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Survey Questions:

1. My monthly budget consists exactly how I spend my money and live within my means.
2. The emergency rainy day fund that I have will support me for at least (6) six months.
3. All my investments and income stream work together to help me reach my financial goals.
4. I could handle a major unexpected expense when a family member dies suddenly or gets
critically ill.
5. I know what type of debt I have and settle more than the minimum to become debt free!
6. I pay myself first by contributing at least 10% of my gross income to a retirement account/fund.
7. I am ready to discover more what I need to do to make the best use of my finances.

Responses: 5- Completely, 4- Very well, 3- Somewhat, 2- Very little, 1- Not at all

Your Financial Well-Being Score

Financial star (29-35). Pat yourself on the back as you are ahead of the game when it comes to finances.
You have the right money habits. You should consider helping others with your skills in personal finance!

Gym rat (21-28). You have a financially healthy lifestyle in place and are seeing results from your hard
work. Good job! Remember, it’s easy to fall into a rut at this stage of your financial routine, so be sure to
re-evaluate yourself and see what changes you can make to propel your financial health to the next

Week-end warrior (14-20). You have some financial basics but do not have a regular routine that leads
you to good financial health. With more dedication and focus on incorporating healthy financial habits
(yes, we are talking about a plan to pay off your debts, saving first before spending, investing to make
money grow, protecting your assets and wealth), you are in full gear to financial success.

Wishful thinker (8-13). When it comes to saving money, you could do better. It will take some time and
effort but with commitment and the right mindset, you will be amazed by how quickly you can get on
track. List down your top three financial goals and action points to make dreams come true. Set a
money goal for each financial goal that you have.

Fitness newbie (7 and below). You are just getting started, so you got some work to do. Go with the
basics to help your journey towards financial health. Have a goal to set aside money for your savings and
evaluate your needs versus your wants. Needs should come first and delayed gratification means that
you have to learn to let go of what you do not need until you have the right financial habits to go for
your financial goals.