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March 20, 2019

Dear Employer:

I am pleased to write this letter in support of Emily Shumway’s application for employment with your
agency. Emily was a student in an upper division Child Development class I teach at BYU-Idaho and I also
had the opportunity to supervise her as she completed a school-age practicum experience where she worked
with a team of 3 others to prepare and deliver high quality activities to children from K-4th grade. Based on
her outstanding performance in the practicum, I selected Emily to serve as a Site Coordinator in the school-age
practicum in the subsequent semester. It is in these contexts that I can speak to Emily’s preparation and
qualifications for success at your program.

Emily is a committed student and hard worker. In the upper division class I taught she consistently asked
thoughtful questions and made insightful comments and contributions to class discussion. Emily was very
punctual and timely in coming to class and completing assignments. She was a responsible, self-directed
student and she performed well in a wide range of tasks with minimal need for supervision.

In the school-age practicum, I had opportunity to observe and interact with Emily in an actual work setting.
She had a very positive, friendly style in working with children and adults. She was very organized and detail
oriented in her activity planning and delivery and in her debriefing with peers. Emily was proactive in reaching
out to parents of the children enrolled in the program, and other staff, to provide positive feedback and to
resolve issues of concern.

As the Site Coordinator in the school-age practicum Emily demonstrated positive leadership skills in the form
of confident voice, body language, and composure as well as in her creative ideas and her willingness to work
alongside staff members. Emily is an excellent team player. She was very respectful of and receptive to staff
and parent input and willing to share the credit for success with others. She was always aware of daily program
plans and was actively involved in ensuring that things went well. She also demonstrated the ability to provide
helpful, constructive feedback to peers as she carefully read and graded written activity plans and assessed
other aspects of staff performance. As noted above Emily is a hard worker and very self-directed. During her
work as Site Coordinator she often came in early and stayed late to initiate and complete several administrative
tasks and projects that made the program run more smoothly.

In sum, Emily is a confident, enthusiastic, self-directed individual. Her strong work ethic, together with her
leadership ability, pleasant personality, and attention to detail make her an ideal candidate for employment in
your agency. I give Emily my highest recommend for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me if you
have any questions or would like further information.


Tom Rane, PhD.

Child Development Program Coordinator
Department of Home and Family
Rexburg, ID 83460-0665

Tom Rane, Ph.D. Faculty member | Phone: (208) 496-4021 |