students provided Waterloo, ON
by the University of Waterloo’s Centre September 2018 - Current
for Career Action
- Assisted the professor with tasks at hand including marking and
- Increased engagement in the assessing students exams in a timely manner to ensure grades were
program by developing a turned- received on time
based game where players were - Responded to emails sent by students to ensure any questions were
tested through in - game quizzes on answered in an appropriate manner
workplace harassment
Customer Service Representative
- Produced and edited a public service The Beer Store
announcement video using Premiere (Scarborough, Waterloo, Kitchener) ON
and After Effects to inform students June 2015 - Current
about the new website
- Trained 5 new hires and and educated them on basic including safety
precautions, understanding operating the till for cash exchanges, as well
Get in touch! as demonstrating the operation of the empties exchanges.
- Maintained day ends cash through selling beer to customers as well as
245 Lester Street, operating empties exchange
Waterloo, ON
Sales Associate Sunglass Hut
Waterloo, ON November 2018 - Current
Reshawn Zhedan Ullah
- Assisted customers in purchasing high quality sunglasses
647-472-7722 - Maintained a weekly sales quota of 120%
- Communicated with suppliers when ordering back stock