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Released: April 2018

Dear Candidate,


Thank you for your interest in working for the Ministry of Education. We look forward to
welcoming you at your Selection Day. Please see below the selection process.

The selection process has TWO stages on the day. Please bring with you a lesson plan
relevant to the subject for which you are applying.

STAGE ONE – Subject specific skills test

All candidates will have a subject specific skills test comprising of multiple choice questions.
Some candidates may be asked to complete a written assessment.

These assessments will be marked on completion, and only those who pass the
assessment will continue to stage two. Decisions are final, and candidates will only
have one attempt at the assessment.

Please be prepared to either continue to interview on the same day – or exit the
process at this stage depending on your result.

Candidates who do not continue to stage two are welcome to re-apply after six

STAGE TWO – Interview and micro-teaching

Those who pass stage one will have an interview with a panel of subject specialists which
will consist of questions and answers as well a short micro-teaching element. You will need
your lesson plan at this stage.

Outcomes of the assessment and interview WILL NOT be provided to the candidates
on the day of the assessment under any circumstances.

Topics of the subject knowledge test are provided on the next page.
Maths English
• Algebra 1 and 2 • English Language Teaching Techniques
• Geometry • English language knowledge
• Statistics • Grammar
• Pre-Calculus • Phonetic Symbols
• Calculus

Chemistry Physics
• Bonding and intermolecular forces • Kinematics
• Periodic table • Thermodynamics
• Physical and chemical properties of • Newton’s Laws of Motion
matter • Gravitation and circular motion
• Solutions and gases • Work, energy and power
• Organic chemistry • Magnetism and electromagnetism
• Thermodynamics • Simple harmonic motion, waves, and
• Chemical equilibrium sound
• Modern Physics
Biology Computer Science / Design Technology
• Cell biology • Programming (C# / Python)
• Organism development • Cloud Computing
• Genetics and heredity • Representation of data
• Physiology • Computing hardware
• Interdependence • Computer networking
• HTML and CSS
• Ecology
• Bioenergetics
• Homeostasis and response
Creative Design and Innovation PE / Lead Trainer
• Microcontrollers • Anatomy and physiology
• Materials • Health, fitness and well-being
• Electronics • Principles of training
• Design Sketching • Sedentary lifestyles
• STEAM based questions • Diet and nutrition
• Performance analysis
Health Sciences Business Studies
• Psychology • Marketing
• Human Anatomy and Physiology • Financial information and decisions
• Diet and Nutrition • Project Management
• Health and Social Care • People in business
• First Aid • Logics and supply chain
• Health Promotion • Facilities management
• Dealing with Accidents and Emergencies
• Disease Prevention
Early Years Primary
• Language Teaching Techniques • Grammar
• Teaching and supporting diverse children • Phonics
• Creating a developmentally appropriate • Basic Literacy
learning environment • Basic Numeracy
• Teaching and learning • General Science
• Professionalism, family and community
• Grammar