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PLN = THE FAST AND FUN WAY The activity kit that makes learning a language quick and easy! eu a ane Fun Puzzles « Helpful Vocabulary Cards * Quick Quizzes Funny, Full-Color IMustrations * Marvelous Maps daa tills eed by Carol and Nobuo Akiyama CONTENTS Japanese Are Similar. PEOPLE........ ‘ 1 Starting a Conversation 6 ARRIVAL B 2 Atthe Hote! 18 oe THE SIGHTS .... a ing Your Way on Foot ..... 2 ‘ Public Transportation. 8 5 Time and Numbers. 46 6 Trains ....... 56 7 Countries and Languages ao 8 Cars/Road Signs ma 9 Camping . : 86 10 Weather, Seasons, Months and Days 93 LU Plane Trips/Sightsccing 101 ENTERTAINMENT . 4109 12 Thester/Movies'Holidays . 109 13 Sports . “7 ORDERING FOOD 2 14 Meals/Food .. i 15 Restaurants Tippin 130 HOW'RE YOU DOING? . AT THE STORE .. 16 Clothing Stores/Sizes/Basic Colors . 17 Food Stores/Weights and Measures . 18 Drugstores/Pharmacies . 19 Laundry/Dry Cleaning . 20 The Beauty Shop/The Hairdresset? ‘The Barber Shop .... 21 Newsstand/Stationery Store 22 The Jeweler/The Watchmaker ‘23 Gift Shop/Record Store/Audo Equipment Store/Photography Shop - 24 Repair Services: The Shoemaker! The Optician ..... ESSENTIAL SERVICES BEFORE YOU LEAVE .. ‘THE JAPANESE WRITING SYSTEM ... sees ee VOCABULARY CARDS 4 I 139° 150 156 TOt 160 175, 179 © Copyright 1999 by Barron's Educational Series, Ine. Previous edision © Copyright 1990 by Barron's idee she ie All rights N hs book may be reproduced in any form: by pooiosat, mitt, hr any ‘other means, or incorporated inte any Information retrieval system, electronic or mechanical, the written permission of the copyright owner. il nairies sh itis addressed to: nal Series, Inc. International Standard Book No. 0-764 1-0623-6 Library of Congress Catalog Card No, 98-73386 Cover and Book Deslgn Milton Glaser, Inc. © Copyri National Tourist tion. Used wit ission. PRINTED IN CHINA 987 (From Tourist Map of Tokyo, Japan National Tourist Organization. Reprinted with permission.) Studying Japanese will reward you with skills and insights you can use for many years to come. Whether your interest in Japan is business, pleasure, or both, you're about to enter a unique and exciting culture. Japan has a large population, estimated at close to 130 million at the turn of the century. The land area is about 144,000 square miles, or 372,000 square kilometers. That's about one twenty-fifth the size of the United States. Japan's four main islands and roughly 3,000 smaller ones run in a general northeast- to-southwest direction. The length is about