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In the success of the thesis and research, the researchers

would like to thank the following who contributed for this
project. We acknowledge Mrs. Guarin for making this
thesis possible and helping in the layout and guidelines for
making the thesis, also including Mrs. Rama for teaching
how to properly graph and chart the information gathered
and by teaching all about statistics.

To all Junior High school Students who also significantly

contributed for this thesis and cooperates with us by
answering the questionnaires honestly, the researchers
thank you all for we really benefit it for our research and
gathering of data.

And lastly also included the parents who allowed them, the
researchers, from doing their part upon making this
project and owe them a greatly for it.

The researchers dedicate this thesis to all children around

the world who simply can’t stand a day without any
gadget or technology around them including our fellow
classmates and children of our age, the young and the
mature, the rich or the poor. Everything too much is not
good for us so everything must have a limit.

Even though we can benefit from technology, it also has

risks and negative impact to our society. More and more
people are getting less bonding together because of
gadgets and some are addicted to it. This thesis is also
dedicated all people who are addicted and can’t control

The researchers hope that you will obtain more awareness

and knowledge about technology and will learn something
from this and can to control gadget and technology usage
from now on.

Gadgets form an integral part of our everyday lives. They are

essentially small tools or rather machines intended to perform a
specific function. However, gadgets are often considered as a
novelty. The gadgets are often referred to as gizmos as well.
These two words often define the swagger of the individuals who
are tech savvy. With the evolution of modern age more and more
gadgets are being invented which not only makes our lives easier
but also makes a style and fashion statement in this glitzy world.

Technology plays vital role in our daily lives. These include

electronic games, home computers, handheld devices, and
different type of gadgets. Gadgets are popular in children and as
likely in elders. In this norm we can’t keep our children out of this.
This paper presents the impact of gadgets on children in positive
and negative manner.

Research has been conducted in how gadgets impact on

cognitive and motor skills of children. It also describes the ways
for parents how they can monitor their children by limiting their
time of gadget uses. As the gadgets are increasing day by day, it
is leading to the technology addiction among children. The paper
concludes with recommendations for further study of better
understanding of more problems in children by growing impact of


Convenience and communicating with family members

and peers living far away is now less of a hassle. But
sometimes we get carried away, and that's when
disadvantages appear, and addiction starts to control us.

Because of our recklessness that can't be helped, our

attention span decreases and our full focus is put all in the
gadgets that we use even when we have other priorities to
tend to. Moreover, our health deteriorates because of the
radiation from our smartphones and for the fact that we
pull an all-nighter just to binge watch unnecessary
videos. Not a lot of people are aware of this but using
your gadgets 24/7 can affect your brain performance and
therefore causes you to lose brain cells.

Aside from that, we may accidentally discover things that

will influence us to do bad things or even put our lives at
risk. It can affect our daily posture and it may destroy our

Effects of Gadgets on Health

The negative effects of electronic gadgets on health are well-documented.
Persistent use of gadgets encourages a sedentary lifestyle and may lead to
poor posture and weight gain. In extreme cases, this may cause obesity,
neck and back issues and wrist and hand pain. Also, the back-lit screens on
computers, iPhones and video games can cause eye problems and
headaches, and put users at greater risk of macular degeneration, which is a
leading cause of blindness.

Effects of Gadgets on Sleep

Watching TV or using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other type of
electronic devices late at night may interfere with a student's sleep patterns.
The artificial blue light emitted by electronic devices suppresses the release
of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, which delays the body's internal
clock and makes falling asleep more difficult. A student who finds it difficult
to switch off their gadget may delay her bedtime, which decreases the
amount of REM sleep (the restorative part of the sleep cycle) she gets and
makes her less alert in class the following day.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gadgets

It's important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of gadgets.
Technology is an unavoidable part of modern life and an outright ban on
gadgets for students, either in school or at home, isn't the answer.
However, with certain rules and guidelines in place, students can get the
most out of their education without having to give up their digital lives.


Gadgets may have a positive impact, especially, for younger
children, below preschool age. The gadgets may help them
to stimulate their senses and imagination. Additionally, it
may help to promote listening ability, learning of sounds and
also speaking ability.

These electronic devices, and games, encourage cognitive

learning and development of analytical skills.

It also, helps in developing innovative thinking, strategic

thinking, investigative skills, and increases the creativity
potential of kids.

The effects of electronic gadgets to students, helps them to

improve manual dexterity, and make them aware of the

Apart from being an educational and learning medium,

electronic gadgets in some people’s opinion are a good
source to relieve stress and provide fun and entertainment to

By mastering certain games, the confidence level in children,

raises up. Over a period, these effects of gadgets for
children, develop a good eye and hand coordination, besides
mental coordination.

Most of the games, are designed to encourage kids, to move to

the next levels, and earn a highest score, to survive in the
game. Playing such games, may have a positive effect on
them, by encouraging kids to quickly adapt mathematical
and engineering skills. Additionally, it also gives good
motivation of having attitudes, of always, moving ahead in
life, for achieving their goals.

The effects of electronic gadgets to students studying habits,

can have an impact on them. With the help of technology,
subjects are taught in a more fun and exciting way.

Technology is a great tool for learning in an efficient manner. It

makes it easier for the teachers, as well as the students.

The effects of electronic gadgets to students, can make them

learn, how to write essays, in a more developed manner.

Students, with the use of technology, can research their subject

matter and write simultaneously, and some can even work
from home, with the use of laptops.

Another common electronic gadget among students, is the cell

phone. Among preteens, social networking is very common,
and having a cell phone allows you to keep in contact with
your friends while at home. If there are any queries, or
questions, with their homework, that can quickly text or call a
Cellphones give them the freedom to communicate quickly,
and gives students, the ability to research anything

The impact of electronic media on children, has made

phenomenal medical breakthroughs, GPS and satellite
technology, better modes of transport, and electronic
gadgets to help with household chores.

Effects of electronic gadgets to students, has made an

emphasis on learning Globalization, that is learning from
different areas around the world.

With the electronic gadgets, you can even learn from your own
home, through web seminars.

The gadgets provide students with a nearly endless supply of

information and resources. They can investigate educational
apps, videos, portable technologies, search engines, and
interactive activities. Such learning methodologies include -
Online lesson plans, Educational apps, Interactive games,
Online video and graphics, and accessing books and articles
via tablets and e-readers.


Children, as young as two years old, tend to play with electronic
devices and gadgets anywhere.

The electronic gadgets that make children, to be stable at one

place, includes: video games, PSP games, television, mobile
phones, computers, tablet computers, smart phone
application, and many as such. These days, parents, have
found an easy way, by giving them a gadget to play with, to
make their children, stay in one place.

Many commercials highlighting, electronic products and

gadgets, have been a target to young children.

On an average, children spend more than seven hours per day

on an electronic device.

It is important for children to spend some outdoor activity time,

with family and friends. Spending, most of their time on
electronic devices, may restrain some outdoor activities.

Children who play violent games, for a long period of time,

tend to be more aggressive. Such kids are more prone to
confront their teachers, peers, and relatives.

They may have a difficulty in concentrating on their studies,

when most of their time is spent on these devices, and have
a poor academic performance

The negative impacts of technology on children, can cause

many health issues. Due to the increasing use of gadgets,
children suffer from various health problems, like back pain,
weak eyesight. Additionally, due to less physical activity, they
even tend to become fat or obese.

The effects of electronic gadgets can even a have a bad impact

on social relationships. This is one of the most common
gadget addiction problems, in every household. Children do
not have the time to sit with their parents and to spend
some good quality time with them. They prefer to connect
with their friends and relatives, in the virtual world, through
text messaging, chatting, rather than meeting them.

Due to increasing technology, children are going far apart from

their moral values. Rather than using the internet in a more
productive manner, most of the children, use it as a source of
adult content.

Technology also has its negative impact on a child’s writing

skills. Generally, in the text messaging or chatting, Standard
English is not used. No one cares about the spelling,
punctuation and grammar, while writing text messages,
which results in poor writing skills of children.

For the thesis, the process used for collecting data was by
handing out questionnaires. It is more convenient to use this
method compared to using the other ones. The goal was to
collect the opinions of individual students and use it as the basis
of information in this thesis, so doing the said method was the
way to go to achieve the goal.

To find the sample size, Slovin's formula is used. The information

that gathered was that the population size 350 and that the
margin of error should be less than 10% so that's how the formula
was incorporated. The researchers' derived the Slovin's formula to
suit the researchers' preferred sample size which was around 80

Sample method used is Random Sample by randomly hand out

the questionnaires to the grade 10 students in Junior Highschool.