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The process by which customer’s moneys are kept in secured manner. It is the business of
running financial bank.

Emergence of Banking

Banking system in India is dominated by the nationalised banks. The nationalisation of 14

privately owned banks in India took place on 19th July 1969 by Mrs. Indira Gandhi the then
Prime Minister, with another instalment of nationalisation of 6 banks on 15.04.1980. The
major objective of nationalisation was to ensure mass banking as against class banking with
banking infrastructure aimed at hilly tracts and terrains of the country.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking is the term used for new age banking system. Internet banking is also called
as online banking and it is an outgrowth of PC banking. Internet banking uses the internet as
the delivery channel by which to conduct banking activity, for example: transferring funds,
paying bills, viewing checking and savings account balances, paying mortgages and
purchasing financial instruments and certificates of deposits. Internet banking is a result of
explored possibility to use internet application in one of the various domains of commerce.

Branch Banking

It means a system of Banking in which a banking organization works at more than one place.
The main place of business is called head office and the other places of business are called
branches. The head office controls and co-ordinates the work at branches. The day to day
operations are performed by the branch manager as per the policies and directions issued
from time to time by the head office.

Project Objective
The present study aims at to explore the major factors responsible for internet banking based
on respondents’ perception on various internet applications like funds transfer, withdrawal of
funds, remitters, open deposits, term deposits.

In the branch banking the major aim is to take care of the customer’s assets by giving locker
facilities, accepting cheques, accepting and sending the remittance. Unlike internet banking
the branch banking provides loan facilities.


The scope is limited to Manipal and Parkala branches of Syndicate Bank.


The study employs primary data, secondary data, journal and web.

The Primary data will be collected using structured survey.

The Secondary data will be collected through different published sources.

The Journal of Nepalese Business Studies.

Internet Banking used in Europe.

The web:,,

Time Budget Time

Activity Survey on Branch Banking Two weeks

Activity Survey on Internet Banking Two weeks

Analysis and Rectification One week

Documentation One week


• Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Banking versus Branch Banking.

• Implementation of some methodologies used in Internet Banking or Branch Banking.