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ICE, we believe stro
At Cox and Kings M e built,
re c o gn it io n an d how teams ar
power of
the compelling le a re motivated
n d p e o p
increased a
efficiency is and turns into
be in g w o rk
work ceases
igned to realise
Precisely why MICE is des
objective of a company
the single most important
o pl e. T o fi re the passion to
le sm an , a ne igh bourhood retailer towards its pe .
ecutive, a frontlin
e sa how you how
Be it a business ex orm at Allow us to s
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s, ot s to take
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e co m pany. But no matter
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w extra good ies fr om th our philo
commission or a fe uch a you through e ever experien
th ere is only so m mes yo u h av
inspire you r w or kf or c e, fer. ward program
hard you try to m a n y gi ve a ways to of imaginative re ex pe ri ence as much
nly so jo y th e
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so far tting it togeth
e rt ifi c a t e can do, only we enjoyed pu
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That's where we

c k a g e s a re design
, our pa mpetitio
a n d K in gs MICE b a l l c o
With Cox paint
p e o p l e. Like filled
y o u a nd your in t e r a c tive fun
around y and
n e d p a in t compan a r gala dinn
r e n o w t a c u l
for a a spec lded
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and your needs

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rest assured that
t h e p urpose
l e n g t h of s trip
t e v e r be the s t in a t io n, your
wh a he d e
b u dget or t uch
travel , t h e
y o u r t a ste. So m
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so, that we a s to wea
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your sug r people.
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a journey our peop

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exploring a destin a t io n b e

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f re s h as th e first time.I
l help
w il l a ll o w us, we'l
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d it s p eople, t
ry an
t s o f a count r ie s, partake
g r e d ie n c o u n t
hidden in tiful
v o y a g e s into beau
torica l and give
you on his n t s a n d gala dinner
r theme, e
spectacula g activities in ex
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you the mos r t u nity for y
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lc o m e
W e
orld of Cox and King
Welcome to the W
o ve r 25 0 ye ar s, our name is
experience of

With a travel n Organizatio

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e d vi e w
t advanc

ith the mos

n y m o u s w

France syno ess

I nc en ti ve s , C o
Paris of Meetings,
vents. The introduction of
WOW Activity Seminars and Exhibitions/E
of a
Events for achieving specific goals
Incentive trips as a reward
Gala Dinner avel. At
na ll ed a re al innovation in tr
company sig ther your ideas
and turn
w e pi ec e to ge
Cox and Kings, onceptual
o f ev er yt h in g from the c
ity taking care
them into real of the smalle
le m en ta ti o n
the imp
framework to d Y OUR require
Y O U an
to put
s . O u r p ri o rity remains and
ps u s to pe rs onalize your trip
first. This h el
fu ll y m ee ti ng the objectives a
success da y an d we will ensure
act u s to
the trip. Cont
by you out of
ur that you, your team
memorable Incentive To
it for years to come.
and partners will talk about

Aja y Seth
Associate Vice President
Outbound MICE

6 7

The noblest ornament of the world
France is the most visited country in the world. It has everything that you could ever want
to see on your holidays: a great city like Paris, good beaches, more monuments than any
other country, lovely nature, incredible mountain scenery; need we go on? Paris, the city
of light and its surroundings are some of the most visited areas. Paris is without a doubt
one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

For more than a quarter of a century, Paris has been the trade-show, workshop and
convention capital of the world. Paris is a city where it is astonishing to meet and
to stay, and there are even more opportunities for business visitors and corporate
meeting planners to discover its constantly changing accommodation scene, its
new venues and renovated congress centers and more generally the impressive
dynamism and creativity of the Parisian suppliers. A wide range of promotional
materials and information resource are available on:

Corine Bernadou
Convention & Incentive Marketing Manager

Capital: Paris Average Climate

France is 4.30 hours behind of India Time J F M A M J JL A S O N D

Max°C 6 7 12 16 20 23 25 24 21 16 10 7
Currency: Euros
Min°C 1 1 4 6 10 13 15 14 12 8 5 2
106 The national language: French is the official language, Rain mm 182 121 158 205 323 300 237 193 66 63 83 155
although English is widely spoken Daily maximum and minimum averages are guides only and may vary
Paris is one of the of cabarets and dinner shows there are bars, clubs, lounge

world’s leading tourist bars and live music on stage or in cafes: the majority of

destination welcoming establishments stay open until 2am. Clubbing is always popular

28 million visitors and clubs are relooked according to the latest trends.

every year. Magic, Stores, Markets and Shopping

eternal, surprising.… Paris, with its 17,000 shops, is the capital of fashion, design

adjectives are not and shopping. On the Champs-Elysees, the flagships of brands

lacking to describe are amazing and

Paris. More than 300 sometimes enormous

events take place concept stores. The

every day in the city, a carefully chosen décor

clear sign of its creativity and vitality.Its famous museums and and their personalized

monuments, gastronomy, fashion designers make it the world’s welcome make them

leading tourist destination and the capital for people in Love! the new palaces of

Attractions and Points of Interest Parisian shopping.

Paris, known as the City of Light, is the world’s most popular The big sales periods

city destination. Paris get the city buzzing in

is the second largest January and in July.

city in the Western The winter sales have become a major happening with the

Europe, and possibly initiative “Soldes by Paris”.

the city with the Getting Around

most things to see. Ideally situated at the heart of Europe, Paris is accessible by air,

While there are many road or railway. This

must-see places in city has three airports,

Paris, make sure six train stations and

you spend at least a high speed trains

day strolling off the connecting to major

beaten path, as this is the only way to discover the real Paris: European capitals.

a lively cosmopolitan French city. The majority of the world Once in the capital,

known attractions are Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, Louvre, the metro, buses

Pantheon and Notre-Dame. and taxis take over

Nightlife, Entertainment and Nightlife 16 metro lines nearly

Parisian nights are about fun, culture and meeting new people. 300 stations and

A multitude of nightly cinema, theatre and opera shows puts dozens of bus routes crisscross the city for swift, comfortable

the capital in a festive mood. As well as the traditional choice and convenient travel.

Paris 109

Le Méridien Etoile
A star is reborn and illuminates Paris! to 1200 guests. La Terrasse Eiffel, a

Strategically located opposite Paris new generation meeting space, offers

Convention Centre and few minutes a creative and stimulating environment

Rooms : 527 from the Champs-Elysées, Le Méridien for meetings and events. The restaurant

Etoile offers a contemporary design with L’Orénoc” offers a culinary escape in a

one of the biggest capacity of rooms and timeless décor. “Le Jazz Club Lounge”

meeting spaces in Paris. A renovated proposes a simple and original menu.

lobby, 1025 guestrooms including 369 Incentives: Paris awaits you with magical

new executive rooms, 21 suites and moments and endless possibilities. A

a 2500 sqm conference centre, will city with something new to offer around

guarantee the success of events up every corner.

24-Hour Concierge Service Express Check-out Wheelchair Access

Safe Deposit Boxes 24-Hour Front Desk Medical Services Available

Theatre Classroom U Shape Cocktail Banquet

1000 450 - 1200 700

u r n e y c o m e a l iv e
Making every jo
lo ok in g fo r a di m ension unexplored.
We’re all about
of different countries and things that people there do that
short, we
e an y ot he r de st ina tion in the world. In
make it unlik
are explorers of every locale’s WOW factor.

Giving you the same explorator pleasures, our every MICE

m Motivation Activities
Event revolves around Team Building & Tea
t we take to a whole new level.
specific to each country, tha
call these the WOW Activities – A plethora of absolutely
that are
unique, fun filled and never done before events
Clay Pigeon
specific to each location. From the pursuit of
enemy territory in the
Shooting to planning attacks on the
battlefield in real Army Tanks, our WOW activities, are defined
by the essence of leadership, team building & motivation.
’s inhibitions
Take an extreme challenge and conquer your team
at Kiteboarding or Deep Sea Diving with Sharks for their ultimate
ities come in
thrill. You’ll find that most of our WOW activ
the most unusual situations and extreme circumstances
best in your people.
- specifically created to bring out the

136 137

Take in the rush of karting in the spectacular tracks. Circuits of different lengths and
complexity are available with karts to suit drivers of all levels, including children. Learn
from the best of instructors to cruise mock races in your team!

The Chocolate Making Challenge Kiteboarding

Here’s a team building challenge that can be described as nothing less than delicious. Get onboard the trendiest sport in Asia, Kiteboarding on the green blue seas. This
In the Chocolate Making Challenge, guests are divided into groups and debriefed on activity is slowly gaining popularity for its favourable strong north-easterly winds and
their chocolate making assignment and target market segment. After this, they will be clean offshore waters.
in charge of even developing its brand identity, slogan and eye-catching packaging.
After all, to sell it, you need to own it!

Clay Pigeon Shooting Golf

Clay pigeon shooting is ideal for those who love outdoor experiences and pursuits. Play a round of 18 holes. True golf enthusiasts would dream to put to test their skills
With expert tuition by qualified instructors, this popular game is a great way of getting and talents in the game of golf on many beautiful and professionally designed golf

people acquainted with one another. courses here.

Vineyard Wine Tasting Tour Tree Top Obstacle Course

A connoisseur’s delight, take home a wine tasting experience and immerse yourself Let loose, rid all your fears or dare we say, tree top obstacle coursing will do it for
in the Vineyard Wine Tasting tour only to join the World of Wine tour up next. A you. Challenge your guts and defy gravity in the summit of the tall Asian trees. Get
relaxing affair to savour at your own pace. ready for two hours of jumping and sliding adrift pristine forest trees on the Tree Top
Obstacle Course.

138 139
Zorbing River Rafting

We bring you one of the favourite sports with a funky twist. Run down White water rafting offers an array of experiences catering to all, from
the tropical city’s best resorts in half-day sessions of roll-downs and an easy float to the thrilling rush, crashing through class V rapids.
pull-up alongside other forms of games with Zorb balls. White water rafting trip is geared to meet your level of experience.

Ice Carving Snow Mobile

Feel real with its frost, ice and snow. Especially in summer, this is a miracle. You will Get a charge of adrenaline and vivacity in the Snowmobile Safari. Take part in this
get the brightest impressions during the 30 minutes Ice Sculptures Master Class! exciting sport and experience a fantastical snowy winter and beautiful landscape on
With the directions of a professional the huge ice cubes will be transformed into board an exhilarating snowmobile ride.
different figures, even into the logo of your company.

Dream Team Relay Race Paragliding

An adrenaline rushing event that sets a team on fire to win. Participating teams use The dream of flying finally comes true. Eagle the scenic view and experience a
different pieces of equipment like sledges, plates, tubes, suit case to slide on snow new dimension. Float away into a new amazing world and a high feeling waits for
within the same race. you. Experience the mountains and valleys in a birdlike perspective and enjoy the
landscapes, before you put down softly on the landing field.

Kayaking 4x4 Jeeping Adventure

Enjoy three hours of kayaking and orientation alongwith a visit to one of its local It is a 4 hour trip with off-road vehicles, which will be impressed in your memory
fishing kelons or farms. Get to see how fish are reared. Later, enjoy a meal of fresh with beautiful landscapes, small farm tracks and woods, which let you forget about
seafood, right from the fishing nets! the approximate nearness of civilization and keeps several mysterious marks of the
past. In the off-road safari you can get acquainted with country outside its metropolis;
meadows, woods, rivers, country estates, life in the countryside, nature and visit
different interesting sightseeing places.

140 141
Star In Your Own Movie Paintball Shooting

With a customized theme and story line the movie is shot by an Woods, bushes, trees, trails, hills & man made obstacles are the
expert from a film studio with the ability to premiere the movie at your layout of the land. One would play games from capturing the enemy
gala dinner. base, counter attack or eliminating your enemy.

Dive with Sharks Sunrise Balloon Fight

Sharks are fearsome predators and at the same time the most mysterious. Diving Sail the skies for a bird’s eye view of the remarkable country. With the sunrise balloon
with sharks is a fascinating exercise, which rages in the blood and the adrenaline that flight, take back treasured memories of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are
keeps the soul of those who participated in it. So if diving with sharks is your idea of few major cities in the world that can be traversed by hot air balloon.
fun or you just want to test yourself with the ultimate thrill.... Now is your chance.

Beach Olympics Helicopter Flight

Beach Olympics is a fun, interactive way to test the cohesion and efficiency of a Take a scenic helicopter flight over the island that highlights some of the Coast's
group. The programme utilizes several team building exercises that emphasize wonderous attractions. This flight offers the chance to take in the beautiful beach
communication, problem solving and the establishment of positive working and view from above.
relationships. With objectives and goals laid out by the client, we design your
customised Beach Olympics programme to help build a great team

Dragon Boating Tank Riding

Splash with a vengeance. Take the Dragon boating challenge. This game of team Just to feel what the real army is! Action, participation, shooting and even tasting
coordination and synchronization guides participants through an exhilarating race soldier’s food, are you sure you can do it! People are divided into groups and then it
with a highly effective demonstration of unity and raring fun. begins…Each Military Day Out program is tailor-made depending on the number of
participants in the group, season and your wishes.

142 143
Events with an Edge, Functions !
o M e m o r a b le
F l a i r … M u n dane t
with a
Cox and Kings makes it happen !
or ga ni zi ng un iq ue and innovative them
We specialize in
events; conferences and conventions, product launches,
r extensive
ow s an d ga la aw ar d nights, through ou
fashion sh
experience, trusting and reliable partnership

network; so essential for success and an intimate

knowledge of the entertainment industry
the constituents of a
We at Cox and Kings deliver all
successful event; from branding to presentation, including
e décor and
complex lighting and audio-visual equipment, stag
usive and truly
state-of-the-art special effects to make it excl
ceptualized, meticulously
unique! Each event is carefully con
planned and executed, with every minute detail taken care of
by our experienced creative an customer-service teams.
atedly turn
We have built up an impressive clientele who repe
to us for new events while our technical knowledge, ability to
our services
deliver and reputation go a long way in extending
to many more !
r ...... you are in
For Events with an Edge look no furthe
safe hands with Cox and Kings !

144 145
The Gala Dinner: Gastronomic CE
n d K i n g s M I
o n s w i t h C ox a
Explora ti

d, a ha pp y m an , w e say. During our M
A palette exploite
trips, allow us to take you through a gastronomic tour
ine in
bl e fo r a ta st e of every remarkable cuis
around the ta
your chosen destination during the Gala

Dinner, the grand finale of your MICE trip. Extending our

ve ideas and unique
tradition of pains takingly chosen, innovati
final dining we hold for you to
themes, find the same in the
make it an event grandeur. Be it ‘theme dinners’ in the moon
hotel, we can
under the stars or in the regal ambience of your
bean and take you
recreate experiences from Pirates of the Carib
pt you to sin in a Sin City,
through an amazing voyage or tem
Vegas Themed evening. Flying in a celebrity just for you to
shake a leg with, is never off the cards. Here is a
ities you can
kaleidoscope of entertainment and interactive activ
cherish forever, marking the end of a remarkable journey with
us, so you will ache for more, the next year roun

146 147
Apprecia tion 149
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Tel: 0253 – 2506000 Tel: 0268 - 2562945, 2568945, 6452945 Agra UP - 282002 Panipat – 132103, SAMBALPUR
Mob: 9422246988, 9850680032 Mob: 9909962945 SECUNDERABAD Tel: 0562 - 4045100 / 101 / 102 Tel: 0180 - 4000652, 4001523, 2661816 Purnabasi Nivas, At Ainthapali, P.O. - Budha Raja,
Email: Email: 47, Jawahar Colony, 1-8-64, P. G. Road, Mob: 9837564441, 9837504441 Mob: 9896431873 District - Sambhalpur, Orissa - 786004
Secunderabad - 500 003 Email: Email: Mob: 9437030055
NAGPUR SURAT Mob: 9959998080 Email:
5, Meher Baba Society, Beside Bhole Petrol Pump, L-5/6, Digvijay complex-2, Near Axis Bank, Email: ALLAHABAD RAJASTHAN
Dharampeth, Nagpur - 440001. Ramchowk, Ghod - Doud Road, NN / A / 2, Civil Lines, Near Traffic Park, CHATTISGARH
Tel: 0712 - 2550441, 3223200, 6464477, Surat- 395001 VIZAG Dhobighat Crossing, Above Blue Dart Office, JAIPUR
Mob: 9923807099, 9373197783 Tel: 0261- 6535251, 6545352 28-10-17/2, Maa Padmavati Towers, Alluri sita Rama Allahabad Lakhpati Sweets, Shop No 8/9, Bees Dukan, Adarsh RAIPUR
Email: Mob: 09227535251, 9825127621 raju road, Suryabag, Visakhapatnam - 530020. Tel: (0532) 2261222, Nagar, Jaipur - 302004. HS Tours & Travels, A Dhebar Complex, Main Road,
Email: Tel: 0891 - 2719111, 2719222 Mob: 9415252511, 9532711143, 9839707052 Tel: 0141 – 4040401, 2602570 Shankar Nagar, Raipur
PUNE Mob: 9440319316, 9849000894 Email: Mob: 9829012834, 9828137649 Mob: 9926220000
MADHYA PRADESH Email: Email: Email:,
Cox and Kings, Shop No 3, E- Building, Chatriban JABALPUR KERALA C/O Internet Café Digital, Near Ram Janak Mandir, Pilibhit JODHPUR JHARKHAND
Residency, Hotel Sarja Lane, Opp. Croma, Aundh, Behind Amrit Complex, Corporation Road, Road, Janakpuri, 12 C Residency Road, Jaljog Choraha,
Pune - 411007. Jabalpur - 482002 KOCHI Bareilly – 243003. Jodhpur – 342003 RANCHI
Tel: 020 - 40058550, 25898303 Tel: 0761 - 4081005 / 6 / 7 33/ 4344, M G Road, Eranakulam - 682016 Tel: (0581) 320405 Tel: 0291 - 2433319, 2771515, 2771233 302, Girdhar Plaza, Harmu Bypass Road, Ranchi - 834001
Mob: 9011050795, 9881553119 Mobile: 9300105898 Mob: 9447185758 Mob: 9837085329, 9837065328, 9837065329 Mob: 9461144000, 9672222440 Tel: 0651-6452695; Mob: 9234012011, 09534097072
Email: Email: Email: Email: Email: Email:

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Cox and Kings Offices
Cox and Kings (India) Ltd. Cox and Kings (India) Ltd. Cox and Kings (India) Ltd.
Turner Morrison Building, 16 Bank Street, Room No 17 & 18, IInd Floor, 39/6822, Darragh Smail Chambers,
Fort, Mumbai - 400 001 H Block, Indira palace, First Floor, M. G. Road,
Tel: (022) 2263 7542 Connaught Circus, Ravipuram,
Fax: (022) 2270 9167 Connaught Place, Kochi - 682016
New Delhi - 110001 Tel: (0484) 2350974
Cox and Kings (India) Ltd. Tel: (011) 2373 8811, 4129 7900 Fax: (0484) 2360151
Yusuf Building, Unit No. 3, Ground Floor, Fax: (011) 2331 7374, 4151 3919
Fort, Mumbai - 400 001 KOLKATA
Tel: (022) 2287 9005 GOA Cox and Kings (India) Ltd.
Cox and Kings (India) Ltd. 8, A. J. C. Bose Road,
AHMEDABAD 502, Kamat Towers, 8th Floor,
Cox and Kings (India) Ltd. EDC Complex, Patto Plaza Panaji, Circular Court Building
21, Sanskar Complex, Goa - 403 001 Kolkata - 700017
Next to Ketav Petrol Pump, Tel: (0832) 243 8778 / 79 / 80 Tel: (033) 2302 2520 / 2521
Polytechnic Road, Ambawadi, Fax: (0832) 664 2509 2302 2523 / 2524
Ahmedabad - 380 015 Fax: (033) 22903680 / 3610
Tel: (079) 40001440 HYDERABAD
Fax: (079) 4000 1400 Cox and Kings (India) Ltd. NAGPUR
Anam Plaza, MCH 8-2-618 Cox and Kings (India) Ltd.
BANGALORE Road No. 11, Banjara Hills UG/18, Pushpkunj Commercial Complex,
Cox and Kings (India) Ltd. Lane Opp to Care Hospital, Central Bazar Road,
22, B. M. H. Complex, K. H. Road Hyderabad - 500 034 Ramdaspeth,
Bangalore-560027 Tel: (040) 4477 4000 Nagpur - 440 010
Tel: (080) 2222 4191, 2223 9192, Fax: (040) 6682 4947 Tel: (0712) 663 8440
2224 2350 Fax: (0712) 561 8060, 661 3800
Fax: (080) 2223 8911, 2224 2353 JAIPUR
Cox and Kings (India) Ltd. PUNE
CHENNAI Tirthraj Apartments, Cox and Kings (India) Ltd.
Cox and Kings (India) Ltd. Ground Floor, Jacob Road, No. 1 KRSNA Chambers,
#10, Karunaa Corner, Spur Tank Road, Civil Lines Koregaon Park,
Chetpet, Chennai - 600 031 Jaipur - 302006 Pune - 411 001
Tel: (044) 2820 9500 Tel: (0141) 222 0060 / 61, 321 1533 Tel: (020) 2605 0354, 2613 5441
Fax: (044) 2836 5902 Fax: (0141) 222 1236 Fax: (020) 2613 1977

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