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Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 5

Grammar Vocabulary
Question forms Technology verbs

1 Put the words in the correct order. 4 Choose the correct option.
read / which / do / blogs / you ? host a blog / people’s photos
Which blogs do you read? 1 launch an email / a website
1 out / go / who / night / last / they / did / with ? 2 network with friends / comments on your
_______________________________________ posts
2 device / this / what / for / is ? 3 edit an online article / your phone
_______________________________________ 4 upload your computer / a video to the internet
3 with / you / being / you / friends, / don’t / enjoy / 5 register with friends’ videos / a networking
your ? site
_______________________________________ 6 bookmark emails on your phone / a favourite
4 at / film / what / the / of / end / happened / the ? website
5 send / I / you / didn’t / did / an email, / I ? Manners nouns
5 Complete the words with the endings.
2 Choose the correct option.
-ess -ette -tion
He isn’t very polite, is he / isn’t he?
1 What is the article of / about? I bought you this present to show my
2 What did start / started the argument last appreciation for all the help you’ve given me.
night? 1 When you are in face-to-face social situations,
3 Who she did / did she visit at the hospital this it’s a good idea to follow the rules of etiqu____.
morning? 2 Most people need social interac____ with others
4 Abigail was / wasn’t a member of your sports to be happy.
club, wasn’t she? 3 Manners and politen____ are things that most
5 Which of these roads goes / does go to town? people are taught when they are very young.
4 Do you believe that people showed more
Verbs with -ing and to considera____ for others in the past?
5 Netiqu____ regulates what is acceptable when
3 Are the sentences true or false? Write T or F. you are using the internet to communicate with
‘We remember leaving a comment on her blog’ others.
means we remember something we did in the 6 I have tried to like William, but I really can’t stand
past. T his ruden____ when he’s around my friends.
1 ‘I regret not going to university after I left school’
means I’m sorry that I didn’t do something in the Functional language
past. __
2 ‘Jack stopped to buy some milk on his way 6 Underline the words and phrases that we can
home’ means Jack doesn’t do an action use when we need time to think. There are some
sentences you do not need to underline.
anymore. __
3 ‘I remembered to thank Rachel for the lovely Well, I’m thinking about hosting a blog.
meal’ means I remembered that I had to do 1 There could be a cake at the party.
something and I did it. __ 2 There are bound to be lots of people there.
4 ‘I tried not putting sugar in my tea and it was 3 And, you know, we could offer to plant trees.
fine, I didn’t miss it’ means you did an 4 It’s unlikely that people will read my article.
experiment to see if something would work. __ 5 That’s, like, the best video I’ve ever seen online.
5 ‘The teacher talked about manners and then 6 What about asking Kian to edit your story?
went on to talk about netiquette’ means the 7 I mean, it’s rude for people not to say ‘please’
teacher didn’t continue with an action. __ and ‘thank you’.