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Art is universal. Among the most In the Philippines, it is not entirely novel Getting this for without satisfactory
popular ones being taught in school are to hear some consumers of local movies remark definition of art can be quiet weird for some. For
the two Greek epics, the Iliad and the that these movies produced loacally are most people, art does not require a full
Odyssey. The Sanskrit pieces unrealistic definition. Art is just experience, by experience
Mahabharata and Ramayana are also we mean the “actual doing of nothing” (Dudely
. Paul Cézanne, a French painter, painted
staples in the field., 1960) When one says that he has
a scene from reality entitled Well and Grinding
Age is not a factor in determining Wheel in the Foreat of the Chateau Noir. The experience of something, he often means that
art. An"... art is not good because it is old, said scene is inspired by a real scene in a forest he knows what that something is about. (Dudely
but old because it is good" (Dudley et al., around the Chateau Noir area near Aix in 1960 affirmed that “all art depends on
1960). Im the Philippines, the works of Cézanne's native Provence. experience, and if one is to know art, he must
Jose Rizal and Francisco Balagtas are not know it not as fact or information but as
One important characteristics of art is experience.”
being read because they are old. Work of
that is not nature. Art is made by man, whereas
other Filipinos who have long died would
nature is given around us.
have been required on junior high school.
Florante at Laura never fails to teach
highschool students the beauty of love,
one that is universal and pure. Ibong This distinction assumes that all of us
Adarna, another Filipino masterpiece, has see nature. One can only imagine the story of
always captured the imagination of the the five blind men who one day argue against
young with its timeless lessons . each other on what elephant looks like. Art is
like each of these men's view of the elephant. It
A great piece of work will never be is based on an individual subjective experience
obsulete. In John Stuart Mill's of nature.
Utilitarianism (1879), enjoyment in the arts
belimgs to a higher good, one that lies at
the opposite and of base pleasures.
What is Art
Arts in Medieval Latin came to
mean something different. It meant "any
special form of book-learning, such as
grammar or logic, magic or astrology"
(Collingwood, 1938). Early Renaissance
artists saw the activities merely as
craftsmanship. It was during the
seventeenth century when the problem
and idea of aesthetics, the atudy of
beauty, began to unfold distinctly from

LESSON 1 Art is something that is perennially

the notion of technical workmanship,
which was the original conception of the
around us. Despite the seemingly overflowing word "art".

instances of arts around people, one still finds
the need to see more and experiences more "The humanities constitute one of
whether consciously and unconsciously. the oldest and most important means of
expression developed by man" (Dudely et

The idea of a Medieval Cathedral is al., 1960). Human history has witnessed
limited to the locally available ones, finds how man evolved, from crave painters to
enormous joy in seeing other prototypes in men of a acquisite paintbrush users of

Europe. Plato had the sharpest foresight when the present. The Galloping Wild Boar
he discussed in the Symposium that beauty, found in the cave of Altamira, Spain is
the object of any love, truly progresses. one such example. In 1879, a Spaniard

ASSUMPTION The word "art" comes from the ancient and his daughter mere exploring a cave
Latin, ars which means a craft or specialized when they saw pictures of a wild boar,
form of skill, like carpentry or something or hind and bison. Prehistoric men, with
surgery". (Collingwood, 1936) their crude instruments, already
showcased and manifested earliest
attempts at recording man's innermost
interests, preoccupations, and thoughts.