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Alok ku behera
Mob: 09938112755
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Seeking a position to utilize my managerial skills, creativity, leadership qualities and

abilities in any organisation that offers professional growth while being resourceful,
innovative and flexible and where I can get ample scope to learn and add value to myself.

 An enthusiastic learner and a team player with
ability to work under strict deadlines.
RETAIL management
 I genuinely bank upon my strengths, i.e. Logical
from ASBM .2007. Reasoning and ability to deal with people diplomatically and
analysing & optimising the usage of available resources.
+3 from UTAKAL
UNIVERSITY,BBSR ,2004.  Decisive, action and result oriented professional,
offering my talents in Retail Management. Meeting deadlines
10th from PORT
and achieving desired results have been core objective in life.
TRUST High School, ,
PARADIP, 1998.  Excellent communication, presentation and problem
solving skills.
Operating system:
 I value and nurture the culture of the organisation I
work with and believe in its visions and missions and strive
Windows 98/7/8 & XP to achieve

 Now working as a store manager in MOTOCULT( MULTI

LANGUAGES KNOWN STORE) at pal heights for last YEAR.

English, Hindi, Oriya &  Previously working was a store manager in CRIMSOUNE
Bangla. CLUB men’s wear from OCT.2013 to march 2018 at
BHABANI MALL, Bhubaneswar.

 6.5years experience in retail operations in Pantaloons

Fashion & Retail Ltd.( Aditya Birla Group from 1st
I have worked in Men’s Casual, Formal, Party wear as TEAM LEADER & I had been working as a TEAM
LEADER in Pantaloons-Bhubaneswar, looking entirely The Men’s Apparels Department was the one of
most important department of Pantaloons ..

My KRA includes tracking and analysing my department’s sale and conversion, planning
for ticket size growth of customers, manpower management, maintaining and upgrading
the look and feel of my department, keeping my staffs motivated, keeping them bonded as
a team and simultaneously extract work from them in order to achieve targets, stock
management, shrinkage control, maintaining proper rapport with customers in order to
maintain old ones and generate new loyal customers, maintaining rapport with categories
in order for timely replenishment of stocks and providing them with timely feedback
regarding customer feedback and demands. In short, I am answerable for each and every
details of my department.

 Addition responsibilities: Cash and Customer Service Desk

management. I consistently look into cash and cashier welfares and I am also actively involved in
Customer Service, i.e., I am very good at handling customers of every creed and type.


 Awarded from CRIMOSOUNE CLUB for excellent

performance in achieving highest ABP (Annual business plan) target-East zone.

 Awarded from pantaloons fashion & retail limited for

excellent performance in achieving highest cluster Target all over India.

 Awarded with “The Best Team in India” award in Men’s

Casual & party wear Section during a pan India Sale promotional competition carried out by
Pantaloons during New Year Festivals’11.

 Awarded with the “Employee of the Month” award among

all Staff in the store during monthly meeting NOV’12.

 Awarded with the “SUPER CASHIER” award among all

Staff in the store during yearly meeting financial year 2012-13.

 Awarded with “SPECIAL award in Category of Pantaloons


 Current CTC is 2.76 lacs per annum and expected CTC is 3.6 lacs per annum.
(One month provision for notice period from the date of resignation).


 Watching movies, colour art, making new friends & exploring knowledge.


Address : At-Raghunathpur,Po-Raghunathpur,
Name : Sashikant Ray.
Father’s Name : Rabindra Kumar Ray.
Date of Birth : 06, may, 1982.
Sex : Male.
Marital Status : Married.
Religion : Hinduism
Nationality : INDIAN.
Pin : 754132


“Believing in self is half the work done… but the rest depends entirely on your dedication and commitment.”


I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Bhubaneswar (Sashikant Ray)