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Opposite of what you want; what's the worst scenario, ‘of needing this skill but not having it? The skill lam going to learn in 20hoursis: | Performance lve \ ( Which are the barriers that you are going to remove to } hela you achieve your potential? —— ( menrat: ’ ( prysicaL: ») (EMOTIONAL: X J. J — Each of thece bores reprcente 20 minute. When you have completed | miniskill: ( «at 60 you will have learned your raw chit and reached your goal! seins Taseay iewear, Write down the name of each cub chill and when you have finished add tome nates fo lp you wien ou seme back to learninalpracticing Some chile wit take lorger Chan 20 minete, co dont worry iteok to shave the came min’ chil in there more than once :) Noten: dont overtigten Give yourself a rating out of 5 for how the cession want, Dont worry if ‘you hase A#Boulf on, try agen Inter the day ar fmorroul