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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Misamis Oriental

Municipality of TAGOLOAN
Baluarte, Tagoloan Misamis Oriental
Member: Association of Local Colleges & Universities (ALCU)



1. This training commits Shahoney Kate A. Deligero of Tagoloan Community College, for On-The-Job-
Training at National Commission of Indigenous People (NCIP) for the purpose of gaining knowledge and
experience in relation to their field of specialization and that it helps in providing the trainee with the
opportunities for training in essential skills of occupation/vocation.
2. The course of On-The-Job-Training (OJT) shall run three hundred sixty (360) hours within the semester.
3. The training hours shall be from 8:00-12:00 noon and 1:00-5:00 pm or depending on their availability.
4. The students agree to perform diligently the assigned task given by the supervisor. He/she shall commit
to the improvement of his/her chosen occupation as desirable employee after training.
5. The students on training shall not displace a regular worker nor substitute for a worker.
6. That the company may terminate at anytime the training of the particular student whose contained
training or presence within the premises shall tend to be prejudicial to the interest of the latter or to any
valid course, but termination can only be done after the joint investigation or evaluation by
representatives of Tagoloan Community College and the cooperating office.
7. That the student undergoing training with the firm shall hold harmless and free the cooperating
office/firm, its officers, employees and agent from any liability or course of action, be it civil, criminal,
administrative for whatever illness, injury or claim that he/she may suffer or sustain as a result of, or
consequence of his training, within the office premises, while going to and from the training stations on
board company vessels or service vehicles. For the protection of the trainee, however, the school has
insured the students under a group insurance policy to untoward incident while within the training
8. The office shall provide the trainee with the necessary protective devices/clothing in hazardous working
9. The office and training center shall oblige the student-trainee to accomplish their logbook of daily
performance to monitor their progress and the logbook shall form part of their requirements for
10. The TCC Department Head shall be responsible for the personal conduct of the students and shall see to
it that the students:
a. Attends the On-The-Job-Training (OJT) and other related activities regularly and punctually
b. Follows strictly the cooperating firms rules and regulations
c. Refrains from participating directly and indirectly in labor activities and labor problems
11. The students immediate supervisor will evaluate the students performance from which the school will

Shahoney Kate A. Deligero Mrs. Marivic A. Deligero

Student Parent/ Guardian

_________________ November 12, 2018

Name of Supervisor Date of On-The-Job-Training (OJT)

Conformed by: Noted by :

Cheryl Ann Marie A. Matela,Dm Frederick W. Gomez

College of Arts & Sciences- Dept. Head Vice- President Academic Affair