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Do all bees sting?

Only female bees can sting. A bee's sting is like a sharp
thorn at the end of its abdomen. If the thorn is left in
your flesh, the bee cannot sting again.

w>tue.tod;’D;td.zJt[XzXvD>cHwwDRM.vDRI w>ue.
D ;J eRwohvXRb.I

♦ Did you know bees have five

eyes? There are 3 small eyes
on the top of a bee's head and
2 larger ones in front.
• rh>'D;trJmcs,H >J zsX.'D;
H ;H 'D;rJmcst
H 'd.cHzsX.wcDt.d

Where do pandas live?

In isolated parts of China, high up in the mountains. They
are very rare, and live alone in areas of bamboo forest. A
Panda's diet is 99% bamboo.

wRolurDG mJ (Panda)) td.0Jzv

J .J I
vJRwwkRnDnb D .tvD>wz.M.vDRI t0Jo.h wz.M.w>w
xH.M>tDRegpdRb.I td.vDRvDRqDqv D X0.yS>usgw>vD>wz.
M.vDRI 0. 99 rs;u,RM.rh>t0Jo.h tw>tD.vDRI

♦ Did you know that a

newborn giant panda is
only the size of a bar of
•{gIAwRolurDG mJ z;;d q;yF.

Is the white rhino really white?

No-it is the same colour as the black rhino! It has a wide
upper lip and grazes like a cow. The black rhino's lip is
pointed for plucking twigs and leaves.

wR’d.0gwz.w0gteD>uD>b.I tvGJ>’fod;od;’D;wR’d.tol
M.vDRI t0Jo.h td.’D;ted;zH;tzDc.d vXtvJ>’D;tD.eD.’fo;d ’D;
*DRzH;wz.M.vDRI ted;pl0v
J XuxJ;tD.oh.v.wz.t*D>M.

♦ Did you know that a rhinoceros's horn is

made of hair?
• wR'd.wz.teXRM.w>rRtDRvXw>{gI

How can cats see in the dark?

No animal can see in total darkness, but when the light is
poor, cats can enlarge (dilate) the pupils of their eyes.
This means that more light is admitted to the eye. Owls
use this technique as well.

vXrk>eRtqXuwD>o.rH,RD xH.w>oh'v f .J I
zJr>k eRw>cH;oltqXuwD>M.q.zdu>D zdx.H w>wohb.I b.
q.zJw>uyDRcH;vDRtcgo.rH,RD wz.rR’d.xD.vJ>xD.trJm
ySRzdo0h MJ .vDRI vXw>M.tCdt0Jo.h trJmcsx H .H w>uyDRtg
0JvRD I ‘dutdp>h uD;ol0u
J sJ’o
f ;d tHRvDRI

♦ Did you know that cat's can't taste sweets?

• o.rH,RD wz.tD.w>qXwM>

Did Unicorns ever exist?

No - the Unicorn was a mythical beast that for centuries
was believed to exist. The horse with a single horn in the
middle of its head was used on coats of arms. Even today
it is still a popular design symbol.

,le.H cDuoh.rh>td.teD>uD>{gI
,leH.cDuoh.M.wtd.teD>uD>b.< rh>'.ySRvXysXRwz.t
w>pH.CJRwcgvDRI vX,RzS.d eH.tgeH.twD>ylR’.vJmem0JvX
uoh.tHRtd.teD>uD>vDRI teXRwbdzt J cd.zDc.d tcX.o;vdR

♦Did you know many people

believe the stories of the
unicorn started when people
found the skulls of narwals?

• rh>eoh.ngvXySRunDwz.p;xD.em0J,leH.
cDwz.t*h>p;xD.zJtxH.M>0Jn. (Narwal)

Which bird flies underwater?

On land the flightless penguin is a clumsy, funny creature.
Underwater it 'flies' with great speed and grace.

,lR0Jwohp>h uD;b.I rh>xd.vDRqDwuvkmvDRI b.q.rhr>h
vXxHusgM.yD>xHo'h t f ,lR0Jtod;’D;CHvR’d.r;vDRI

♦Did you know penguins "fly" underwater at

up to 12.5 km per hour?
♦ rhr>h vXxHusgM.xd.yJu‹G ,Rl 0J
we.&H. 12I5 uHvrd x
H X.M.rh>eoh.

Can birds fly backwards?

Humming birds can! These tiny birds with their high-
speed wing beats can fly in any direction, even backwards.
They can also keep their bodies perfectly still in mid-air.

xd.wz.,lRuhRqltvD>cHo{h gI
xd.zsXwz.,lRqltvD>cHov h RD I xd.qH;qH;zd’t
f RH wz.M.0H>
0>t’H;vXto[D.ql.ql.oh0t J Cd,Rl xD.0JwuyR*hRwuyR
J RD I qltvD>cH'.vJm,lR0Jo’h ;D td.*X>vXuvHRusgph>
uD;oh0MJ .vDRI

♦ Did you know that hummingbirds are the smallest birds? It is

less then 6.3cm long and weight under 2.5g. and is so tiny
that one of their enemies is an insect.

• xd.zsXrh>xd.tqH;uwX>wuvkm'D;txDt.d 0J
bh.M.vDRI t0Jo.h t'k.t'gwz.M.rh>
w>zdvRH zdC>'D;pd;bH.wz.vDRM.rh>eoh.

Which bird can smell with its beak?

The Kiwi from New Zealand has nostrils at the tip of its
beak. It sniffs out insects and worms and then pecks
them out of the earth with its long beak.

xd.uH0mH wuvkmzJu>D e,lpv
H .J M.tedmxd;egtd.’D;teg’hyRl
tCdeX0Jw>zdvRH zdC>oh.wz.vXtedmvDRI 0HRpd;tD.zs;tD.

♦ Did you know kiwi birds are blind and they

hunt by smell?
• xd.uH0mH rh>xd.vXtrJmcsw
H xH.w>b.I
Ckt.D tq.vXtw>{gI

Which bird goes to prison?

The female hornbill is sealed into her nest in a hollow
made by the male. He does this to protect both her and
the eggs from dangers such as monkeys.
xd.ud;zgrRw>tHR'fo;d u’Do’Xxd.ud;rd>Ckm'D;t’H.vXuylR

♦ Did you know that hornbills will eat almost anything? Insects
are very important but also berries, seeds and some buds,
plus snails, mice, nestling birds, lizards and tree frogs.
• xd.ud;M.tD.0Jw>tD.tguvkmM.vDRI
w>zdvRH zdC>wz.M.rh>w>tcD.xH;wrHR
tg< w>rk>w>bdwz.< cs.d < ,k>< xd.zdz;
xD.oD< 'Dv.h 'D;'h.vXtxD.oh.cHwz.
ph>uD;tD.0JvRD M.eoh.ngeJwbsb D s{D gI

Which bird catches fish for people to eat?

In the East, fishermen use the cormorant to dive underwater
to catch fish for them. A metal ring around the bird's
neck stops it from swallowing the fish.

ySRrRn.zdvXrk>xD.wcDrXxd.vJRol,Rl zD.M>n.vXxHvmvX
t0Jo.h t*D>vDRI n.vXzD.M>0Jo.h wz.’fo;d xd.vJRol,>l Ekm
vDRokwM>t*D>pXCm0JpX>x;ysHRvXxd.tudmbdvRd M.vDRI
♦Did you know that people use many animals to catch other
animals. Ferrets are still widely used in Britain, Europe and
Australia to hunt rabbits?
• eoh.ngwbsb D s{D gvXtg'.w>wuh>ySRunDwz.rXq.zdu>D zdvX
uzD.M>q.zdu>D zdvXt0Jo.h t*D>vDRI uD>tJuvH;< ,lR&yR'D;
tD;p-whv,.wz.rX,k>chys>d wz.vXuzD.M>y'Jt*D>M.ol0w J Rk
qXuwD>cJtRH '.vJmM.vDRI

How long would it take to boil an ostrich egg?

To soft boil a hen's egg for breakfast would take four
minutes. An ostrich's egg is about the size of a coconut
and would take at least 40 minutes to boil.

qD’.H vX*DRw>tD.t*D>yucs,
D mH 0J 4 rH;eH;vDRI xd.uDRvRtl;
pSRuwX>rH;eH; 40 M.vDRI

♦Did you know that the biggest bird in the world is the ostrich,
and its can grow up to 3 meter tall and weight up to157 kg?

0J 3 rHxX.'D;tw,X>td.0J 157
uHv}d uJ>vDRI

How can owls hunt in the dark?

The owl listens for the sounds of shrews or mice. It
swivels its head until the sound is equally loud in both
ears. The owl can then pinpoint exactly where the sound
is coming from.

'dutdwz.Ckt.D tq.vXw>cH;usgoh'v f .J ³³³

‘dutd‘ud e.0J,>k wz.tuvk>toD.vDRI ‘D;e>[lw>toD.
qX.ylmtod;vDRI 0HRtvD>cH’u
d tdCo
k .h ngw>uvk>toD.[J

♦ Did you know that owls have

eyeballs that are tubular in
shape? Because of this,
they cannot move their eyes?

• 'dutdtrJmo.cst H uh>t*DR'fo;d usb

d t
d Cd
t0Jo.h C.w&H;trJmcswH M>
eJwbsbD s{D gI

Which bird has the widest wingspan?

Some species of the albatross can have a 3 meter wingspan-
the widest of any bird. The albatross is a sea bird which
rides on the air currents, rarely flapping its long, narrow

xd.rEkRwuvkmvXtd.'D;t'H;vXtxDM.vJ.³› bs.D vXtrh>tJ.b.x&D;(pf)xd.z;’d.wuvkm
t’H;xD0J 3 rHxX.‘D;xd.tusgrh>xd.vXt’H;xDuwX>vDRI
2 bsDvDRI t0Joh.,lR0JwbsDbsDtrHRvmvXtuvD>t

♦ Did you know that the Albatross lands only once every couple
of years to breed and can travel hundreds of thousands of
miles each flight?
•› bs.D wz.M.pH.vDRvX[
H sv
eoh.ngeJp>h {gI t0Jo.h ,lR0Jwbsb
D st
D rHRvmvXtuvD>tuuG>J

Why do parrots talk?

In the wild, parrots are sociable birds and call to each
other with clicks, squeaks and screams. When they are
kept in captivity they sometimes seem to speak like
humans. However, the parrots are not really speaking.
They are just copying human voices.

q.zdu>D zdtrHRvXttd.vXyS>ylRwz.tusgxd.uH.rh>xd.w
uvkmvXtol.zSo H ;nD’;D twHRoud;wz.M.vDRI t0Jo.h w
z.tuvk>oD.uJ;³³uJ;< uF;H II uF;H 0HRud;yolx.D vXw>zk;oHys>D
*DRtylR’D;qX*hRqX0gvdmto;M.vDRI yrh>zD.tDR‘D;’k;wH>Cm
tDR< bk.tDRoXysXRM.wbsw D cD.t0Jtuvk>oD.’fyRS unDw
z.uwdRw>tod;vDRI b.q.’D;xd.uH.wz.M.uwdRw>
wohe>D eD>b.I t0Jo.h wz.rR’d;0JyRS unDtuvk>oD.’D;ud;
♦Did you know that the only two animals
that can see behind itself without turning
it’s head are the rabbit and the parrot?

• q.zdu>D zdxcJ u
H vkmvXtrh>y'J';D xd.uH.wz.
wvd.C.w&H;tcd.'D;xH.w>vXtvD>cHob h .{gI

How do penguins keep their eggs warm?

King penguins live near the cold South Pole. The females
each lay one egg on the ice in midwinter. The male penguin
tucks the egg between his feet and his bulging stomach
to keep it warm, until it hatches about two months later.

xd.yJu‹>ck.tvD>zJuvHRpd;M.vDRI zJw>*d>t
uwD>w0mM.xd.yJu‹G r>d wbh.b.wbh.’H.vDRt’H.wz.zJ
xHc.k ud>vd.wz.trJmzH;cd.vDRI yJu‹GtzgM.’fo;d t’H.wz.
uvXRxD.t*D>ym0Jzt J cD.’D;t[XzXuzdvzd ;’d.tuql;M.
vDRI cHvgtwD>ylRw>’H.wz.rh>wz;xD.M.t0JrRvXR‘.wkR

♦ Did you know penguins can jump as high as 2 meter

in the air?
• eoh.ngxd.yJu‹Gwz.pH.0JvXuvHRusgM>wkR

How do bats locate their food?

Bats have weak eyes, so they use their ears to locate
flying insects. They send out high-pitched noises and
listen for the echoes. They can tell if the echo comes
from an insect, and work out exactly where it is.

bsgwz.CktD.tq.'fvJ.³’D;rJmcsHvXt*H>p>M.vDRI vXw>M.tCdt0J
oh.wz.ym*H>ymbgte>’fo;d uoh.ng0Jtw>tD.vXtrh>w>
zdC>vXt,>M.vDRI t0Jo.h rRoD.tuvk>
vXtpG0H RH 'due.uhR0Jtw>oD.}oDM.vDRI bsgwz.oh.ng0J

♦Did you know that during World

War II, Americans tried to
train bats to drop bombs?

• zJ w >'k ; z;'d . cH b sD w bsD t cgyS R trJ & uR

zd w z.od . vd b sgvXw>uG H m vD R rh . yd >

Which bird sleeps in the air?

The swift sleeps, feeds and even mates in the air. It is
perfectly built for flying. Its long, swept-back wings
help it to fly fast and high in the sky, where it hunts for
insects. But its legs and feet are weak. It is hard for
swifts to hop or walk. Some swifts spend almost all their
lives flying.

pGH;(swift)) vXtrh>›.bsD.wuvkmM.rH0’J ;D tD.tq.vX
uvHRusgwkR’.vJmvlRrd>vlRzgvXuvHRusgM.vDRI MqX.’k;
tDR’fo;d ,lR0JuM>csc› s’› ;D uxD.qlw>z;zD,RH ,HRuM>t*D>vDRI
t0Joh.CktD.w>zdC>wz.vXuvHRusgM.vDRI b.q.t
cD.’D;tcD.v.t*H>tbgp>0JvRD I t0JupH.0Jrw h rh>u[;vX
[ t*D>rh>w>uDw>cJvXt*D>vDRI xd.pGH; weDRvXt

♦Did you know the fastest bird in the world is the Spine-tailed
swift and can fly to 136.6 Kilometers per hour?
• pzhvfxhvfqGH; (spine- tailed swift) M.rh>xd.vX,lRtcs›uwX>wu
vkm'D;,lR0JM>wkRwe.&H. 136I6
uHvrd x
H X.M.rh>eoh.ngeJp>h uD;

Can fish fly?

Not really, but the flying fish have large pectoral fins,
which act as wings. Their tails propel them out of the
water to glide at speeds of 65 km/h.

wrh>t,lRoyS>uwX>b.< b.q.n.,’D;to;egyS>
t’H;z;vJ>’D;w>t'H;0JM.rRw>’fx.d ’H;qhtod;M.vDRI trJ>ud
M.qD.ozSx d .D tDRqlxtH rJmzH;cd.'D;uXRuvHR'D;bs.d 0JtcsM› >
we.&H. 65 uHvrd x H X.vDRI

♦Did you know flying frogs live in trees and have extra webbing
between their toes which allows them to glide away from
• 'h., zJt0Jo.h tcD.u
zs;J tDRvXt'k.t'gtpkyRl 'fo;d bs.d to;u

Do all fish lay eggs?

No. Several species, such as the sailfin molly, keep their
eggs inside until they hatch. Then they give birth to as
many as 200 live young.

n.ud;bh.'J;'H.vDRupD'{D gI
n.ud;bh.’J;w’H.vDR0Jb.I phvzf eh rf .D vH.n. wuvkmym
t’H.vXt[XzXylRwkRt’H.z;xD.wpkM.vDRI vXcHt0Jzv HS RD

♦Did you that a father sea catfish keeps

the eggs of his young in his mouth until
they are ready to hatch?

• yD.vJ.n.ud.tzgM.ymCmt'H.vX

Which fish swims the fastest?

Sailfish are the fastest swimmers, reaching speeds of
up to 109km/h. The fish's large dorsal fin can lie flat
against its body when it is swimming at speed to help
streamline it.

n.cJvXmtusgt0J,Rl xHtcsu › wX>’D;,lRxHM>0Jwe.&H. 109
uHvrd xH X.M.vDRI t0J,Rl xHtcgtw±kM.’gvDRubs.v.
to;’D;rRpXRtDR’fo;d ,lRxHuzS0H MJ .vDRI

♦Did you know that many fish

can change sex during the
course of their lives?

• eoh.ngn.oh.wz.M.vJvmd

How can a chameleon look in two places at

A chameleon can swivel its eyes separately. One maybe
looking forwards, and the other backwards. The eyes
can also work together to focus on the same object.

cG.H 'dwz.uG>qlw>vD>cHwRD wbsDCo D wl>uvmoh'v f .J I

cG.H ’dwz.t0Jo.h trJmcsw H zsX.pkmpkmw&H;0J’.’fo;d qX.ylmt
od;vDRvDRqDqo D 0h ’J .M.vDRI trJmcsHwzsX.uG>0J’.qltrJm
ngtzXrk>tcgtrJmcsv H Xt0JwzsX.uG>qltvD>cHo0h ’J .M.vDRI
w>vXtuG>0J’o f ;d uzsgvDRwH>vDRqJ;t*D>’d;ol0’J .trJmcsHw

♦Did you know that a chameleon's tongue is twice length of its

•{gI cG.H 'dtysR› M.xDM>'H;teD>up>txDcq

How can a giraffe kill a lion?

Although he has few enemies the giraffe can kill a lion
with the power of his long legs and heavy hooves.

uoh.xDumd wz.M.’k.’gvXurR’X.tDRtd.0J’.pSRpSRM.vDRI’D;tcD.vXt*H>ql.bgql.M.vDRI qJ;oH0J’.ch
,k>vXtcD.v.wz.vXt*H>ql.M.vDRI uoh.xDumd wz.

♦Did you know giraffes can clean their ears

with their half meter long tongue?
• uoh.xDumd wz.rRuqDt S e>vXtysR› vXtxD
H X.w0moh0v

What is the tallest land animal?

The giraffe is the tallest land animal.
When a giraffe's baby is born it falls from a height of
two meter, normally without being hurt.

uoh.xDumd zdM.zJtrd>zSv
H RD tDRtcgvDRwJmvXtrd>[XzXylR'D;ql
[ 0J 2 rHxX.b.q.wb.'db.xH;eDw

♦ Did you know that in spite of its extra long neck, a giraffe has
only the same number of
bones in its neck as a man
or a mouse? seven.
• uoh.xDumd'D;tudm
H x
d o
J ;d 'D;ySRunD';D ,k>M.

Which is the biggest animal?

The biggest animal that has ever lived is the blue whale.
It is even larger than the biggest dinosaurs were. Blue
whales can weigh as much as 150 cars! The blue whale is
so long that eight elephants could stand along its back.
The size of a blue whale's heart is that of a small car.

q.zdu>D zdvXtd.rlw>h vX[>q.
zdu>D zdvXt’d.uwX>M.vDRI ‘d.M.’H;’Je.d pDRM.vDRI n.vlR,X>tHRutd.odv.h tcd. (150)
0JuqDzgwH> (8) ‘k*RJ qXxX.&J.vDRto;M.vDRI n.vlRcd.
to;M.'d.xJo;d odv.h qH;wcd.vDRI

♦Did you know that

when blue whales are
first born,they gain as
much as 90 kg a day?

• n.vlRcd.zdvXtz;,X>
tgxD.weHR 90 uHv}d uJ>

Why can't penguins fly?

Penguins can't fly because their wings are too small to
keep their heavy bodies up in the air. But penguins are
very good swimmers and divers. They use their wings
as paddles in the water.

b.rEkRCdx.d yJu‹G ,Rl wohv.J I

uvHRusgM.,lRxD.0JwM>b.I b.q.oemuhrh>xd.wu
vkmvXtyD>xH< ,lRxHo*h Rh uwX>M.vDRI vXxHusgM.ol0t

♦ Did you know that penguins mate for life?

• xd.yJu‹Gtrd>wbh. rhwrh> tzgwbh.rh>oHvH
M.t0Jo.h wCktrd>tzgtoDvXRb.M.

How do fish breath under water?

Fish have to breathe to stay alive, just as you do. But
while you breathe oxygen from the air, fish take it from
water. As they swim, fish gulp in water and push it out
through slits called gills on their heads. Oxygen passes
from the water into the fish blood inside their grills.

n.wz.uog’fo;d yuogvDRI b.q.y’d;M>b.tD;pH.uF.›
vXuvHRusgM.vDRI n.wz.’d;M>b.tD;upH.uF.› cDzsv d Xt
0Jo.h tc.oH.M.vDRI zJx,
H RG cDzst
d c.oH.tcgtD;pH.uF.› vX
ttd.vXxHusgM.[J’b d .0J’.oG.H usRd zdwz.vXtc.oH.tHR

♦ Did you know that the world’s oldest known captive goldfish,
Tish, died peacefully at home in his tank at the age of at least
43 in 1999?
• zJ 1999 eH.M.['Dbh.oh.ng0JvXn.xl Tish vXtb.w>
bk.CmtDRvXxH'XtylRM.oHumHG 0J[.H vXw>bk.tDRtylR'D;
zJtoHtcgto;td.tpSRuwX> 43 eH.vHM.rh>{gI

What lives at the bottom of the sea?

It is very dark in the deep sea but many strange fish and
other creatures live there. The loose jaw has a huge
gaping mouth which traps food. The viperfish is a fierce
predator with long, sharp teeth. The hatchetfish has
bulging eyes which help it see clearly in the gloom. The
anglerfish attracts its prey by waving a shining lure on
its snout.

vXyD.vJ.tcH’;M.w>cH;0Jb.q.n.vDRqD’;D q.zdu>D zdt*Rtd.
0JtuvkmuvkmvDRI n.wuvkmvXw>ud;tDRvX Loosejaw’D;tudmylRz;vJ>’D;zD.tD.0Jq.zduD>zdt*Rwz.’ft
w>tD.tod;vDRI rhr>h Viper wuvkmM.rh>0Jn.vXtd.’D;trJ
z;xD wz.’D;rRoHt.D 0Jtw>tD.M.vDRI rhr>h [J;cF;J n. Hatchet’D;trJmcsv H Xtuzd’;D [Jzs;d xD.vXw>csXcHzsX.
M.vDRI rhr>h t.*v.n. Angler M.xk;M>q.zdu>D zdt*Rwz.
♦ Did you know there are no plants or light at the bottom of
the deep sea?
• vXyD.vJ.,dmtcH';M.w>rk>w>bd';D w>{gI

Which is the fastest land animal?

The world's fastest land animal is the cheetah, which
can run at speeds of up to 100 kilometers an hour.
However, it cannot run very far at this speed.

(chp.H yd.) M.vDRI tw>Ch>M.we.&H.cs0› J (100) uHvrd x
H X.
to[D.M.vDRI b.q.w>Ch>csc› s’› tf RH M.Ch>0J,RH ,HR’D;,Hm

♦ Did you know a hippo can run faster than man?

• uoh.xHM.Ch>csM› >'H;ySRydmcGgw*RM.rh>{gI

Why do zebras have stripes?

One theory is that as zebras travel together in large
groups, the stripes make them all blend together so
predators at a distance can't pick out a single animal to
uhR0J’.M.vDRI tCdzt
J 0Jo.h vJRuhRw>’fM.tcgtwdRys›w
M.vDRI vXw>M.tCdq.zduD>zdttXvXuvlRzD.tD.t0J
oh.wz.ueDRz;’D;CkxXt0Jo.h w’kzw d ’kzt
d *D>wnDb.I

♦ Did you know that no two zebras have

the same markings?
• w>twdRysw › z.vXuoh.vdRuGMD .w
'fo;d vdmto;eDw'{gI

Why does a camel have a hump?

Camels are mainly desert creatures. Their bodies are
capable of shoring fat in their humps and then using this
hump for nourishing when nothing else is available. Camels
are also able to survive long periods without water. They
obtain much of their water from desert plants and when
they finally find water, they can drink much more at once
than any other animal.

uDRvRtl;M.rh>0Jq.zdu>D zdvXrJ;rk>cd.M.vDRI teD>up>’.0J
trd>yS>t*D>ymzS.d Cm0Jw>todwz.vXtuydmylRohp>h uD;vDRI
tuydmvXw>tD.M>*H>M>bgt*D>vDRI uDRvRtl;wz.tHR
M.vDRI t0Jo.h ’d;M>b.xHtgwuh>vXrJ;rk>>rk>w>bd
wz.ttd.M.vDRI t0Jo.h rh>xH.xHoXysXRwuwD>CD’;D tD

♦ Did you know that a rat can last

longer without water than a camel?
• ,k>M.xHr>h wtd.oem
uht.d 0J'.vXw>qXu

Why do cheetahs have spots?

Cheetahs, like many other wild cats, have spots to help
hide them in the grasslands where they live. With
camouflage, a cheetah can get close enough to its prey
without being seen in order to lunge at it and hopefully
catch it.

w>rHRvmvXtrh>chr.h (cheetahs) wz.b.rEkRtCdt.d 'D;

w>rHRvmvXtrh>chr.h (cheetahs) wuvkmtHRvDR*m’D;o.rH
,DRtrHR’fq.zdu>D zdtXt*Rtod;< vXtrd>yS>tvdRt0Jo.h
td.’D;w>zsX.zdwz.vXrRpXRt0Jo.h zJttd.clo.l vXeD.oDxd
♦ Did you know that cheetahs make a chirping sound that is
much like a bird’s chirp?
• chr.h wz.rRoD.tuvk>uxg'fo;d xd.zdurJRpH.pdtod;{gI

Is a sea horse really a horse?

A sea horse is really a fish, although its head looks like a
horse's head. When threatened, sea horse can change
colour almost instantly, from gray or black to bright yellow
or purple.

yD.vJ.uoh.xHr>h uoh.teD>uD>ph>uD;{gI
eD>uD>wcDr>h ’.n.wuvkmM.vDRI w>vXurRysRH rRzk;tDRrh>
td.xD.vHM.qDwvJumHG tvG>J vXtrh>rh.tlv>k tvG>J rhwrh>
tolM.qltbD rhwrh> t*DRvk;owl>uvmoh0MJ .vDRI

♦ Did you know that the female lays her

eggs in a pouch on the male’s abdomen.
The male fertilized the eggs then
incubates them in his pouch?
• uoh.xHtrd>'H.vDRqluoh.xHtzgt[X
zXxX.(xX.zX'H.)ylRrh>{gI tzgwz.b.
wkRtuJx.D tzdwz.M.

Why does an elephant have a trunk?

The elephant’s trunk is really its nose. An elephant can
use its trunk to smell and pick up small objects. The
trunk is also useful for drinking and taking baths.

uqDtwrsRd M.teD>uD>rh>0Jteg’hvRD I uqDw’kot
l wrsRd vX
oh0J’.M.vDRI twrsdRM.uJbsK;ph>uD;vXutDxHt*D>’D;u

♦ Did you know that the elephant is the only animal with four
• q.zdu>D zdtusgw>>H cDM.rh>'.xJuqDwu{gI

Where do spiders get the silk they use to

make webs?
Spider silk comes from a liquid protein produced by glands
in spider’s abdomen. As the liquid comes out of the four
to eight spinnerets on the back of the spider, it dries
into a strong thread.

uyDRwz.w>tvkRvXtwhx.D t'XM.vJRrRM>0Jzv J .J I
vXtxk;xD.0J (Protein) w>tD.tuH>tpDwuvkmM.vDRI u’D;w>tq+.zdv>HG cgwkRCd;cg‘D;xk;xD.0Jw>t
xHvXw>oh.wz.M.ttd.vDRI wkRrh>w>txHwz.Chxv D H

♦ Did you know that spiders have noses on their feet that can
pick up the odours of possible prey, predators, or mates?
• uyDRM.teg'htd.zJtcD.v.'fod;ueX0Jw>zdC>wz.vXtrh>t
w>tD.rh>*hR< t'k.t'grh>*hR< trd>tzgrh>*hRtpdwz.t*D>M.rh>e{gI

Which spiders are poisonous?

All spiders have some form of poison they use to kill their
prey. However, most spiders are harmless to humans,
even though their bite might be painful.

uyDRcJvXmtd.’D;tpk.wpJ;zdvXuol0vJ XurRoHq.zdu>D zd
vXuzD.tD.0Jt*D>M.vDRI b.q.oemuhtgwuh>uyDRw
z.rRb.’dyRS unD’;D u[h.ySRunDw>uDw>cJ’.d ’d.rk>rk>wtd.
b.I uyDRth.b.eRtvD>M.uqgwpJ;zdvRD I b.q.vXu

♦ Did you know that the spiders most poisonous to humans are
the brown recluse, the black widow and the sydney funnel
(Brown recluse, the black widow 'D; the sydney funnel-web

How do snakes swallow their prey?

Snakes often kill prey much larger than they are. They
also swallow their prey whole rather than biting and chew-
ing. A snake’s jaws are made extremely flexible by a
special bone that works like a hinge so the mouth can be
opened wide.

*k>oh.wz.nDE>k rRoHq.zdu>D zdvX’d.M>’H;t0Jo.h vDRI vXu
’kM.vDRI *k>wbdpmk’D;tCHzv d RD qDuykmvk;vX
w>bS;d tDRM>,>cD,>cD'uf RDG tod;tCdt;d xD.0JtudmylRM>z;vJ>

♦ Did you know the honeybee kills more people world-wide than
all the poisonous snakes combined?
• vX[;J ySR'D;tpk.xD.oHM.tgM>*k>th.oHyRS M.rh>{gI

Have there ever been any real dragons?

No, the dragons you may have seen in storybooks are
magical creatures that never existed, although some
dinosaurs may look like dragons. The Komodo dragon from
Indonesia is the world’s largest lizard. The Komodo dragon
can grow to 3 meter long and weigh 136 kg.

y,dRM.wtd.teD>uD>b.I y,dRvXexH.b.vXw>CJRylyRl
wz.rh>q.zdu>D zdvXtvDRwd>vDRqDvRD I ‘JRedRpD (Dinisaurs) w
eDRuvDR*m’D;y,dRM.vDRI cdRrdR’dR (komodo) vXuD>th.’d.eH±gS
M.rh>wcl;wuvkmvXt’d.uwX>vX[ udRrdR
’dRy,dR0JtRH ’d.0JwRk vXtxD 3 rHxX.’D;CX0JwRk 136 uHvd

♦ Did you know that komodo Dragons have been recorded

taking down a 590 kg water buffalo?
• w>rReD.rRCgtd.0JwcgvXy,dRud.rd.'d>M.zD.xk;M>0Jye>xHw'k
vXtCXtd. 590 uHvd}uJ>M.rh>eoh.

What kind of bird sleeps with one eye open?

Ducks on the outer edges of a group sleep with one eye
open. Those in the center of the group confidently close
both eyes.

uyRwz.bH.trJmcsHxJwcDyR{dRM.vDRI b.q.xd.’h.vX
ttd.vXw>cX.o;wz.bH.trJmcsHccH ’D ;D rH0rJ mk rkmM.vDRI

♦ Did you know that a duck’s quack doesn’t

echo anywhere, and no one knows why?
• xd.'h.ud;>uvk>wvJR'db.vX
w>vD>eDwwDRb.'D;rh>vXrEkRtCdv.J M.ySR

What animal never gets sick?

Sharks apparently are the only animals that never get
sick. As far as is known, they are immune to every know
disease including cancer.

q.zdu>D zdvXtwql;qgeDwbsDb.M.rh>q.zdu>D zdrEkRvJ.I

n.urDwz.M.q.zdu>D zdcvJ Xmtusgrh>q.zdu>D zdvXwqgeD
wbsDb.M.vDRI w>’D;xH.tDRvXn.urDM.ylRzsJ;

♦Did you know that great White Sharks can go as long as three
months without eating?
• n.urDM.wtD.b.tq.oXvg
emouht.d rl0o
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What animal freezes its head in ice?

Certain Chinese and American alligators can survive the
winter by freezing their heads in ice, leaving their nose
out to breath for months on end.

q.zdu>D zdvXtpk.vDRtcd.vXxHc.k ud.vd.usgM.rh>rEkRvJ.I

ympXRtcd.vXrlc.d zDtusg’D;xk;xD.ympXRteg’hvXw>csXvX
uuog0Jt*D>’D;td.0J’Mf .wkRvXw>*d>cgtqXuwD>vXmwpk

♦ Did you know that an alligator cannot stick its tongue out?
• wr.wz.M.xk;xD.tysR› vXw>tcsXwM>{gI

How big are ant colonies?

The biggest ant colony was found on the Ishikari Coast of
Hokkaido: 306 million worker ants and 1 million queens
lived in 45,000 interconnected nests over an area of 2.7
square kilometers.

wX>tgtg*D>*D>M.b.w>xH.M>tDRvX[D.cJ’.d (Hokkaido) vX
ttd.vX Ishikari yD.vJ.uX>eHRM.vDRI wX>ySRrRw>zdtzsX.
306 uuG>J ’D;wX>teD>yRrk.tzsX.wuuG>J>
’X 45<000 zsX.tylR’D;td.vXw>vD>tvJ> 2I7 puG, J guHvd

♦ Did you know that ants never sleep?

• eoh.ngvXwX>wz.wrHeDwbsDb.M.{gI

Why do ants walk in a line?

When ants find food, they lay down a chemical trail, called
a pheromone, so that other ants can find their way from
the nest to the food source.

tDRvXzH.&>rd. (pheromone) vXq.zdu>D zdwz.xk;xD.0JM.
vDRI vXusJ’ftHRwX>t*>uD;CkusJvXw>tD.tvD>
u[Jpmd uhR0JvXwX>’XtvD>ohM.vDRI

♦ Did you know that worker ants may live seven years and the
queen may live as long as 15 years?
• wX>tySRrRw>;orlx0D J 7 eH.'D;wX>teD>;
orlx0D J 15{gI

How small was the smallest dog?

The smallest dog in history was a tiny Yorkie from
Blackburn, England. At two years of age and fully grown
he was only 6.3 cm tall by 9.5 cm long, the same size as in
the picture below and weighed only 4 ounces.

tusgM.vDRI zJto;td. 2 eH.M.txDt.d 0J 6I3 cm ’D; txD
td.0J 9I5 cm 0HRtCXwcDt.d ’.xJ 4 tD.p;< xJo;d w>*DRvX
vm tylRM.vDRI

♦ Did you know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs and too

much can even be lethal?
• cF;D uvJ;M.rh>w>tpk.vXxG.H t*D>'D;xG.H rh>tD.b.tDRtgM.
rRoHtRD ohvRD{gI

What is the most dangerous wild animal in

Most people would guess the lion or rhino but hippos have
killed more people in Africa than any other wild animal.

tgwuh>ySRqdurd.vXch,>k ’D;wR’d.b.q.vXt.jz;H u.M.
uoh.xHM.rRoHyRS unDtgM>q.zdu>D zdtrHRt*Rwz.M.vDRI

♦ Did you know that

mosquitoes kill more
people every year than
any other animal?

• ud;eH.'J;ypdRrRoHyRS unDtgM>
q.zdu>D zdt*{gI

How small is the smallest winged insect?

The world’s smallest winged insect, the Tanzanian
parasitic wasp, is smaller than the eye of a housefly.

w>zdC>t’H;qhtqH;uwX>vX[> (Tanzanian) zsX

♦ Did you know the typical housefly cruises at 8 km/hr?

• o.bkvgvXexH.b.tDRvX[H.ylRM.we.&H.M.,lR0J (8)AuHvd{gI

How can you help a cow to produce more milk?

Many tests have shown that most cows give more milk
when they listen to music. Today in many dairies around
the world, farmers have stereo systems installed in their
barns to play music to there cows.

w>Ckx.H oh.ngrRuG>0JvX*DRzH;wz.rRtgxD.tEk>xHov h X’d
ue.w>ol.0H.o;qXM.vDRI wkRcJuM.tHRvX[>
bk.*DRzH;vD>wz.tylRySRxlp.H zdwz.rRym0Jw>ol.0H.o;qX

♦ Did you know a cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in

her lifetime?
• *DRzH;M.vXtw>td.rlwpdRM.xk;xD.tEk>xHM>tcG; 200˜000 M.e{gI

How many different kinds of animal are there?

Scientists estimate that there are currently 1.4 million
animal species that they know about but believe there
may be as many as 30 million on the planet.

vXt0Jo.h oh.ng0Jt.d 0J'. 1I4 uuG>J M.vDRI b.q.t0J
oh.em0JvX[>D zdutd.0JtuuG>J 30 C.

♦Did you know that for every person there are rougly 200
million insects?
•{gySRud;*R'J;tylRM.w>zdC>td.0JtuuG>J cHu,RM.vDRI

How far can a kangaroo jump?

Kangaroos vary greatly in size. The smallest is the musky
rat kangaroo which is about the size of a rabbit. The
largest is the 1.5 m tall red kangaroo which weighs about
60 kg. Large kangaroos reach a running speed of 64 kph,
with leaps as long as 5 meters.

wRzXzdM.tuh>t*DR'd.r;M.vDRI wRzXzdtqH;uwX>tuh>
t*;d y'Jw'kM.vDRI wRzXzdt'd.uwX>tuh>t
*DRM.txDt.d 0J 1I5 rHxX.'D;tw,X>utd.0J 60 uHv}d uJ>
M.vDRI wRzXzdz;'d.Ch>0JM>we.&H. 64 uHvrd x
H X.'D;pH.0JM>
5 rHxX.M.vDRI

♦Did you know that if you lift a kangaroo's tail off the ground it
can't hop? They use their tails for balance.
•{g< erh>pdmuzDx.D wRzXzdtrJmudM.t0Jp.H 0JwM>b.I t
0Jo.h oltrJmud'pf RD yD>tod;vXupH.t*D>vDRI

What is the strongest animal in the world

for it's size?
A rhinoceros beetle can support up to 850 times its
own weight on it's back. That would be the equivalent
of a man carrying 76 cars around on his back.

wR'd.pGHRwz.M.pdmw>CXvXtysd>M>0Jtrd>yS>tCX 850 p;
M.vDRI w>tHR'fod;'D;ySRydmcGgw*R0H0Jodvh. 76 cd.vXtysd>

♦ Did you know that one in four animals on our planet is a

• vX[>zdvGH>'ktusgw'kM.rh>

Why do some creatures become extinct?

When a species dies out it disappears forever. Humans
are often responsible for hunting and killing some animals
to extinction, like the passenger pigeon, the last of which
died in a zoo.

q.zdu>D zdwuvkmvXoHumHG 0Jcv J XmM.t0Jo.h tpXRvDRwlm
uGmH 0JM.vDRI’D;tw>ur.cDzsv d XtrRoH
rRvDRwlmuGmH q.zdu>D zdweDRtpXRtCdM.vDRI t’d= xd.u;
uh.wuvkmvXtd.vXtrJ&uRM.tpXRvDRwlmuGmH 0J’;D xd.
0JM.tuwX>wbh.M.oHumHG 0JvXq.zdu>D zdu&X>tylRM.vDRI

♦ Did you know that on average another plant or animal

becomes extinet every 20 minutes?
• vX[>xd.Cl0JvXw>rk>w>bdwxl.'D;q.zduD>zdw'kpkm
pkmoHumHG 0JvXtrH;eH;cHqt
H wD>{gI

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