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helpful in starting to plan your
Poke trip. Have fun, be safe, put on Oahu
This dish is raw fish cut into bite-sized sunscreen, and remember to
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stay hydrated!
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variety of fish such as salmon or tuna. It is set plan on where to travel in
usually served with a side of rice or salad
Disclaimer this big island may bring more
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backgrounds were taken
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sure the greatest freshness!
by myself or family lowing is a guide that will help
BBQ Plates members. The people in
the photos gave their you make the most of your trip.
These barbeque plates are usually served consent to the use of
with rice and macaroni salad along with photos in this brochure.
your choice of meat, such as BBQ chicken, Photos may not be Katherine Romero
BBQ beef, chicken katsu, fried fish, and copied or spread
more! anywhere else without EDT 180A
formal consent.
Publisher Assignment
Places to Travel Manoa
Aloha Stadium
Falls This is great place to go around the
swap meet during the day, or go see
This 1.6 mile hike is a
concerts by night. The swap
Dole Plantation great way to get more in
meet or the flea mar-
touch with nature and
ket is open Sunday
appreciate how beautiful
There is such a 6:30am-3pm,
the scenery is. The hike takes about 1 hour
great variety of Wednesday and Sat-
to two hours to com-
fruits and plants urday 8am-3pm.
plete. You can see so
that you can see The flea market cir-
many plants and big,
here. You can cles around the whole stadium.
crazy trees that have
take pictures in a It is best to go in the morning to avoid
not been disturbed. The
huge pineapple the heat and humidity. You can buy
hike consists of stairs
with your friends. You can take a souvenirs and lots
and mud that lead up to
train tour around the whole planta- of neat island
the waterfall. On your way, you can see
tion and learn the history of the things at cheap
some chickens freely
pineapple and how it grew into such prices. You can
roaming around. Once
a big business all over the world. also get tempo-
you get to the top, you
You can try to beat rary tattoos that
can appreciate the
the record time to create the island feel. At night, the sta-
beautiful view and take
complete the maze, or dium turns into a
many pictures. Parking
relax and take a walk party scene for con-
costs $5. Bring water
around their beauti- cert-goers. Popular
and stay hydrated. Dogs are allowed, but
ful gardens. You also artists like Snoop
please remember to clean up after them.
can try their famous pineapple ice Dogg or Cardi B have
Remember to also clean up after your-
cream that is refreshing and sweet! performed at this sta-
selves so as not to harm the hidden wildlife