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Lesson Plan

Subject: Science
Grade: 1 (6-year-olds)
Students: 20 children in groups of 4
Time: 45 minutes

Materials: 5 cups of slime, 5 marbles, 5 rocks, 5 scales, 20 worksheets

Concepts/Skills: SC.1.N.1.2

Using the five senses as tools, make careful observations, describe objects in terms of number, shape,
texture, size, weight
Standards-based Objectives: With a scale, students will be able to identify the texture and weight in
grams of any object that can fit on the scale and is slimy, smooth, or rough.

Open: (Time: 5 minutes)

Students will be sat in table groups of four with a scale, cup of slime, marble, and a rock at each
group. Each desk will have a work sheet on it with each item listed. The students will be figuring out in
their groups the textures and weights of each item. They will learn about the textures and weights of
different items. On the work sheet, each item will be listed with a space to fill in the texture and
Students who are gifted learners will be given rulers and sheets to fill out that include more in depth
responses of object including length and conversions of weight.
Students who do not speak English will be given sheets with translated information as well as a sheet
with translations of measurements and textures.
After the students have completed their measurements and discussions about textures the teacher
will be going over the assignment with the class and have each group individually display what they
have learned.

Body: (Time: 20 minutes)

The students will take turns in their groups holding each item and discussing it’s texture with the rest
of their group. They will record their observations of texture on the worksheets. Then the group will
weigh each item individually on the scale. After weighing each item on the scale, they will record its’
weight in grams, on their worksheets.
The teacher will be monitoring the table to make sure that each student is actively participating and
no one is being excluded.

Close: (Time: 20 minutes)

The teacher will stand in front of the classroom and write on the board the three items each group
observed. (Slime, marble, rock)
The teacher will call out each group to find out their observations on texture and write the answers
on the board.
Teacher: “Are these objects rough? Are they slimy? Why do you think that is? Did the marbles weigh
more or less than the slime?” The teacher will then call out each group to tell the weights they had for
each item and write them on the board as well. The class will discuss their results and why they think
they got these results.
Teacher: “Why do you think the rock weighed more than the marbles? Where the rocks larger?”
They will discuss what other variables may have contributed to these outcomes.
The teacher will allow the students discuss their thoughts and answers before going further.

Students will be given individual tests. The test will list the different properties of items and the
student will have to identify if they are weights or textures and what the item could be.
Teachers may need to assist some students with holding the different objects as well as weighing the
objects if they have any motor disabilities.
There will be translation sheets for students who do not speak English.
There will be additional topics to explore such as length for gifted students.